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For forever, The Emperor has sitting on the Golden Throne. By the will of the Lords/Choushin/Chousin, he is the Master of Mankind/all and rules infinite worlds/all world with the might of his innumerable armies. He is only light in darkness of the world. He is the ethernal ruler of the Imperium/World, a Infinite souls of his enemis/Infinite/Endless Ever-Hungry Evils/Nightmares/Horrors/Etc are sacrificed to him every day, whose blood he drinks and eats flesh. On Their blood and flesh The Imperium itself stands
~ Warhammer

Shinji Ikari, also known as The Emperor/The Doctor/Nahobino, is one of the main protagonists of Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut, an Game of Thrones fan fiction.

Shinji is The God Emperor of Mankind (Warhammer).

The God Emperor of Mankind (Warhammer)(Also known as The Emperor of Mankind, God-Emperor, Master of Mankind/All, God Emperor Doom, Emperor Doom or simply The Emperor(among his other countless/infinite/innumerable identities/aliases/epithets and titles) (His origins/anything about him themselves are a Greatest mystery, the little that is known of him proves to be a just, peaceful, protective/Immortal God-Emperor/Immortal and Omnipotent God/All-Powerful Deity/Being/Dragonlord/Omni-Lord/Choushin/Chousin/Etc/The God Emperor of Mankind (Warhammer) is defined as a Knight/Greatest Legend, Greatest Force In All/All/Being/Person/Immortal God-Emperor/Dragonlord/Omni-Lord/Choushin/Chousin/Etc.) He is the most Powreful Being/Person(He is also Most Feared and Dangerus Man/Being in the world)/Greatest Legend/to exist/Immortal God-Emperor/Immortal and Omnipotent God, He is the founder and sole monarch of The Imperium/The Greatest Defender of the world/Sorcerer Supreme and Scientist Supreme/The Greatest ruler of the world/Benevolent/Omnibenevolent Ruler of the World/The Greatest Conqueror of the world/The Greatest all/in all (with no exaption)/Overlord as well as the deity of the Imperial Cult. Having existed for Forever(and living countless lives), the Emperor has guided mankind/world/any/all/civilizations/races/beings/etc/anything/anyone/and all and (anything and all with no exaption), since the dawn of their history and has since become their greatest protector and hope against the seemingly limitless threats that threaten the world. As such, He is feared by All his enemis/Infinite/Endless Ever-Hungry Evils/Nightmares/Horrors/Etc), due to being the embodiment of order and stability/good/Justice/etc as well due to Him constanty stopping their evil plans.)

(The God Emperor of Mankind (Warhammer), He is a The Greatest God-Hero/Greatest Deity/Greatest God/Being/The most Powreful Being/Person/Greatest Legend/The Greatest All/in all With No Exaption)/Immortal God-Emperor/Immortal and Omnipotent God, ascending the Golden Throne. He is a conductor, ruler, the highest strength/power, which they attribute their prayers for helping and delivering. Infinite/Endless/Any/All People/any/all/civilizations/races/beings/etc/anything/anyone/and all and (anything and all with no exaption) across the world wear his image and worship him in countless forms. For the Cult Mechanicus he is known as "Omnissiah", the physical incarnation of The Machine God.)

He is the Man/Being who brouth the world to its knees, The Man/Being who caused Chaos Gods/Infinite/Endless Ever-Hungry Evils/Nightmares/Horrors/Etc/Any//any/all/civilizations/races/beings/etc/anything/anyone/and all and (anything and all with no exaption) to tremble and he is the only Man/Being that No one hopes to challenge.(He was, and remains, the most powerful being to have ever been born/exist and Greatest in all with no exaption).

His will is omnipotent, extending across the Infinite worlds/all world (With no exaption) that comprise His Imperium.

Through The Emperor, humanity/world/Any/All People/any/all/civilizations/races/beings/etc/anything/anyone/and all and (anything and all with no exaption) stands united as one of the most powerful force in the world, and as a singular force, is capable of surviving against a infinite of threats from the forces of their enemis/Infinite/Endless Ever-Hungry Evils/Nightmares/Horrors/Etc).

The Emperor's role for the world is guardian of mankind/world/greatest and most important being man/being/person/Greatest Legend. Without the Emperor there would be no Imperium, no space travel, no devolopment/progress/etc, No Magic/etc and no protection from the infinite of threats facing mankind/world.

