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Political Information:
Rank: Slave
Social Class: Slave
Allegiance: Captain Rolequo
Biological Information:
Born: 292 AC, on the Lonely Light
Gender: Male
Culture: Ironborn
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 87.3 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown

Tristan is a slave on Captain Rolequo's flagship, Sunfyre. He was originally born on the Lonely Light in Westeros, but was captured by Rolequo and forced into slavery sometime before the start of the story. He is a major point of view character in the story, The Shadow of Valyria.

Appearance and Character

Tristan is a thin, tall, pale boy with long brown hair and brown eyes. He wears clothes made out of animal skins and and bones, which is a nod to his culture back home on the Lonely Light. Tristan is rather talkative, though passive boy, since he was originally taken as a slave by Captain Rolequo. Because of that, Tristan is strongly fearful and respectful of most forms of authority, no matter how petty they may be.


Sometime before the start of The Shadow of Valyria, Tristan was taken as a slave by Captain Rolequo. His memories of the event are revealed slowly throughout TSOV, though it is known at least that his parents and older brother were killed in the skirmish with Rolequo. Due to his young age, Tristan was not used as a laborer, though Rolequo used him in other ways. By the time of the start of the story, Tristan had gained a bit more freedom than most of the Captain's slaves, allowing him to move about the ship as he wished. He became acquainted with Fyn near the beginning of the story.


Tristan's family is a part of a minor house in the Iron Islands, but their last name is not revealed in the story.


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