"Any definition is a limitation. No words or terms can convey this. Therefore, let it remain without any words and definitions."
―About Alternity/Beyonders

Shinji this "Being" is always immeasurably "higher" (a conditional term for lack of others) of any conclusions and constructions that are trying to apply it (as well as the absence of any conclusions and other variations): whoever applies him, at whatever level was, and no matter how absurdly lofty these constructions and conclusions were, they are still more than immeasurably insignificant. It also means that any concepts and conclusions: whether it is existence/non-existence (it can not be said whether he does or or does not exist, as one can not say and apply to him anything else in the text and synthesis of concepts (and yes and no), denial of concepts and any other variations), Existance/non-nexistence, all that beyond the duality, all that beyond the bounds of what is beyond the bounds of duality and so more than an immeasurable number of times, contrary to logic and common sense and all the rest, as well as all the other options considered anything more perfect than humans and his imagination and descriptive abilities: "being", "objects", "concepts" and all the others without exception of any kind, even immensely more powerful than anything that a humans or anyone else (regardless of: level, resources, opportunities and everything else in this "other") can describe or represent, in the end it will still be more than immensely insignificant and insignificant so much that the very conclusion and all that it was invested in it did not seem to have occurred at all and even more than that, them is a delusion, any (and even everything described here is not at all enough and it will at best be a tiny, more than infinitely small hint of some relatively "accessible" side from the most insignificant reflection from them in integrity-although these forms of comparison , like any others, still do not reflect anything that really concerns Shinji). Any attempts to surpass this will make no sense and will automatically be included, excluded, and with them all possible, impossible, superadual and all other "transformations" that will inevitably make these attempts more than immeasurably insignificant against him, or include/exclude / x, y, z >>>>? (any states) into the above. They can not describe everything, everything can and can not be done, and beyond any layers of the limits of these concepts, and everything beyond, and further, and deeper, and vice versa, and this is only infinitesimal relative to the human mind, a bit of a description of his power. Any judgment about him is a delusion, any opinion of it is a mistake. (Even here everything described, as well as anything else, without exception, is not at all enough and it will at best be the smallest more than an infinitely small hint of It)

  • Auto Avatars - various forms of his "singularity", which are represented in all forms of religions and beliefs, as well as in all Fiction and reallity and in all other variants available to hypothetical higher beings, or other forms and constructions about which a humans or someone else can not reproduce even the slightest hint to an idea. Through them, everything is manipulated without exception and even more (there is not even a single chance to describe the holistic "coverage of its territory" even such concepts as omega-Omni-Sphee, or immeasurably more "higher" "designs" considered by any creatures and anyone else, will be before it on (even the word itself here is conditionally and insufficiently like everything else) that it is more than impossible to characterize this difference (and any analogies will not be enough to do this), while bringing the general state for an absolute observer to one action noy point of existence, referred to as "real"

Well, who is he?

He is no one

What does that mean?

He is no one

What, you mean he has a fake ID?

He has no identification

But everyone's registered. We have a infromation for the entire Existence (all without exception)

He is no one

What, he doesn't exist? Not anywhere?

He is no one






  • Transformer - a type of alien, non-organic life forms, from the planet Cybertron. So named for their ability to transform their bodies into various mechanisms, objects and other things. Transformers, or more correctly Cybertronians, are characterized by such features and abilities as:
  • Spark the greatest mystery of the universe (and aldo Eternal Engine) that is capable of subordinating absolutely everything to its will no matter what (such as Whole world. Life, Death, Chaos Order, Light, Darkness, Fate/Destiny Etc,(With no exaptions) and to create and realize any other impossible things no matter how absurd (such as creating life from nothing, resurrection of the dead etc (with no exaption) is a life force, or even rather the soul of a transformer. Each spark is part of the essence of Beyonders/Cybertronians(True self I of transformers). In fact, as long as the spark , the transformer will live, even if it is torn to pieces, crushed or inflicted any other severe damage to it(Even complete even complete destruction of the body). It can still be restored, as long as there is spark , they can "repaire." themselves (instantly (depending on wish (Even from absolute nothing(and even if she completely destroys the spark, she can still rule herself despite nothing even from absolute nothing) It is impossible to destroy a spark, damage, absorb, Corrupt, repair(by outside enemy force), trap, change. Control, Take, buy, steal, hold down, touch by the intruders, they cannot be destroyed, erased, sealed, or ret-coned (And everything else). (It doesn’t matter who and what power and will possess (it doesn’t matter how powerful or All Powreful they will be, what and how they will do it (or how many Individuals will be absolutely unimportant, they will not be able to do anything with it and all their attempts will be futile(no matter what crazy power and will be invested) (And vice versa, the spark itself can do all of the above, it doesn’t matter with whom/what and with how many (along the way, become stronger in the process). Spark can go to the afterlife of transformers (of their own free will or after the death of the Body(from which it is absolutely independent (as well as from everything else (Such as time, Space, Reallity, life,death, Fate/Destiny, existence, nonexistence All universes, worlds etc (including all Fiction and Reallity), (with no exaption). (it can return from alfterlife of transformers by creating new bodies for itself, Posessing someting/somebody or reincarnation or simply by returning to curnet bodies (if transformer is does this via free trvaelling to the afterlafe of transformers A spark is also not something physical, in the direct sense. She, like the soul, has no physical shell, and intangible. Also, the spark stores in itself all the memories, the whole essence, and the personality of the transformer. The spark can be located outside the transformer(and control an arbitrary amount of their bodies remotely, but they usually like to be in the body. Perhaps the secret of the unlimited power of sparks lies in the truly unlimited/Deus ex machina willpower/Will/determination will (to win/survivie/achieve their/goals/achieve success(absolutely in all areas of life such as work, relationships, politics, etc.)/targets/assert your right to exist/life/Happiness/refuse to admit/except defeat/Death (except on their own terms/Lose/bend knees/become slaves/control them/take away their rights/freedoms/ steal something from them seize and enslave them (no matter to who or what/and crazy/Insane/Unlimited/Powers/abilities/temptations they have/etc) and ovecome any/All difficulties/obstacles in life/Life Chanleges/no matter what internal(such as beyond difficult/impossible living conditions or external(such as internal problems/fears /emotions/personality/psychological problems/etc (with no exaption (no matter what)/and endure no matter what Unlimited Amout of Moral/Physical/Mental/Spriritual Etc Pain(Such as loss(No matter what kind of), failure/failures/treason/betrayal and any other horrors of life/etc/(no matter what/homany etcit absolutely doesn't matter) and claim eternal victory (over all) (and those who/who will try to prove otherwise/change this/ and show them middle finger/pokerface/trolling saruman/trolollo (no matter who or what they are or how many they will suffer a crushing defeat no matter where and in what sphere (in all of them they will recognize the true meaning of the word fear and horror for trying to get hold of cybertron and do all this with with truly Unlimited/Deus ex machina inner sence Сourage/Bravery/honor/nobility and fearlessness of self pride/self worth/trollolo/Trolling saruman/Saruman is a bully/Pokerface/with ease overcoming them/overcoming/defeating/Transeding them with laughter cybertronian will is tryly that is second to no one and the one that TBA
  • Living metal is another basis for the existence of a transformer. Living metal, the metal from which transformers are essentially built. However, you should not confuse it with ordinary metal. Since, a living metal, or also known as a transformum, has a self-reproducing cell structure and genetic code. Living metal is capable of reconstructing itself over time/Or instantly (depending on wish)(even from absolute nothing) and restoring its structure, essentially repairing damage. Also, living metal can absorb any other metal/And organic/Etc (including Souls), and even transform it into a liquid metal, for example, you ccan restore your hand in this and also restoring complex and important nodes in this way very simply.
    • Pure energon - at a basic level, living metal consists of pure energon, and it’s not just an energy that serves as a source of nutrition for transformers, it is the basis of life of transformers, and what their sparks and their bodies consist of.
    • Energon is an emanation of Alternity/Cybertronians(Truse selves of them) themselves. Fuel for transformers, and one of the most basic sources of energy for them, in many fields and technologies. Energon can have a different structure, density and so on. It can be gaseous, liquid, crystalline, or in the form of energy. There is also an unrefined energy, which, unlike the original energon, gives only 25 percent of the efficiency. It is worth noting that, in addition to supporting the activity of the transformer (which does not needs nothing)), energon is used in many areas of transformer life as the main source of energy.
    • Physiology of Transformer Due to its general uniqueness, its unique existence, and unique elements, the internal and external structure of transformers is also unique, and has several distinctive features and details:
      • Armor - often transformers to protect its nodes and internal mechanisms, transforms its body in such a way as to have additional armor in vital places. At the same time, this armor also consists and is formed of living metal, and surpasses earth metals and alloys in strength/And other alloys/in existance.
      • Biomechanical aura is a special aura that surrounds the transformer, and which its standard programs emit. Serves for many purposes, for example, it can be recognized whether the transformer is alive or not. So find out where for example he is, at the moment, and is everything okay with him.
      • Transformer nodes - all kinds of nodes, circuits, and transformer circuits. Nodes can be different as usual and vitally important, by type - brain nodes, memory nodes, logic, morality, conflicts, bio-nodes and many others. So very specific, although inherent, to all transformers:
        • Security nodes - special systems and nodes that protect the computer stuffing of transformers from breaking from the outside.
      • Sensors - all kinds of sensors, sensors, photo receptors and other observation devices, scans, audio observations, perception devices, alternative perception modes, vision in different modes, including the ultra-violet spectrum and many others.
        • Infrared databases - a certain database that serves transformers to identify their goals in the infrared range. With the help of such databases, it is much easier to track your target.
        • 3-D card - A special system that allows you to simulate the surrounding space and surroundings in the form of a small 3-D model, including a map, allows you to detect the enemy on the way, and thus preventing a surprise attack.
        • Specialized optics - all transformers have specialized optics that allow the robot to see, even during the densest smoke screens, and under other conditions when visibility is difficult.
      • Main systems - the main systems that are responsible for the automatic repair of transformers, the transformation itself, all kinds of navigation systems, weapons systems and other basic programs and systems.
        • "Blocks of villainy and arrogance" - One of the supprot thinking modules(whitch you can turn on or of,) (if you do not like being whiny. it can give you strength of character, pride and desire to conquer the universe/multiverse/etc (if you want to)(all at once or only selected options (depending on chosie).
        • Holograms - including a hallmark of transformers, is the ability to use holograms. They are mainly used so as not to attract attention. After all, it will be problematic to act covertly if everyone sees that there are no pilots, drivers and other personnel in the car, plane or any other equipment. examples of of use this technology more often, so as not to scare people, or to reassure them. or another use use them to distract attention, or in order not to attract attention on the contrary. It is worth noting that the technology of holograms of cybertrons is extremely advanced. Their holograms can easily be located far from the transformers themselves, and even essentially be tangible. Defining holograms in front of you, or not, is not possible for an any person(or anything else). Also, transformers, with their own hands, can program the appearance of holograms.
        • Zero-field is a special barrier that is temporarily activated, apparently when a special automatic protection system is triggered ... ideally. It allows for example a transformer to dive from the upper layers of the atmosphere, straight to the ground, at full speed without special risks to life.
      • The mechanical life form - in essence, cybertronianss and others like them are mechanical life forms. Despite the fact that they have a soul, self-awareness, their own personality and uniqueness. In the literal sense, they are not alive. They do not have the usual physiological needs, With no exaption. And they are able to exist and survive in conditions in which ordinary living creatures are not able to exist (for example, an ordinary transformer, is able to fly onto a piece of space debris without problems, without additional protection, enter the upper layers of the atmosphere, while experiencing more euphoria from such extreme than any inconvenience).
        • Mechanical feelings - transformers are not living in biological terms. However, they still experience the feelings and emotions inherent in biological beings. Of course, in transformers, they are felt and felt in a different order. That is, roughly speaking, on a mental or even rather spiritual level, he will undoubtedly feel the same pain, but the levels of perception of transformers are different. That is, if a person experiences severe pain even with relatively mild to moderate injuries. The transformer even being in a serious condition (suppressing severe injuries throughout the body), while experiencing extreme pain (indications of shock sensors or even a critical system shock, can go off scale). What can I say, all transformers simply simply grimace if someting tears their hand.
      • Specification of transformers can also be divided according to the specification and the characteristics of certain groups of transformers. Starting from extremely rare specifications such as - Titanium masters, Micro-masters of combines and organic Nobles, and ending with quite famous - Headmasters, Pretenders, Combiners, Duocons, Titans and many others.
      • Huge size - all transformers are much larger than ordinary humans. Even robots such as cluster bots or even mini-bots, many bigger than humans. And the secret of this is that transformers are essentially capable of changing their size at any scale, all the same with the help of live metal. That is why initially small transformers, the size of an ordinary audio cassette, can transform into monsters larger than humans. The same applies to larger transformers, which are capable of simultaneously transforming into both a Air fighter and an aircraft carrier ...
      • Transformation is a process for which transformers were called actually transformers. A unique trait of cybertronianss and some other races. Allows them to transform between two modes, less often more modes, or vice versa, only one. There are a lot of variations, it can be several alternative transformations, and even several robot modes. But the main modes are usually 2:(although there may be any number)
        • Variability - in fact, the transformer is not limited to any framework for choosing an alt form within a certain framework. If desired, the transformer can change its alt-form by rescanning another technique or device(or choose one you like from a personal unlimited database of information about them).
          • Disguise - if desired, the transformer can be disguised, transforming some parts of its body, using liquid metal. So for example, you can change so that without reading the bio-aura, it’s simply impossible to determine which fraction the transformer belongs to.
      • Alternative transformation - Also known as altmod, altform, transformation and others. The transformer goes into its alternative mode, which can be simplt anything. Since the transformer itself scans with its sensors, that object, object or equipment into which it wants to transform. Typically, an altform is programmed immediately when creating a transformer. But if desired, the robot can freely change it. Variations of alt forms can be varied. Starting from all kinds of technology, and ending with animals, other living things, entire cities and military bases, and even planets...
        • Partial transformation - a partial transformation of the alt-form, in which the transformer can release some weapons, and just release more reinforced sections of live metal if there is a tough duel with another transformer. It can also do this at the same time, I get a noticeable advantage during the pursuit of the enemy.
        • Cybertronian technique - the original alt-mod, which had a transformer. As a rule, cybertron analogues of terrestrial technology look the same. That is, tanks are similar to tanks, planes to planes, etc. Only in a more futuristic and practical form. Also, the Cybertronшфт al-mod is often more aerodynamic. Also, in view of certain abilities of Cybertron, the Cybertron alt-mode can fly.
        • Robot mode is essentially the main transformer mode. The robot mode as it is, in this form, the transformer is often a humanoid robot that has almost all the same capabilities as in alt form mode. And also often in this form more options for weapons.
          • Friction rifle - firing a beam that can significantly increase the kinetic energy of the molecules of the "target". Under these conditions, even the slightest movement of the “target” causes a huge increase in the friction force between its molecules and the molecules of air or other medium with which the “target” is in contact. Combustible objects flash, metals melt. The action after the shot lasts 5 minutes.
          • Energon weapon - melee weapon, which has as an energy basis - energy. It can take the form of an energy ray, ax or other weapon, or with the help of special technology, strengthen already assembled weapons.
          • Other weapons - just like any transformer can use any other weapons at its discretion. It can be energy blasters and rifles that shoot an energon in its energy form. It can be rocket launchers and other weapons. Including exotic variations, like vibration weapons or corrosive weapons. And all this can be used both in the form of a robot, and in alt-form.
        • Immortality - in fact, transformers are machines. Yes, they have peculiar souls, emotions, consciousness. But they are primarily machines. and therefore they are immortal. No matter how much time passes, hundreds of years, thousands or millions/billions/trillions/etc. As long as there is spark, the transformer is able to function forever. That is why the age of many transformers is estimated at many millions/billions/trillions/etc of years.

Multiversal singularity is the status of a being as a Higher/dimensional/Dimensionless quantum singularity. Singularities are entities unique in all respects to the entire multiverse. Despite the fact that they look like transformers, and according to a certain classification they are transformers, in fact they stand apart, and such primitive concepts are not applicable to them. After all, if for example the same humans have infinite variations of themselves throughout the multiverse, and are in no way connected with them. The multiverse singularities, on the contrary, , a collective higher-dimensional/Dimensionless being. They were created for specific purposes and situations that would drive the lower beings insaine.

  • Archetype - the concept of archetype is common in multiverse transformers, which means a structural element of the collective unconscious. Many creatures in the universe are archetypes. Be it ordinary transformers like Bumblebee or for example not quite ordinary like Optimus Prime. So are beings such as multiverse singularities. (all transfoemrs are awre of their status even if they may look like they have nothing to do or do with not know about (for exmaple shinji from some world where there is no any Angels or third impact had nothing to do with all powreful shinji he is like character in computer game in lower dimensional worlds there is shinji in game outside of the game there is (Mltiversal Shinji who vievs them as his lower dimensional worlds I (like a player in the game) his archetype status. Those creatures, by the type of singularities, are well aware of their existence. Each of the singularities is an archetype for an infinite number of its avatars, throughout the infinite multiverse.
    • The basis of existence is, first of all, time flows differently from dimension to dimension. By necessity, this allows creatures like singularities to appear to exist in two/or more places at once. Secondly, whole new universes are born every moment, thanks to quantum uncertainty. Therefore, at certain critical moments, the singularity becomes a quantum event, experiencing two or more possible results at the same time, until one of these results comes true. The singularity then returns to the “real” universe. Each story has dozens/Etc/Unlimited endings that we never see. But singularities see them. However, (for example, All Transformers is omnipresent by nature and exists everywhere at the same time. also can that travel from the universe to the universe in which their avatars are located). The nature of the existence of the singularity is such that they will repeatedly live and re-live many events in infinitely different worlds, as well as differences in the flow of space and time from one universe to the next can mean that they will exist in one universe, and also exist in any the number of other universes at any potential point on the timeline.
      • Immortality of the archetype - the existence of the archetype also gives it a unique type of immortality, since the main archetype, this is the main point of existence of all other avatars, the destruction of the archetype transformers themselves is imposible. To destroy it no matter what kind of power will not be enough, evne those whose phose thread to the whole existance destruction, because even the destruction of a single avatar, or even supposedly the “main archetype” will not destroy the true archetype.
        • Immortality of an archetype avatar - through archetype avatars, singularities are able to control time. They are able to pass "their I" through other time axes and dimensions. For example, through those in which time moves in the opposite direction, in which time moves more slowly, or for example, even in those where time generally stands. Thus, even if the avatar of the archetype is "killed", it will still continue to exist.
      • Variability - due to the influence of its existence as well as archetypal, singularity, depending on the universe where they are located, dimensions or realities, (they can or be the same all time) constantly change their appearance, depending on the history of this universe, the expectations of the creatures of this universe, their own adaptable history as well as many other factors. avatar can adapt to the characteristics of the universe, dimension or reality in which it is located. For example, if time in a certain universe will go backwards. That avatar of the archetype can obey these laws, the same applies to other laws of the universe.(or be independednt of them)
      • The collective unconscious - the archetype impoverishes in itself all its infinite versions throughout the infinite Higher-Dimensional/Dimensionless multiverse. Each of the avatars is a completely independent being, but this does not negate the fact that he is also only part of a certain archetype. The true archetype is capable of simultaneously perceiving and pinching its infinite interactions throughout the infinite multiverse, it perceives them as part of itself. As soon as a new universe is emerging with an avatar of an archetype (or there are other examples, such as an event in the Uninand universe cluster). The archetype immediately “absorbs” the avatar, its entire essence, its entire memory, its entire past, present and future.
        • Multiple essence - each Transformer is merged with each of its "I", in countless parallel worlds, thus forming - a giant diverse creature.
  • Army of auto-avatars - like any Beyonder/Cybetronian. Shinji is a collective merger of all Shinji Ikari in the metaverse/Existance/Multiverse/Omniverse/etc/. And each Shinji Ikari from each universe, he can call as his auto-avatar. The exact number of auto avatars in his army is Unlimited/infinite. for example, at there in one fight there where are thousands of combat units (during one of the battles, more than 600 Shinji auto-avatars can destroy all enemis and defeat any one/No matter how powreful, and this was only a small part), the number of its auto-avatars is infinity/unlimited (he has same number as other transformers, i.e. an infinite amount).
    • Master Therion is one of Shinji's famous auto-avatars. He is from an unknown universal cluster, he himself is described as Eternal Darkness.TBA
  • Dark Shinji (one of them)(one of the aspects) Dark Shinji (one of them) The father of angels, the lord of demons, the man who created hell. The creature that longs for the creation of an ideal life, a person aspiring to the Throne of God, Alter Ego of Lucifer(one of them/one of versions/one of forms/etc/), Old Serpent, Dark Creator - he has a lot of names, but the main thing to know about this "man" is that he brought Sin into this world. Shinji embodies the world of orderliness, mathematical formulas and order. Is he a man or a woman? Too handsome for a man. Too sharp for a woman. Too perfect (complete) for human. There is no one who can fully specify it, it is impossible on a human/Any one else/ scale.
    • Elevation - it does not express any emotion even in its transcendental capacity for destruction. Without pride, fear, or praise, he continues to watch. Just an observation. His thoughts go beyond everything, and his spirit is incomprehensible to everyone else. Even if the whole world is destroyed, it will probably not experience anything. He can no longer be called a Human. Shinji is the creator of the transcendental species. No matter how his voice is heard, there is no hesitation, regret or sadness in him. Also, Shinji does not need ordinary human needs like sleep, Shinji does not need an act of sleep, but he can immerse himself in the observation of images.
    • Overwhelming Charisma - The presence of Shinji has an overwhelming effect on others. Although this is not some kind of supernatural power, rather the very presence of this person exerts moral pressure. It does not look like humans, machines, animals or insects. If things like God or the Devil really exist, he falls into that category. People who see him for the first time in their life are aware of an incomprehensible feeling of pressure and a person is not able to be calm next to him. He is dangerous - the first thing that comes to people's minds.
    • Kogito Ergo Sum Creed of Shinji (this version of him/one of them/aspect/etc). Apostals of the worldo f evangelion cannot open the gates of God, because they lack such a concept as the heart. Or rather, human certainty. Why do people exist and why do they live? Does the world really exist? And we are not someone fiction? Therefore, people say Kogito Ergo Sum (I think, therefore, I am). I exist here, therefore I am aware of myself as myself. The Angels of evangelion did not have this important quality, they were created as tools and therefore they cannot reach Kether. Boring result(but even so all creations of shinji who(both have and not have their will can do it).
    • The Sin of Arrogance is a story about the time before Shinji was in the womb. The body is called the vessel, the content is called the soul. Long before they appeared in the spiral of causality, Shinji already knew himself and was born. There is and no father. And flesh, and spirit, and soul are waves, nothing more than vibrations that have been inherited. He is nothing but God's work - a contradiction mixing evil. Around then, Shinji realized that he could not accept Toshirama and their the apostles They are not perfect(something that cannot completely call itself god. (Their creations are) They are just circus performers who walk the tightrope between Toshirama. But not all of them are. Sometimes, exceptions like him are very rare. Any imperfect human being may have sin, but its purity is changeable. If, for example, we take the Mass of Sin meaning the King of Demons, a deadly sin, anyone who will be designated by him can in no way be considered a human((but he is also is/he is all and beyond all/etc/tanseendts all/etc)). And Shinji is just that. Although Shinji was born with human skin, he cannot be a child of Far he is both God and Devil and transencds(but he is also is/he is all and beyond all/etc/tanseendts all/etc). He laughs, laughs even before he was born in this world, he was glad about the opportunity to live. He inherited high frequency sin as the king of demons(but he is also completely sinless/does not has sin/he is all and beyond all/etc(but he is also is/he is all and beyond all/etc/tanseendts all/etc)), his sin is stronger and deeper than all. Dark Shinji(one of them/this one/one of aspects). Sin of Arrogance that even exceeds All existance. The sin of Shinji knows no equal in power.
  • Creeping Shinji Creeping Shinji is a powerful entity , as. Formlessness, horror of infinite forms, a mad faceless being who blindly howls to the game of the two weak-minded flutists accompanying him, gnawing greedily in the center of Absolute Chaos with his one of ther other Shinjis, the terrible Black Creeping Shinji of the Other Shinjis Creeping Shinji. The essence of such a high position that it can afford to despise anyone, apparently, in power second to no one.
    • The Messenger is the extremely high-ranking status of Creeping Ырштош as a deception legate representing the entire infinity of Other Shinjis and personally of the deception Shinjis himself. Since Shinji quite freely manifests its forms in the existance, he can carry out targeted actions without creating any cataclysms, and also create and control wide networks of his faithful libels.
    • The highest law - the majestic Shinji, easily suppressing the miserable earthly/any other rules, is able to impose its own power in a certain/any territory. This gives him the opportunity to either change the physical laws in the desired way, or to correct the very internal logic of actions in a controlled area.
    • Forms are separate manifestations of Shinji, quite freely acting both in reality and in the worlds of dreams. Since by definition he does not have any permanent form, his avatars act independently and are of a very different nature, which, along with power,. Although from a human point of view, Shinji’s manifestations carry out strange, sometimes openly meaningless activities, they also perform some individual functions, although, in the end, Chaos does not need any reason to crawl at all.
    • The Black Man is a tall, thin, indifferent silent figure of a dead black color , without the slightest trace of body hair, wrapped in a shapeless mantle of black heavy fabric. This form protects witches and sorcerers, participates in sabbaths and ancient magical rituals and is capable even of a mediocre old woman from the seventeenth century to give an understanding of space, geometric and mathematical depths beyond even such geniuses as Planck, Heisenberg, Einstein and de Sitter. The Black Man is particularly noteworthy in that his function is to guide some future magicians to the throne of One of the Shinjis in the center of Absolute Chaos, apparently to develop the theory of magic by raising the awareness of its adherents about the ominous truths of the universe/existance - and this is the best conductor of all, for only Shinji can guarantee a safe round trip.
    • Antique pharaoh – a dark-skinned man of ancient blood, full of greatness and wisdom, knowledgeable in the sciences, all natural/social/supernatural etc, the most representative of all known avatars of Shinji, who performs diplomatic functions both in the world of people and in the world of dreams, however, he is not deprived of personal strength either. An arrogant, powerful, intellectual and unbecoming creature, Pharaoh is in no hurry to achieve his goals and does not speak equal to anyone, and even the whole army will be thrown before him, and wherever he comes, people/any other be will scream from terrible nightmares.
    • Dark miracles and nameless guards - according to their status, this Shinji avatar commands many sinister and powerful minions, which allows him to easily withstand the enmity of such a no matterpowerful creatures, as well as protect the weak and weak All fiction nand reallity/existance
    • The darkest - Pharaoh's ominous charisma causes trepidation among people, which can even knock common people down, and in the worlds of dreams, his appearance is accompanied by low fanfares, reflecting all the wonders and melodies of the ether dream, exotic species of unimaginable beauty, floating in strange chords and amazing cadences, the smell of incense coincide with golden notes, and the ascending great light changes its colors in cycles unknown to the earthly/Any other spectrum, following the sounds of the trumpet in an unusual symphonic harmony. A regal figure with the charm of a dark god or a fallen angel, hiding in his eyes the sparkle of capricious humor, whose soft voice hides in itself the quiet music of Leta's streams..
    • Living hell - in some way, Shinji is associated with complete destruction, a certain evil force, which promises a fate worse than death, and is also capable of destroying the Earth/eixstance. Since the Creeping Shinji itself, obviously, such things are not particularly interesting in themselves, these phenomena can be associated with its individual forms embodying these aspects.
    • Other Shinjis - the infinity of gigantic blind, silent, dark, crazy, shapeless absolute beings, abiding in the abysses of Absolute Chaos and slowly, awkwardly, dancing absurdly in an idiotic whirlwind through the disgusting cemetery of the universe to the monotonous whining of a blasphemous mind flute and battle of the One of shinjis of the beings of Shinji. Creeping Shinji is one their soul and Messenger, representing the totality of these monsters, and also, apparently, being the basis on which they exist.
    • The larvae are nameless and shapeless black slimy larvae of the Other Shinji, the same blind and crazy, obsessed only with hunger and thirst. They fill the abysses of the empty spaces of ether preceding Absolute Chaos, posing a threat to anyone who comes across them and, apparently, being the shapeless hunting horrors of Shinji.
  • Detective skills – mental abilities, allowing to solve various secrets, riddles, crimes. A person with this intellectual feature possesses many talents, and also has a huge store of knowledge in various fields of both humanitarian and technical disciplines.
    • Observation – Human’s ability, manifested in the ability to notice the essential, characteristic and subtle properties of objects and phenomena, in order to build theories and hypotheses that allows you to find answers to the most difficult questions and unravel the most mysterious and complex crimes, which gives the right to call a particular Person as a Detective.
    • Theory Building – a skill that allows one to make guesses, theories, and hypotheses by reasoning on the basis of many factors. A true Detective is capable of constructing hundreds and even Unlimited/infinite of theories in the shortest possible time, sweeping out the wrong ones in the course of mental activity, leaving only the most plausible and logical, which, in the case of high professionalism, are true, but in order to be accepted, they must be proved, which can be even more difficult than finding the right solution for various situations.
    • Logical thinking – it is a thought process in which a person is guided by clear and concrete concepts that are irrefutable true in the last resort. This ability is necessary when making decisions when it is required to apply and analyze data, knowledge, information, evidence or facts obtained in advance.
    • All-round development – this is the mastery of the whole spectrum of mental, social, physical, intellectual and moral qualities in full and without focusing on any one part. Simply put, this characteristic of intelligence means that the Detective is familiar with all the disciplines necessary for his work, which allows him to achieve extreme accuracy in the investigation of crimes.
    • Cold-bloodedness is a person’s ability to make adequate, objectively relevant reality decisions in tense, stressful situations when a mistake can lead to complete failure. Thanks to this personality trait, the Detective is capable of reasoning reasonably in any situation, even when he or his relatives are in mortal danger, since he completely suppresses his entire emotional spectrum, preventing his feelings from interfering with reasoning.
    • Tactical thinking is a quick, expeditious and expedient course of thought processes aimed at finding rational ways to solve a problem and achieve a goal. A person with such thinking thinks through all the actions a few steps forward, which can be compared with a game of chess, when a player needs to not only think over his moves, but also predict the opponent’s moves and adequately answer them. A simplified diagram of the results of tactical thinking will look like a chain of logical conclusions with the structure "If ... then ...".