His Enemis/Infinite/Endless Ever-Hungry Evils/Nightmares/Horrors/Etc refers to the Emperor as The Anathema.

At first glance, it may seem like Shinji is a normal human and peaceful scientist, but in reality he belongs to an ancient otherworldly race/enigmatic/and all-powerful alien race and Mysterious Omni-Lords/Dragonlords/Choushin/Chousin/Everlasting Rulers/Immortal/God-Emperors of the world known as The Beyonders.(They are also known as Ivory Kings, Sinnu Sarrum, Holy Ones(Beyonders), White Lords from Wild Space, The Lords of the White Light, Beyond, The Dreamers, Juraians, Asarians, Eldar, Aeldari, Aelves, (sing. Aelf),(Beyonders), Quendi, The Eldest Race(Beyonders), Asur(Beyonders), The Aeldari, Kami/Amatsu-Kami, Xian(In Yi Ti), Yi Tish(Beyonders), Omni-Lords, Omni-Kings, Omni-Emperors, Dream-Lords, Godheads, Demiurges(Beyonders), The Great Houses(Beyonders), The Watchmakers(Beyonders), The Masters of Omni(Beyonders), The Omni Lords, Omniarch(Beyonders), Dominus Omni(Beyonders), Shadow People(Beyonders), Omni-Dragons, People of Aura(Beyonders), Omni-Masters, Omni-Princes/Princess, Omni-People, Omniversal Gods/Goddess, Omni Gods/Goddess, The Omni-Gods, Omni-Gods, The Primordials(Beyonders), Primordials(Beyonders), Primordial Gods(Beyonders), Protogenoi(Beyonders), Lords of Omni-All, The Lords of Omni-All, Omni-Creators, The Grace, Greater Old Ones(Beyonders), The God-Emperors(Beyonders), God-Emperors(Beyonders), Otherworlders(Beyonders), The Outsiders(Beyonders), The Ancestors from The Afterglow(Beyonders), The Verified, Tuners, The Voyagers(Suggs-Verse), The Downstreamers, The Precursors, The Forerunners(Beyonders), Vok, The Vok, The Creators(Transformers/Beyonders), The Ultimate Gods(Beyonders), Makers(Beyonders), The Makers(Beyonders), Harmonious(Beyonders), First Ancestral Race(Beyonders), FAR(Beyonders), The First Ancestral Race(Beyonders), Arguses, Na'vi(Beyonders), Xel'naga(Beyonders), The First Born(Beyonders), The Speakers(Beyonders), Asgardians(Beyonders), Æsir(Beyonders), Aesir(Beyonders), Olympians(Beyonders), Gods of Olympus(Beyonders), Arisians(Beyonders), Eddorians(Beyonders), Ennead(Beyonders), The Ennead(Beyonders), Heliopolitans(Beyonders), Osirans(Beyonders), Osirians(Beyonders), Osirons(Beyonders), Matoran(Beyonders), Toa(Beyonders), The Eonymous, La Metalians, The People of La Metal, Iscandarians, Oiorpata(Beyonders), Aquarius(Beyonders), Mazon(Beyonders), The Mazon(Beyonders), Tevinters(Beyonders), Orlesians(Beyonders), Viltrumites(Beyonders), Prysmosians, Misurugians(Beyonders), Azerothains(Beyonders), Azerothians(Beyonders), Senshi civilization(Beyonders), Senshi(Beyonders), Thedosians(Beyonders), Eternians, Rehda,Rehdas, Rehdan, Rehdans, Furons, Quarians(Beyonders), Cornerians(Beyonders), Leviathans(Beyonders), The