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"First Trovar, and now my son? What is our house coming to?"
Aurola Blackgard

Lord Trovar Blackgard is a character in the seventh season, appearing in subsequent flashbacks. Trovar was the Lord of Ebonheart and former head of House Blackgard. He was murdered by House Keller as revenge.


Despite his strong exterior, Trovar was kind-hearted and hot-headed, showing respect for all, even those who are perceived as lower than himself. He was not as stern and strict as most believed, often playing games with their young children, and was unafraid of showing affection. As a lord and a father, Trovar was instructive and wise, borne down by years of experience and instruction. His rule over the Borderlands resulted in a period of prosperity, reflecting his reasonable and responsible approach to lordship. His lessons left a deep imprint on his youngest son, Trevyr, who learnt from his father about the balance between justice and social liberty in order to maintain a prosperous society. His wisdom touches through on his understanding of responsibility and his willingness to set aside personal gain in order to better the Borderlands.

If his family became endangered, Trovar exposed his protective side, ready to throw himself into danger in order to keep those he loves safe. Ultimately, he was willing to sacrifice his life for his family, proving his love to be stronger for his family than for himself. His courage and strength were emphasized during the Fourth Border Wars, where he kept battling the Kellers without showing fear.

Trovar was also very patient and optimistic. In spirit, he is shown to give time for his plans to work and never give up hope on them, even with the obstacles that stand in the way of his goals being reached. For all his positive traits, however, Trovar was not flawless. His main flaws were prejudice and poor judge of character. He was unable to recognize the dangers of House Keller until it was too late and at times he displayed a rather fierce temper.

Physical appearance

Trovar had a long face, dark hair and dark-grey eyes. Nearing his final years, his closely-trimmed beard was beginning to grey, making him look older than his years. His dark grey eyes reflected his moods, turning soft as fog or hard as stone. Among his enemies, Trovar had the reputation of having cold eyes. As a child, Trovar fell down a cliff and impaled his right eye on a tree branch. As a result he mostly wore an eyepatch, although he was not afraid to show his scarred eye in public.


Preceded by:
Tragen Blackgard
Lord of Ebonheart
204 AL - 223 AL
Succeeded by:
Trevyr Blackgard
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