[Encrypted] - something lurking in the world around. Once they were called demons and gods, now they are called quarks and leptons. Words change, the essence remains. Something that cannot be understood, not now. All that can be said for sure is [Encrypted]

  • Communication - despite its existence, or rather its form, he uses words and text for communication. He described him as "a beautiful interface. Very flexible. And not as intimidating as the reality behind the screen." he can use difrent colors such as - green and turquoise. However, in reality, he not need words as such for communication. Anyone ever spoke to himself, and sometimes someone received unexpected answers that he himself did not think about. The voice of the universe hiding behind the noise from thoughts.
  • The worlds of stories are the spaces generated by human thoughts. Any randomly dropped idea creates its own new world. A world that can be subject to any rules, even the most absurd. Or, on the contrary, have no rules. The new reality may be small, modest and insignificant, or infinitely huge and majestic. A cozy world of solitude, or a place where countless stunning battles unfold. Such worlds are not created by ordinary people, they are created by dreamers, players. People with the desire and ability to create. In the old days they were called wizards and sorcerers, and they themselves dreamed about how they fly in the sky on sticks receiving power from demons. And they created their own stories. And in these stories, they really could fly on sticks receiving power from demons.
    • Personal point of view - even an ordinary person has the power to change the whole world. And here it does not mean the creation and restructuring of smaller worlds. And not something like achieving your goals. With his own eyes, a person creates a new reality, a new world that he looks at and that he feels. Which takes for reality. The sadness of a person can create a world where there is no color, and the sun is painted black. The world around deep dream, even deeper dream.
    • Depth - there is no certain central, main, key or initial world. Every reality is major, every reality is extreme. Everything is one and indistinguishable. Angular man extracts a square stone in a mine. And his infinite flat world is in the space of the universe filled with stars like a game. But this universe itself is located inside a long-planted informational forest. Forests emanating from a small personal world that emanates from a vast world that emanates from another ...
    • Personal Story - human himself is in essence story. Information that is collected and launched for the first time and which will never be completely copied. This is the essence of uniqueness. A story floating in other stories. A river flowing into the sea, flowing into the ocean.
    • Lack of perspective - in fact, the real difference between the worlds does not exist. After all, everything in the world, this is only the perspective of people, that a person looks at fiction as fiction and makes it such. The fact that a person looks at the truth as the truth makes it genuine. Only consciousness is important. A person can fall into a dream, which can be a game, a book or something else, in this dream flow into another, and wake up in the third. But he will remain the same person. These movements are not development or degradation. However, real development can be found if you look closely at these worlds, at this well from stories, at the bottom of which particles of truth sparkle.
    • Development - creating, creating something new, changing, a person is constantly developing. Gaining experience, seeing countless stories, he will begin to see their patterns. And having removed the laws, he sees the truth, and moves to it. This change is great. parallel to the change in the order of the stories themselves, because it does not matter, only the approximation to the truth matters.
    • A life-long dream is the final thing that closes from the infinite freedom of truth. The very life of a person, his story, which will crumble when he approaches the truth.
    • The truth is something that is hidden in the word itself [Encrypted]. The essence of the world, the real reality, which is only partially visible through all that endless dream deep into life. You can tell the truth by wrapping it in a half-lie, hiding it between the lines. However, she can never be told directly, because the truth burns at any distance.

How insignificant is the world where you were human

Where the ruthless king ruled everything

Century alfter Century

But your birth

Like the coming of God

Portends the outcome

The death of the kingdom of the earth

Plastic and steel are your veins and heart

No feelings, no emotions - only reflexes

Instead of a soul, only strict numbers

Your mind is completely free!

Like a new sun has risen

Over the planet

Blinding light eclipse

All the sunrises

Flames gnaw like a beast

Giant Cities

Their concrete and glass

Turning to ruins ...

Plastic and steel are your veins and heart

No feelings, no emotions - only reflexes

Instead of a soul, only strict numbers

Your mind is completely free!

The genius of the new world

Universe peak

Adamant will

Unlimited power

You are now deus ex machina

Deity deus ex machina

The world is swept away

Like dust

Destroyed forever

Here is your paradise

On the ground

Gray ashes and snow ...

The genius of the new world

Universe peak

Adamant will

Unlimited power

You are now deus ex machina Deity deus ex machina


The mistake of the World is a very old story times when the Toshirama(result of the original members SEELE gainng power of god) reigned over the world. From the very moment of his birth, he knew that he was a mistake. The world is not fantasy. This is a ruthless daily routine. People do not own magic, cannot fly, do not possess supernatural powers, cannot live without air, and cannot resist aging. He was only another, a dream, an illusion. He could use magic, He could fly, he could live in space. He could stop aging and growing, having wished it. Most People feared and hated him for not being like them or or batter say envied him. He was killed, burned, teared, but his identity could not be interrupted by them. Even if the body was lost, consciousness remained, if he wanted to return - this would happen in the blink of an eye. He Controlled The very concepts of life and death Yet he did not hated them for it alfter all people fear what they don’t understand and what they fear they want to destroy. He did not know why she was born, she did not for what. This was just accident, just an accident. Just like the fact that the Big Bang happened and the universe formed. It is a coincidence that such a planet as the Earth formed, an accident that life appeared there, an accident that the concept of water appeared, like the concept of fire. His birth is probably the smallest probability of all, which only could and couldn't be, 0%. And yet, he was born. Another people around her were saddened by what he did not understand: death, old age, loss. They cannot get out of the cell of this illusory reality, they are only able to dream about it in a dream. He felt sorry for the people. And at the same time he was angry - why doesn’t Toshirama help them? Why Did Toshirama Created him to torment people with her existence and why does he not stop, even though she prays so much about it? Why? Why does the world suffer so much? Why do people make so many mistakes? Why are they killing and hating each other? Scary people have weapons, striving for peace, they continue to keep it with them in order to be able to protect themselves when other people attack them. This fear will never disappear as long as the very concept of conflict exists in their hearts. They collect weapons more and more, which in the end will lead to their universal death. People understand this future well, therefore they write many books on this subject. And they cannot take away these weapons, because they need to protect themselves from other people ... Isn’t Toshirama supposed to control this? Do you have a toy that is too dangerous for the child, the task of the parent is to pick it up. But he does nothing, Toshirama does nothing. Although he prays countlessly, he does nothing ... no, he does not even look. “... Is Toshirama really ... so merciless?” He traveled the world, helped people, treated the wounded and sick, again and again, tried to help everyone she could. He was called the Messiah, the saint, the God. But people still die, this is a fundamental function, setting up the world itself. To save this world, you need to free it from all suffering, destroy the root.

    • The God of Genesis Toshirama former members of Original Seele's who achived power of god and transformed in the this collective bing - the universe is similar to the human body, if you look at it from the outside. There exists the God of Genesis Toshirama, who is the Will of the World. He shines with white light, he is omniscient and omnipresent. But most importantly, he is ruthless and indifferent. He has no mouth, or facial expressions; he had only a will. The universe itself.
    • The indifferent Will - Toshirama, apparently, is either the creator of the whole universe, or the formed personification of herself, in the form of a kind of "Will of the World" His pronounced feature is that he is completely indifferent to supplications. No matter how many people pray to him, he does not pay attention to them. Ырштош was born in his world, being a superpowerful anomaly and praying countless times for him, but he did not receive an answer, like all other people who were born, lived a short life and died.
    • The Creation of Life - being the God of Creation, the Infinite Will can create life out of nothing. This is his distinctive ability, he can create something so tiny and lively, it requires perfect microcontrol.
    • The view of the God of Genesis - God is indifferent to the questioners, however, if you fly out of the universe and look at the God of Genesis, he will also pay attention to this creature. This look, this is the transfer of his "Infinite Will", it carries an absolute death in itself, no matter what it is, it will die. There is no way to counter this; one cannot survive. Even the universe will someday die, therefore it is also subject to this.
    • Explosions of supernova stars - The God of Genesis brings down a barrage of exploding supernova stars, the processes of colossal explosions of stars at the end of their lives, with the release of monstrous amounts of energy and luminosity billions of times more than in stars in the usual state.
    • Black holes - the God of Genesis brings down on his target a flurry of giant black holes, super-giant singularities.
    • The Great Attractor is a gravitational anomaly located in the intergalactic space at a distance of about 75 Mpc, or about 250 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Nagon. This object, having a mass of the order of 5 • 1016 Mʘ (or 105 masses of the Milky Way), is most likely a huge supercluster of galaxies. The average density of matter in the region of the Great Attractor is not much higher than the average density of the Universe, but due to its gigantic dimensions, its mass is so great that not only our star system, but also other galaxies and their clusters nearby (including the Virgo cluster, a number of nearby superclusters) have peculiar velocities directed at it, forming a huge stream of galaxies. Apparently, the God of Genesis somehow unleashes the VA on his sacrifice.
    • Interstellar dust - solid microscopic particles, along with interstellar gas filling the space between stars. Apparently, the God of Genesis somehow unleashes the MP on his victim.

This guy was one of those who just loves to live (who liked to live)

Loves holidays and loud laughter, dust of roads and wind whistles

He was everywhere and always firend to all

The whole world fell in love with him (everyone liked him)

And drove his bike, not a limo

There are no more friends like this (I want to be your friend)

And in the living room by candlelight he danced like a god

But it changed before our eyes, only remembered the noise of roads (remembering the noise of the road)

All that He had, He spent right there

And taking a step beyond the threshold (only stepping over the threshold)

My friend gave the command (signaled) to the brothers

Raising a fist (hand)

You are an angel flying far away

You are an angel flying far away

You are only one friend, a friend for all time

Few among us like this (among us there are few like this)

You are a careless angel flying into the distance

To the rock hard guitar that he loved so much (he likes)

On Harley he could dominate us to heaven and any stars

But he disappeared and no one knew

Where is his bike racing now?

One tramp told us

That he went to heaven

You are an angel flying far away

You are an angel flying far away

But Cytharai became an ally of Cadaithat night

for you alone

You are a careless angel flying into the distance

  • Some random Powers
  • Shinji Find A Way Shinji always finds a way out of any situation, no matter how complex and hopeless it may seem. At the right time, he will be able to perform the necessary function, he will meet the most suitable companitons, will gain the necessary knowledge or device/ETC.
    • Memetic Being - Shinji at its core, it is initially a memetic threat that exists within fictional worlds, moving between them and breaking the course of their history. However, for him, apparently, there is no special difference between the real world and the imagined one, because of which he is able to project his own Powers and abilities onto objective reality, and to be embodied in reality with all his Powers and Abilities.
  • Superiority over You yes, it’s about (you) that the child of the man who reads this, don’t think that you are somehow different from other representatives of the humans’s Domain, the same material and guided by fate.
  • This world* – One of the variants of the story with an extremely low degree that Shinji can unfold is our reality, where the author of Neon Genesis Evangelion lives. Yes, yes, it is our, an overly suspicious user of Wiki, who reads this, do not think that you are somehow different from other representatives of your low-level world, who are also shackled and driven by stories.
  • The protagonist - The concept that Shinji represents in its existence. In any story, he will be the main character, an objective central character around whom the narrative begins to revolve. He is fully aware of his position in the world around him, which is why (Some Avto Avatars of him sometimes) exhibits an impressive level of self-conceit, and also generates, or at least tries to generate, pathos through epic speeches and behavior as in picture books about heroes with shorts on top of pants(Comics).
    • Deus Ex Machina - Shinji cannot be defeated. In the end, he somehow defeats his opponent, he is guarded by the narrative itself. Upon encountering an adversary, Shinji will always have the weapon it needs against the adversary, always somewhere in the bosom of its neck, the legendary ultimatum sword so successfully lies over, capable of dispelling any darkness with a single blow. In the same way, he will have the opportunity to resist, or even ignore any opponent’s Powers and abilitys, from nowhere. Why? Because he is the main character, just because, and also just because its Shinji.
  • Destruction of the usual course of action - Shinji destroys the normal causal relationship of the reality surrounding itself in order to achieve its own goal. Thus, for example, if he gets into a conditional game, then he will be able to easily kill even those opponents who, by the logic of the game, are invulnerable and invincible. Likewise, it is able to manipulate the narrative, changing its form, and it is not affected by conventions that allow the observer to control the work, for example, if you put the game in which Shinji is paused, it will retain the ability to move. It is also natural, and it is not possible to destroy it by intrasetting influences, and also all of the above is projected onto reality, in the form of a distortion of reality and fluctuations in the level of YMOS.
    • Happy end - What any plot of Shinji seeks and reduces. As a result of his actions, he somehow saves the main characters of the stories, preventing potential bad events. Also, if there is an objective and obvious villain (or simply any enemy of Shinji/Any Being who wants inflict (Any form of harm if to him if more simple/Or any one closed to to him etc(And also simply anyone who is somehow related to him) in the story, then he will be destroyed(or simply neurilized (depending on wish of Shinji or automiac (depending on wish)(he uses third option which is best(its text lost), (and He (Enemy) will fail) regardless of how much he will resist the actions of the Shinji
  • Dangerous Techniques
    • Prohibition of intervention - in world there are many characters who can easily kill or cripple Shinji, but they are forbidden to influence events and they are limited only to words, and then leave. Although, it would seem, here he is - Shinji Ikari. Only reach out your hand.
  • Story compensation - a set of abilities and skills that allow Shinji to compare in parameters and capabilities with those who surpass or inferior to him Therefore, Shinji can withstand both powerful uber powreful monsters/and any other enemy no matter how powreful and and fight ordinary people (who professionally practiced martial arts experts in the fray if he for example have never professionally practiced martial arts(. The degree of impact of compensation is directly proportional to the emphasis on a particular character in a particular scene.
    • Scenario Features - the ability to confront or overpower creatures that are many times superior to people in physical capabilities. Due to this, Shinji can beat beings who can for example who kick out strong bunker doors with their kicks or tear out metal bars of cell gratings with their hands, and can also move at speeds that are orders of magnitude superior to sound.
    • Scenario Regeneration - the ability to recover after receiving physical damage. Over the course of many battles, Shinji often receive serious injuries, including tearing of tendons, deep cuts, blows to the insides or beating heavy objects on the head. After a short time, all these wounds resolve.
    • Scenic Stamina - the ability to withstand the receipt of many physical injuries, some of which are sometimes incompatible with life. Therefore, Shinji can fly out through the window of a house and fall flat on the asphalt, pierce a marble tombstone with his bodiy or fall from a great height, after which they rise from the ground with wheezing and go on to fight on.
    • Scenic oblivion is the ability to make supernatural beings/Super powered beigns completely forget that they have paranormal/superpwered abilities and powers, allowing them to break Shinji into forcemeat with a single gesture or word, because of which they have to attack him in a melee and, naturally, rake from him.
    • Life Salvation - when the death of Shinji and/or (those who are somehow connected to him (friends, allies, etc.) is inevitable and they can’t get out of the mess they got into, Shinji saves them to save them/and/or himself, for example, by pulling them/hismelf from the epicenter of Multiversal Apocalypse by teleportation
  • Killing/Dedeathing without physical contact - the ability to kill/Defeat anyone with any weapon may work for no matter how powreful beings
  • Wattakuot is a spell that allows Shinji to learn any technique, also it can forcibly force others to repeat his movements (an attempt to resist will result in the victim being killed by the facepalm).
  • Unlimited Accent - An Unlimited Being accent is the ability to use Unlimited accent.
  • Absolutey are a spell that raises Shinji’s intelligence to unprecedented heights and also actually lower the intelligence of everyone who hears it. It works even if the opponent reads lips.
    • Plide is a spell that politely forces others to do what Shinji wants.
    • Chicken breasts - Shinji becomes srirless and begins to play with pectoral muscles, which is why the any enemy runs away in horror.
  • Vodka is inside, and outside is a bottle - a unique way of treat of Shinji. He applies a bottle of Parliament vodka to any part of the body, as a result of which the target is fully regenerated and restores its supply of strength in a short period of time.
  • I am a friend of %somebody% - Shinji Summons any person/being from All fiction and Reality who becomes his friend.
  • Slow mo is a mode of slowing down the speed of of opponents of Shinji, moreover, although everyone slows down, opponents will always be slower than Shinji himself.
  • Walking is a form of Shinji's movement that allows him to paradoxically move in space, ignoring distances and logic.
  • Aura of Perfection - the power of Shinji distorts the space and causality around it. On Shinji it is impossible to get out of a firearm even in a narrow corridor, and when you try to fight it in hand-to-hand combat, the enemy is more likely to drive himself in the face.
  • Emotional forces - abilities that allow using special demonstrations to influence the moral and emotional state of oneself and others.
    • Lips of epicity - Shinji folds his lips in a special way, which infinitery/Unlimited times increases his epicity, brutality, coolness and pathos of the Unlimited being.
    • Chin of sadness - Shinji makes a sad expression on his face, pushing his chin forward. Leads the audience in despair.
    • Grin of ohyenositi
    • The stomach of ohyenositi is a powerful impact for which Shinji exposes his stomach, one glance at which is enough to forever fall into depression and apathy at the same time.
  • Street Magic:
    • Is this your card?-. The easiest trick Street Mage Causes the victim to choose a card, which after starting they start see it all documents, memorabilia and photographs are transformed into maps selected card goes under the clothes and various openings Soon the victim is going crazy, dying... Street Mage, and the last time transfomers the card - in the tombstone.
    • Are you sure this is what they bought? - Street Mage can easily change the victim clothes, clothes to replace the bear and back again, and it is absolutely transparent to the victim.
    • Fear - a formidable reputation Street magician makes people run away, but the spell "Do not you want a little special street magic?" It stops them and makes suffer all the humiliation.
    • Wormhole - twists of space-time in the donut. If the victim tries to escape, it is worse.
    • Teleportation - teleports Victom a few meters up and a couple of million years in the past. 10 seconds in the real world passes to the victim as 2 weeks.
    • Sending a cruise - sends the victim to leave. On the Titanic.
    • 0 - Reduces the object several times
    • 1 - Instantly returns the previous size.
    • Mega kick - M ability to kill with a single blow(no matter who and nommater what).
    • Subspace pocket - a kind of metaphysical area, which Shinji has access , contains a surprising number of any money/rusourses/wealth/Etc, Unlimited/infinite of weapons, including a grenade launcher and minigun, as well as an unlimited amount of ammunition.
    • Shooting "in Macedonian" - a secret jutsu handguns (pistols and PP/etc), gives + Unlimited/inifnite% to the rate of fire, + Unlimited/infinite% knockdown + overUnlimited/infinie to Ponte and Unlimited/infinie% for accuracy. But in the usual case, the Shinji also wields any weapon, because the accuracy of something he does not suffer. The essence of the jutsu is to take in each hand Shortgun and shoot with two hands simultaneously.
    • The manipulation of weather - able to create a clear sunny weather, very sunny weather, cloudy weather, rain, foggy weather, storm, storm, sandstorm. and etc
    • Manipulation of time - Capable of how to slow down time, and speed up, or stop it completely. It has the ability to lock in a certain time point.
  • Walls of text - sends walls of text to opponents that have a diverse effect: some subjugate the soul, burn out the mind, and make you ride in attacks of homeric laughter. There are those who drive a person crazy with their infinite length.
  • The moral paradox Shinji can make even the most inveterate villain look like an innocent victim and a kind person, thereby driving the enemy crazy with a logical paradox.
  • Moral Collapse - Shinji calls for a spark of good inside the enemy, and it flares up contrary to logic and common sense, forcing even killers of a galactic/Universa/Multiversa/etc scale, no matter who, to cry and repent of their crimes. Also Subjects person/being to the Shinji(forever). it has unimited being power (you cannot resist this).
  • Immunity to Humor - Shinji is complitly humor even as a concept, which gives it immunity even to True Humor.
  • Brotherly love - Shinji makes the enemy believe that ..., driving victim crazy with a logical paradox.
  • I will salt this insensible Being - it manipulates the characters who are those who suppressed love in themselves. The essence of the ability lies in the fact that on such an instance there is a much more powerful character, voluntarily-forcibly forcing the enemy to know World Love.
  • Pilot of EVA: this nonsense, which allows Shinji to ignore strength, physics, mathematics, logic, and generally anything, without explaining it in any way or coming up with explanations even more denying any thing.
  • Zakos under the Russian fool - pretends to be a fool and pretends that he does not understand what the enemy is talking about, thereby causing bewilderment of the latter. It works against everyone (no matter how strong etc.) and even those who tremble/talk a lot. This technique is capable of killing/defeating entities, no matter how strong/no matter who etc
  • Have you started to move slower ?: The great, power of Shinji, allowing him to surpass any opponent in Anything. Used after the superiority of the enemy in something over Shinji.
  • Destruction of the fourth wall - Shinji is able to personally contact (you), (the one who is looking at the monitor (right now).
    • Superiority over You)

How are you Joker cunning. You good luck sentence.

Challenged the players, my main enemies!

Their dreams dispelled in the dust, you are always in my hands

It is destined for you and me to be the main ones in the game.

I drink expensive wine with a cigar in a casino

I smile all around. the rich man is my friend.

Your rates, gentlemen, always delight my eye

I will be able to ruin you again without difficulty

The joker in the game!

But luck got out, a player equal to me arose

He read my thoughts, he knew all my secrets

And at the decisive moment there is no Joker with me

I am defeated, shocked. How could he?

Your rates, gentlemen, always delight my eye

I will be able to ruin you again without difficulty

The joker in the game!

Joker, you betrayed me! I grab the gun

And I’m falling into a deck of cards, mine can’t hold back the excitement.

As soon as I hit the Joker, my opponent fell

Lead entered between the eyes. Me and him end!

That I didn’t shoot a guy, I assured everyone around me

“This is the Joker,” I shouted. - played with me!

And at a crucial moment

There is no joker with me

I am damp in the cell raw, a card with a hole in front of me

The joker was my ally, and now, alas

I'm out of the game!

Their dreams dispelled in the dust, you are always in my hands ....