Leviathans(Beyonders), Charmians. Devilukeans, Dievas, Magius, Isu(Beyonders), Fuertonas(Beyonders), Narnians, Ōtsutsuki Clan(in Naruto world), Celestial Beings(in Naruto world), Gallifreyans(Beyonders), Gallians(Beyonders), Victorans(Beyonders), Aetrians(Beyonders), Elysians(Beyonders), Zoidians(Beyonders), Airaians, Alteans , Vatlantis, Edenians(Mortal Kombat), Hylians, Hyleans, Choushin, Chousin, The Choushin, Yami(Beyonders), Super Celestials, Super-Celestials, Celestialsapiens(Ben 10), Hadō Gods, Hadou Gods, Gudou Gods, Madou Gods, Kagiri Gods(Beyonders), Beyonder Gods(Beyonders), Other Gods(Beyonders), Outer Gods(Beyonders), Hegemony Gods(Beyonders), Transcendence Gods(Beyonders), Rosei, Et'Ada(Beyonders), Original Spirits(Beyonders), The Amaranths, Arcadians, Arcadian Gods, Arcadian Dragon Gods, Imperial Pantheon(Beyonders), Employers(In Half-Life), The Doctors, The Masters, Alternity, Infinites, Anisotorons, Asari(Beyonders), Great Ones(In Yharnam), Deouxformazanziscar, Kryptonian Gods(in Krypton), Valyrians, Blood of Old Valyria, Blood of the Dragon, Valyrian Pantheon, Valyrian Gods, Valyrian Dragon Gods, Gods of Old Valyria The Gods of Old Valyria, Latverians(Beyonders), Wakandans(Beyonders), Gods of Wakanda(Beyonders), Orisha(Beyonders), Orishas(Beyonders), Zenn-Lavians(Beyonders), Old Gods of Zenn-La(Beyonders), Dragons(Dark Souls), Everlasting Dragons, Ancient Dragons, Archdragons (In Dark Souls world), Dragonkind(Beyonders), Dov(Beyonders), Dovah(Beyonders),(singular), Aka(Beyonders), drah-gkon(Beyonders), Wyrm(Beyonders), Old Gods(Beyonders),(In Dragon Age world), Dragon Emperors, Dragonlords(Beyonders), Encrypted Gods (In Minecraft), Administrators(Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2), Heavenly Deities, Celestials,(Star Wars), Architects(Star Wars), Constructors of Destiny(Beyonders), The Constructors of Destiny(Beyonders), Q Continuum(Star Trek), Cybertronian Gods(Beyonders), Firstforged(Beyonders), Transformers, and Cybertronians). He travels world in his TARDIS and also protects the world/holds balance in the world throughout time and space/world/omni (along side others of his kind) averting any crisis he comes across using science, technology, magic and wit, etc. (they protect the human world, along with countless other worlds, throughout time and space/world/Omni, from infinite/endless menaces, They interfere with events, in an effort to protect world from a infinite of threats (The reason that good always prevails in the world is because of the Mysterious Omni-Lords/Voyagers/Dragonlords/Choushin/Chousin, whose intervention in the lives and planets/universes/omni/world across time and space/world/omni helpes keep the world together).

