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Lord Vardan Arsey is the captain of the household guard at the Pyke and the current Lord of House Arsey. He is married to Luciela Arsey and has children with her: Wimark, Hamon, Kettil and Eunisia.

Personality and appearance

He is handsome and a powerful looking man. He has curly brown hair and cuts his beard into a triangular shape that has white spots within it.

At first, Vardan is generally seen as a panicky and somewhat incompetent leader with very talented generals under his command and mostly luck on his side. He becomes a sturdy, keen, and responsible individual as he appears. Valuing a slow and steady approach to most problems, he believes that he should endure any burden in order to realize a harmonious future for everyone. Knowing that he can't achieve this vision by himself, he is willing to use and accept any who believe in him. Although he is known to sometimes give into frustration and bitterness during his life, he is more compassionate towards his rivals in his newest appearance. His rivals usually deem his slow rise to power as underhanded and wily; the more outspoken individuals occasionally ridicule his appearance.


Early life

Balon is the eldest surviving son of Lord Galk Arsey and a lady of House Blacktyde. It is not clear when he was born.

Vardan learned to sail when still young and was a very skilled captain.

Recent Events