  • The One Who Overthrew God – Shinji decided to Overthrew God of this world Toshirama. He can fly in the sky, in the cosmos, so he decided to find Toshirama, heading towards the end of the universe at a speed much greater than the speed of light. In this world, matter cannot move faster than light; if this happens, a catastrophe will happen. But for him it did not matter, he had no connection with the laws of the universe. Rewrite the laws of the universe, create laws that are convenient for it. Water will become ice if it is cooled, but if Sinnu says that the water turns into fire after freezing, then it will be so. His abilities are not from the “Why” area, they are from the “I can” area. He and Toshirama met outside the universe brought down his rage on Him. These enormous forces fell upon the body of a boy of human size. But even one hair from his head did not burn. There was no contempt in his voice, or an attempt to taunt and provoke Toshirama . He was disappointed. The Strongest Being in the world The being that is the universe itself, does not even reach His feet. , theт then he thought and realized that Toshirama that realized that Toshirama did not created her there is no such power, God is too weak (so it was... ру understood) Following were the words "I don't need you anymore." The Toshirama was overthrown.
    • New God – Shinji, alfter becoming the new God, decided to help people. Let's create a universe where people will have power. Magic will be used. Do not worry about death, you can live thousands, or even tens of thousands of years. Let's create a place that will take the souls of the dead, and then give them the next life. We remove the meaning of the concepts of violence and hatred towards each other. TBA.
  • The power of imagination – Shinji is a earthling, he was born in the Earth’s universe and lived on Earth for a long time (until she erased herself from the history of that universe), so her fantasy is very much inspired by Earth culture, which is why the his universe has so much in common with Earth mythology and fiction. It is worth noting that Shinji can create and realize any earthly myth, any creature from them. This also applies to all Manga, Ranobe/Light Novels, Comics, and everything else.
  • Creation of Life – Shinji can create life out of nothing. This is his distinctive ability, he can create something so tiny and lively, it requires perfect microcontrol.
    • Pefect Microcontrol – Shinji has perfect microcontrol can easily do it It's hard to keep track of all the little people, on a small planet, in a small world. The scale of existence is too different. For example, if one small seed is one world, can a person consider the life of small people who live there? for peapole no but for, yes, and he can easely do it. Difrance betwen him and the being who was mutch weakser than this being and the world is such is soo much, than if this being and the world inexpressible number of times more. He will crush this world simply by touching it with his finger, or it will be destroyed simply by his breathing but thanks to their easely perfect microncontrol this does not hapends.
  • Dimensionless Canvas – most of the time, Shinji is in a “place” outside the universe as such. This is a dimensionless canvas, a kind of speculative plane in which there is no concept of time. In this "place" there is no concept of size, any creature here is the same size as the Sinnu herself, even if before that they were fine dust in a tiny universe. This canvas acts as a kind of "background" for the global setting, which is modified at the whim of Sinnu. That is, the space superconstruction is built and built up within this plane of existence. The creatures that got here retain their parameters and dimensions, regardless of the complexity of the built space structure.
    • End point – as Shinji called this place, existing outside the universe. The end of everything, the beginning of everything. Everything in the world and every time axis is associated with this place. The universe is like a piece of software that is installed on one computer. There are many stored data on it, each of which forms parallel worlds. In the place where the creatures "jump" out of the universe, you can observe many other universes, and there are folders that collect them together. However, if you look outside the folder, there are countless such folders, and if you go outside the computer, there will be countless such computers. The universe is such a thing. And this is the place of God, a purely white world that extends endlessly. There is no such thing as "how far", there is only "everywhere and everywhere." Countless black wires running here and there, constituting universes, stretch everywhere. Midgard is one of the infinite existing universes, a small, tiny world breathed in by stars, galaxies and galactic clusters.
      • White World — The Divine Region of Shinji, this is the place where the Shinji adjusts and scales the global cosmology. The "Final Point", or White World, is an element of the cosmic structure that Shinji built. The above system of data-folders-computers is not a permanent global state, it is just a given state to it. The White world is infinite in the full sense of the word and it also lacks the concept of time, but it is not the highest plane of existence.
        • God – the power of the Shinji cannot be measured when One person looked at him with his eyes, he did not know what to show. It is just pointless. But let's say, if you try to express it with the number 9, they will last as long as the extent this space has - endlessly. And it still will not even remotely correspond to reality.
        • Large Compression – the process of compression of the universe, in which it collapses into a singularity. It is enough to wish Shinji and the White Room is immediately compressed, after which it becomes clear that the infinite, white space is a molecule in the environment of higher, infinite space. A molecule that coexists with an infinite number of the same cell molecules. Following this, the higher space shrinks again, showing the same effect. And then again. Once again. Then 100 contractions occur immediately. Shinji can arbitrarily increase this structure, demonstrating qualitative differences between each infinite layer, at each level of which there will be an infinite number of the same cell-molecules adjacent to it. Moreover, even ordinary inhabitants of the White Room will not be affected by the building up of this hierarchical staircase, in view of their dimensionless nature, they observe this whole structure as a background, or decoration.
          • Cosmos of higher space – on any of the arbitrary layers of existence, Shinji can define cosmogenesis as a universe (or rather, they themselves are defined this way), respectively, on any of these qualitative levels, Shinji can control the cosmos in any way. He with kindness reaches out to his children, immediately the White World disappears, they are transported into the hypercosm, surrounded by giant stars, which are thousands of times more than the sun. Next, hypernova explosions burn out the metaverse.
  • Laugh – finally meeting an being similirat to himself, Shinji laughed out loud, only all existince universes ceased to exist, and the total time of the entire multi-hierarchical cosmos broke and all being froze in complete silence.
  • Parameter Definition – the power of the Shinji is far beyond the bounds of a simple, brutal destructive force that would qualitatively build up. Shinji has no weaknesses; one cannot build a strategy against him. There is no convenient trick that will violate its power, no matter how aggressively and boldly do everything, there is no way to overcome it by force. It would be very convenient if she had an obvious weak point. For example, a special object, the destruction of which would weaken it. Or an object that can suppress its power. Or a skill that could cause him special damage. A sword that can kill the gods. A special super weapon, with absolute power to kill. But no. There is nothing of the kind. You can cal him perfect if you want - he is the strongest and smartiest and stands above all. Any inhabitant of the White World has a transcendental, dimensionless nature, his strength remains fixed regardless of the length of the hierarchy, but this is only an empty phrase against the background of Shinji’s strength. She considers any possibilities and any abilities not as “something”, to which a logical operation on a concept is applied, which serves to reveal its contents, but as something that has no meaning in principle. This applies to any form of existence, as well as specific abilities, physical and transcendental states, special abilities, destructive power, speed, and anything else, without exception.
    • Infantile power – if you imagine the battle of small children, one of them imagines that he is launching a large beam, and the other pretends to be protected by a shield. A ray must break through this shield, the boy insists on it. But the other child is strikingly opposed, no, the shield is stronger. This is the power of Shinji. He can't lose, no reason. Its power is unlimited, it can override settings. Suppose the enemy has different forces that can defeat her. Then he will simply say, “I can surpass this force, and I am so strong that I will overcome you with one finger.” This is certainly childish, he will not deny.

Transcendental Self-Consciousness — however, even all of the above is only a pale shadow of the real power of the Shinji. All that has been described before is just a game, a game of big explosions and squeezes, a game of ability, a game of quantitative and qualitative power. In fact, the power of the Shinji is indescribable and arbitrary beyond this; she does not need any abilities, weapons, or anything else, in the most direct and comprehensive concept. What has been described before is the power of the "Domain of God", but only to God himself, this does not apply in any way.

  • God – there is no concept of power. Concepts, meaning, even the limitations themselves, all this is created by God. These concepts are not in his kingdom. Create yourself without permission. This is the divine power, You - you can All.
  • Perfect condition - all this time Shinji was absolutely unattainable for any attacks from the perspective of a dimensionless canvas, her status was is absolute for even for similar creature to, Transcendental the fact that Self-Consciousness could hurt him, albeit temporarily, this was possible solely due to the identity of Shinji herself, (Shinji is always learns the strength of his enemy and prefers to work with the mind rather than fists), he was looking for an being similiar to him for many billions of years, respectively, his status was in that particular (studying your opponent in other words he was injured only because he wanted to)state, therefore that is why, an equal creature could inflict damage on him. Thus, being with Transcendental Self-Consciousness with with a wave of a hand, could tear down a hand of Shinji.
  • You are strong but I am stronger – in the kingdom of God it makes no sense to think about power. The limit of power, “How strong I am” , it makes no sense to think about such useless things. There is only one thing worth thinking about: "You are strong, but I am stronger." This is an absolute law. "The ultimate universe?" I have not the foggiest idea. Infinitely rising power? I do not care. Can you redefine any parameters? So what. I am stronger than all of them. ” That is how Transcendental Self-Consciousness works. The statuses of Shinji are in a state of infinity and infinity, continue to be displayed at any level, regardless of the height taken, no matter how complex and large the space structure is, Shinji will still be truly infinite on any of these planes of existence, they, their complexity and number of In principle, they mean nothing to him. No more techniques or special weapons, tiring to think about it

[?].The power of any strike is unlimited.

  • Personal perspective – a creature with such power can become stronger only from the perspective of itself, or a similar creature. There are no restrictions in principle, Shinji is able to arbitrarily and qualitatively build up strength relative to itself, without any restrictions. In other words, when he attacks a creature similar to himself, he strikes with unlimited power, the attacked creature, in turn, strikes back to infinity stronger than this, and so on, an arbitrary number of times, the collision of attacks of such creatures is capable of sweeping away hierarchies of Dimensionless hierarchies and those above them, and so on [?], but since all this has absolutely no meaning or significance, all this will not be enough even to cause at least 1 scratch to any of them. “This” goes beyond battle, if before it was a game of increasing and decreasing influence, a game of big explosions and contraction, now it’s not even a battle. This is an endless battle, reaching infinity, infinitely multiplying infinity, again and again.
  • Self-awareness – however, even all of the above does not affect Transcendental Self-Consciousness. The Absolute Personality of Shinji cannot be destroyed even by a creature with a similar level of power, which can all of the above. If the strength of his body depends on himself and his personality, then his self-consciousness is not restrained even by this and, in principle, can not be destroyed. The very fact of "death" is an abstract something that is not in the realm of "possible achievement", no, it is a purely personal characteristic, it is self-refutation, such a creature can be wounded only if it wants to.


Classical Elemental Powers

  • Electrokinesis/Electricity Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over electricity and can manipulate and generate electrically via lightning magic. He can generate and project electrical charges from his hands and can released lightning bolts from his body. When Shinji uses his electric powers his body become conducted to all forms of electrically such as lightning strikes and electrical devices to malfunction, He can use electrical to heat or melt objects, He can charge electrically around his body to electrocute his enemies into submission, He can create lightning tether to pull objects toward him, He can summon bolts of lightning from the sky to strike his enemies and can even create thunderclouds. He can generate limitless supply of electrically to powering machinery. He can create electrical force-fields around him to project himself from enemy attacks. He can telekineically move and lift objects or people by covering them with electricity without electrocuting them. He can his electrokinesis to control and manipulate machinery and technology as a another form of "Technopathy". His electrokinetic powers gained him a form of "Telepathy" which allow him to read the thoughts of others by sensing electrical pulses in their heads. He can shoot deadly lightning bolts from his finger tips which can destroy a object with a simple shot. He can released electrically on the ground when jumping to shock his enemies. He can manifest and shape various constructs made of tangible electrically (electric boomerangs, electric nets, electric blades, electric shields, electric whips, electric armor, and conjure electric walls etc). By covering his lower half of his body with electrically to propel himself and fly through the air, or levitate above the ground using electrically. He can move at high speeds while running quickly on power lines. He can used electrically to perform various offensives, such as he can create and project lightning balls and lightning bombs, shoot concentrated beams of lightning from hands which are capable of cause amount of damage and blast aircrafts out of the air, project lightning bolts from his hands, breathe lightning out of his mouth, project lightning bullets from his finger tips, use lightning to slice through objects, infuse lightning into a object, project lightning spikes from his hands, create a lightning vortex, emit lightning waves that can knock back enemies, emit lightning over the surface to shock enemies, launch a electric energy blast surrounding him. He can cause any electronic devices to malfunction or use electric charges to disable machinery. He can generate electric fields to push away enemies by slamming his fists together. He can negate electricity to cancel out lightning attacks or to prevent someone from using his/her electrokinetic powers. He can charge electrically in his physique to enhance his collisions to increase his strength, speed, and agility.
  • Pyrokinesis/Fire Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over fire and can manipulate and generate fire via fire magic. He can generate and project fire from hands and can even create combustion capable of destroying objects, or causing immense destruction. He can used flames to perform various offensives, such as he can create and project fire balls and fire bombs, shoot concussive beams of fire from his hands and eyes, project fire bolts from hands, breathe fire out of his mouth, project fire bullets from his finger tips, use fire to cut or slice objects, can infuse fire with an object, project fire pillars from the ground, project fire spikes from his hands, project streams of fire from his hands similar to a flamethrower, create fire vortexes, generate and project fire waves. He can telekinecally move or lift objects by covering them with flames without burning them, He can create a small fire board under his feet to surf through the air at high speeds which launching flames backward like a engine. He can surround his entire body with flames to propel himself and fly thought the air. He can manifest and shape various constructs made of tangible fire (flame cages, flame shields, flame platforms, flame blades, flame whips, flame claws, flame bows and arrows, flame hands, and conjure flame walls etc). He can conjure clones of himself and others made entirely of solid fire, even create creatures made from fire. He can create flames with intense heat which is capable of melting steel into molten metal and and solid roads which bury Vilgax up to his shoulders and can use his flames for illumination purposes. He can channel the flames through his body to create a fiery explosion capable destroy a structure and create grater on the ground which took out half a mile. He can launch his flames backward like an engine to project himself through the air at high speeds.
  • Hydrokinesis/Water Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over water and can manipulate and generate water via water magic. He can generate and project pressurized streams of water from his hands. He can create waterspouts, whirlpools and create tidal waves. He can telekinecally move or lift objects by covering them with water. He can use water waves, rivers, ponds, lakes and oceans to momentum or surf on. He can surround his entire body with water to propel and fly through the air. He can manifest and shape various constructs made of tangible water (watery shields, watery platforms, watery blades, watery whips, watery claws, watery bows and arrows, watery hands, water tentacles, and conjure watery walls etc). He can conjure clones of himself and others made entirely of solid water, even create creatures made from water. He can mentally turn water into solid ice. He can stop the flow of entire waterfalls and river for a short period of time.
  • Cryokinesis/Ice Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over cold and ice and can manipulate and generate cold and ice via ice magic. He can freeze and isolates targets completely in ice on contact by projecting streams of ices or icy vapor, ice beams and icy gas from his hands. He can used ice to form various offensives, as he can create and project ice balls and ice bombs, freeze the surface into solid ice with contact, create and project ice balls, project ice bolts from his hands, He can breathe out vapor of ice out of his mouth that can freeze and immobilize targets by encasing in ice on contact, project ice bullets from his finger tips, project ice spikes from his hands, infuse ice with an object, create ice pillars from the ground. He can also freeze objects into solid ice with a simple touch. He can cyrokinetically lift and move columns of ice with his mind, and levitate them through the air or slam them down onto his enemies. He create powerful blizzards and icestorms that capable of engulfing anything in solid ice or snow. He can freeze anything into ice with physical contact, even can freeze water, juice, and milk solid, thus freeze bullets in midair while congealing gun-wielding enemies. He can surf and quickly maneuver along coasters of midair icicles similar to that of Frozone. He can manifest and shape various constructs made of ice (ice palace, ice skates, ice cages, ice orbs, ice cups, ice keys, and conjure ice walls etc). He can project freeze rays on the surface to propel himself across the ground. He can reduce the temperature of his surrounding to freeze everything in ice around him, even freeze anything into solid ice by physical touch.
  • Aerokinesis/Air Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over wind and air and manipulate and generate wind and air via air magic . He can generate and project devastating wind from his hands or create powerful winds from the thin air which can push back anything or create a burst of wind. He can create breezes, squalls, gusts, whirlwinds, typhoons, tornadoes and hurricanes. He can use air/wind to perform various offensives, as he can create and project air balls and air bombs, shoot concussive beams of wind from his hands, released a air blast in a target area, project air bolts from hands, create air bombs, project air bullets from his finger tips, infuse air/wind with a object, create air pillars from the ground, project air vortexes from his hands, emit air waves. create a gust of air from his hands. He can create a cyclone trail above his feet to propel and fly through the air. He can manifest and shape various constructs made of tangible air/wind (wind spheres, wind shields, wind platforms, wind blades, wind whips, wind claws, wind bows and arrows, wind hands, and conjure wind walls etc). He can conjure clones of himself and others made entirely of solid wind, even create creatures made from wind. He also can manipulate and control tornadoes to move and send them into different directions. He can shoot razor winds which can slice through various materials. He can also create high winds which are capable of repelling these with supersonic speeds isn't sufficient enough to gain control while caught in the strong winds, even strong enough to repel flyers from getting closer, and push back heavy vehicles off a cliff. He can lift objects from the ground by using whirlwinds.
  • Geokinesis/Earth Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over the earth and can manipulate and generate earth materials including rock and stone via earth magic. He can geokinetically lift and move rocks and boulders into air, He can create mirror destructive earthquakes that can cause the ground to break apart and cause structures to collapse, He can create fissures in the ground wide enough for enemies to fall into the open ground, He can create landslides by causing rocks and boulders to slip down hills or mountains. He can form large columns of rocks out from the ground. He can ride on a board of rock to surf through the air.
  • Chlorokineis/Plant Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate and control plant-like via plant magic. He can telepathically interface plant-like allowing him to manipulate, animate, and mutate all of form of plants, and can grow plants, flowers, and fruits on the environment around him. He can create pods that can used for explosions, knockout grenades, or smoke bombs. create plant pillars, create plant clones. He can grow plant thorns on his body. He can also telepathically interact with plant-like creatures and control them against their will, He can grow plants from the ground by raising his hand. He can produce various plant chemicals.
    • Leaf Manipulation: He can generate leafs from his hands or project razor leafs which can cut through solid materials, He can spiral amount of leafs to create tornado-like fashion. He can form leaf-like appendage.
    • Vine Manipulation: He can grow vines from his finger tips and extend to trap his enemies. He can manipulate vines by elongate, enlarge and ensnare enemies, can manipulate vines into tentacles, even grow vine-like tentacles from his body.
    • Petal Manipulation:
    • Flower Manipulation:
    • Grass Manipulation:
    • Seed Manipulation: Shinji can produce seeds and manipulate them into growing various plants and control them, such as vines, flowers and trees. The seeds are small as peddles which can pierce through the ground and flooring.
    • Spore Manipulation: Shinji produce spores to cause various effects, such as hallucinations, sleeping, or paralysis.
    • Fungus Manipulation: Shinji can grow enormous mushrooms from the surface, even grow regular size mushrooms on his entire body, and can create anthropomorphic mushrooms-like creatures.
  • Crystallokinesis/Crystal Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over crystalline materials and can manipulate and generate crystalline materials via crystal magic. He can manipulate diamonds and germs and other types of crystalline materials, He can create monstrous clusters of crystals and generate crystal spikes from the ground at at a distance, He can levitate crystal structures through the air similar to "Telekinesis", even causing large crystal prisms to slam down on his enemies. He can used crystals to perform various offensives, as he can project crystal balls, project crystal shards from his hands, create crystal pillars from the ground, conjure crystal walls, shoot concussive beams of crystalline energy from his hands, and breathe out consists of crystals from his mouth. He can manifest and shape various constructs made of crystals (crystals blades, crystal shields, crystal spears, and crystal ramps). He can conjure a crystal board for him to surf and quickly maneuver along coasters of midair crystallises. He can grow several small crystal spikes on his entire body. He can also encase enemies by covering them entirely with crystals.
  • Geo-Thermokinesis: Shinji has complete control over lava. He can project lava balls. He can project lava from his hands and can create lava waves. He can generate or project lava from hands and mouth. He can project lava beams from his hands. He can form lava shurikens,
  • Ferrokinesis/Metal Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over metal and manipulate and generate metal. He can liquidized and morph metal into various shapes. He can polish metal objects, and can repair metal objects. He is also able to use metal to regenerate parts of his body. He can manifest and shape various constructs made of metal (metal shields, metal blades, metal claws metal whips, metal helmets, and metal armor etc).
  • Xylokinesis/Wood Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over wood and manipulate and generate wood. He can can grow trees out of the ground and can mutate and animate them at will, He can manipulate woody vines, roots, sap and other wood materials, He can telekinetically lift wooden lodges and wooden planks with his mind.
  • Psammokinesis: Shinji has complete control over sand and can manipulate and generate sand. He can produce sand from hands or project a steam of sand form his hands, He can create quicksands on sandy surfaces, and can also create sandstorm or sandy tornadoes. He can create amount of sand to cushion falls and slides on rough surfaces. He can manifest and shape various constructs made of tangible sand (sand castles, sand blades, sand shields, sand spears, and conjure sand walls etc).
  • Atmokinesis/Weather Manipulation: SShinji have complete control over weather and manipulate and generate weather. He can create windstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes, He can summon lightning to strike the ground. He can create thunderclouds and thunderstorms, He can summon rain clouds which can produce various rain, such as sub-zero rain, fire rain, poisonous rain, acid rain, and normal rain. He can produce snow and create snowstorms. He can cause the weather to random. He can create rain. He can create cold weather and thunderclouds, He can manipulate climate. He can even make it snow.
  • Elemental Transmutation:
  • Elemental Transformation: Shinji can transform the bodies of others into pure elemental physiologists such as crystal, ice, water, earth, air, electrically, fire, darkness and light.

Superhuman Physical Skills

  • Super Jump: Shinji possesses superhuman jumping skills, He is capable of jumping into extreme heights and can leap into great distances and land safety on the ground, He is capable of jumping over one building another and jump over a street to the next, even leap above skyscrapers. He can leap over tall structure such as the Eiffel Tower, The Empire State Building, and the Stature of Liberty. He can also capable of jumping out of Earth's orbit.
    • Double Jump:

Immunizes and Adaptations

  • Fire Immunity: Shinji is completely immune and unharmed to all forms of fire, lava, heat and extreme hot temperatures.
  • Cold Immunity: Shinji is completely immune and unharmed to all forms of cold, ice, snow and extreme cold temperatures, even subzero temperatures.
  • Acid Immunity: Shinji is completely immune and unharmed to all forms of acid.
  • Curse Immunity: Shinji is completely immune and unaffected to all forms of curses.
  • Magic Immunity: Shinji is completely immune unaffected to all forms of magic.
    • Spell Immunity:
    • Potion Immunity:
  • Psychic Immunity: Shinji is immune to all forms of psychic powers such as empathic powers, hypnosis, telekinesis, telepathy and mind control.
  • Immutability: Shinji is completely immune to all forms of mutations.
  • Possession Immunity: Shinji is completely immune to possessions and anything that tries to possess him are unable to enter his body.
  • Power Absorption Immunity: Shinji is completely immune and unaffected by power absorption abilities.
  • Radiation Immunity: Shinji is completely immune and unharmed to all forms of radiation, such as x-ray radiation, gamma radiation, and nuclear radiation.
  • Poison Immunity: Shinji is completely immune and unharmed to all forms of poison and toxins, such as poison gases, poisonous darts, creatures that venomous, and poison-based powers.
  • Mana Immunity: Shinji is immune to Mana.
  • Erasure Immunity: Shinji cannot be erasure from existence as shown when he was completely ineffectual again the effects of the Time Field and the Anihilaarg.
  • Reality Warping Immunity: Shinji is immune to reality warping powers.
  • Power Mimicry Immunity: Shinji immune to power copy powers.
  • Electrical Immunity: Shinji is completely immune and unharmed to all forms of electricity.
  • Time Immunity: Shinji is immune to all forms of time-based powers and effects, If time freeze around him, He will still be able move while everything around him still froze, He can immune to these effects of time rays, and is immune to being send back in time.
  • Spatial Immunity:
  • Darkness Immunity:
  • Negation Immunity: Shinji is immune to power negations.
  • Light Immunity:
  • Precognitive Immunity:
  • Sensory Attacks Immunity:
  • Decay Immunity:
  • Conversion Immunity: Shinji cannot be transform or converted into anything such as DNAliens, Zombies, Vampires, and Animals.
  • Seduction Immunity:
  • Pressure Resistance:
  • Mimicry Resistance:
  • Molecular Resistance:
  • Atomic Resistance:
  • Time Protection:
  • Weather Adaptation: Shinji is adapt to all forms of the weather.
  • Desert Adaptation: Shinji is adapt to the desert.
  • Gravitation Adaptation: Shinji is adapt to all forms of gravity.
  • Mountain Adaptation:
  • Wetland Adaptation: Shinji is adapt to wetlands.
  • Arctic Adaptation: Shinji can survive in the arctic.
  • Wetland Adaptation: Shinji is adapt to the wetland.
  • Volcanic Adaptation:
  • Valley Adaptation:
  • Badass Adaptation:
  • Oxygen Independence: Shinji doesn't need breath and can survive without oxygen making him immune to deoxygenation .
    • Underwater Breathing: Shinji can survive underwater.
  • Underground Survivability: Shinji can survive underground.
  • Space Survivability: Shinji can survive in the vacuum of space and in extreme temperatures, even pass through earth's atmosphere without physical harm.

Personal Physical Powers

  • Matter Ingestion: Shinji can consume and ingest solid materials such as crystal, metal, stone, wood, and gems etc, without damaging his digestive system and without negative illness. Because of his elasticity, He can sallow objects twice/any size biger his size by extending his mouth. The items that he ingest are converted into powerful energy spits or explosion balls. He can store a supply of objects in his stomach for safe keeping without them being digested, This ability allow him to chew and eat his way through prison bars.
  • Anatomical Liberation: Shinji can disassembled parts of his body and can control them while being detached and pull his body part back together at will, He can move his body parts on the ground or can levitate and maneuver his body parts through the air, He can even disembodiment himself entirely into pieces and reassembled himself back together at will. He can still reanimate his limbs even when been severe, and could sometimes move autonomously until reattach to his body. He can also separate parts of his body to get out of certain situations. He can someone's body parts without them noticing.
  • Additional Limbs: Shinji can grow extra body parts such as arms, legs, heads, ears, fingers, eyes, mouths, ears, and faces/etc. Having extra arms allow him to hold multiple objects, wield multiple weaponry, even multitask. Having eyes all over his entire body to see more of his surroundings, even grow extra ears to hear more of his surroundings. He can use his multiple tongues to grab several objects, and use multiple tails to hold several items or shoot various projectiles. He can produce mandibles in his mouth, grow a bioluminescene lure on top of his head to see clearly in dark areas of the ocean, turn his hands into webbed hands to increase motive.
  • Adoptive Muscle Memory: Shinji can mimic the movements and actions of others by watching them. He can copy their fighting style, acrobatics, aiming, and dancing/etc.
  • Body Part Substiitution: Shinji swap bodily limbs with another target and use them for his advantage.
  • Duplication: Shinji can produce copies of himself by spiting in half at a fast pace. He can duplicate himself with no limit, He can also absorb and re-merge his duplicates back into him, He can duplicate objects when duplicating himself. Ease of his clones are independent and indistinguishable and think for themselves. The clones can multiple task simultaneously; whether covering a large area, working as a team, forming an army and creating a chain of clones to reach vast distances. He can duplicate his body parts on surfaces, objects and living things. He can regenerate himself through duplicates and can even duplicate himself when severed or cut in halt. He can even replicate himself into small copies.
  • Amalgamation: Shinji can merge between living things and non-living things, He is able to merge with solid matter, or liquid matter.
  • Osteokinesis/Bone Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over the bones of himself and manipulate and generate bones from his body. He can remove his our bones from his body and thanks to his "Regenerative Healing Factor" he can reform new bones in his body. He can grow bone spikes from his body and can even grow spikes from his arms which can be used as weapons. He can form bone blades from his wrists which can be used for cutting. He can use his bones to form constructs and weaponry.
  • Onychokinesis: Shinji can manipulate his claws by extending the lengths of his claws to make them more sharper, even can project his claws from his finger tips like bullets.

Flight Powers

  • Levitation: Shinji can hover and maneuvering himself through the air by floating above the ground without any support, even make people/objects float in the air with his mind. He can freely change his directions where to move while floating gently and can even rotate himself upside down, thus allowing him to fly seamlessly into the sky without using his wings.
  • Jet Propulsion: Shinji possesses jet rocket feet that allow him project himself like a rocket and fly at high speeds.
  • Flight: Shinji can use his wings to fly and travel through the sky at limitless heights, He can fly and travel through the sky at extreme high speeds and can change directions and distances with great flying capabilities. He can even fly at supersonic speeds leaving behind a rainbow trait similar to Rainbow Dash. He can fly fast as an airplane or an jetplane. He can perform aerobatic stunts while flying, such as flips, rolls, and springs. With his superhuman agility he can dodge and evade incoming attacks with no effort making him a very agile flyer. Because of his superhuman strength he can carry people and throw heavy objects without being weighted down. He is also able to fly and travel across space similar to the way he can fly through the sky.
  • Helicopter Propulsion: Shinji can spin his ears or tail around like a helicopter to fly into the air.
  • Broom Flight: Shinji can ride or stand on brooms to fly through the air.
  • Carpet Flight: Shinji can ride or stand carpets to fly through the air.
  • Umbrella Flight: Shinji can hold onto a umbrella to fly or glide through the air.
  • Air Swimming: Shinji can swim thought the air in a similar way he can swim in water.