Shinji and his race come from planet Jurai (also known as planet Juraihelm, Cybertron, Edenia, Hyrule, The Land of the Gods(Beyonders), Land of the Gods(Beyonders), Omnilonia(Beyonders), Omnilania, The Omni Planet, The Shining World, The Diamond, Forever, The Kingdom, Sinnu Sarrum(Beyonders), Arcadia, Asario, God's Kingdom(Beyonders), Doom's World(Beyonders), Doomworld(Beyonders), Fight Planet(Beyonders), Latverion(Beyonders), Battleworld(Beyonders), The Land of Ol' Metal Face(Beyonders), Metalverse(Beyonders), Asgardia(Beyonders), Planet of Bast(Beyonders), Azeroth(Beyonders), La Metal, Iscandar, Aquarius(Beyonders), Arus, Mortis(Beyonders), Planet Zi, Planeta Fuertona(Beyonders), Airai, Maelstrom, Planet Maelstrom, Warhammer World(Beyonders), The Warhammer World(Beyonders), The Fated Place(Beyonders), Ashihara no Nakatsukuni(Beyonders), Shinshuu(Beyonders), Yi Ti(Beyonders), Trinia(Beyonders), Nosgoth(Beyonders), The Land of Nosgoth(Beyonders), Aurelia (Beyonders), Primordial (Beyonders), Avalon (Beyonders), Land of the Eternal Spring(Beyonders), The Land of the Eternal Spring(Beyonders), Elysium, Viltrum(Beyonders), Imperius Prime, Imperium Prime, Furon, Arisia(Beyonders), Rannoch(Beyonders), Randland(Beyonders), Nirn(Beyonders), Corneria, Phaester Osiris(Beyonders), The Throneworld(Beyonders), Phæster Osiris(Beyonders), Prysmos, Deviluke, Thessia(Beyonders), Mazon(Beyonders), Antia(Beyonders), Mysterium(Beyonders), Sanctuary(Beyonders), Sosaria(Beyonders), Elysia(Beyonders), Eternia, Olympia(Beyonders), Planet Spider(Beyonders), Altea, Zenn-La(Beyonders), Pandora(Beyonders), Narnia, True Narnia, Albion, Gallia(Beyonders), The Homeworld(Beyonders), Gallifrey(Beyonders), Valyrian Peninsula(Beyonders), Old Valyria(Beyonders), Valyria(Beyonders), and Planet Valyria). She is located in a place known as Beyond-Realm(also known as Omniversal Matrix, The Omniversal Matrix, Beyonderverse, Realm of the Beyonder, Realm of the Beyonders, Realm of the Sinnu Sarrum, The Universe of the Beyonders, The Universe of the Sinnu Sarrum, The Outside(Beyonders), Arcadia(Beyonders), Realm of the Primes(Beyonders), The Realm of the Primes(Beyonders), Valyria(Beyonders), Old Valyria(Beyonders), Otherworld(Beyonders), Asgard(Beyonders), The Realm Eternal(Beyonders), Olympus(Beyonders), Olympia(Beyonders), Garden of Beyonders, Garden of Sinnu Sarrum, Garden of Dreams, Garden of The Doctor, Garden of The Emperor, Svarga(Beyonders), Aetherius(Beyonders), Prim(Beyonders), Forge of Creation, The Center, The Core, Golden Land, Omni Land, Asario(Beyonders), Eluka(Beyonders), The Realm of Primordia(Beyonders), The Dreamlands(Beyonders), Dream Realm(Beyonders), The Lands of Dream(Beyonders), The Lands of Dreams(Beyonders), Beyonder's Dream(Beyonders), The Doctor's Dream(Beyonders), Whoniverse(Beyonders), Emperor's Dream(Beyonders), Universe of the Sinnu Sarrum, Sinnu Sarrum's Dream(Beyonders), Beyond, The Beyond, Universe of the Beyonders, Universe of the Beyonder, Court of Beyonders. The Court of Beyonders, Court of Beyonder. The Court of Beyonder, Court of Sinnu Sarrum. The Court of Sinnu Sarrum, The Universe of The Emperor, The Universe of The Doctor, Court of Azathoth(Beyonders), The Court of Azathoth(Beyonders), Garden of Azathoth(Beyonders), Universe of the Demon Gods(Beyonders), The Universe of the Demon Gods(Beyonders), Court of The Doctor. The Court of The Doctor. Court of The Emperor, The Court of The Emperor, Avalon(Beyonders), Land of the Eternal Spring(Beyonders), The Land of the Eternal Spring(Beyonders), Djalia(Beyonders), Celestial Heliopolis(Beyonders), Aaru(Beyonders), Othervoid, Overvoid, Aniso(Beyonders), Empyrean(Beyonders), Empyrean Heaven(Beyonders), The Empyrean Heaven(Beyonders), Utopian Parallel(Beyonders), Meta-World(Beyonders), Dilmun(Beyonders), Forgotten Realm, Celestial realm(Beyonders), Realm of Heavens(Beyonders), Edenia(Beyonders), Elysia(Beyonders), Omni Dimension(Beyonders), The Omni Dimension(Beyonders), The Doctor Dimension(Beyonders), Omni-Realm, Arcadia-Realm, Hyperdimension(Beyonders), The Emperor Dimension(Beyonders), Sinnu Sarrum Dimension, Arcadia Dimension(Beyonders), The Arcadia Dimension(Beyonders), Timeless Halls(Beyonders), Ancestral Plane(Beyonders),Ama, Takamagahara, Ta-Lo(Beyonders), Daluo Tian(Beyonders), The Great Canopy Heaven(Beyonders), The Wired(Beyonders))(this place was created by Choushin/Chousin/Omni-Lords/Dragonlords to act as home for them, its is an ethereal plane beyond time and space/world/omni, this a place hidden to everyone except Choushin/Chousin/Omni-Lords/Dragonlords themselves/only they know about the existence of this place/only they can exist there and have access to this place).

