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The Prowler
The Prowler
Written by LordOfTheNeverThere
Country The Netherlands
Language(s) English
Release date TBA
Protagonist(s) Trevyr Blackgard
Antagonist(s) Auster Keller
Tylan Keller
Genre Drama, fantasy, epic fantasy, political strategy
Setting The Borderlands
Time Period 223 AL - 232 AL
Rating Sexual themes, violence, profanity
"A new rule has come..."
―The Prowler's slogan

The Prowler is a short story written by LordOfTheNeverThere. It features the backstory of Trevyr Blackgard, who seeks vengeance at those who have killed his family and occupied his home, Blackgard. The events of the story take place during the Fourth Border Wars, an era of blood and warfare for the Borderlands.

Unlike The A Song of Ice and Fire novels, this story does not have a POV character. The story is written in a third person perspective.

The Prowler's theme song can be found here.

Author's notes

  • I am not a native English speaker, therefore several vocabulary and/or grammar mistakes could occur (more grammar than vocabulary). Writing a fanfiction in English while you've been hearing Dutch your whole life is a hard thing to do.
  • I consider my fiction works to be mainly experimental, I make things up as I go along. Therefore, I don't consider this work to have much progress. But hey, it's fun for me.

Dramatis Personae


A New Rule is now finished! Phew...


This story aims not to conflict with canon work released and written by Mr. George R. R. Martin, although accidental conflicts may occur.



"Ninety years, my boy." The old hermit spoke. "For ninety years I have lived here. I've seen lords come and go, some killed by a treacherous fifthborn, others by a destructive disease and some, if they were lucky, through aging." A child was sitting in front of the old hermit, probably his grandson, or even his great-grandson. "Lord Tragen. Honourable, wise and headstrong. His eldest son, Lord Trovar. Stubborn, but brave. Aye, these were some respectable and powerful lords. Both loved and feared. However, there is only one man. A man whose voice echoes through the halls of Castle Blackgard like the growling of a fearsome bear. A man, whose name strikes terror into the hearts of men. A man, who became a legend amongst the people. After the Kellers were driven from the city, out there on the main square, that was where I first saw him. A young, handsome and ambitious lord. In all my years, there has been only one man whom I could follow. A man whom I was not afraid to call "My Lord". The child's attention was drawn quickly and he asked the hermit: "What was his name?". "When I was young, he went by a different name. But here, in the city of Blackgard, we call him by his true, given name...

Trevyr Blackgard.