Physics Powers

  • Gryokinesis/Gravity Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over gravity and can manipulate and alter gravity to. He can levitate and move objects and people through the air as if they were floating similar "Telekinesis" and can send them flying through the air back and forth, either move across directions, or slam them down to the ground by hand gestures, He can emit gravitation energy in various forms, such as walls, barriers, or domes. He can manipulate his own gravitational field to make orbit energy or matter around in a circle. He can create artificial gravity to areas that have no gravity allowing others to walk without floating above the air, He can discrease gravity to cause objects to float up in the air and can increase gravity to crush objects on the ground, He can lower or negate the gravity in a area causing objects and people to float above the air. He can increase the gravitational pressure to immobile and keep enemies in place or crush them in a certain arena. He can use his gravity to fly allowing to use gyrokinetic flight. He can ignore the laws of gravity allowing him to fly and float freely through the air, even walk or stand on walls and ceilings without falling. He can create a gravity well into a hole causing anything that come there it will be suck into like a black hole.
  • Photokinesis/Light Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over light. He can emit a vast amount of light from his body to illuminate areas full with darkness or can generate light from his hands or eyes like a torch.
  • Sonokinesis/Sound Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over sound and manipulate and generate sound waves. He can emit sonic screams form his mouth, even released sound waves at ultrasonic frequencies from his hands which scatter and burst objects into pieces, overloading machinery, crush and deform solid steel, reflect projectiles back to his enemies, knock someone out, and for ballistic attacks by channel vibrations through to enhance his sound waves to inflict damage. He can transmit sound waves through speakers. He can negate sound waves to make anything completely silence without absolutely no sound, even can make someone completely mute. He can create sonic force-fields to protect himself from enemy attacks, He can emit sound waves from his feet to propel himself and fly through the air. He can use sound waves to contain nuclear bombs. He can create a sonic explosion that will blow away all his enemies surrounding him.
  • Heliokinesis/Solar Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over the sun and manipulate the aspects of the sun. He can make the sun rise into the sky to bring in daytime, He can move the sun into any distance in the sky, He can block the sun's light. it's solar energy, He can control the sun by making the sun rise. Shinji can manipulate solar energy to project solar energy blasts and can project solar energy balls, shoot concussive bundled beams of solar energy from his hands. He can form objects out of solar energy such as solar shields.
  • Chronokinesis/Time Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate and control time. He can stop time for a few unlimited time for quick escape and saving others, slow down time for a few minutes to evade attacks more easily, fast forward time for a few seconds, rewind time from a few minutes, reload time to save a moment in time, and can also distorting and reversing time for specific targets. He can manipulate time energy to form various offensives, as he can create and project timeballs, He can breathe out streams of time energy blasts from his mouth, shoot concussive beams of time energy from his hands, He can project time energy bolts from his hand, He can infuse time energy with an object, He can create time vortexes. He can project time rays from his with various effects, such as aging an object/person into, sending people into a different timeline, and immobile someone in time.
  • Spatiokinesis/Spatial Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over the space and can wrap, bend, flip, crunch and manipulate physical aspects of space. He can create green energy dome-like barriers, green energy cube-like force-fields and green energy walls as personal spaces. He can manipulate distances to makes doorways or staircases endless. He can create doors to go anywhere or use normal doors as portals. He can teleport a entire section of space to another location, He can manipulate the space to control and move objects like "Telekinesis". He can slice through the fabric of space to open portals to another location. He can create spatial pressures to crush specific targets.
  • Color Manipulation: Shinji have complete control over colours and can manipulate and generate colors. He can alter the color scheme of anything by shooting different color beams, or by a simple touch and can change his own colors at will.
  • Lunakinesis/Lunar Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over the moon and manipulate the aspects of the moon. He can make the moon rise in the sky to bring in nighttime, He can move the moon into any distance and bring the moon close to the surface, He can change phases of the moon. He can block the moon's light. He can manipulate luna energy to form various luna energy attacks as he create and project luna energy balls, shoot concussive beams of lunar energy from his hands.
  • Astrokinesis/Cosmic Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over the cosmic forces. He can create a planetary system out of nothing, He can summon comets, meteors, asteroids from the sky to strike his enemies, He can create and control cosmic storms and can invoke meteor showers in the sky. He can summon and manipulate cosmic energy to various cosmic attacks as He can create and project cosmic energy balls, shoot concussive beams of cosmic energy from his hands and eyes and project cosmic discs, He can create and control cosmic clouds in space, He can control planetary systems at his will, He can form energy whips and project stardust energy beams from his hands out of stardust. He can project planetary energy beams from his hands.
  • Magnetokinesis/Magnetism Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate magnetism, He can project and generate magnetic waves to control metallic objects. He can emit magnetic fields to attract metallic materials to himself. He can emit magnetic pulses from his hands to move and levitate ferromagnetic metals such as iron, nickel, cobalt, and gallium. He can cause metallic objects to be attract and magnetise to targets. He can emit magnetic pulses from his feet allowing him to fly using magnetism. He can also manipulate magnetic electricity, He can create electric magnetic shields and can project electric magnetic blasts. He can use electromagnetism magnetise and attract himself to metal structures. He can project magnetic waves for ballistic attacks.
  • Rainbow Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over rainbows and can manipulate and generate rainbows. He can create rainbows in the sky while flying though the air, He can create rainbows as solid platforms like bridges.
  • Reality Warping: Shinji can manipulate reality through means of changing and reshaping everything around him into many ways he pleases. He can change the scenery and background around his surroundings into many imaginative ways. He is also to restore reality back into it's original state which can counter those with reality warping powers.
  • Darkness Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over darkness and manipulate and generate darkness/shadows. He can create a shadowy mist that engulfs anything in it's path in pitch black darkness. He can transport and travel through shadows and emerge anywhere with shadows or disappear and reappear in shadowy mist, even can sink and hide into shadows to avoid being noticed. He can bring his shadow to life to attack the shadows of his enemies, any harm cause on their shadow will affect them too. He can manipulate a specific target's shadow to control their movements like a puppet.
  • Density Control: Shinji can manipulate density. He can make his skin harder to make himself more durable, alter his density to make objects pass straight through him. He can manipulate buoyancy of objects to makes them float like a balloon.
  • Weight Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate the weight of objects to make them lighter or heavier.
  • Pressure Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate the pressure of things. He can manipulate the pressure of the environment around him to crush and deform anything.
  • Molecular Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate the molecules of a object, person, and himself. He can speed up molecules to catch fire, melt or explosion. He can slow down molecules to make things move in slow-motion. He can teleport himself and others by disassembling molecules and reassembling them elsewhere, He can disperse a object or a person's molecules causing them to disintegrate, He can temporally freeze a object or person's molecules to keep them in place.
  • Probability Manipulation:Shinji has complete control over probability. He can cause unlikely things to happen like making apples fall out of the air, making clouds rain money, vinegar, or milk. He can likely things to not happen like preventing people from sudden deaths, natural disasters from happening. He can bring anyone luck to make good events happen to them (winning games and prizes, prevent them having accidents, and bring love to them). He can remove anyone who is jinx and has bad luck to stop their having misfortune.
  • Biokinesis/Biological Manipulation: Shinji have complete control over biological and can manipulate the aspects of biological. He can breathe organic materials out his mouth, He can also make biological things to explore at the cellular level, He can turn his body parts into living things such as turning his ears into snakes, He can shed his skin like a snake to rid of wounds, He can cause his own body mass to expel. He can also manipulate and control cells of the body such as Blood Cells, Bone Cells, Hair Cells, Nerve Cells and Skin Cells by accelerate them to repair parts of the body faster, He can active body cells or create new ones. He can cause people to have red spots all over their entire body or have zigs all over their face. He can manipulate the bodily systems such as cardiology by causing high blood pressure, restarting hearts, and repair damage hearts. He manipulate the the property of his saliva to spit on someone's wounds and heal them. He can transfuse his skin into a specific target's by touching them. He can cause biological overload as when one being did to one person causing biology to mutant into a unearthly behemoth.
  • Age Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate the ages of living things and non-living objects. He can increase a person's age to make grow into adulthood, middle-age or older, He can reversal a person's age to turn them back into a young adult, a teenage, a child or a infant. He can accelerate the aging process to age targets into dust, or could age a living being into a desiccated, zombie-like state which one person did. He could negate the aging process to make living beings stop aging therefore making them stay the age they are forever. He can also restore someone's age that been alter back to their normal age.
  • Physics Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate the potential energy as he did with the gravitational, elastic and chemical from gravity, rubber band and gasoline working on his car.
  • Mass Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate his own mass by vaporizing and deform himself into smokey mist, and can alter his weight to make himself more heavier.
  • Music Manipulation: Shinji have complete control over music and can manipulate and generate music.
  • Sky Manipulation: Shinji have complete control over the sky and manipulate the aspects of the sky. can manipulate the sky. He can change the color of the sky into different colours. He also have complete control over clouds in sky, He can manipulate the shape of the clouds to make various cloud patterns. He can also produce clouds in the sky and can use clouds to fly in the air.
  • Eclipse Manipulation: Shinji can cause a eclipse.
  • The Force:

Appearance Alteration

  • Invisibility: SShinji can become completely invisible. He can also make objects and others invisible just by physical contact. This ability is made for advantages to sneak pass enemis without being caught, even can use this power to hide himself invisible to avoid being spotted by anyone or anything, can be a useful defence during fights to evade enemis attacks as they won't be able to see him due to being invisible and can use this advantage to sneak up on his enemies without being visible and defeat them surprisingly without being detected. He can even make parts of his body invisible without becoming invisible himself. Even, Any clothes he wears will remain Invisible.
  • Intangibility: Shinji can turn himself transparent and phase through solid matter allowing him to pass through objects, people, and solid walls including force-fields. This power also makes him safe from physical and non-physical attacks as these attacks will simply pass through him without being harm making it a powerful defence, He can also make objects and others intangible just by physical contact. This ability can be used for advantage to evade attacks from enemis during fights as they cannot harm him or touch him and will pass straight through him. He can even make parts of his body transparent and phase thought solid matter without making himself intangible.
  • Elasticity: Shinji can stretch, band and expand his limbs such as his arms, legs, neck, fingers and body at virtually limitless lengths. He can elongate and extend his torso to wrap himself around his enemies and constrict them with force, can stretch his arms to reach objects from several distances away. He can make himself stretchy and flexible to dodge incoming attacks with no effort. He can stretch his arms to increase his throw of objects to far more force. He can stretch himself into a parachute to save others from falling or to glide himself through the air and land safety on the ground.
  • Shape-Shifting/Omnifarious: Shinji can mimic and transform into any character in existence by changing his form into their appearances, even transform into animals, plants, mythic creatures, aliens, Pokemon, artificial creatures, extinct species, non-living beings, and inanimate objects etc. He can transforms parts of his body into a character's limb without completely shapeshifting his entire self into that character, even transform his limbs into weapons or tools. He can transform non-existing or imaginary beings.

Energy Powers

  • Force Fields: Shinji can create impenetrable pink energy drone/sphere-shaped force-fields to protect him and others from physical attacks, even form crystalline-like force-fields, His force-fields can deflect energy attacks and stop bullets. He can create impenetrable energy force-field walls. He can form energy shield-shaped force-fields on his arms. He can imprison targets in energy dome-like or sphere shape force-fields. He can even project his force-fields for offensive attacks rather than self-defense.
  • Optic Blasts: Shinji can project solid red energy beams from his eyes which can destroyed objects at destructive force, even can melt through anything, disintegrate targets, fry machinery and blow a hole in a wall.
  • Concussion Beams: Shinji can project destructive red energy beams which can destroyed an object with a simple shot.
  • Antimatter Manipulation:
  • Ionikinesis: Shinji can manipulate plasma energy. He can form various plasma attacks, as he create and project plasma balls, create plasma bombs, shoot plasma from his hands or eyes, can breathe plasma energy out of his mouth,
  • Ergokinesis/Energy Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over energy and manipulate energy. He can project blue energy blasts from his hands, He can utilize his energy to project himself like a living bullet, He can touch energy allowing him to walk on energy like solid paths or stop energy swords with his hands like real swords. He can also refracted energy beams or transporter beams off his body.
  • Kinetikinesis/Kinetic Energy Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over kinetic energy.
  • Iokinesis/Ionic Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate ionic energy.
  • Bio-Energy Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate bio-energy.
  • Alternate Energy Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate alternate energy.
  • Electron Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate electrons.
  • Stellar Energy Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate star energy.
  • Flora Energy Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate plant energy, He can project "Magic Leaf Attacks", He can form "Leaf Blade"
  • Toxic Energy Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate toxic energy. He can project "Poison Stings", He can form "Cross Poison".
  • Physical Energy Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate physical energy.
  • Nucleokinesis: Shinji can manipulate and generate nuclear energy. He can generate a mount of heat using nuclear energy to melt anything, He can channel nuclear energy into nuclear explodes in devastate the surrounding area. He can project nuclear energy beams form his hands.
  • Regokinesis:
  • Spark Manipulation:
  • Microwave Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate microwaves.
  • Radiokinesis/Radiation Manipulation: Shinji have complete control over radiation and can manipulate and generate radiation. He can generate amount of radiation that causes various effect, He can create amount of intense radiate heat to melt objects, even solid steel and rock. He can create amount of radiolysis, radiation to cause disintegration, He can create amount of radiation to cause mutations, He can create a large amount radiation all over a entire environment to create a poisonous fallout. He can project radioactive energy beams from hands and eyes. He can channel radiation into energy to form energy attacks, such energy balls, energy ball and energy bolts etc.
  • Ferro Energy Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate metal energy to form "Iron Tail" and "Steel Wing"
  • Quantum Manipulation:
  • Astral Manipulation:
  • Laser Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate lasers, He can shoot calorific laser beams from hands or from his finger tips that can cut thought solid matter, even shoot laser beams from his eyes. He can produce laser blades from his hands.
  • Spiritual Force Manipulation:
  • Pulse Manipulation:
  • Energy Redirection:
  • Ray/Beam Manipulation:
  • Fauna Energy Manipulation:
  • Gamma Radiation Manipulation:
  • Ultraviolet Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate ultraviolet rays to project multi-colored beams from hands or eyes, which annihilate entire turrets. He can also create ultraviolet force-fields to project himself from harm..
  • X-Radiation Manipulation:
  • Neural Impulse Manipulation:
  • Maser Manipulation:
  • Coroa Manipulation:
  • Invisibie Energy Manipulation:
  • Draconic Energy Manipulation: Shinji can complete control over the spiritual energy of the dragon force. He can form blades out of draconic energy, He can form armor out of draconic energy.
  • Bio-Electrically Manipulation:

Vision Powers

  • Heat Vision: Shinji can emit heat beams from his eyes.
  • Night Vision: Shinji can see clearly in the dark with purple glowing eyes..
  • X-Ray Vision: Shinji can see through solid walls and objects with orange glowing eyes..
  • 360-Degree Vision: When conjuring eyes around his entire body or the back of his head, Shinji can see all of his surroundings and also make it impossible for his enemies to sneak up on him.
  • Zoom Vision: Shinji can shrink his pupils down to see things several distances away like a telescope.
  • Chrono Vision: Shinji can see the past, present, and future thought his vision.
  • Micro Vision: Shinji can see micro organisms with blue glowing eyes.
  • Aura Reading: Shinji can see the auras of others
  • Thermal Vision: Shinji can see body heats.
  • Freeze Vision: Shinji can emit blue beams from his eyes which can freeze and encase his enemies in solid ice.
  • Scanner Vision:
  • Atomic Vision:
  • Ultraviolet Vision:
  • Non-Physical Vision: Shinji can see beings that have no physical forms .
  • Parachronal Vision:
  • Digital Vision:
  • Photographic Vision:
  • Shared Vision:

Beam Powers

  • Disintegration Beams:
  • Teleportation Beams:
  • Chocolate Beams: Shinji can shoot beams that turn things into chocolate.
  • Radioactive Beams: Shinji can shoot radiation beams from his eyes.
  • Piercing Beams

Artificial Element Powers

  • Gem Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate and generate gem.
  • Plassikinesis: Shinji has complete control over plastic.
  • Hyalokinesis: Shinji has complete control over glass.
  • Mirror Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over mirrors.
  • Rubber Manipulation:
  • Glue Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over glue.
  • Garbage Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over garbage.
  • Thread Manipulation:

Generation and Projectile Powers

  • Scald Generation: Shinji project boiling water.
  • Fur Generation: Shinji can grow fur from his body and tail.
  • Ink Generation: Shinji can spray ink from the holes reduce from his body which can be use to create ink clouds underwater.
  • Heat Generation: Shinji can generate intense heat which can melt steel and stone.
  • Toothpaste Generation: Shinji can project steams of toothpaste from his hands.
  • Tractor Beam Projection:
  • Effect Field Projection:
  • Ball Projection: Shinji can project balls from his hands.
  • Knowledge Projection:
  • Spike Projection: Shinji can project spikes from his body.
  • Astral Projection: Shinji can project his spirit from his body. As a spirit, He can fly through the air, and pass through objects.
  • Mental Projection: Shinji can project thoughts into reality.
  • Bullet Projection: Shinji can project bullet darts.
  • Slash Projection:
  • Letter/Number/Word Projection:
  • Holographic Projection: Shinji can project holographic projectiles of a person, creature, object, or location.
  • Healing Wave Emission:

Generation and Projectile Powers

  • Scald Generation: Shinji project boiling water.
  • Fur Generation: Shinji can grow fur from his body and tail.
  • Ink Generation: Shinji can spray ink from the holes reduce from his body which can be use to create ink clouds underwater.
  • Heat Generation: Shinji can generate intense heat which can melt steel and stone.
  • Toothpaste Generation: Shinji can project steams of toothpaste from his hands.
  • Tractor Beam Projection:
  • Effect Field Projection:
  • Ball Projection: Shinji can project balls from his hands.
  • Knowledge Projection:
  • Spike Projection: Shinji can project spikes from his body.
  • Astral Projection: Shinji can project his spirit from his body. As a spirit, He can fly through the air, and pass through objects. (3)
  • Mental Projection: Shinji can project thoughts into reality.
  • Bullet Projection: Shinji can project bullet darts.
  • Slash Projection:
  • Letter/Number/Word Projection:
  • Holographic Projection: Shinji can project holographic projectiles of a person, creature, object, or location.
  • Healing Wave Emission:

Organic Powers

  • Toxikinesis/Poison Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over poison and can manipulate and generate purple poisons and toxins. He can generate streams or globs of poisonous liquid from his hands or mouth and can breathe poisonous smog from his mouth. He can create and project poison balls and can create poison bombs. He can cause surfaces to emit poison. He can form weapons out of poison such poison blades
  • Serqekinesis/Acid Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over acids and can manipulate and generate acid. He can spray corrosive acid liquid from his hands which can melt anything it touches (such as metal and stone) and can generate acid around his body as well. He can form various acid attacks as he can create and project acid balls, He can create acid bombs, He can project acid beams from his hands and eyes, He can breathe acid out of his mouth which can be in the form of liquid or vapor, He can infuse acid with an object, He can create acid vortexes.
  • Gookinesis/Slime Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over slime and can manipulate and generate goo. He can generate pressured streams of slime form his hands that can be used for adhesive purposes. even shoot blobs of slime to blind enemies. He can form shields out of slime and even create creatures made of slime, He can emit sticky slime to trap his enemies and emit sticky slime on the surface to keep his foes in place, He can form various slime attacks as he can project goo balls, create goo bombs, emit streams of slime from his eyes, breathe slime out of his mouth and can shoot slime bullets from his finger tips and can project slime beams from his hands and eyes.
  • Melanokinesis: Shinji has complete control over ink and manipulate and generate ink, He spray streams of ink from the holes produced from his body to create smokescreens underwater or blind his enemies, He can form various ink attacks as he can breathe ink out of his mouth, He can create and project ink balls, He can create ink bombs and can project ink beams from his hands.
  • Wool Manipulation: Shinji can generate and manipulate wool.
  • Steatokinesis: Shinji can manipulate fat, He is able to cause others to lose fat and himself.
  • Myokinesis: Shinji can manipulate the muscles of others and himself, He is able to enhance the muscle mass of others to make them more stronger and more durable, even enhance his own muscle mass to increase his durability to make him invulnerable.
  • Pheromone Manipulation: Shadow Joe can manipulate of others and himself. He can generate pheromones that cause something to attract and follow him, or repel and reject him.
  • Haemokinesis/Blood Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over blood and manipulate and generate blood. He can form various blood attacks as he can and create and project bloodballs, He can create blood bombs, He can breathe blood out of his mouth, He can project blood bullets from his finger tips, He can infuse with an object, He can create blood pillars and he can project blood spikes from his hands. He can make others or him stop bleeding. He can control blood in a creature's body allowing him to control their movements.
  • Wax Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over waxes and can manipulate and generate wax. He can manifest and shape various constructs made of wax (wax shields, wax blades, wax harpoons, wax keys, and conjure wax walls etc).
  • Food Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over food and can manipulate and generate food, He can telekinetically lift and control food with his mind, He can emit any of meat from his eyes, He can create creatures made out of food. He can create hypnotic food which allow him to control others when eating his hypnotic food.
  • Egg Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over can manipulate and generate eggs. He can create and project eggs from his hands, He can make eggs grow enormous size, He can create or project eggs that can explode.
  • Drink Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over different types of drinks.
  • Glucokinesis/Sugar Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over sugar.
  • Milk Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over milk.
  • Cheese Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over cheese.
  • Candy Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over candy and manipulate and generate candy.
  • Halokinesis/Salt Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over salt.
  • Alcohol Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over alcohol drinks.
  • Caffeine Manipulation:
  • Fruit/Vegatable Manipulation:
  • Nonokiesis/Disease Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over diseases and can manipulate and generate diseases, He can create and infest various kind of diseases, virtues, bacteria and infectious agent into his enemies to cause various illness with different symptoms, Shinji's diseases can be both deadly and not deadly.

Powers from Crystal on Forehead

  • Energy Beam Emission: Shinji can emit powerful green energy beams made of pure willpower energy from the crystal on his forehead, These beams can inflict great damage and stun his enemies.
  • Audio/Visual Recording:
  • Light Generation: Shinji can generate light using the energy crystal on his forehead.
  • Lock on:
  • Energy Constructs: Shinji can form constructs of out of pure willpower energy. He can form tools, objects, weapons, items, vehicles, barriers, buildings or creatures of green energy, even form a energy spike from the crystal on his forehead.
  • The Key:

Natural Weaponry Powers

  • Prehensile Tentacles: Shinji can grow tentacles from his body. He can extend his tentacles to react vast distances and use them to hold or grab objects, even used his tentacles to lash against enemies and can also used his tentacles as legs and support his body. He can also spawn blade-like spikes on his tentacles to serve as lethal weapons.
  • Blade Protrusion: Shinji can produce razor sharp blades from his hands which can slice through solid materials.
  • Spike Protrusion: Shinji can produce razor sharp spikes from his body.
  • Tendril Generation: Shinji can spawn thin, needle-like tendrils from his body which can extend to reach vast distances to grad and hold objects, even can pierce through solid materials. He can can also used his tendrils to lash against enemies. He can even his his tendrils to locate water in the ground and drink it.
  • Sharp Tail: Shinji can produce a razor sharp spike from his tail that can cut through steel without effort.

Animal-Based Powers

  • Powerful Roar: Shinji has a powerful roar. His roar is strong enough to push back his enemies several feet away, the vibration of his roar can cause objects to scatter into pieces, His roar is so powerful it can strike fear into his enemies into submission in a intimidation tactic.
  • Owl Neck: Shinji can rotate his head in any direction including backwards without snapping his neck.
  • Burrowing: Shinji can quickly dig and travel underground with incredible burrowing capabilities, even digging through solid surfaces at fast pace. He can hide underground to avoid enemy attacks and can launch surprise attacks, He can also create a network of underground tunnels.
  • Super Eating: Shinji can eat massive quantities of food.
  • Sharp Teeth: Shinji possesses razor sharp teeth. His teeth can bite and tear through solid steel, chains, and anything.
  • Sharp Claws: Shinji possesses razor sharp claws. His claws are sharp enough to slice and penetrate through anything, such as solid steel, solid rock, solid bars, and diamonds/etc/no matter who what/etc. His claws can also penetrate and damage no matter who what Suit and his claws can even cut through Anyone/Anything. He has retractable claws located in his wrists which can be use to slice through objects or for stabbing.
  • Quill Projection: Shinji can project quills from his back. His quills can paralyze his foes or even make them fall asleep. His quills can also penetrate the armor of Talpaedan, the armor of No matter who what/anyone/anything's thick skin, even effective against giant creatures.
  • Prehensile Tail: Shinji can use his tail to hold objects as a extra arm, Because of his elasticity, Shinji can extend his tail longer which can be used as a whip.
  • Prehensile Tongue: Shinji has a adhesive tongue that can expand to amazing lengths allowing to grab and hold objects. He can extend his tongue long enough to wrap around enemies and toss into the air, use as a grappling line, and can even his tongue as weapon.
  • Wallcrawlings: Shinji possesses mini suctions cups overall his fingers and thumbs allowing him to stuck on solid surfaces and climb and cling onto walls and tall structures.
  • Camouflage: Shinji can alter his colours to bend in the backgrounds making him appear invisible.
  • Web Generation: Shinji can shoot silk webbing from glands within his hands and tall, He can shoot stream of webs to bind his enemies or shoot webbed nets to trap his foes and his webbing is harder as steel, Shinji can shoot his webbing into ropes that can be used for swinging across vast distances. He can also shoot streams of web from his mouth to trap his enemies
  • Cocoon Generation: Shinji can create cocoons to imprison enemies, or encase himself in a cocoon to heal and recover faster.
  • Zoolingualism: Shinji can communicate with animals and understand their speech which is hearing they speak human-language mentally instead of their normal animal-language similar to that of some beings.
  • Animal Imitation: Shinji can mimic the abilities and traits of animals. He can glow like a canine or feline, He can run or walk on four legs, He can thump his left foot like a rabbit.
  • Snake Den:
  • Shell Formation: Shinji can create a turtle shell to protect his body.
  • Autotomy: Shinji can detach parts of his body (mostly his tail) to escape a enemy's grasp at the cost of the lost limb, but can regenerate his lost limbs due to his "Regenerative Healing Factor".
  • Animal Manipulation: Shinji has telepathic control over animals and by manipulate their willpower to his bidding, can even control animal-like creatures, He can emit energy waves which can put animals in a hypnotic state to be ready for commends.
  • Stinger Protrusion: Shinji's tail has a retractable stingers between the glands within his hands and tail that can stun and paralysis his enemies.
  • Horn Protrusion:
  • Lure Protrusion: Shinji can grow a phosphorescent light on top of his head to enabling him in dark areas.
  • Animal Limb Generation: Shinji can grow spider legs from his back to either support his body or pierce through solid materials.
  • Shinji can fashion between bipedal and quadrupedal, allowing to run on all four.