The oldest and most dangerous question in the world is "Doctor who?"/Nahobino/Choushin/Chousin.

There is no reliable information on how the Nahobino came to be, they just were and are. Eternal, born to rule, immortal, unchanging and unyielding/adamant, They are not capable of being injured or destroyed, as nothing could ever be more powerful than them, They have always been venerated as the immortal and omnipotent gods of any/all Races beings/etc (with no exaption) and Humanity throughout the history of any/all Races beings/etc (with no exaption) and Mankind, They are absolute perfection, Only They created the greatest and largest Eternal Empire the world has ever seen, and conquered all of the known and unknown world, They are the greatest civilization/race/beings/God-Emperors/etc/anything/anyone/and all and (anything and all with no exaption) of all time, and at the height of its power coveres over all world/any/all/civilizations/race/beings/etc/anything/anyone/and all and (anything and all with no exaption), They the oldest and most advanced societiey in the world. It was already most ancient/The Greatest Legend when the world/any/all/civilizations/race/beings/etc/anything/anyone/and all and (anything and all with no exaption),where young; even anything of them dwarf the largest /any/all/civilizations/race/beings/etc/anything/anyone/and all and (anything and all with no exaption), They are what in our world/any/all that we call a miracle/Hope, They are most feared beings/race in the world/Most, powerful beings in the world, Only They Possess True Free Will, They fear no evil for They Are fear incarnate, They shall never be forgotten, They have always existed, and that they are omnipotent and eternal, They Are The Greatest Legend, The Myth That Comes In Dreams, The Once and Future Kings/Emperors, The sun never sets over them(The empire on which the sun never sets), they are the world's greatest defenders, (for example having saved the world Unlimited/infinite/immeasurable number of times throughout their long life, becoming/are a greatest legend across the world) they are greatest mystery of the world and only they are an All-Powerful race, there is no and never will be beings and power greater than they.

They are the immortal and God-Emperors, generals/Emperors and proconsuls/etc/anything/anyone/and all and (anything and all with no exaption).

They are bred to be perfect generals/rulers/scientists/magicians/etc/all/Anything and all in anythihing/All With no exaption), warriors and statesmen/etc(anything/all With no exaption; larger, stronger, faster, and smarter/etc than any beings/races/Humans/etc(anything with no exaption) could ever hope to be. They possess a God-Emperor charisma and martial/Intellectual/magic/magical/Scientific/political/etc/Any/All/Anything and all (with no exaption) prowess that made them like the mythical gods of old/God-Emperors (for any beings/races/etc with no exaption), untouchable by disease, old age the petty failings/flaws of Any/All beings/races/etc/men/humans/etc With no exaption)/They are fully Immune to the influence of chaos/Omni. A brilliant example of perfection and not subject to chaos/Omni. The energy of unspoiled chaos/Omni flows through them.

They All embodied all and aspects of All (such as war); they all are the greatest strategists/Tactics/rulers/scientists/etc ever known, the personification of the terror of war, masters of psychic/magic powers,the greatest practitioners of the arts of fortification, and so on(in anything and all With no exaption).

They known to be the best military commanders and political leaders/scientists/etc/(anything and all with no exaption) in history of the world(in past or the future)/for any all beings/races/etc (with no exaption).

They are tools of change and gods of war. Thet unique personalities, a perfect work of genetic mastery and knowledge beyond the understanding of all , They are Greatest generals, greatest leaders who conquerd infinite of worlds/all world. Each of them is endowed with powers and skills far superior to any other human/any/other being, and abilities rivaled only by each other. they are a force unseen and unsurpassed among all things.

their true nature/anything about them is hidden in the impenetrable darkness of the greatest secret. All of them Are greatest leaders and warriors/Anything and all/(They all are as ideal warriors and commanders/rulers/etc/anything/and all with no eaption, capable of leading the infinite armies of the world), each Greatest military leader whose God-Emperor martial prowess rivaled by thir charm, wit, and foresight/etc; each is gifted with powers/abilites that separate them from the common people and the superhuman/any/all beings They are Greatest Godlike generals/beings anything about them we can only guess.

