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I mustn't run away!
~ Shinji Ikari
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At first glance, it may seem that Shinji is a normal human, but in truth she belongs to the Enigmagic All-Powerful Race of beings, known as the Beyonders.(They also known as Alternity, Dreamers, Ivory Kings, Sinnu Sarrum, White Lords from Wild Space, The Lords of the White Light, Transformers, and Cybertronians).



  • Shinji is part of you, and you are part of Shinji, never forget that, anonymous.
  • Shinji is Supreme Adminisrator of the unvierse
  • Shinji can reload this world. But it’s easier for her to format.
  • Adminisrarots are the people Who Shinji gave VIP
  • The amount of knowledge of Shinji makes Wikipedia, the sum of her dreams - Google
  • Shinji is able to restore the source of any program from its screenshot.
  • The whole world fits on the hard drive of the new computer of Shinji. Plus ten backups.
  • An Not noticeable girl in a school uniform flashed in the background in your favorite anime is Shinji.
  • Chuck Norris calls Shinji when his computer freezes.
  • Favorite weapon of shinji is console commands.
  • Some ideas and elements of this version of Shinji were inspired by the current Russian president Vladimir Putin.
  • One of the main inspirations for creation of this version of character was Neo from matrix movies trilogy.
  • (Superiority over You) The power/Ability(from canon evangelion) most likley makes Shinji one of the most powreful characters ever (due to fact that shinji its not just can breach his way info Real World(aka our world) and retain all powers and Ability but being completly Superior/Beyond to it (it wors something like this that (somone like comic authos Comic Authors have no power over him/will not have any power to infulcence him/Change his history/ETC and anything all from real world/ and other fictional works (such as comcis/Movies ETC) and (Shinji) will have all have/all powers//Abilitys/ from all works of fiction (such as comcis/Movies ETC) (and will have power/ability to use them in real world (and we will not have power/Ability to somehow infulence him/like turn them off/Weaken him ETC/ (in other words he will be more real that reality itself(Aka/Our World/)( and even beyond this (for him (Our world(aka real world) its like (fictional worlds/Such as as Comcis/Movies ETC) To (us) in other (words He originaly (transends real world) (just as We(in our real world) Transend (Works of Fiction) (such as comcis/Movies ETC (in way like reading books/Working with computer/Watching TV ETC. (and its not author of this fan version of character who created this so do not say anything to him ok ?) (and in case of shinji it evne goes beyond this(due to fact being superior/Above/Transending/beyond beings (in evangelion lore) who alredy have this power (it works liek this Shinji is superior/Above/Transending/beyond beings/ Who alredy Transend (Works of Fiction) (such as comcis/Movies ETC (in way like reading books/Working with computer/Watching TV ETC./and etc(forming infinity (hierarcy of such beings) (who are (Superiority over You) (shinji still be beyeond them and above this infinity (hierarcy)
  • 7 (Number of shinji’s mothers) its a reference to the 7 parts of resident evil video game franchise (one of the author’s favorite series of games and one of the main sources of inspiration for the story


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