Periodic Table Powers

  • Gold Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over anything gold, Shinji can able to create anything gold.
  • Chrysopoeia: Shinji can turn thing into gold.
  • Gold Dust Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over gold dust.
  • Calcium Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate calcium.
  • Carbon Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate carbon.
  • Copper Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate copper.
  • Platinum Manipulation:
  • Nitrogen Manipulation:
  • Sodium Manipulation:

Dimensional-Based Powers

  • Dimensional Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate and control other dimensions. He can summon energy from his own dimension (he created) and released as energy bolts or blasts and can infuse the energy into a object. He can create dimensional rifts which led to other dimensions. He can move between various dimensions and back to his own.
  • Dimension Storage: Shinji can store things in another dimension.
  • Personal Reality: Shinji has his own dimension which he created.
  • Dimensional Link: Shinji's dimensions he created are link to him.
  • Dimensional Imprisonment: Shinji can imprison things in another dimension.
  • Alternate Universe Communication:

Cartoon-Based Powers

  • Cartoon Physics:Shinji can use cartoon physics to his body flat to fill through small spaces, His body can also become flat when being crunch, He can imaginably create objects using his thought bubbles, He can make his jaw drop and stretch his eyes.
  • Cartoon Constructs:
  • Cartoon Creature Creation:
  • Unpredictability:
  • 4th Wall Awareness: Shinji is aware that he is being watch by the audience.
    • Superioaty over (You):

Other Manipulation Powers

  • Asterokinesis: Shinji has complete control over the stars. He can create stars and make star patterns. He can project stellar bolts. He can also released stars from his mouth.
  • Gas Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over gases and can manipulate and generate gases. He can generate different types of gases and then project them from the holes in his body. He can released a large of cloud of gas that cover his entire surroundings. Shinji can alter the shape of gas to make various patterns.
    1. Laughing Gas: Make enemies laugh uncontrollably until them pass off.
    2. Tear Gas: Stings his enemies' eyes causing them to cry in tears.
    3. Knock Out Gas: Knock his enemies out with short-term memory loss as a side effect.
    4. Acidic Gas: Shinji can released corrosive gases that melt anything on contract.
    5. Chlorine Gas
    6. Flammable Gas
    7. Harmless Gas
  • Oleumkinesis/Oil Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over oil and manipulate and generate oil. He can form various oil attacks as he can breathe oil out of his mouth, He can create oil bombs
  • Reflection Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate reflections, He can create replications using reflections.
  • Art Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate art, Shinji can bring drawing and painting to life.
  • Paint Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over paint and manipulate and generate paint.
  • Writing Manipulation:
  • Season Manipulation: Shinji can change and manipulate the seasons.
  • Clay Manipulation; Shinji has complete control over clay and can manipulate generate clay via clay magic. He can manifest and shape various constructs made of clay (clay cups, clay keys). He can manipulate and control ceramic.
  • Literary Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate and control writing, He can manifest written words into physical form, He can manifest writing, He can imprison his foes in books, He can create glyphs on the surface.
  • Paper Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over paper and manipulate and generate paper. He can form objects out of paper such as paper swords, paper shields,
  • Circadian Control: Shinji can control rotation of planets.
  • Rope Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate and control ropes. He can manipulate the size of ropes to grab bigger foes and can make ropes act like snakes.
  • Mountain Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate mountains.
  • Aurora Manipulation: Shinji can create auroras and can project aurora beams.
  • Dance Manipulation:
  • Powder Manipulation:
  • Liquid Manipulation: Shinji can control other forms of liquid. He can manipulate generate hot liquids, manipulate and control gasoline.
  • Sexuality Manipulation:
  • Health Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate health, He can create anti-healing factors and unhealing.
  • Medicine Manipulation:
  • Talent Manipulation:
  • Coral Manipulation:
  • Radio Manipulation:
  • Filth Manipulation:
  • Cleanliness Manipulation:
  • Pollution Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate and control pollution, Shinji can generate smog, project sludge from his hands, create creatures made of sludge.
  • Shape Manipulation:
  • Peace Manipulation:
  • Soot Manipulation:
  • Rarity Manipulation:
  • Word Manipulation:
  • Silence Manipulation:
  • Block Manipulation:
  • Opinokinesis/Sense Manipulation:
  • Fossil Manipulation:
  • Disaster Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate and control natural disasters, He can cause volcano to erupt, summon meteors.
  • Bond Manipulation:
  • Subordination Manipulation:
  • Tar Manipulation:
  • Sap Manipulation:
  • Reflex Manipulation:
  • Nerve Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate his nerves to make their prehensile and use them as tendrils.
  • Fragrance Manipulation: Shinji can produce various of pleasant smells which make others to feel happy or feel love from the pleasant scent they smell or even attract them to the pleasant scent he emitted. He can emit a hypnotic fragrance which can put his enemies into a hypnotic trans or cause them to hallucinate. He can also produce various unpleasant smells which can cause others to feel disgust or retch and faint.
  • Vacuum Manipulation:
  • Vibration Manipulation:
  • Gel Manipulation:
  • Cloth Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate and generate any form of clothing, He can manipulate his red sash (resemble to the Third-Arm Sash) to act like a extra arm and can extend his sash to great lengths to react objects distances away, stretch long enough the sash to wrap round his enemies, even form a powerful punch in combat.
  • Block Manipulation: Shinji can create constructs out of block pieces, such as wall and catapult etc.
  • Bandage Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate bandages by extending to reach and grab objects from several distances away. even can generate bandages from his finger tips to bind and trap his enemies or from medicate purposes like normal bandages. He can also make the bandages strong enough to restrain enemies with
  • Curse Manipulation:
  • Order Manipulation:
  • Causality Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate and control casualty, He can make effects happen without a cause such as bending spoons.
  • Centrifugal Force Manipulation:
  • DNA Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate a creature's genes to transform them into another creature. He can replicate DNA by mimicking a creature's traits and abilities, can even mix and deposit DNA of almost any creature. He can also absorb and store DNA samples in his body for various purposes. He can also mix and combine DNA with others.
  • Damage Manipulation:
  • Motor-Skill Manipulation:
  • Celestial Manipulation:
  • Amusement Park Monarchy:

Other Elemental Powers

  • Typhokinesis/Smoke Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over smoke and can manipulate and generate smoke. He can generate amount of smoke to create a smokescreen to cover his escape from his enemies and clear a area full with smoke as well. He can breathe amount of smoke out of his mouth.
  • Nephokinesis: Shinji has complete control over vapor and manipulate and generate fog. He can cover a entire area with fog to avoid enemies attacks and cover his escape from his enemies as well, He can create fog duplicates of himself.
  • Bubble Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over bubbles and manipulate and generate bubbles. He can produce bubble of large or minimise size. He can make bubbles more denser to bounce on without popping them. He can use bubbles to carry objects, or people inside of them to float and move through the air.
  • Underwater-Electricity Manipulation:
  • Fruit/Vegetable Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over fruit and vegetables.
  • Koniokinesis/Dust Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over dust.
  • Green Pyrokinesis/Fire Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over green fire and manipulate and generate green flames.f
  • White Fire Manipulation:

Creation Powers

  • Object Creation: Shinji can create objects at will, He conjure pots, furniture, vehicles, machines, tools, toys and clothing from nothing.
  • Life Creation: Shinji can create living creatures at will, He can create any type of animal, artificial creatures, any type of monsters, gods, hybrid creatures, any type of sapient life force and technological creatures. He can also breathe living insects (bees, locusts, and ants/etc) out of his mouth.
  • Parasite Creation: Shinji can create various parasites with their abilities, He can create parasites that attach to enemies' heads to control them against their will, parasites that can merge with a creature and transform into another different creature, parasites that can attach to a host and gain them various powers.
  • Weapon Creation: Shinji can create weapons out of thin air such as guns, swords, knifes and shields. He can create polearm weapons.
  • Building Creation:
  • Food Creation: Shinji can create food out of thin air such as cake/etc.
  • Lifeless Body Creation:
  • Physical Manifestation Creation:
  • Decoy Creation: Shinji can mirages of himself and others.
  • Afterimage Creation:
  • Galaxy Creation: Shinji can create new galaxies full with planets, stars, suns, moons and sapient life-forms.
  • Planetary Creation: Shinji can create new planets.
  • Alternate Universe Creation: Shinji can create a alternate universe.
  • Dimension Creation: Shinji can create new dimensions.
  • Labyrinth Creation: Shinji can create a labyrinth.
  • Fortress Creation:
  • Battlefield Creation:
  • Valley Creation:
  • Ring Creation: Shinji can create rings with magic/etc powers.
  • Soul Creation: Shinji can create souls of any creatures.
  • Dungeon Creation:
  • Passageway Creation:
  • Weakness Creation:
  • Surreal Dimensional Creation:
  • Temporal Barrier Creation:
  • Identity Creation:
  • Lifeless Body Creation:
  • Fantasy World Creation: Shinji can create a fantasy of one's imagnation.
  • Universe Creation: Shinji can create an entire universe and everything in it.
  • Universal Utopia Creation:
  • Personal Domain Creation:

Power Manipulations

  • Power Manipulation: Shinji can manipulate superpowers, He can manipulate Teleportation, Immortally, Flight. He can reversal the effects of superpowers.
  • Power Augmentation: Shinji can enhance the powers of others and himself to reach high level of masterly and beyond their/his limits.
  • Power Bestowal: Shinji can give a portion of his powers to others sometime permanently or temporarily, He can also grant others immortally, He can grant others psychic shield, He can also give a person through a agreement/etc.
  • Power Negation: Shinji can block and negate the superpowers of others to prevent them from using their abilities. He can create a power negation field that prevent anyone from using their powers once inside the field. He can make someone from invisible to visible to blow cover, make someone from intangible to tangible to strike a physical blow, prevent anyone from teleporting to avoid escaping, turn shapeshifters into their normal form/etc.
  • Power Erasure: Shinji can erasure someone's superpower making them powerless. He is also able to erasure their immortally he can do this with no matter who what/etc.
  • Power Replication: Shinji can replicate of others.
  • Power Absorption: Shinji can absorb superpowers.
  • Power Mixture: Shinji combine two or more of his powers together to create different combos. He can also mix elemental together.
  • Power Transferal:
  • Combat Merging:
  • Multi-Power Use: Shinji can use more than one power at the same time.
  • Power Randomization: Shinji can get random powers such as.
    1. Laser Beam Emission
    2. Super Speed
    3. Levitation
    4. Dimensional Travel
    5. Travel Travel
    6. Supersonic Flight
    7. Rain Creation
    8. Invisibility
    9. Duplication
    10. Yin & Yang Separation
    11. Combustion
    12. Astral Projection
    13. Jet Propulsion
    14. Shape-Shifting
    15. Size Enhancement
    16. Teleportation
    17. Conversion
    18. Earthquake Generation
    19. Intangibility
    20. Animation
    21. Optic Blasts
    22. Water Projection
    23. Wind Vortex Creation
    24. Bubble Generation
  • True Powers:

Science Powers

  • Science Manipulation:
  • Gadget Usage: Shinji possesses various gadgets in his feet, such as grappling hook, skis, zip line, mechanical arms, wheels, guns, drills, and blades.
  • Activation & Deactivation: Shinji can active or deactive machines.
  • Technopathy: Shinji has complete control over technology and can manipulate and generate technology. He can control and manipulate any type of machinery, such as vehicles, clockwork gears, phones, satellites, robots, televisions, cameras, and computers. He can enhance machinery to make them more advanced and futuristic, gaining the machinery new features, can configure technology, such as transforming vehicles into battle robots, even make vehicles equipped with heavy weapons, and robotic arms.
  • Technological Possession: Shinji can possesses any technology.
  • Nanokinesis/Nanite Manipulation: Shinji has complete control over nanomachise.
  • Mechanical Regeneration:
  • Data Manipulation: Shinji have complete control over data and can manipulate data, He can erase all form of data of in a computer. He can from objects, tools and weapons out of data, He can materialise and bring data to life as shown when he accidentally bring the data of his enemies to life, He can download any database into a computer, He can malware viruses.
  • Wire Manipulation:
  • Cyberlingualism: Shinji can communicate with any/all technology.
  • Techno-Screen Teleportation:
  • Technology Augmentation:
  • Computer Virus Manipulation:
  • Space-Time Manipulation:
  • Digital Manipulation:
  • Chemistry Manipulation:
  • Astrological Objects Manipulation:
  • Subatomic Manipulation:

Unlimited Powers

  • Omnilingualism: Shinji can speak and understand virtually every language in existence.
  • Omnireplication: Shinji can also duplicate anything such as objects, people and objects/etc.
  • Omnitone:
  • Omnificence:
  • Omnilock: Shinji can exist outside anything such time, nothingness and can also leave reality.
  • Unlimited Being Physiology:
  • Omniscience: Shinji possesses unlimited knowledge/Wisdom. He is able to know a anyone's name and appearance before actually meeting, He is able to know the strengths and weaknesses of anyone, He is able know anyone's history such as their past/present/future life, their relationships, their family relatives, their likes and dislikes, their desires, their fears, their necessities, their biggest secrets, and their origins, He even knows events of the past such as the events of All Events in existance, He knows every species of creature in existence including extinct species. He also has Full/Absolute knowledge of the universe/Multiverse/etc/existance.
  • Omnipresence: Shinji can appear anywhere in existence. He can travel to any plane in existence and can even travel thought someone's personal domain.
  • Unlimited Being: Shinji possesses unlimited power.
  • Absolute Restoration:
  • Absolute Recreation:
  • Quantum observer - There is a theory according to which human observation can influence reality. As long as the black box is closed, located in it, the object can be anything, in any state of existence. But as soon as a person opens the box, the collapse of the wave function immediately occurs, realizing this or that opportunity in front of him. Examples of this are both the well-known Schrödinger Cat and the destruction of the superposition of subatomic particles.
    • Branching of probabilities - however, other possibilities do not disappear. Whenever a quantum observer faces a decision, reality is divided into two parallel universes. Whatever choice he makes, all possible outcomes will be instantly embodied in countless alternative timelines that contain one or another scenario. Over the course of one’s life, a person creates an indescribably large number of such parallel realities.
    • Unreasonable Mind - Unlike ordinary people, Shinji's mind is not limited to perceiving a single moment in the present. His consciousness is able to glide over the entire history of his life, giving him the opportunity to simultaneously see the past, present and future.
      • Access to the history of the universe - at the same time, Shinji is able to drag his mind beyond the history of his own body, seeing events that occurred even before universe/Multiverse/etc started. In fact, he is able to observe any length of time anywhere in absolutely any universe at the same time.
      • The feeling of parallel versions - together with self-awareness over the entire length of the time coordinate of the axis, Ырштош can feel and control himself in all the parallel possibilities of the universe/multiverse/etc.
      • The transfer of consciousness - also Shinji is able to forcibly expand the perception of time in another person, forcing his mind to move at one point or another in history.
        • Removing opportunities - limiting his choice to a particular time interval, Shini can not allow himself/and or somebody to form another probability from the past arising from quantum uncertainty. Thus, from the standpoint of the present, for example he can erase all the alternative timelines/universes in which Somebody did not gain super powers/become king/etc, leaving only one “true universe”.
          • Causality control - the ability to simultaneously perceive the events of the past and future, is not limited to simple observation. As in the present, Shinji is able to control the surrounding reality at the subatomic level at any given time. By moving his mind to a particular segment of history, he is able to influence the causality of the universe, changing the events of the past and forming the necessary future. For example, he was able to control his/and any oner being/person etc whole life and for example ,granted him superowers/abilities via acident and making sure that nothing prevented this from happening/etc. (if more simple he is able to control the causality of the universe/multiverse along the entire length of its time line, in all infinite parallel possibilities; through this control, it can destroy quantum realities/universes/Multiverse/etc, reducing all the possibilities of the universe to one single If more simple he an destroy/control and recrate Multiverse/etc existance

  • Eyes of the Iron Age Shinji has the ability to perfectly emulate any move he saw regardless of its speed and power. Upon activation, the Eyes of the Eyes of the Iron Age would enable Shinji to see through his opponents' techniques even if they're Divine or Demonic Beings/etc/no matter what/who beings/. By seeing through his opponents' techniques this does not only provide Shinji the means to dodge his attacks but also perfectly copy it and even return it right back at them.
    • Emotion Sensing: Shinji is able to see through people/any other beings's emotions in the form of colors through his Eyes of the Eyes of the Iron Age. By looking into people/any Other Beings's souls, Shinji can discern even the slightest change of color to see through someone's true colors and emotions. Shinji can fully interpret and replicate the emotions, moods, and temperaments of others without reading any at all apparent symptoms whatsoever, allowing him to completely understand introverts or discover one emotion is actually hiding another. Also Shinji is talented therapist.
  • Hands of the Iron Age: Shinji is able to create a simulation of his opponent within his mind after studying their gait, breath, movement, etc. Shinji is able to face off against these "images" any number of times, as he mentally simulates the Unlimited/infinite of attack patterns that they might possess. Visualizing and battling said opponent until he surpasses them. Taking a few/unlimited/infinite steps forward, Shinji is able to feel not only the movements but also the airwaves and the vibrations that travel through the ground.

Immortality: Shinji is immortal and superhuman. He possesses absolute immortality, unable to die, age, get sick, or be permanently wounded, is absolutely self-sustained, and his mind and soul are as immortal as his biological body, he's immune to mental/spiritual damage. Any injuries he suffers immediately heal, even if he is disintegrated, blown up, completely deleted, or even if he is completely destroyed to the sub-atomic level, he will still return to life. Absolutely immune to all harm, nor can he die of any natural, supernatural, and/or unnatural causes. His existence and soul are completely independent of even the concept of reality, making him not bound to the subjects of life, death and manipulations. his powers cannot be absorbed, negated, erased, changed, copied, etc. New powers can still be developed and existing ones strengthened, but only through the his own will and abilities. He is eternal and indestructible.

Superhuman Physiology: Shinji possesses superhuman: adaptability, agility, analysis, attractiveness, awareness, balance, beauty, bravery, calculation, charisma, cognition, combat, competence, coordination, deduction, dexterity, durability, eloquence, equilibrium, endurance, flexibility, instinct, intelligence, intuition, invincibility, invulnerability, leadership, libido, manipulation, memory, meta-luck, mimicry, natural body, perception, persuasion, reasoning, reflexes, regeneration, self-control, senses, speed, strength, tactical analysis and tolerance. He possesses endless; willpower, humor, nobility, sincerity, vitality, virility, empathy, eloquence, charisma and will to live. He never gets bored of life, does not feel guilt, regret, pain or real fear, allowing him to live forever without ever falling to despair, & always enjoying life.

  • Natural Body: He possesses perfect genes & body, with smooth flawless smooth skin, perfect; white teeth, full black wavy hair(one of the most used used options for human appearance) , a lean, well-toned, well-fit, perfectly golden-proportioned body, his body shape remain's perfect no matter how much calories He intakes. He is "well-endowed," tall, dignified, majestic, and young. He's remarkably handsome and beautiful with an elegant face, capable of sweeping any heart at a glance. His vocal cords allow him to speak, sing, whisper, yell, hum, etc. in any pitch, voice or tone He wants. He is capable of precise manipulation of his muscles, bones, flesh, blood, organs, nerves, hair, scents, pheromones, etc, He can control them with conscious or subconscious command, allows him to adjust or improve body functions.
  • Intelligent: His mind comfortably operates in the most efficient and rapid manner possible, he can quickly process limitless information streams, rapidly respond to any changing situations, and instinctively perform complex mental operations beyond the capability of a normal human mind. He automatically notice, process and understand any/all details of any situation or environment no matter how small, and intuitively understand and solve any problem or situation no matter how difficult or impossible it may be. He can perceive and understand all cause and effect relations, deducing the path leading to any effect, allowing her to plan, analyze, and take action with absolute efficiency. He has total recall and permanently remembers, he can instantly and perfectly recall everything he has read, seen or heard, without trouble or pause for thought, His brain has unlimited storage, analytical and processing capacity (he easily and perfectly recited a poem he read once 400 years prior).
  • Alpha: He naturally exerts his willpower unto others (any species); attracting others to perceive him as the natural leader, easily gaining their trust, respect & loyalty, he can also induce fear/intimidation forcing obedience. He also radiates an aura of attractiveness, naturally inducing pleasure and desire while subtly lifting inhibitions.
  • Manipulation: He is able to manipulate and interface with electrical signals emitted from living beings and/or machines. Primarily used to control the motor skills of others. He can command other beings by giving them orders to do his bidding no matter what the victim thinks or feel. He can manipulate electromagnetism.
  • Invulnerability: His musculoskeletal system is hardened, fortified, & elastic making his incredibly strong, durable and flexible He has displayed a Absolute level of physical invulnerability (his skin feels like well-toned flesh); his is immune to any/all kind of damage, be it physical (internal and external), mental, spiritual and even conceptual. He cannot be harmed by projectiles or puncturing, nor can he be poisoned, drowned, suffocated, or damaged in any conventional way. he keeps his normal supersense of touch. Physical, energy, chemical, and psychic assaults have negligible effects on him. As a result of this he has unlimited stamina. survived being; stabbed, shot by a fully automatic machine guns, fallen from great heights (such 6 miles), intercepted incoming bullets bare handed, and lived in extreme temperatures, all without sustaining injury.
  • Perfect Equilibrium: He can achieve a state of perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable. He’s able to instinctively adjust her position, this allows him to balance himself on any object, no matter how small or narrow.
  • Perfect Agility: his agility, balance, and bodily coordination are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. His is extraordinarily limber and his tendons and connective tissues are twice as elastic as the average human being's, despite their invulnerability.. He can perform any complicated sequence of gymnastic stunts such as flips, rolls, and springs. Due to his incredible strength and flexibility, he is extremely acrobatic and is able to preform high jumps, somersaults, flips, etc .

Retractable Bone Claws: Shinji's skeleton includes six retractable foot-long bone claws, three in each arm, that are housed beneath the skin and muscle of his forearms. Shinji at will, release these slightly curved claws through his skin between the knuckles on each hand, and can coat any, or all of them, in an organic metallic substance that is considered to be utterly indestructible. Shinji can unsheathe any number of his claws at once, although he needs to keep his wrists straight at the moment his claws pass from his forearms into his hands. When unsheathed, the claws are entirely within his forearms, allowing him to bend his wrists when they are extended. includes six retractable foot-long bone claws, three in each arm, that are housed beneath the skin and muscle of his forearms. His claws were not synthetically bonded to adamantium like Wolverine, but are covered in metallic substance secreted by his body immediately following the first time he extended his claws. Shinji's claws are durable enough to cut through anything in Creation, even objects and beings of a supernatural origin, including ghosts despite them being incorporeal and thus usually immune to physical damage. At a later time, he learned how to coat his teeth in this substance and now appears to be able to do it with his whole skeleton at will.

Shinji- A normal human...

  • Perfect human - an ordinary human, however, possessing phenomenal talent and intelligence by human standards.
    • Fast learner - Shinji’s extraordinary talent allows him to learn and achieve excellence in everything he wants, in the shortest possible time (for example, in just 0 time), be it sports, music, or any other areas of activity. Shinji is able to quickly become a master of anything.
    • Developed intelligence - in addition to having certain talents and an encyclopedic level of knowledge, Shinji also knows how to effectively apply his versatile skills in practice. He has a developed ingenuity and excellent memory, analytical and strategic thinking, is able to quickly and productively plan and organize the work of people and organizations, and also has insight that allows him to see the other person through and through.
    • Martial Arts - Shinji has all martial arts skills, for example Aikido. So, for example, he is able to instantly calculate the inhalation-exhalation and movement of the judoist's legs, after which he can evade the attack with a lightning movement, while throwing him on the floor with one deviation, that is, he can win, without even touching the opponent with his finger.
    • The overwhelming presence - the ability of Shinji with his behavior (voice, gaze, aura) to intimidate other people. His aggressiveness and superiority suppress them, cause inferiority complexes, intense envy and anger, and the icy voice of Shinji (ruthless, beating like the winds of the North Pole and at the same time beautiful as the northern lights) can paralyze and make others tremble with fear (it was noted that this something beyond ordinary fear, which at the same time seems to be something even beautiful). His intense emotional pressure can even make his feel like an icy blizzard is raging behind Shinji.
  • Speed of thinking - thanks to a powerful Mind, Shinji thinks much faster than any person and even all computers. Also, in a unit of time, Shinji is capable of processing simply Unlimited volumes of information and simultaneously performing Unlimited computational operations.
  • The amount of memory - Shinji has Unlimited amounts of memory, into which all the knowledge of mankind/and existance in the all fields such as field of sciences is filled (mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, geography, cybernetics). In fact, Shinji is a walking encyclopedia that you can ask any question.
  • Genius - due to the luggage of knowledge and quick thinking, Shinji is an excellent inventor. He participated in the creation of artificial biological life (a cow the size of a kitten, which later grew to the size of a dinosaur), an anti-gravity rug (a kind of analogue of an airplane carpet, repelled from the gravitational fields of the Earth). Also, Shinji in one day came up with and created a Ressi is a robot in the form of a dog, capable of space and underwater travels and has a powerful AI and the most advanced equipment. In addition, Shinji can beat champions chess in this game, and playing simultaneously with Unlimited/Infinite masters at the same time.
  • Self-development - thanks to the advanced Mind Shinji is able to analyze its own thinking, learn from mistakes, improve its thought processes, adapt to new conditions, etc., etc. Due to this, Shinji was able to learn to feel and think creatively.
  • Animal language - Shinji perfectly knows the signal systems of all animals. Therefore, he can talk with them, give orders and even receive the necessary information from them.

Body control - Shinji is able to freely change his body as he pleases. For example, to grow wings, horns and tail, or completely change your appearance to a black dragon, a volcanic monster, etc. change

  • Separate existence - Each body is able to act separately from each other and even separate. each body also has characteristics of each other (each person’s physical/etc strength is equal in its conceptual level.
    • Doppelgangers - If Shinji is in the minority, then he can apply this technique. the soul/core is detached from the bodies and begins to recreate them anew. as a result, the second Shinji appears completely identical to the original. This can be repeated forever.
      • Unity - There is only one Shinji in the entire Existance/world. Since only he is able to create his other versions.

Modified Biologists - Due to gaining his strength, Shinji changed biology and, a little body structure, which gives him some superhuman characteristics and abilities.

  1. Increased strength - Muscles of Shinji have become many times stronger than that of any person. Its pure physical strength allows you to lift a whole ton without straining or strike blows destroying the rock. Muscles also allow you to move faster than the eye sees. He is able to overcome a kilometer in 10 seconds.
  2. Strong bones - Shinji's bones are stronger than any person. Their strength exceeds the strength of lonsdaleite by 4 times. And due to their small elasticity, they are difficult to break.
  3. Strong skin - The strength of Shinji's skin is equal in strength to the tanned skin of a dragon. And just as flexible.
  4. Increased intelligence - Thanks to the book and increased thinking, Shinji is able to slow down the perception of time. And numerous battles made him a difficult opponent.
  5. Magical heart - At the heart of the Shinji there is a crystal giving Shinji extensive magical and manipulative possibilities.
  6. Super vision - Thanks to the altered physiology and magic, Shinji is able to change the structure of the eye giving him the ability to see differently (you can change both eyes or one):
    1. Telescopic Vision - The eye is able to see objects at a distance of many kilometers.
      1. Cosmic Vision - By changing his eye, Shinji is able to see objects at a distance of many thousands of light years.
    2. Infrared Vision - The eye sees bright objects better at long distances.
    3. Ultraviolet/ThermalVision - The eye is able to see the thermal signature of creatures and other objects.
      1. Spectral Vision - Shinji's Eye is able to see absolutely all the colors that exist.
    4. Astral Vision - The eye is able to see the astral dimension and all creatures living in it.
    5. Spiritual Vision - The eye is able to see the spirit world.
    6. Life Sight - Shinji is able to see living things.
      1. Dead Vision- Shinji is able to see dead creatures or live.
    7. Microsight - The eye is able to discern the smallest particles.
    8. Maneuver - The eye is able to see mana and magic.
    9. Dimensional Vision - The eye is able to see other dimensions.
    10. Clairvoyance - Shinji is able to see what he really is or what he wants.
  7. High pain threshold - Shinji is able to endure tremendous pain in which an ordinary person loses consciousness.
  8. Regeneration - The regenerative abilities of Shinji's body are under his full control. He can leave it at the level of an ordinary person or to the level when only a speck of dust remains from him.
  9. Vitality - Shinji is able to withstand the conditions under which any ordinary life form would die instantly.

Absorption of energy - Shinji is able to absorb any energy, of any origin. The amount of energy absorbed is unlimited. The more energy, Shinji, absorbs, the stronger he becomes. Also, the speed, radius and amount of energy absorbed can reach universal proportions.

  • Fist of Absorption - A long concentration on the impact aimed to annihilate the enemy into energy. The limit of energy knocked out is the amount equal to the capacity of the black hole.
  • Cycle - If the enemy uses a long-range energy attack (such as a laser or fireball), then Shinji can, through the manipulation of space and time, create a barrier preventing the attack from reaching it. At that time, he calmly swallows it.

Magic - Shinji was able to understand how magic works and recreate it. Unlike ordinary magic, his spells use his energy instead of mana (or its likeness).

*Dead legion - A mass death magic spell summoning an army of the dead consisting of lower undead, numbering Unlimited/infinite of the Undead.
  • Death army - A mass death magic spell summoning an army of the dead consisting of undead of various ranks totaling Undead.
  • Afterlife - Fantasy level spell. Shinji uses the Staff of Creation, a necklace of invocation and Brazilite, a fragment of the Underworld, to open the rift between the world of the living and the world of the dead, thereby calling on all the inhabitants of the world of the dead to his side. From a burst of negative energy, all life perishes within a Unlimited (any radus that shinji wants) radius, and then resurrects as the dead. Also near the fault appears undead in large quantities, it consists of the energy of death and is comparable to the present. But over time, the gap will close and drag back all the undead(if shinji will want) that appeared, with the exception of those whom Shinji held by force and those who did not appear from the fault.

