Young Lillith Brimstone, who is in neither world, and as punishment for assisting a Warlock prior to the Doom Of Valaeryia, casting an ultimate spell of power, (to which most of the inhabitants of Planet Valaryia believe, they are being punished for the outcries of slavery by Valaerians and Targaryens, and for the spell attempted by a dark warlock) Lillith was taken by the gods fo Fire & Ice, and neither went to the seven hells nor to the Spirit World (A Targaryen & Valaeryian version of Heaven and paradise). She is sentenced to be the Gate Keeper to all those who are sent beyond to eternal torment in 1 of many seven hells.

However, she is released by one of the gods, to redeem herself. To do this, she must be willing to guard, and protect one who was saved by a spider; Lord Varys. Guide him with wisdom, and only in dier situations, use her magical powers to defend Prince Aegon V Targaryen, son of DECEASED-Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, DECEASED-Princess Elia Martell who was Rhaegars first wife and queen, and prevent him from suffering the same fate as his DECEASED sister, Princess Rhaenys Targaryen, who was the daughter of Prince Rhaegar & Princess Elia.

She agrees to this, and as a reward, she will be allowwed to go where other gods have gone, and to be reunited with her brother, The Many Face God, whom she has not seen since the time before the Valaryain Doom...

She becomes friends with Prince Aegon V Targaryen instantly. She is sensual, seductive, and yet not to be messed with or underestimated. Her powers, though restored, well surpass that of a Red Priestess who worships Rhollar.

In time, she teaches Prince Aegon V Targaryen about his family, gemneology, the stars of the heavens, laws, and everything that a future king should know, of the House Of Targaryen.

Eventually, she will get older, but not age in the same manner that the inhabitants of Planet Valaryia does. And she will have to defend the planet, from a future dark sinister being, long since cursed into banishment, of an ancient Crystal Palace, beyond the wall in the lands of always winter; The Castle Of The Damed...
Young Lillith Brimstone

Young Lillith Brimstone, Younger sister to the Many Face God; Guardian & Adviser to Prince Aegon V Targaryen.

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