They Always plunge their enemies into the fear and force them to respect their fearlessness, persistence, inflexible will, and the unthinkable power of the body and the Spirit. There is nothing impossible for them, everything through which they passed, only hardening their body and spirit, Infinite/countless Gods, Monsters, and Demons/enemis/Infinite/Endless Ever-Hungry Evils/Nightmares/Horrors/Etc/Cosmic Beings/Any/All People/any/all/civilizations/races/beings/etc/anything/anyone/and all and (anything and all with no exaption) have seen their very last physical and metaphysical breath when they even contemplate or attempt to fight against the Omni-Lords/Dragonlords/God-Emperors/Choushin/Chousin, the effective and efficient Dungeon Masters of the World/They had saved Infinite/Endless civilizations, species, worlds, the Multiverse/world, and all of space-time/Omni itself and fought Infinite tyrants, empires, alien invaders, organizations, criminals, races, Demons, Supernatural Cretures, Cosmic Beings/etc (any/All beings with no exaption) and entities both on human world and across space-time/Omni/World prevailing every time.

They are a race of extradimensional beings of infinite power/and they are beyond-all and end-all of all things, and are both mankind/Any/All/world/any/all/civilizations/races/beings/etc/anything/anyone/and all and (anything and all with no exaption),'s greatest saviors and threat.

They are believers in non-violent conflict resolution, but when its absolutely necessary, They are greatest/warriors/Conquerors/Overlords/etc/anything/anyone. Indeed, any/all/civilisations/races/beings/etc (With no exaption) in the world translated the word doctors/Nahobino as warriors/Conquerors/Overlords//anything/anyone/etc, and any/all//civilisations/races/beings/etc (With no exaption) saw the Doctors/Nahobino as a compassionate benefactors, worthy of their admiration and compassion.

Their personal history/anything about them/etc was constantly changing and contradicting itself, Anything/all/etc about them are matters of much contention, (for example in part due to shifting timelines), anything/all is unclear about them regarding their life and origins/anything/all/etc.

Despite on all changes in the world they always remain faithful to their promise of sticking to everything that their name stood for: duty, compassion, and resourcefulness.

Adventures seemed to follow them, by their own admission. They spent much of their time bounding from one place to another, with all of time and space/world to explore, solving problems/saving world with whatever was at hand, making friends and enemies, and always having an eye on their next destination.

They are sacred beings/omnipotent existences, their natures out of all concepts and are considered as Beyond. They are supreme beings that stands beyond all restrictions, they can create 1 out of the sea of nothingness. It can give birth to 1 from 0, give birth to the endless, and then return it to 0 again in a flash. Freed from all restrictions, /any/all/civilizations/races/beings/etc/anything/anyone/and all and (anything and all with no exaption) even call them as Gods, They are the supreme, ultimate beings who lie beyond the boundaries of existence, dreaming all of the world. They are the Final Subgradience, They are in of the limitless state of pure freedom and unity, the death of all limits and restrictions destroying the underlying concepts of Duality, beyond the last bridge of existence and themselves the Godheads/The Amaranths A who dream all things into being, holding every being, race and idea as facets of itself, and reflections of its memories and consciousness.

Nothing you dream of is impossible for them to accomplish. (They are Absolutely Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent and surpassed by none.)

No one has ever seen them! No one ever shall! But they see all of us and they wish us well.

Also Shinji is also member of the secret team known as Illuminati(They are also known as Council of Kings, Knights of the Round Table, Knights of Iacon, Knights of the Round, Order of the Empress, Order of the Witwiccans, Order of the Dragon, Guardian Knights . They are secret team of protectors of the world.



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Shinji has same Personality as The God Emperor of Mankind (Warhammer).

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"The Emperor appeared without a helmet, his noble face decorated only a golden crown. Even from afar, his wonderful shining face seemed worthy of eternal devotion. No Other God/Any/Other Being inspired more respect and honor. No other earthly lord/any other being could be more belowed."
―Wolf of the ash and fire (Warhammer)
"You can always look at three things, how the fire burns, how the water flows and The God Emperor of Mankind.!"
―Any/All about The Emperor appearance

Shinji's has/Can Have same appearance/s as The God Emperor of Mankind (Warhammer).


Shinji has same Relationships as The God Emperor of Mankind (Warhammer).

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  • Shinji is The God Emperor of Mankind (Warhammer).
  • The idea of Shinji being a child born from incest was inspired by the Targaryens from Game of Thrones.
  • Shinji can be considered anime version of The God Emperor of Mankind (From Warhammer).
  • Shinji can be considered the anime version of The Doctor from Doctor Who.
  • Shinji can be considered anime version of Franklin Richards (From Marvel Comics).