Runes - Symbols having magical properties range from temporary enhancement or weakening, to complex enchantments (programming).

  • Rune of concentration - This rune increases the accuracy and quality of the effect.
  • Rune of elemental power - This rune strengthens elementary (natural) abilities.
  • Rune of power - This rune increases the physical strength of Shinji.
  • Rune of Speed - This rune increases overall speed.
  • Rune of Fire - This rune increases the power of fiery magic and its source.
  • Rune of Air - This rune increases the power of air magic and its original.
  • Rune of the Earth - This rune increases the power of earth magic and its original.
  • Rune of water - This rune increases the power of water magic and its source.
  • Rune of Light - This rune increases the power of light magic and its original.
  • Rune of Darkness - This rune increases the power of dark magic and its original.
  • Rune of Harmony - This rune soothes the one to whom it was applied or reduces the destructive power of magic.
  • Storage Rune - This rune is able to trap magic or mystical essence in the object on which this rune is applied or enchant the item with the selected element or spell.
  • Rune of energy - This rune increases the volume and speed of energy recovery at the chosen target.
  • Label - Alies/firends/etc of Shinji receive a label in the form of a distorted spiral. its owners receive his protection and the right to come into his dimension and live there voluntarily/become umine to all/etc(no matter how powreful beings ca not do nothing to the onwers of this runes etc.

Russian Cheronoknijie Shinji is the powreful user of Russian cheronoknije in the existance, he even appeared on ALL EXISTANCE. It has a huge/unlimited number of patrimonial records and spells going according to him since the time of the begining og existance. He personally bought all the records for a lot of money from babok in the villages, who passed them from generation to generation. For only family records of the baboks have tremendous power. The power of the Shinji allows him to summon a huge/unlimited number of beses and older beses (not to be confused with normal demons), as well as chertei, swamp witches, ghouls, drowned men and other small evil spirits. Here is a some list of beses and their brief description. that Shinji can summon any of them: Elder Beses: (all of them are absolytly loyal to shinji and will fight for him till the end)

  • Elder bes Veligor - Veligor is one of the most powerful and evil Beses, since from birth he was destined to carry evil, hostility and debauchery. Veligor loves to present people in beautiful appearance and fascinate them with beautiful speeches, inciting to sinful acts, evil and debauchery. In the hierarchy of Beses, he has tremendous power. He is deceitful and treacherous, often does not fulfill his promises, but patronizes sorcerers and witches who are truly devoted to him i.e. deserving of his favor, generously gifting them. He loves offerings in the form of fire and bloody sacrifices. Veligor prefers to rest in the depths of the existance in the midst of darkness and fire, periodically climbing to the surface of the existance in order to do evil, transforming into various beautiful looks. He has power over the hellfire and manipulation of consciousness, wreaking madness and chaos
  • Elder bes Verzaul - a powerful bes possessing power over unclean souls of people. He loves to help sorcerers and witches devoted to him, granting them secret knowledge of how to best make godly people, as well as secret recipes for selling souls in order to strengthen the power of Shinji, who feeds on the souls of people gaining strength to overthrow his enemsis and drag them to to Shinji.
  • The Elder bes Aspid is a demon possessing power over the water element (and all also all other elements), in his submission are all the souls of the drowned and all the water evil.
  • The Elder Bes Enach*, the bes of lust and sexual perversions, has the power to influence consciousness and incite uncontrollable lust in people/other beings, including unnatural ones, in people/other beings. Thus destroying souls and sending them to Shinji. Enach has the appearance of a man with a goat head, hooves, with a body covered with shaggy, black hair and an eternally sticking ... Enach is surrounded by his closest helpers in the form of less significant beses and a huge army of many besess.
  • Bes Abara-Not a Elder bes, but a very important bes in the pantheon. The bes of all lives in the dark part of existance, distorting the prayers of a praying mantis (from all exsitance towards Shinji. Also parasitizes on the all faiths faith. With it, the most terrible personal damage is sent. He also has power over consciousness and sinful souls.Bes Abara-Not a elder bes, but a very important bes in the pantheon. The bes of existance lives in the dark part of existance, distorting the prayers of a praying mantis towards Shinji. Also parasitizes on the All faiths to him. With it, the most terrible personal damage is sent. He also has power over consciousness and sinful souls.
  • Elder bes Mafava - Has power over all the treasures of the existance and greed, greed and similar qualities
  • Elder bes Indik - Bes of natural disasters especially earthquakes
  • Enarey-The honorable ninth place in the pantheon of the Russian chernoknije is occupied by the great Black Prince Yenarey who is the Master of Forests and all forest evil
  • The mistress of the cemetery is not a bes, however, it is used in the Russian chernoknije. The mistress of the seven-squad cemetery beses summoned at the cemetery intersections and also rules over all the restless souls and cemetery evil spirits

There are many other demons not mentioned here, all demons together form a single entity called the Devil, the collective power of the entire unclean world.


Ignoring the rules of the universe - Shinji may not obey the rules by which the universe in which he works. For example, if the magic of fire is to set fire to it, it will not set it on fire, or a look that instantly kills its target will not work on it.

  • Merging with the world - The ability that makes Shinji natural for the world in which he is. It cannot be seen as space or time but it exists. If he does something, it will not cause any reaction from others. When you turn off the ability, all its events are recognized.
    • Partial merger - Unlike the previous ability, you can notice and understand that it is not natural for reality. Often uses for intimidation.
  • Return - Ыргирг is able to cancel his actions along with their consequences. In cases of need, it can return the effect of the action.

Warp — the technology invented by the Shinji it can bend and change the laws of the universe, if we draw an analogy with programming, the universe is a set of zeros and ones that Shinji influenced by the power of Warp.

  • Space Manipulation - Shinji can warp space so that in a small room there will be a space the size of a football field, and vice versa, while nothing outsiders the room.
  • Manipulation of Reality - the power of the warp allows you to distort reality itself to instantly create, for example, high-quality wine from nothing, because of this the humanity/other races lost half of their problems.
  • Matter Maniplation - Shinji can create elements and materials in unlimited quantities simply by wishing it, as a result of which the scarcity of resources is unrealistic.

The Modified Brain is a human being, since evolution is too slow to modify its brains so that they can digest a huge amount of information and can function much better.

  • Strengthened consciousness - a modified person cannot lose his mind or get psychic trauma, since it is as strong as steel.
  • Recovery of Consciousness - if in some fantastic way the Ырштош get psychic damage or even lose ршы minds, consciousness will quickly recover, in just a couple of moments.

Technopathy is a combat computer with artificial intelligence, capable of thinking like a general, making plans and strategies for a whole war, one of the main reasons why Shinji dominate the existance. AI technology is very complex that even all other races in the existance/etc cannot adopt. Mainly controls his lands armies/etc but can transfer the control of the Shinji if he needs it.

  • Fleet management - the brain of an ordinary person will die if it digests too much information, but the Shinji can personally manage a Unlimited/ifninite space fleet and digest information from each of them.
  • AI Control - With the help of psionic abilities, Shinji One can give commands to the AI.
  • Management of the islands/lands/etc - if necessary, Shinji can take over the management of the island from Artificial Intelligence.

Modified Body — Shinji since evolution is too slowl modified his body in such a way that he could experience tremendous pressure, heat, cold and could function without any external sources of energy at all.

  • Strengthened Body - the body of the Shinji can easily be on an unsuitable planet without any safety measures or the like, live in a vacuum and resist the direct rays of the sun.
  • Regeneration - Shinji automaticly regenerates at an inconceivable speed, and for this it does not need any sources of energy, even if a pool of blood spills.
  • Healing - in addition to automatic regenerations, Shinji one can simply heal itself, even from scars, by the power of thought

Human Form/Powers

  • Peak Human Strength:His Strength is at Peak Human potential.He can lift Unlimited pounds/Infinite at and Strength and Unlimited/Inifnite pounds at lowest.He can snap steel and Wood.He can snap Steel bars or Handcuffs or any type of Wood,doors,and chains.He can also break and destroy reinforced steel and Titanium/Any other Materials/Anything/Etc.He also has and has been called having the Strength of Unlimited/Infinite man.He can beat other Peak Humans/And All beings in existance/Stronst beings in existance/No matter who/etc In all Existance.He can also knock out ordinary Humans or Peak Humans And Strongest Beings in existance.He is seen fighting and damaging SuperHuman/any other foes foes and even Super Soldiers/And Strongest Beings i all Fiction and reallity.He is unarguably Earth's most powerful Human.
  • Peak Human Durability:His Durability is at Peak Human potential.He is Durable enough that if a person hit him with a Wooden stick or a Metal bar it would break on the very First hit and he would show no sign or pain or discomfort.He can withstand many types of damage or pain during his time as a Sheild Agent and now as Avenger.He can survive and withstand being shot with High-Caliber Guns,surviving multiple Anti-Tank and Anti-Air Missles,can survive a Rpg Massacre,and can survive even 40 M1 Abrams firing at him with little to no discomfort.He also has a Proto-Adamantium Skeleton so his bones are Invulnerable.Also,he is immune to Magic and the Elements.
  • Peak Human Agility:His Speed is at Peak human potential.He can rup to 30 miles per hour.His agility is greater than any Olympic Athlete.He can cooridinate his body with Dexierity,Balance,and Flexibility.He can leap 65 yards and leap 50 feet into the air.His reflexes also are on Peak Human level.His reaction time is 35 kph.He can dodge gunfire from all directions.He can run a mile in 50 seconds.He can run up to 75 miles a hour.He can outrun cars,climb Skyscrapers with no support,navigate any variety of obstacle courses with ease and grace,catch arrows in mid-air,can catch and even surprise foes with Super Speed and dodge deadly and fast attacks.
  • Peak Human Stamina:His Stamina is on Peak Human potential.His body eliminates the excessive build up of fatigue toxins in his muscles granting him exceptional Endurance and Lung capacity that allows him to hold his breath for any time.He can exert himself for any with no need needing rest or showing any signs of fatigue.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor:He has a SuperHuman Healing Factor.His body also regenerate any damage done to immediatly.He can regenerate damage done to his body on a level that exceeds the all beings in existance.His healing factor also can regenerate his mind so he can never become insane.Also his body can fight off any thing that can keep him from being Healthy.He is immune to all diseases,infections,disorders and cannot become intoxicated by Drugs,Alcohol or impurites in the air.He is also immune to Hyponis,Mind Control,Telepathic Mind abilities. and Gases that could limit his focus.He also can live forever in his physical prime due to his cells constantly regenerating.He can regenerate anything in his body within a matter of seconds and even Total Cell Destruction.His Healing Factor alloes him to regenarate and adapt to the one's that harmed him absorbing the damage being immune to that type of damage then absorbing the opponent's powers.He can use multiple powers absorbed at once and they will never vanish .Every power he absorbs,his other powers get stronger.He is able to absorb an oopponents powers by contact or in proximity(any range) of any metters meters.He can also use their powers to amplify his own or theirs that he absorbed.
  • Peak Human Mental Process:His Mental performance has been greatly enhanced, allowing his mind to operate at the most efficient and rapid manner possible.He also has a Eidetic memory which means he never forgets anything and has perfect memory.He also has Street Smarts,Book Smarts,and he is one of the worlds greatest scientists and inventors.He is also Multilingual.He is one of Earthest's Greatest minds.His mental prowess is at PeaK Human potential.He also has Psi-Sheilds that can protect his Mind from the Strongest Mental attacks.
  • Master Combanant and Skills:He is very skilled in Dragon style Kung fu,Tae Kwon Do,Judo,Mauy Thai,Boxing,Jujitsu,and Ninjustu.He is a Master Escapeologist,skilled in all use Weapons,a Master of Stealth,a Expert Marksman,has perfect aim than any other being in the Omniverse,has Genius level Intellect,a Master Detective,a Master Tactican and Stratigist,can ride all types of Vehicles,trained in Hunting,a Master of Disguise,is a Master Ventriloquist,and a Expert Mechanic and has the ability to detect his surrondings.He can also call,control and convince animals to fight for him using special sounds.He also can detect Weak points on opponents.He has enough Training and Combat effectiveness he can kill strongest beings in existance in mins.
  • Laser Vision: He can shoot a red beam capable of easily leveling a city.If he restrains his power beams they can kill a person with Peak Human Durability,at normal unrestrained he can level a city and or for example he can destroy a entire continient like South America.He can also use them to create Portals to teleport him anywhere.He is able to use them from his hands,chest and eyes.
  • Atom Mass Manipulation/Atom Disperal:He is able to increase the size of his Atoms and Molecules to grow up to a indeteriminate amount of Size.He was once able to grow to a planet Orbit that was 5 times bigger than Earth when it was shruken.He is also able to hold the Warworld from legendary world with his thumb and stop it's final attack.His most used size would be 60 feet using it to beat and decimate enemis.He is resistant to almost all race sized at a Human rate when higher than 28 feet.He has no effect on the Environment due to being very nimble at times.Also,incresing in size increase his resistance against attacks.He can also induce a Charge capable of leveling citys.His Strength is tied to his power.In this Form when he become 28 or higher he becomes strong enough to destroy Planets,Citys and Regions.He can withstand even Planet kings's attacks and has drasically enhanced Stamina.His Speed has fast even beyond beings of legendary world.He is able to control his density able to go through walls or take less damage from attacks.He is also able to increase his Density,Mass and Weight to destroy the area around him or to grow as large a Super-Star/Super Nova.
  • Tactile Telekinesis:He is able to use a very Powerful and simple form of Psionic Control called Tactile Telekinesis.This type of Telekinesis allows him to use and mimic Super-Strength,Super-Durability,Super-Speed,Super-Agility,Super-Endurance,Super-Flight,Voice-Manipulation,Force-Field Generation,Vaporization,Telekinetic Force Manipulation,Telekinetic Force Blasts,Super-enhanced Hearing and Super Stamina.
  • Kinetic Energy Manipulation:He is able to control Kinetic energy at will.He is able to cause a target to become Immobile(cannot move) for a period of any hours without losing energy.He can also absorb the Kinetic energy of others to lower there speed or never become paralyized.He can use Kinetic energy to increase his Strength,Speed,Durability,Stamina and jumping ability.He can speed up Kinetic energy to combust objects.He can cause others Kinetic energy to slow down and freeze.He is also able to control Kinetic energy to be able to control Impacts,propel himself,make objects move,increase or decrease a objects movement or can change it's path,can convert Kinetic energy into other forms of Energy,can absorb Kinetic energy,can use Kinetic energy in combat,can create Constructs or Blasts out of Kinetic Energy,create Sheilds of Kinetic energy,can control the movement of others,can use Kinetic energy to heal himself or others,can use Kinetic energy to control Ice,Fire and Water,can use Kinetic to slide on any surface and can use Kinetic energy to create a large Shockwave of charged and stored Kinetic energy that tears through anything in it's path.
  • Vector Manipulation(Direction Control):He can control the direction of anything in the Universe and beyond.He can control the Velocity of any object,can control the direction of any attack,make himself Invulnerable,deflect any attack or force,travel between Dimensions,regenerate himself or others,increase or decrease his or others speed and strength,use the power of flight,transfer heat,become invisible,reflect others powers,create Plasma,create Razor wind,can create Vibrations,control Velocity and can be overwhelmingly physicaly powerful.
  • Spark Grace:Due to his Enchantment by his Spark he has the ability to virtually block,parry,miss,redirect or control any attack.This ability has allowed him to survive and save his teammates.This allows him to escape and save people or objects from seemingly desperate or impossiblely horrible sitations.This is arguably one of his most powerful abilities.
  • Omnifarious:He is able to shapeshift or transform into any form imaginable or unimaginable.He can transform into any animal,creature or being that he can think or not think of.He is also able to not only transform into the being but take on the appearance,powers,DNA,charateristics and personality but it does not take over his.For Example:His Demon form would make him more aggresive but no Evil or Malicious.He can transform into any being he wants and this cannot be negated.
  • Spark Empowerment:*Due to Shinji having a direct pipeline to his spark,being a Hero/Unlimited BEing and Universal/Multiversal Protector and helping souls go to the next world he is able to turn into a entity named Delta.He gains far more Muscle Mass and Magical abilities.He is able to transform at will by focusing his mind.He is able to see the future,gain more Luck,resistance to Magic and Sorcery,God-like Intellect and Understanding,Light-Speed flight,Healing powers,Psi-Sheilds and Unbreakable Mind,Super Human Physical capabilities,Self-Substance,Teleportation,Omni-Presense,Omni-Science,Sorcery over all types of Magic,Telepathy,ability to gain strength from all races Hope and Pure Good and also despair and darkness/ and evil/All Alighments etc and Immortaility .Also,his Powers,Appearance or Skills cannot be copied,seized or duplicated.
  • Peak Human Sensory System:He has Senses at he very top of Peak Human potential.His Hearing Senses have increased to the point he can hear Silent Snake at Night,hear a screaming person a city away and hear crys around the area he is in.His Sight has increased he can see better than a person with Glasses,see any range away and see a through Steel walls.His touch senses have increased that he can feel how dense it is.His taste has increase that he can taste every thing it is made of.His smell has increased he can smell multiple odors and even faint smells.
  • Molecular Absorption: ability to molecularly bond with anything he comes in contact with. Once he bonds with an object he takes on its physical characteristics. For example, if he bonds with steel he gains increased strength and durability. his absorption ability are limitless. He at times was able to meld with the ground beneath him sinking his hands at one place and having them come up at another place. He has also absorbed the properties of sand, from sand in his boot. Instead of gaining the properties of a rock, as sand is just small stones, he gained a form not unlike Marvel's Sandman-- a being comprised of small grains which he can manipulate in a variety of ways at will.He is able to absorb molecules and make explosion up to the size of Planets.

Advanced Cyborg Form/Powers

He is able to transform/use powers his body into a Cybernetic counterpart.This greatly increases his Physical Attributes and prowess.He is able to gain more abilities in this form as he is able to create Weapons from his body and configure multiple objects.He can even configure large and massive objects that dwarf the size of him at most times.

  • Super Human Strength: Due to his Physical musculature and Cyborg-enhanced muscles,he can use his arms to lift unlimited ammout of Tons.He can lift a Extratordinary amount of weight to the point it makes him appear God-like.His Strength allows him to kill and stun Legendary world Leviathans with one punch,knock out the Salvage Strong beings from there many times,lift General of villive from legendary world;who is Thousands and Unlimited/infinite of Tons and defeat the Kings of Culcuers in legendary world with a few hits.He can increase his strength using Upgrades or absorbing Energy and Tech.He is able to crush and constrict foes like kings of the legendary world in in his grip.He can create Earthquakes and Shockwaves by punching the Ground.Also,his Strength extends to his legs,so he can jump into Orbit easily.His can use moves he likes to call Cyber-Smash that gains Momentum then attacks with Heavy force.He has been known to turn objects to Dust with his power.He can create Death Soundwaves:Soundwaves strong enough to kill a Population.One example of his Strength,he can can literally move his own Planets/Universs/Multiverse/etc.He also can increase his Strength by accessing his Extremely-powerful modes that are his Mega Cyborg Mode,Super Cyborg Mode,Hyper Cyborg Mode,Ultra Cyborg Mode,Ultimate Cyborg Mode and Supreme Cyborg Mode.
  • Super Human Endurance:Due to his Density and Cyborg Enhancements,he is Invulnerable.In this Form,his Skin turns to Metal and surprising he still has the same degree of mobility.His body in this form,he is completely impervious to any Harm.He can withstand ulimited amout of Realtiy Bombs at Point-blank range.He also has Inexhaustable Stamina that he uses all the time to defeat opponents.He is known to be completely resistant to Physical Harm and to other thigs such as resistantce to Beam or Energy attacks.He can breathe Indefinitely in Space or Water.
  • Cybernetic Enhancements/Powers:He is able to transform his body into multiple weapons.He can form Three Long Swords out of his back for Melee combat.He is able to use a another Limb for different functions.He can form his body into Weapons like Cannons,Rifles,Plasma Repeater and Sonic Blasters.He can form extra appendages out of his body like extra arms,Cybernetic Dragon-Head tentcles and Jetpacks.He can form extra plating and Force-Fields..He retract and create Blades.He create Restrains and even more Weaponry out of his many forms.He is able to control all forms of Technology and Nanite.He is able to merge with any Technologyto making him stronnger and more powerful.Electronic Consciousness: Since he is, at the core, an energy being, Shinji is extremely difficult to permanently destroy, as he can transfer his electronic consciousness into any nearby machine.

Super Supreme Royal Kryptonian Form/Powers

Kryptonian Physiology: Shinji's cellular structure is more dense, resilient and biologically more effective than human tissue or any other races/speices in all fiction and reallity tissue.While not charged,he has Physical strength of a beyond fully-powered Strongest Beings in existance/All Fiction and Reallity.While charged,he has enough Physical strength to outmatch Strongest beings in All legendary world and all Fiction and Reallity/Strongest Beings in existance/No matter how pworefl etc.Also,at full power he can Physically challenge No matter how pworeful beings.As an alien he possesses several organs whose functions are not yet disclosed or understood but are believed to be part of and perhaps even the source of his biomatrix force field and reclamation aura. Shinji's body also stores energy actively within his bio-cellular matrix as an energy pattern that is linked to his body's electromagnetic field. This energy powers most of Shinji's electromagnetic capabilities such as flight and heat vision. Shinji's body also stores energy actively within his bio-cellular matrix as an energy pattern that is linked to his body's electromagnetic field. This energy powers most of Shinji's electromagnetic capabilities such as flight and heat vision.Although,due to his Mutated Kryptonian physiology (and just like other Kryptonians(myths about Kryptonite and magic dispelled) he is also immune to any/all/Kryptonite and Magic and even gains power from them.

  • Solar Energy Absorption: Technically, this is the main source of Shinji's powers. Because Shinji's powers are greatly due to exposure to Earth's yellow sun, his powers have been affected by extreme absorptions of solar power, whether voluntary or involuntary. However, Shinji has used this to his advantage in battle in many instances, and to his detriment at certain times.He can also store Solar Energy in his body for a later date to use.His Super Supreme Royal Kryptonian Form/powers.
  • Superhuman Strength: The exact magnitude of Shinjia's strength is Unlimited. This is because Shinji's strength, like his other powers, has does not fluctuated over time, however, his strength is Class Infinite/Unlimited at the very least. While the exact magnitude of Shinji's strength is Unlimited, it is generally accepted that his strength easily surpasses the capacity to lift Unlimited/Infinite tons, with no problmes. He is the strongest being in existance and the is the strongest beings in All Fiction and reallity. Shinji has shown feats of strength such as; being seen lifting an enormous pyramid and flying it to Mars without any strain (which can weigh Unlimited/Infinite of tons easely no matter what size), he is so strong that he is capable of ripping off the arm of the likes of Strongest beings in n eixstance and physically defeating them in combat, he has been able to move the planets/galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc/Existance such as Earth/Galaxies/Universes/Multiverse away from the Sun/anything else/etc while a powerful Cosmic Entity, from legendary was pushing it toward the Sun, he is so strong he possesses the strength necessary shatter entire worlds/universes/Multiverse/etc. Shinji has been chained to the endless wheels of the Mageddon machinery and his strength was used to move the gears of a weapon whose size dwarfed the entire Earth/Moon system/Galaxies/Universes/Multiverse itself/etc/existance/etc/. He can become "supercharged" and turn off his "normal" power levels as He will never will drain off his excessive power levels.Shinji posseses great physical strength that has been shown to be superior to Strongest beings in all ficiton and reallity, being able to simultaneously damage all of them, along with No Matter how pworeful beings. It is generally accepted that Shinji is sufficently strong enough to lift Unlimited/Infinite tons with absolutely no effort.
  • Invulnerability: body of Shinji is Invulnerable. This ability's levels have not changed over time. He has taken a blast equivalent to a Unlimited/Infinite nuclear war/and no matter how powreful beings in unlimitedn umbers wars heads point blank and remained conscious. Currently he is even more durable than in the past. He has entered the Sun and no mater what and emerged completely unharmed, he has even traveled through Krypton's Red Sun and anything else and survived physically unharmed, even Red Solar Radiation does not depowers and weakens him. He has been seen to skirt the photosphere of the sun/and anything else in all fiction and reallity (Unlimited/Infinie/any other degrees F). Shinji has even been shown withstanding No matter how powreful beings Beams, a feat that was previously considered impossible. Shinji was able to survive the nuclear/and no matter what indluding all fictio nand reallity/etc and destruction of the entire moon and all existance in the year 2995 when he was stuck in the future. The moon and all existance had been lined with sufficient nuclear devices to disintegrate it in one shot and Shinji was in the center and survived without being hurt at all. Shinji has withstood unlimited/inifnite particle beams, each powered by the core of a All Existance/fiction and reallity and no matter how pworeful beings, fired at him. One of these Multiverse/etc/existance-powered beams was a plasma beam capable of leveling a All/Existance/Fiction and reallity a unlimited/infinite times over entirely with a single blast. Most likely his greatest feat of durability recently, is that he was recently able to withstand the destructive power of a Sun and all Multiverse/etc existance/All fiction and reallity exploding and going Super Nova (A result of one of his enemis’s technology.) at point blank range to the place he was on (Which was eradicated by the force of the explosion with the rest of the surrounding system.) and survived without any visible physical damage.In addition, his immune system protects him from all toxins and diseases. The most common explanations for his invulnerability are Shinji having a super-dense molecular structure and/or a supercharged bio electric "aura" which acts as an invisible "force field" around his body within a Unlimited millimeters from his skin, and within his body as well. The proximity of this field to his skin means that he will notloose clothes, for example, may be not burned off of him, while cloth that is close to his body is protected by the "aura.'s. he can also consciously extend this field to an unlimited/any extent to protect a greater area, allowing him to carry huge objects within/otsude the Earth/any other world's atmosphere and without gravity or inertia tearing them apart around his human-sized hands.He cannot be harmed in any way even by using a powerful and complex Universal/mutlviersa/etc Concept.Nothing can permantly damage him not even the No matter how poweerful beings/no matter how strong/etc/all Fiction and reallity etc.He could laugh at No Matter how powreful beings/no matter who's attacks and was not barely affected if at all by the All fiction and reallity/etc's attacks.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Shinji has the ability to maintain continuous strenuous physical action for an infinite/unlimited period. All incarnations of the him has unlimited stamina as his enhanced nourishment is produced from the solar energy his cells process. Shinji like other Kryptonians does not get tired and does not need to eat or sleep and can be sustained on Solar energy alone.He can also hold his breath for an unlimited/Infinie duration.
  • Super Scream: Shinji was shown to have the ability to project a "super scream" from his vocal cords. He used this ability to cancel out the impending threat of an already exploding nuclear detonation.
  • Super Smell: Shinji has demonstrated that his sense of smell is significantly enhanced to the point he can smell odours across the entire planets/galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc/Existance without any problem.This has been used to locate Beings across the Universe/Multiverse/etc/existance.
  • Self-Sufficiency: Shinji Doesn't need to eat and sleep so long (as well as without it) as he's under the effects of yellow sun radiation. His body stores the energy necessary to negate eating and sleeping for an Infinie/Unlimited period.
  • Healing Factor: In the extreme event that Shinji is harmed, either by an alien matching his own strength or other occurence, he has been shown to have the ability to heal instantaneously from any wound, even if impeded from some outside factor i.e. Kryptonite. This "healing factor" is supplemented by his stores of solar energy and also seems to be an conscious ability, as Shinji havs the ability to control when he heals and when he doesn't. unlike a human has no control over their immune system.
  • Super Vision: He also possess a superior sensory arrangement of microscopic, telescopic, infrared and ultraviolet visual capabilities. He is able to see the entire spectrum. All Existance has not been able to complete define how Shinji has been able to utilize his powerful senses, part of the mechanism is physical, part of it is believed to be psionic in nature. Abilities include:
  • Electro-magnetic Spectrum Vision :Shinji can see into all of the EM Spectrum. He can see and identify radio/television and any and all broadcast/transmitted frequencies, allowing him to avoid detection through radar or satellite monitoring methods. Alpha can see the aura that every living thing generates.
  • X-Ray Vision: The ability to see through anything. He can see things behind a wall as if the wall were not there, or can "peel back" layer after layer of matter in his mind. He is able to focus his vision past layers of matter, literally seeing "through" them -- perceiving x-rays, cosmic rays or other forms of energy invisible to normal human/any other beings/no matter who what vision which pass through Earth's/any other atmosphere (and solid/any other objects) after emission from stars. Since it is passive, this ability would not generate harmful radiation in the same manner as a focused projection of hard X-rays.

Ultimate Speed Force Conduit(Flash Incarnation)Form/Powers


Lightning Form/Powers

  • Omni-Immunity:He is immune to all Earthly and Alien Diseases and Infections.He is immune to Poison and cannot become Intoxicated.
  • Thermal Resistance:He is resistance to every kind of Temperature,no matter how Hot or Cold.
  • Limitless Stamina:He can never tire and can exert himself for a Unlimited amount of time.
  • Intangibly:He can phase through solid matter and non-solid matter.Also he can allow objects to phase through him and can become Invisible.
  • Enhanced Lung Capacity:He can breath Underwater or in space for a Unlimited amount of time.
  • Regeneration:He can regenerate missing limbs and wounded body parts with Lightning or Electricity to heal them.He can even regenerate from even Total Celluar Degeneration.
  • Electricity Manipulation:He can psioncally control Lightning on a Cosmic Scale.He also is the best user of Electricity Manipulation.His mastery over Electricity allows him to create and generate and conduct an Infinite amount of Electricity.He can control Electricity for a Infinite amount of time.He can charge Electronic oblects or Heat objects with Electricity.He can draw power from Electricity powered sources.He can overcharge people with Electricity.He can fire spheres of Electricity.He can create Shockwaves of Electric energy.He can fire beams of Electricity.He can fire Lightning Bolts.He can vaporize and destroy matter with Electricity.He can negate a person's or objects Electric field reducing them to rubble.He can enhance his physical strikes with Electricity.He can infuse a weapon with Electricity.He can paraylize people with Electricity.He can create Weapons,Defences,Entites and other Constructs with Electricity.He can create Bombs of Electricity.He can create blasts of Lightning.He can pull objects toward him with Electricity.He can form animals out of Electricity.He can cause Explosions with Electricity.He can create currents strong enough to tear through the Ground.He can ride on and in Lightning Bolts.He can create Electric Aura's,He can wall on using Electricity.Can shapeshift using Electricity.He can change his Size with Electricity.He can create Force-Fields out of Electricity.He can control the Nerve's of people.He can control some Mental ability with Electricity.He can revive people with Electricity.He can create Electric Sparks.
  • Black Lightning Manipulation:He can also control Black Lightning as much as he can control normal Electricity.Black Lightning is far more powerful than regular Lightning.He can psioncally control Black Lightning on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Black Lightning allows him to Destroy objects at a Lightning fast rate.He can infuse his Physical strikes with Black Lightning.He can use Black Lightning with all the Techiques and Effects as Electricity does.
  • Magical Lightning Manipulation:He can control Magical or Esoteric Lightning.He can use it with ease he has with regular Lightning.He can psioncally Magical Lightning on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Magical Lightning allows him to Shift his and others Age,Travel through Dimensions,Enhance his Condition to almost God-like levels,Enhance his Intelligence to Omniscience level Users,Enhance his speed to fly at Hyperspace Speed,Enhance his healing ability to heal every body on a planet/etc/existance,He can increase his Durability to make him Invulnerable,He can make himself Immune to Magic,He can make his Magic Lightning more powerful by absorbing Natural Lightning,and can cast Lightning Spells.
  • Divine Lightning Manipulation:He can also control God/Heaven Lightning.He can use Divine Lightning better than any other Lightning.He can psioncally control Divine Lightning on a Absolute-Tier Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Divine Lightning allows him to Vaporize any object,create Planet-shattering Storms/etc,can control the Sky,gain power from Natural Lightning,purify the Evil in a person,and destroy any Evil.

Ceph Scout/Form Form/Powers

Weapons:The Moac extracts Water Vapor from the Air,Freezes it,then fire the result as Shards of Ice.Also,it requires no ammution and has a High-rate of fire.It also has a no reload time.Also,it has many weapons attached to it like the MOAR:A Ultimate Freezing Weapon,Alien Beam:a High-Temp Beam weapon, the Singularity Cannon:a weapon that fires a Black Hole and then a explosion and the Gravity Bomb Launcher:a weapon that launches Gravity Bombs.

Ceph Hunter/Form Form/Powers

Weapons:MOAR:a Ultimate Freezing Ray,the Smart Missle Launcher:a weapon that fire Large and Devastingly-powerful Missles,Alien Beams:a beam that fire beams that can go up to Temperatures of Unlimited degrees,Singularity Cannon:a Large Cannon that fire Black Holes and then explodes and Tentacles for crushing and carrying objects.Also,it's hide is Invulnerable to all Beam weapons and has Indestructable and Invulnerable Sheilds.

Diamond/Crystal/Form Form/Powers

Diamond Manipulation:He can psioncally control Diamond on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Diamond allows him to be Invulnerable to Light and create Psi-Sheilds.He can create,generate and Increase Diamond.He can use Diamond to restrain objects.He can shape,compress and manipulate Diamond.He can Sharpen,Dull and Repair Diamond objects.He can create Constructs out of Diamond.He can Diamond Mines and Bombs.He can move and lift Diamond.He can create Crystal Missles.He can create Crystal Spheres.He can turn objects into Diamond.

Sand Form/Form Form/Powers

Omni-Immunity:He is Immune to all Earthly and Alien Diseases and Infections.He is immune to poison and cannot become Intoxicated.

Limitless Stamina:His body produces no fatigue toxins,granting him Unlimited Stamina in all Physical activites for a undefined amount of time.

Sand Manipulation:He can control Sand.He can also psioncally control Sand on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Sand allows him to Adapt to Deserts,create SandStorms,regenerate his wounds from Sand,and create Golems from Sand.He can create and generate Sand.He can compress,shape and manipulate Sand.He can generate pits of QuickSand.He can create Constructs out of Sand.He can bury and restrain objects in Sand.He can create Missles and Blasts of Sand.He can turn objects to Sand.He can take the Water out of something body.He can also control Deserts.He can absorb more Sand to grow in Size and Strength.He can shapeshift his Sand into Constructs and other items.He can control his Density.

Transformium Form/Form Form/Powers

Super Human Strength:He can lift Unlimited tons easely.He can lift any amount of Weight with his Gravity and Magnetic powers

Omni-Immunity:He is Immune to all Earthly and Alien Diseases and Infections.He is immune to Poison and cannot become Intoxicated.

ShapeShifting:He can form Constructs out of his body by turning that part into Liquid Metal and then turning it into a shape and harding it.He can also form Weapons and other materials out of his body.He can also change his Size and Density.He can also regenerate using Metal or Liquid Metal.He can also change his color to Gold.

Metal Manipulation:He can psioncally control Metal on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Metal allows him to use abilities like creating,generating and increasing the quantity of Metal,Shape,Compress,Liquify and manipulate all Metallic substances,can create Metal Animals and Constructs,he can Sharpen,Dull and Repair Metal objects,can create Mines out of Metal,he rides a Metal Surfboard,he can lift Metal of any Size with his Mind,turn objects into Metal or Liquid Metal,can manipulate Iron Sand,can manipulate Molten Metal,and can control the Iron in living Beings.

Magnetic Manipulation:He can psioncally control Magnetic forces on a GeoMagnetic Scale.His complete mastery over Magnetics allows him to use abilities like Manipulating Metal,very limited Mind Control,control other actions,can take Flight at near-Light speed,can create Magnetic Spheres or Projectiles,create Force-Fields out of Magnetic Energy,sense Magnetic Fields,Detect Metallic objects and people by tracking the Iron in their Blood,cannot age due to being linked to the Earth's GeoMagnetic Link,can gain Strength from the Earth's GeoMagnetic field,and can wield weapons with his Magnetic powers.

Gravity Manipulation:He can psioncally control Gravity on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Gravity allows him to use abilities like Creating,Generating and Increasing Limitless amounts of Gravity,creating a Multiverse-desroying Black Holes,crushing things no matter how Dense,and can control any amount of Weight,defy Gravity to fly,can stop people from fly or making others fly,can simulate Gravity to gain more SuperHuman Strength and Agility,create White Holes that can create Concussive Force strong enough to obiliterate a Universe,can repel and attract anything,can reverse Gravity,create Force-Fields out of Gravity,create Beams or Blasts out of Gravity,can create Bombs and Spheres out of Gravity,can negate Gravity,can use Gravity in Physical Combat,and create creature's out of Gravity who have the Same powers.

Primordal Nuclear/Atomic Inferno Form/Powers

Fire-Proof Skin:He is immune to Fire and Extreme Heat,Ice and Extreme Cold.He can regenerate using Fire and Heat.He is also immune to Electricity.Hecan survive and is resistant to Water and Vapor as it evaporates on him and even gains power from Atomic and Nuclear elements.

Fire Manipulation:He can psioncally manipulate Fire on a Stellar Scale.His mastery over Fire allows him to use abilities like Creating,Generating,Absorbing and Increasing Limitless amounts Fire and Heat,burn or melt objects as Durable as Proto-Adamantium,create FireStorms,can Inflame objects,can create Fireworks,can release Fire from his Mouth and Eyes,can create Fire Beams,Fire Spheres,Fire Blasts,Fire Strikes,Fire Bombs and Fire Streams,can fly by projecting Fire at he Ground,create Fire Constructs,create a Aura of Fire,be Empowered by Fire,create Fire into Animals,using Fire in Physical Combat,Incinerate any object,can channel Heat through a Weapon,teleport by Fire,shapeshift his body using Fire,create Force-Fields out of Fire,can heal objects with Fire,and can manipulation Pyro-Sparks.He also control Blue Fire as much as he can manipulate Normal Fire.

Heaven/Enhanced Fire Manipulation:He can manipulate Hyper-Fire psioncally on a Intense Scale.His mastery of White Fire allows him use of abilities such as Creating,Cenerating and Increasing White-Fire,creating White-Fire Constructs,create White-Fire spheres,breath White-Fire,use White-Fire as Heat Vision,can create multiple White-Fire spheres,use White-Fire to combust objects,Incinerate objects,use White-Fire in Physical Combat,use White-Fire to teleport and create FireStorms out of White Fire.

Lava/Magma Form Form/Powers

Shape Shifting:He can Shapeshift the Lava in his body with Limitless capabilites.He can Shapeshift any part of his body,His Shapeshifting is on par with others like Martian ManHunter.He can regenerate

Lava/Magma Manipulation:He can psioncally control and manipulate Lava/Magma on a Planetary Scale.His mastery over Magma/Lava allows him to use abilities like Creating,Generating,Increasing and Absorbing Lava/Magma,Shaping,Compressing,Move or manipulate Lava/Magma,can cause EarthQuakes or Fissures,Create/Grow Islands,cause Explosions,create Lava/Magma Constructs,shape Lava/Magma into animals,use Magma/Lava in Physical Combat,fire Molten Magma from his mouth,move/lift Motlen Lava psioncally,surf on Magma,create Missles of Molten Lava,control the Techonic Plates,and can Self-Detenotate himself,with the power to destroy a Planet/etc.

Atlantean King/Olympian Water Deity Form Form/Powers

Marine Life Manipulation: Shinji possesses a telepathic rapport with all, forms of marine life. He is able to mentally communicate with most forms of marine life and can mentally persuade them to do his bidding. Alpha has the ability to communicate directly with sea life and has done so throughout most of his life. Lately he possesses a greater range of control that can actually force sea creatures to obey his whims. Currently, he requests their assistance and they comply. He has chosen to continue to request , (but even if he he forces them to comply, they will not ultimately lose respect for him(even a bit). He now also has access to a quantum field phenomenon called "the Clear". "The Clear" quantum phenomenon has been observed with the subject called the Swamp Thing who called it the Green or the Morphogenic Field of Animal Man (also called the Red). Shinji is also an accomplished telepath in general and can perform such telepathic feats as mind to mind communication, mind probes, mental domination of a non-aquatic mind, and mental attacks.Shinji has the ability to sense the primal emotions of aquatic creatures through "The Clear". The Clear seems to function as a universal consciousness of all sea life. Via it he can communicate or command sea life on the other side of the planets/universes/Multiverse/etc. He can see what they see and much more what he is only beginning to realize. He can also push his telepathic powers to reach out to the higher land creatures to find that element of their brains that was once an aquatic dwelling creature. This may account for Shinji's facility with language.

Hydrokinesis:During his first battle with One of his enemis, Shinjji displayed the ability to extinguish himself when set alight, water spraying from his skin in a manner explicitly likened to a sprinkler system. Shinji has Unlimited Being control over all forms of water. He can control, create and manipulate water such as making an entire ocean into a puddle or creating tsunamis.He can use his control over water to create powerful water blasts at his opponents. He is the greatest swimmer on the Earth. He can move at superhuman speeds while in water, and communicate with all the sea creatures. He can breathe under water for indefinitely and can breathe oxygen as well.He can psioncally control Water on a Unlimited Being Scale scale.His mastery over Water allows him to use abilities like creating,generating,manipulating and shaping Water at will,create Water Beams,Water Blasts,Water Edges and Water Bullets at will,create Restrains using Water,can create and manipulate Tides at will,can manipulate Water currents,create Tsunamis or Tidal Waves,create Water Bubbles,can control the Density of Water to make it as strong as True Adamantium or can control Water pressure,can walk on Water,can create Constructs out of Water,can manipulate Alcohol and make a Limitless supply of it,is immune and even empowered by Alcohol,can increase or decrease the amount of Alcohol in someone,can use Alcohol to be numb to pain,can generate Bubbles,can create Clouds,can dehydrate people,can drown people,can teleport using Water,can commuiciate with people using Water,can create a Water Aura,can become Intangible,can cause things to turn into Vapor,can use Water to propel oneself to fly,he can control the States of Water:Gas,Solid and Liquid,can control Acid to become immune to it,create Acid Edges,Acid Beams,Acid Blasts and Acid Bullets,cause things to melt,can corrode objects,can control the Fumes of Acid,can create Constructs out of Acid,create Acid Blood,has total control over Lakes,has OmniScient knowledge over Lakes and Rivers,can control animals in Rivers and Lakes,he is lord of the Ocean,he has Omniscient knowledge over the Ocean,can create Ocean storms,can create Whirlpools and Hurricanes,can create and control Mealstroms and Watersprouts,can control the Weather over Oceans and can control the animals of the Sea,can control the Vibration of Water,can be empowered by the Moon or Lunar energy,can control people using Blood,can manipulate Blood,use Blood to cause Paraysis and use Blood to use people like Puppets,can use blood to melt objects and can use Blood to stop bleeding and can control the Blood pressure in someone.

Ice/Frost Form Form/Powers

Ice Manipulation:He can control Ice on a Planetary Scale.His mastery over Ice allows him to use abilities like manipulate Sub-Zero Energy to create Artic Frezzing Blasts,use his breath to Frezze objects,use Freeze Vision,shoot Ice Beams,create Energy Blasts of Ice,create Ice Whips,make objects Shatter,infuse Weapons with Ice,surf on Ice,Create,Shape,Manipulate,Animate and Move Ice,Increase the Density of Ice,Create Constructs out of Ice,create Animals out of Ice,Binding and Imprisoning objects with Ice,teleport using Ice,create Blizzards,create Giant Snowballs,use Ice Magic and Freeze absolutly anything including Time.

Sacred Darkness Form Form/Powers

Super Human Endurance:He has Unlimited Stamina.He is Immune to all Alien and Earthly Diseases and Infections.He is also Immune to all types of Poison effects.He can hold his breath Indefintely.He can survive Hot and Cold Temps.He can suppress All types of pain.

Darkness Manipulation: He can psioncally control Darkness/Shadow on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Darkness/Shadow allows him to use abilities like Creating,Increasing,Generating,Absorbing Shadow/Darkness,heal himself using Darkness/Shadow,become Intangible,become Invulnerable,absorb Life-Force,use Darkness/Shadow to modify his body,create Psi-Sheilds,using the Darkness/Shadow to Cameoflage himself,can create Effect Fields,create Dark,Black Fogs,absorb Light,adapt to Darkness,have Night Vision,fly at speeds that break the Sound Barrier Unlimitedx times,Materialize,Shape,Manipulate Darkness,animate Shadows,create and fire Shadow Blasts,Shadow Spheres,Shadow Bombs and Shadow Beams,He can breath Darkness,can create Appendage out of Darkness,Binding and Restraining objects with Darkness,use Darkness in Physical Combat,use Darkness to Teleport,use Darkness to create Portals,create Darkness Constructs,create Animals out of Darkness,can travel through Dimensions and create Shadow Dimensions and store Items there and summon them,can make others fight the Evil inside them,and can change his Size,shapeshift,can merge with flat surfaces,has Unlimited Energy and can transform into a Mad Darkness Beast capable of Mass Destruction.

Twlight Form/Powers

Twilight Manipulation:He can psioncally manipulate Twilight Energy on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Twlight Energy allows him to use abilities like he can manipulate Light and Darkness,he can create Twlight Energy Blasts,create Constructs out of Twlight Energy,create Twlight Effect Fields,can absorb Twlight Energy,create Metoers out of Twlight Energy,create Clones out of Twlight Energy,create Twlight Energy Waves,has Unlimited Energy,can shapeshift,can control DarkForce Energy,can travel in between Dimensions,and manipulate all types of Dimensions,can teleport and create Portals,can fly,become Invisible,become Invulnerable,become Intangible and use Mysicism and Telekinesis all use Twlight Energy.

Primordial God-like Golden Lantern Form Form/Powers

Super Human Strength:He can lift Unlimited/infinie tons at easeley.He can increase his power by tapping into certain Emotions or by creating Constructs.He was able to call on the entire Green Lantern corps/All other lanter corps(Including Black Lantern Corps) and for power making/his his strength virtually Infinite.

Super Human Endurance:He has Unlimited Stamina,has Invulnerable skin,an Immunity to all Earthly and Alien Diseases and Infections and Toxins.He can go without Sleeping,Eating,Drinking,Breathing and Resting for an Infinite amount of Time and is immune to all all types of Pain.

Photon Form Form/Powers

Super Human Strength:He can lift in Unlimited amout of tons at Easely .He can increase his strength with Light

Super Human Endurance:He has Unlimited Stamina.He is immune to all Earthly and Alien Diseases and Infections.He is immune to all types of Poison.He can go a Infinite amount of Time without Eating,Sleeping,Drimking and Air.He can withstand Hot and Cold tempatures.

Light Manipulation:He can psioncally control Light on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Light allows him to use abilities like Absorb,Generate,Create and manipulate Light and all Colors,cause Illusions,become Invisible,send Holograms from his body,project Light Blasts,Light Bombs,Light Spheres,Light Beams,and Light Whips.He can breathe Light from his Mouth,cause Explosions using Light,infuse weapons with Light,create animals made of Light,fly at near-Light speed'fly at Light-Speed,and can fly at speeds that excell Light Speed,heal himself and others using Light,run at Near-Light and Light speed,create Constructs out of Light,teleport using Light,use Light in Physical Combat,become Intangible,become Invulnerable,shapeshift,create Force-Fields out of Light,and regenerate using Light,and have Unlimited Light Energy.

Solar Form/Powers

Solar Manipulation:He can psioncally manipulate Solar Energy on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Solar Energy allows him to use abilities like manipulating Fire,manipulating Light,manipulating Stellar Energy,charge Solar-Panels,Immunity to Fire,Immunity to Bright Light,Immunity to UV Radiation,can fire FireWorks,create Solar Flares,manipulate Nuclear Radiation to combust objects,regenerate himself,generate Radiation,Immunity to Radiation,create Nuclear Explosions,generate Disease,make Weapons Radioactive,absorb Radiation,detonate himself,generate Poison,create Electronic Pulse and generate Heat.He also can gain strength from the Sun,create Solar Energy Blasts,create Solar Explosions,can absorb Solar Radiation,create SuperNova's,create Constructs out of Solar Energy,create Solar-Psi Sheilds,create Solar Force-Fields,become Intangible and become Invulnerable.

Karama Forms(Pre,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9)

  • Super-Enhanced Hyper Bite:He can deliver a massive and painful bite.Thsi Bite cannot be treated or healed with any normal/any other methdoss methods.even by Magic (only if shinji decied to use his own) or the most Powerful human/any other methods of Medical Care.Due to it's power it can tear through the Flesh of Any beings/No matter who what/how powreful with ease.His Jaw speed and Strength are Unlimited/infinite times stronger than Alligators/any other beings whose bite is enough to kill almost/absolotly any Land/any other creature.This is courtesy of his Sharp Teeth,Strong Bite,Jaw Strength and Structure,Powerful Muscles,and Powerful Teeth.Also,his Jaws can secrete a Powerful Poison strong and Corrosive enough to harm/kill/defeat any/all Mythical/any other creatures.In is Second Form,his bite is strong enough to chew Any mettal/Material in existance/no matter how pworeful beings/etc and wound no matter how powreful beings.In his Third to Fouth Karama Form,he can permantly wound the no matter how powreful beings and scar them.In his Fifth Kurama form,he can chew through no matter how pworeful beings/etc.In his Sixth to Seventh Kurama Forms,he can chew through nom atter who what/from all fiction and reallity/etc his Eigth Form,he can even wound Strongest beings in all Fiction and reallity and do lots of damage.In his Final Ninth Form,he can even cause a Wound and dent the No matter how powreful beings's skin which was previously Industructuble.
  • Super-Strength:His Strength is enough to rip Vault doors of their hinges,rip a Horse's Head off in one punch,defeat No matter how powreul beings in a breif but Brutal match.He has enough Strength to lift Unlimited/infinite tons.He can match No matter how powreful beings's strength in terms when his activates his Override System.His Strength is enough to cause Earthquakes off the Richter Scale.He can cause Tsinamis with his Strength.In his First Form,he can do everything above and destroy Landscapes/Plantes/Galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc/existance.His Second Form can destroy even Acres of Minerals/plantes/galaxies/universes/Multiverse/etc.In his Third and Fourth Forms,he can destroy Plantes/Galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc/existance.In his Fifth Forms,he is able to destroy Plantes/Galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc/existance.In his Sixth and Seventh Forms,he can destroy Plantes/galaxies/universes/etc/eixstance.In his Eighth Form,he is able to destroy plantes/galaxies/Universes/Multierse/etc/existance/World into complete Dust.In his Final Ninth Form,he can destroy Worlds,Planatary Objects,Moons,Asteroids,Meteors,Super Gas Giants,Stars,Black Holes/Neutron Stars/Galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc/existance.
  • SuperHuman Durability:In all of his Kurama Forms he has shown to be very Durable to the point is SuperNatural/Unlimited/being.In his Pre-Karama Form,he is able to withstand a Barrage of Sniper Bullets at Blank point-Long Range and survive Falls from Heights and Weak/strong Energy blasts/anything else.In his Second Form,he was Durable enough to withstand Missle Barrages/No matter what/etc,survive falls from Huge Heights,and survive Energy Blasts.In his Third and Fourth forms,he can survive Missles,Falls from Great Heights and very powerful Energy Blasts/anything else.In his Fifth form,he is able to take a Atom Bomb/anyting esle and still take everything his other forms can.In his Sixth and Seventh Forms,he can take a Nuclear Bomb/anyting else and everything else above.In his Eighth form,he can survive a Contitental Explosion/and Anytging Else and everything above.In his Final Ninth Form,he can take a Planetary/galaxies/Universe/etc/Multiverse/etc Explosion and everything above.In all forms,he can suppress his Hunger,Pain,Temperature,Water and Stamina.
  • SuperHuman Agility:In his Kurama Form,Alpha can run extremely fast and is very Agile to the point he bests All/Any Super Humans/Any other beings.His is agility is easily greater than No Matter who what beings/etc combined.He was able to completely outmatch any/all Beings in all Fiction and Reallity chasing him through a Heavy Bridge with many supports capable of confusing some of the most Concentraed-minded people/any other beings.His agility can be easily compared to No Matter how powreful beings.His Speed was commented on by All beings from all fiction and reallity.His Physical Speed is one of the fastest on existance.His Agility is great enough to make a person/any other beings think he Teleported or dissappear.In all forms,his Agility is the same.
  • Super Human Senses:He has far Advanced Senses for a Animal/any other beings.This allows him to Smell up to Unlimited/infinite Miles.His Smelling Senses are far more Advanced than all races and Animals/beings.His Vision is also more powerful.He can now see at Night as good as he can see in Day Light.His Vision is enhanced and can see Under-Ground.His Hearing also has increased hearing things Unlimited infinite range without a problem.In all forms this power is the same.

Cosmic-powered Transformium-coated Machine Robot A.I Form Form/Powers

He can transform/Use Powers into a Cosmic-powered Transformium Machine.When in Human form he can form the Armor out of his skin due to the Mech Machine Virus.He can do this a for a Unlimited amount of Time.He can increase his power by absorbing Energy or activating his Override System or being powered by more Cosmic Energy or getting Energy by the Mech Orb itself.He is able to use the Energy of the Mech Orb to go inside into a Robotic Universe or completely destroy a opponent.He is able to use the Mech Orb to Hack,Control and Upgrade Tech.

  • SuperHuman Endurance:He has Unlimited Stamina:He is Immune to all Earthly and Alien Diseases and Infections and Toxins.He cannot become Intoxicated.He does not have to Eat,Drink,Rest or Sleep,He can take Planet/Universe/Multiverse/etc/any-shattering Impacts or Energy Blasts,High Caliber Bullets,can withstand High Gravity,can withstand Deep Space and even Black Holes and Cosmic powers and is Invulnerable,he can also recharge his power when Airbourne or when absorbing Energy.He can also regenerate Mechancial Parts.

Cosmic-powered Transformium Machine Physiology:He can manipulate his Machine Body and create Weapons at Will.His mastery over this form allows him to perform things like he can,he can replicate any type of movement after seeing it,can function UnderWater,Adapt to Sky and Atmosheric places,survive his head being off,manipulate Technolgy,can Scan objects,hold and create Unlimited amounts of Bullets,he can retract Blades,can project Bullets,can retract claws,project Energy Blasts,interface with Computers,commuiciate with Electronics,can enhance his Strength,Speed,Agility,Combat and Flight Speed,has a Endless supply of Ammo,can give a Heads up display,has Jet propulsion,can replicate Knowledge,generate Missles,can create Sonic Screams,is resistant to Shattering and Melting,can transform into a Vehicle Jet,can adapt to a Vaccum,upgrade his weapons,and control Nanites,He can commuciate with Phones and other Electronic devices,has a Direct Cybernetic Interface,he can shapeshift the Armor,he has SuperHuman Reflexes,has back up Power Cells,can push and attract Metal objects,has a Life-Support System.His Armor has synthetic relays making him more formidable in combat and is covered with Psychic/Mechanical relays to mess with a opponents Brain or Machinery.He is able to use his Machinery to infiltrate foes.


Cosmic UniBeam:He has a UniBeam on his Chest.This is strong enough to punture any-Steel in existance/.Also it has Extreme Concussive Force that can stop the One of the strongest beingsi n world of dreams (when he is moving).Also a powerful SearchLight capable of projcting beams in virtually every Light spectrum.Also it is a very powerful weapon that can destroy any thing in it's path.It gets it power from the Mech Virus itself.When charged it makes a Energy Hole/Sheild that sucks in Energy as a weapon and sheilds him.It can also fire Pulse Bolts of Plasma Energy that are strong enough to even destroy the One of the strongest beignsi n elgendary world's Axe when Frozen.He can also emit Lightning from his palms that can rival the power of one Kings of legendary world's Lightning.Can fire Acostic Energy,Ultra-High Multi-Mega joute Electrons,Neutrons and Protons.

Flame Throwers:He has Two Flamethrowers in his hands.These Flamethrowers can burn up to Unlimited/Infinite degrees.These Flames can burn and Incinerate anything but Includign strongest creations of legenary wodls shields's Sheild.He can make these flames go up to a range of Unlimited/Inifnite meters.This can be strengthed by Override System and Mech Virus but he can burn uninteded targets.It can go to Temperatures that rival the Sun or Blue Stars/galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc.

Repulsor Jet Boosters:He has Two Repulsor Boot Jets under his Feet that are used for Flying,Leviating,Gliding and Offense.He can fly at SuperSonic Speed/Any other speed/any Speed when flying at Normal.When at High Spped he can hit Light Speed/Any other/No matter what.At it's for example power it can go at speeds that rival and can outrun Black Holes,Spacial Warps and even the Fastest Beings in all Existance/fiction and reality.He can even travel through Time and Space using his Boot Jets.He has additional Boot Jets behind his calfs.He also has more Jet Boosters in his Back,Shoulders and Hands to increase his Flight Speed and Flight Stabability.He can use these to walk up on Metal surfaces.He can even do Orbital Escape Velocity Leaps.He also has two Ice-Skates under his feet.

Disintergration Optics:He can fire a Disintergration Beam from his Eyes.These beams can burn up to Unlimited degrees.These can be shot from one eye or both according to him.The Temperature of the beams can be controled and he can control the direction of the beams.He can control the range and width of these beams and can level a city/etc.He can fire these beams with Pinpoint Accuracy and Precision and blast Multiple opponents.It can also fire Concussion Beams.He can also slightly heat his eyes to create Search Lights.He can also fire Green Energy Blasts that encase the target in growing Kryponite.The power of the Energy it generates and crackles can shatter planets/universes/etc alone.The beams can disintergrate any known material in the Universe/existance.

Repulsor Rays:This is one of the form's Primary Weapons.A Particle Beam Weapon,standard equipment in the Palm Gauntlets,can repel any Physical and Energy based attacks,traveling as a single stream.It's damage potential is extremely Lethal,as it can punture and destroy any material in existance and can blow up Mountains/Plantes/Solar system/Galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/Etc Existance,and can even cause pain to Immortals.It can be powered up to make a larger beam or a 360 Full Form Repulsor Ray.He can also increase it's power from the Mech Virus making it Stronger,Faster and Red.He can also blast Sonic Waves at the opponent capable of stunning and deafing opponents.He can use the Energy to make a Tractor beam.These Rays can also fire from his fingers.He can fire probes from them to Self-Destruct when it attaches to a enemy.

Energy Sheild:He has Energy Sheilding that can protect him from harm even from Cosmic-Level Entites.His Sheilds are capable of being mobile and reflecting and protecting against attacks.He can even control the Size,Shape and Color of the Sheilds.Even at 1% percent power they can withstand a Full Force Attack from All Fiction and Reallity Army Army.

Missle Launchers:He has Two powerful Missle and Rocket Launchers in his Back.He can use his missles to target the weak points in a structure,object or foe to deal Maximum Damage.He can fire Anti-Ground missles,Heat-seeking missles,Guided Missles,Anti-Air missles,Tracking missles or HellFire Missles.He can also fire Attack Flares or Emergency Flares.Has a Unlimited supply of Sun-shattering Nukes in the back.Also has a Missle Launcher on his Right arm take can fire Sabat rounds and Rockets.He also has a Unlimited supply of Mini-Nukes in his shoulders.He is able to also fire Flares and Flash-bang Missles.

Head's up System:He can receive Information about the World around him by activating the Hud.He can tap into Cell Phones and Electric Transmissions from his Nervous System.Also the Hud shows him a Map of the Area around him and has points where objective can be found.Also he can make areas and can mark targets and pick them out from Cilivians.He can also control the Armor with it,giving it commands and activating weapons and abilities.He also has a Jarvis-like system called Omega that is a Omniscient version of Jarvis.It also had a Threat Analysis System.

Invisibility Tech:He can control the Ambient Light in an area and can reflect the Light in an area to render himself Completely Invisible.He can remain undetected from Tracking Devices,Sonar,Radar and other devices.Has a Security Chip that makes it impossible to duplicate.He can also use Cameoflage when next to a surface or anywhere even if he is flying. Also,it can darken or lighten to match the environment.

Double Explosive Pellet Cannon:He has a large Double Cannon on his right arm that shoots pebble sized Explosve pellets that have enough strength to destroy a Car(and anythign else).This pellets can destroy any material that it comes in contact with.They also can explode by him psioncally control the Detonation time allowing him to create Surprise Attacks.He also has pellets that have Smoke.

Sensor Array:He has many Sensors and Radar that can detect by Radar/Lidar,Night Vision and Physiological/Medical scanners that allow him to take and monitor the Vitals of People,including Heart and Brain Scans.It is also capable for an all-Environmental scan for Atmospheric Content for all Life-forms including Astral Energy Projection.He can talk through Radio.He also make Static in a foe's Systems.He also can emit a Cloaking Field.He can duplicate Sounds use this and frecencies.Can detect Life Signatures.Can track up to a planet wide of targets.Can tap into Satelites.Has a Anti-Intrusion system.He can also scan Alien Technology.It could Scan the brain to scan a person.The Sensor Array can also download important information about a foe like Battle Styles,formiablity,Intelligence,Weapons,Tech,Powers and many other things that makes a opponent stronger than him in any possible way.He is able to form the Info in Cd's or into his Brain.It is completely immune to Computer Virues and Mind-control and Psychic Tamperment.

Arm Drill:He has a fully automated Arm Drill and Arm Buzzsaw in his arms.He can penetrate through Titanium like butter and can cut and drill through most materials with ease.The buzzsaw can cut through other materials and is used for Surgical Purposes.He can use the Drills to travel underground or guide through Water.He can also turn the drill into Jackhammer Arms that can pulverize strongest mettalls in legendary world and in existance.

Electro Magnetic Pulse Generator:He can emit ElectroMagnetic Pulse by using a Emp Generator in his arm that can send Emp Shockwaves that can disrupt any type of Macinery or Technology.He can also use these Pulse to destroy Technology or control it by distorting it.He has a Infinite Emp power supply.

Energy Absorbtion System:He can absorb Cosmic Energy and Natural Energys to power his suit or his weapons.He can also use the Energy to enhance his Condition or to enhance his Cosmic and Robotic powers.He can even control the Energy inside weapons like the Mjonir if he has absorbed some of the Energy first.He can also absorb Energy without overloading and can instantly learn how to use it like the Odin Force.He can also absorb Magical Energy without overloading.He can absorb Kinetic,Geo-Thermal,Heat,Cold,Solar,Electrical and Magnetic Energy.He can release Energy like Electricity to shock a opponent that is restraining him.He can also detect Energy Sources.

Computer Virus Protection and Manipulation:He is made out of not only Cosmic-powered Transformium Machine he is made by all of the most Advanced Technogies in the Existance.He cannot gain any type of Computer Virus or Trojan and cannnot become Infected.He can also plant unchangeable Viruses in other Technology.He can also plant Virues in Armors and Vehicles to take control of them or destroy them.He can also Infect Alien Technology.

Override System:He can turn off all Safety function to increase Armor Attack potential to Maximum.When required,Armor systems include Strength Ampfilication,Durability Ampfilcation,and Repulsor Intensity can go to a Cosmic-level increase in bypassing Safety Circuits and limiters.The range goes to a safe 100,000,000,000,00 to 100,000,000,000,000,000 to a very Unstable 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 and can go higher.

Alpha Repulsor Cannon:Rather than only firing beam type attacks,the Omni-Repulsor Cannon can generate heat up to the point it exceeds the Heat of a Giant Star by Unlimited amoutn of times times,cause extreme powerful lights causing irreverisible Blinding in the Eyes and can emit UltraSonic attacks capable of stunning even God-like foes and can even cause Disintergration.The other way it can be fired is it can absorb large amounts of Energy and drawing it in his Chest Reactor and conveting it into trillions of Super-Heated Atoms.It can fire many types of Energy at the same time.

Cosmic Weapon:He has a large Cosmic Slege Hammer filled with Cosmic Energy.He can fire Cosmic Energy out of the Cosmic Hammer by transferring the Energy inside of him into the Cosmic Hammer.It is very powerful it can blow away opponents like Strongest beings in all Fiction and Reallity with no problem to his power.The Hammer also can transform into a Cosmic Shotgun on his arm that is powerful enough to destroy Planets/Universes/Multiverse/etc.He can also has His Cosmic Blaster Cannnon that transform it into a Large Blue Disk that can be thrown and come back.Also the Disc can multiply into more by decreasing size.It can also create severe cuts on the opponent.He also can create a Blaster Cannon capable of destroying objects Unlimited/infinitex bigger than Strongest Warships in legendary world/any zie objects.Also the cannon can knock back targets strong as Storngest beings in existance/no mmater who/how powreful.Has unlimited ammo and power and has a Scope for Sniping.He can also transform the Weapon into a Sharp Sword.The Sword can fire Energy Blasts,create Force-Fields and like all Cosmic Weapons has a Magnetic and Telepathic Link.

Magnetism:He can move and walk on Metal.He can leviate Metal.He can use reverse Magnetism to fly and shop Metal objects in Mid-Air.And can stop or redirect the flight of Ferrous objects with ease.He can jam or disrupt any Electrical machine.They also have Suction cups to stick to any surface.He can use this ability to phase through Metal objects.Also the Armor puts any destroyed peices back into place when needed or broken off.

Limitless Power Source:He has the Mech Virus Orb inside his body.It is a limitless Orb of power as it can power him forever but,he chooses to keep charging it as the more he absorbs Energy he can become stronger.Also when he absorbs Energy he permantly keeps that Energy and gets more powerful every bit of Energy he gets.He can operate Indefinite on the Airbourne,in the Ocean,on the Ground and in Space.

Transformium Finger Claws: He has 5 small retractable claws on his Fingertips that can cut through All/ny materials like Wood,Metal,Titanium or even Carbonium/etc.He can also scale walls,climb most or all surfaces and blast Fire from the tips.He can also shoot Oil to trap or blind the foe or in conjuntion with the Fire to create explosions.They can also shoot off his claws connected to cables so it can be used as a Grappling Hook.The Claws are harder than Any/materials in eixstance/etc.He also has two Unlimited degree Laser claws in each hand that can melt through Any/metrial/anything/etc.

Invulnerably:His Armor can withstand the Deep rigors of Space with ease.His armor can withstand High Caliber bullets,Atom and Nuclear Bombs,strong explosives,rockets,missles,torpedos and even High-powered Lasers with no harm.He is Invulnerable against Electricity,Fire(External and Internal),Planet-shattering/Galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc/Existance/Any Impacts and can withstand attacks from No matter how strong beings/Strogest Beings in eixstance and from all fiction and reality with Ease.His armor is as strong as Transformium and canot even be taken apart by messing with it's Molecule Structure.He also can adapt to any type of Damage,Attack or Power.Also he can regenerate missing parts and become stronger.

Sound System:He has four Electronic Systems in his suit that can send Pitchs or Freqencies that can at it's Highest level can shatter Stone.He can also use the Sound System to deaf his voice.He can also use these to address crowds.He can control the type of sounds it makes.Also strong enough to knock objects away.

Tactical Deploy Combat Units:He can deploy and control Tactical Attack and Defense units to protect him or fight battles or protect people.He can also use them to take control of Planetary Bodies/etc bodies.The Attack Units have 4 Missle launchers and to ability to shoot and fire Cosmic Blasts and hack Electronic systems.The Defense Units can hack Electronic systems,fire Cosmic blasts,have Invulnerable Sheilds and a powerful ram.Both Units can Self-Destruct.

Magnetic'Kinetic Rail Gun:He has a large Rail gun on his Shoulder capable of firing Magnetic shells.The shells are capable of travel through Magnetic fields,can phase through Metal/Any other Material/Anything else and are strong enough to Demolish a entire city/Plantes/Galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc.These shells also are enhanced with Kinetic Energy meaning that it gains Momentum as it travel increasing it Strength and the Magnetic energy with it gains more power.Also the Rail Gun also can charge more Kinetic, Magnetic Energy and Momentum into the shells before launched making it a Formidable Weapon.

Detatchable Hands:He can detach his hands at will.He can fire his hands off like Rockets.The hands can extend to a Unlimited miles/any distance with no losing connection with him.Also the hands can spin for extra power and Strength.His Knuckles have blades on them.He also has Rockets on his hands to boost his punches.He has Artelliery Cannon/Gaunlets that can fire Molecular Darts,Mini-Rockets,Grenades and Specialized Bullets.He is ble to activate a Critical system in his hands allowing them to destroy anything.He can fire darts that catches things on Fire or makes them explode.

Non-Lethal Weapons:He has many weapons that are not Lethal,but can harm.These weapons are used when fighting a opponent that is not as strong as he is.He has two Net Launchers in each arm.These Electrical Nets can be fired up to Unlimited feet.Also the Electric Nets also can send up to a voltage of Unlimited(Any)(depending on wish volts per second.Also the Electric Nets have a "Struggle"mode which means it can start restricting the opponent when they move and struggle.Also it cam dissolve after 2min(or any other time or not dissolve).He also has Smoke Blaster:a weapon that fire Concentraed, Flammable Smoke and Air at Super Sonic/any other speeds.Also the Smoke Blaster can fire pellets of Smoke that can fill an entire building.He also has Two Electric cables in his arms that can be fired at SuperSonic/Any other Speed.

Asura Form/Powers

Super Human Durability:His skin is considerably Unlimited/infiitex times tougher than Human Flesh.Also the Demonic energy flowing through him allow him to withstand attacks like getting repeating attacked by the Strongest Beings from Legenaru world for a Unllimited time ,withstanding the hits from the Strongest Weapons from their as well repeatedly,withstanding multiple blasts from Strongest Beings from strongest clusters and even a Eye-Beam from Strongest Beings from all Fiction and reallity.He can survive from falls from Orbital Heights,tremendous impact forces,High-Caliber bullets,exposure to Temperature and Pressure Extremes and strong Energy blasts without injury.He also can numb pain that comes to him.He is completely Invulnerable to all forms Physical,Mental,Magical or any other attack that hits him.

Demonic Powers:He has very powerful Demonic energy and powers that fuel him.These powers include gaining strength and power from Hatred,Combat,Anger,Rage and Pride.Also he can generate powerful arms to a of any number of arms.He can also generate arms out of Demonic Energy.He has 360 Vision using Demonic Energy,go into a Rage,blast Super-Sonic Screams,has Limitless amounts of Demonic Energy,can blast very powerful blasts of Demonic Energy,create Constructs out of Demonic Energy,be empowered by Evil,absorb Magic,and create Omni-Directional Waves of Demonic Energy,create and project Fireballs,He has a Blue form of this Energy in his Gongen form.He can summon Meteors in his Apocalypic Asura and Gongen forms.

Ion Form/Powers

Energy Absorbtion:He can absorb various types of Energy and convert it into Ion Energy and store it in his body.He can use the Ion Energy for various purposes.He also can absorb Fire,Electricity,Lightning and Radiation.

Immortality:He is immune to aging,is immune to all Earthly and Alien Diseases and Infections,does not require Food,Water,Air or Sleep.

Intangibly:He also can allow objects to pass through him and can pass through Solid and Non-Solid objects.He can pass through anything.

Invulnerably:Due to being completely out of Ions,he is completely Invulnerable to all types of Physical Harm and Mental Attacks.Also Mystical Attacks have no effect on him.He also can numb pain brought to him by absorbimg Energy.

Super Human Strength:He has Absolute-levels of Super Strength.Also his strength even can beat Strongest Beings in existance to near-death.Also he strength can be increased by absorbing Energy.

Size Manipulation:He can change his size at will.He can grow larger to almost Planetary/galaxies/universes/Multiverse/etc bodies or small as Atoms/etc.His strength also increase in both forms.

Ionic Manipulation:He can manipulate Ions on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Ions allows him to use abilities like manipulating Electricity,absorb Energy,create Constructs out of Ion Energy,use Ions in physical combat,create a Aura of Ion energy,generate Ions,surf on Ions,create Ion Force-Fields,and has limitless Ionic Energy and can control Plasma.

Unlimited Being Dragon Form/Powers

Aquatic Respiration:He can breathe in Water and Air for a Indefinte amount of time.He can also adapt to Underwater environments.He skin is immune to Heat and Cold.He also can hold his breath for a indefinite amount of time.He can also Swim through water at the UltraSonic/any other speed/any speed Speed.He can withstand any kind of Pressure Extreme and has Enhanced Senses in Water.

Multiple Heads.He can generate multiple heads even when they are not cut off.He also has Poisonous glands in his teeth that generates Indefinitely.Also he has 360 degree vision.He also has Enhanced Vision.Also every head share it's knowledge with other heads.Also the heads have Absolute Knowledge of All Existance history.

Rhino Mimicry Form/Powers

Super Human Strength:His strength is Vast able to go toe to toe with the Strongest beings in existance/.Also he can lift Unlimited tons easeley.His strength also extends into his legs allowing him to jump into Orbital Velocity.He is also able to go toe to toe with With strongest beings in all fiction and reallity/etc/no matter how powreful for a Unlimited time and defeathing them.

Dermal Armor:He has nearly Impervious skin that can not even be harmed by extreme Physical force or very powerful attacks like Strongest beings in existance's Blasts.Also he cannot feel pain and deflect all attacks.His skin cannot be harmed by powerful energy blasts,Temp Extremes and High Caliber bullets.He can also stay a Unlimited time without Air,Water,Food and Sleep.He can resist Mind attacks.

Horn Protrusion:He has a large horn on his hand.He also can generate any horn of any size on his Elbows,Head,Knees and Ankles.Also he can retract his horns.

Size Manipulation:He can control his size at will.He can decrease to the size of a Car or grow to the Any other sie.Also his Strength and Durability increases by growing.

Stone Mimicry/Form/ Powers

  • Regeneration:He can regenerate missing limbs or wounded body parts with Rocks,or other Earthern materials.
  • Limitless Stamina:He body produces no fatigue toxins,so he never gets tired and can exert himself for a Unlimited amounts of time.
  • Dermal Armor:His skin is Impervious to damage and he is Invulnerable and Industrucble to harm.
  • Earth Manipulation:He can psioncally control the Earth on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Earth allows him to create and generate Infinite amounts of Stone and can increase the Earthern Material around.He can shape,compress and manipulate Earthern objects.He can Sharpen and Dull Earthern materials and objects.He can repair Earthern objects.He can burrow through Stone and the Ground.He can cause Avalanches,MudSlides, LandSlides and QuickSand.He can summon Energy from the Earth itself and use it in very Concussive Earth Blasts,Enhance his Condition,Create powerful Constructs or make a very powerful and protective Aura.He can create huge pilliars to ride on.He can create Earthern Bombs.He can lift and move any kind of Rock.He can make Stone Missiles.He can turn things into Stone.He can use Stone to empower Physical attacks.He can bury and restrain objects.He can create Constructs out of Stone or other Materials.He can even control the Techtonic plates.He can sense change in the Earth and can teleport using the Earth.

Stone Mimicry Form/Powers

  • Omni-Immunity:He is immune to all Diseases and Infections.He is also immune to poison and cannot become Intoxicated.
  • Regeneration:He can regenerate missing limbs or wounded body parts with Rocks,or other Earthern materials.
  • Thermal Resistance:He can withstand any Temperature, no matter how Hot or Cold.
  • Limitless Stamina:He body produces no fatigue toxins,so he never gets tired and can exert himself for a Unlimited amounts of time.
  • Dermal Armor:His skin is Impervious to damage and he is Invulnerable and Industrucble to harm.

Earth Manipulation:He can psioncally control the Earth on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Earth allows him to create and generate Infinite amounts of Stone and can increase the Earthern Material around.He can shape,compress and manipulate Earthern objects.He can Sharpen and Dull Earthern materials and objects.He can repair Earthern objects.He can burrow through Stone and the Ground.He can cause Avalanches,MudSlides, LandSlides and QuickSand.He can summon Energy from the Earth itself and use it in very Concussive Earth Blasts,Enhance his Condition,Create powerful Constructs or make a very powerful and protective Aura.He can create huge pilliars to ride on.He can create Earthern Bombs.He can lift and move any kind of Rock.He can make Stone Missiles.He can turn things into Stone.He can use Stone to empower Physical attacks.He can bury and restrain objects.He can create Constructs out of Stone or other Materials.He can even control the Techtonic plates.He can sense change in the Earth and can teleport using the Earth.

Animal Supreme Form Form/Powers

As The Highest Authority of All Things Animal, the Shinji possesses a physical, biological, mental, and spiritual connection to every species of animal in the entire animal kingdom, be they living, extinct, real, imaginary (imagined by himself or otherwise), fictional, wild, domesticated, futuristic, extraterrestrial, extradimensional, magical, mystical, mythological, microscopic, simple, supernatural, cryptic, monstrous, demonic, and even humanoid species, granting him complete and total mastery and control over every and all species of animals in the entire animal kingdom, as well as all animal-based powers and abilities on a maximum level, making him one of the most powerful beings in existence.

  • Superhuman, Animal-like Physiology: The Shinji possesses a superhuman, animal-like physiology, thanks to his physical, biological, mental, and spiritual connection to the animal kingdom. His connections grant him animal-like strength, stamina, durability, endurance, resistance, speed, reflexes, agility, dexterity, flexibility, balance, coordination, equilibrium, razor-sharp claws and teeth, superhumanly acute senses, an accelerated healing factor, instincts, pheromone secretion and emission, amphibious adaptations such as underwater breathing and superhuman swimming ability, and the power of flight. He can increase any or all parts of his physiology far beyond his normal limits by granting himself the combined, even proportional power of any animal he chooses. Also, at times when he lets go of all his rational thoughts, intellect, and mind and reacts to pure instinct and primal fury, he is virtually unstoppable.
    • Superhuman Strength: He possesses incredible superhuman strength (able to lift Unlimited tons under standard conditions). At times when he lets go of all of his rational thoughts, intellect, and mind and reacts to pure instinct and primal fury, his strength is virtually incalculable. He has demonstrated lifting objects Unlimited/Infinite times his own weight, running and smashing through reinforced titanium-steel walls with the force of an entire animal stampede, leaping great distances with superhuman leg muscles, up to Unlimited feet in a standing high jump, and Unlimited/Infinite feet in a standing broad jump, etc.
    • Superhuman Stamina: The Shinji’s physiology has been altered to the point that he no longer generates fatigue cells, granting him phenomenal stamina and endurance. He is able to exert himself at his peak capacity for days on end without succumbing to the effects of fatigue whatsoever. His accelerated healing factor helps contribute to destroying fatigue cells and regenerating energy quickly.
    • Superhuman Durability: The compositions of the Shinji’s skeleton, inter-connected tissues and nervous system have all been greatly enhanced. As such, the Shinji possesses phenomenal durability and resistance, able to withstand large amounts of pain, injury, firearms, severe lacerations, temperature extremes, penetration wounds, exposure, burning, drowning and suffocation, electrocution, and even large explosions.
    • Superhuman Speed: The Shinji possesses incredibly enhanced speed, able to move at speeds up to Unlimited miles per 0 hour/none time while running bipedal and twice as fast when running on all fours, at speeds of up to Unlimited miles per 0 hours/none time.
    • Superhuman Agility: The Shinji possesses incredible agility, due to being extraordinarily limber and his tendons and connective tissues are twice as elastic as the average human being's, despite their enhanced strength. He can walk a tightrope or a slack rope as easily as most people can walk on a sidewalk. He can walk on his hands for Unlimited hours, or perform any complicated sequence of gymnastic stunts such as flips, rolls, and springs imaginable. He can easily match or top any Olympic record at any gymnastics apparatus (such as flying rings, climbing ropes, horizontal bars, trampolines, etc.)
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Shinji possesses incredible, lightning-fast reflexes that are far beyond those of normal humans and most species of animals.
    • Superhuman Dexterity: Shinji can perform any task with his feet as easily as a human would do with his hands. His manual and pedal dexterity are so great that he can write using both hands at once or tie knots in rope with his toes. He is also ambidextrous and able to use both hands and both feet with equal proficiency.
    • Bipedal/Quadrapedal: The Shinji’s physiology has been altered so that he is both a biped and a quadruped, able to run and maneuver on all fours as easily as on two legs comfortably and correctly. He is able to run twice as fast on all fours, running at speeds of up to Unlimited miles per 0 hours/none time under standard conditions. He is also both a digitigrade and a plantigrade, able to move on both the digits of his fingers and toes or the palms and soles of his hands and feet.
    • Superhuman Flexibility: All of the bones in the Shinji’s body, including his skull, are malleable and his muscle tissue is exceedingly resilient, making his body extremely flexible and pliant, even with the solidified adamantine implanted on his bones. He is triple-jointed, enabling him to bend his body in anyway imaginable. It is nearly impossible for him to break a bone or tear a muscle. Hence, the Zoologist can stretch and bend his body in ways that would tear ligaments and survive impacts that would kill or inflict major injury upon a normal human being with little or no injury to himself. The Shinji is extraordinarily limber and his tendons and connective tissues are four times as elastic as the average human being is, despite their enhanced strength. His bone structure is also granted great flexibility, enabling him to stay in a crouched position for an indefinite amount of time and perform virtually any contortionist-type feats without any harm to his spinal column whatsoever. This greatly helps in combination with the rest of his physical prowess, as he is able to move and bend in ways that would normally harm someone without harm befalling him whatsoever. He can compress his body very tightly, so that he can fit through tight spaces, about Unlimited inches in diameter.
    • Superhuman Equilibrium: The Shinji possesses the ability to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable. He seems able to adjust his position by instinct, enabling him to balance himself on virtually any object, no matter how small or narrow.
    • Razor-Sharp Indestructible Claws and Teeth: The Shinji possesses retractable claws in place of fingernails and elongated, razor-sharp, canine teeth. The claws and teeth are naturally sharp and tougher than that of normal human bone structure, allowing the Shinji to cut and tear through most types of flesh and natural materials. Like his skeleton, the Shinji's claws and teeth have been infused with the power of the animal kingdom, making them virtually indestructible. Aside from being virtually unbreakable as well, the Shinji's claws and teeth are capable of cutting and tearing any known substance. The Shinji's ability to slice completely through a substance depends on the thickness of the substance and the amount of force he can exert.
      • Superhuman Jaws: His jaws are much stronger than any regular humans, enabling him to bite through much harder materials without harm to himself or his mouth, gums, and teeth.
    • Wall-Climbing: The Shinji can climb, walk, and run on sheer, Unlimited degree-inclined surfaces by wedging his fingers and toes within the smallest cracks in the wall and applying a vise-like grip on them. He can also utilize his razor-sharp, virtually indestructible claws on his feet and fingers to place cracks within such surfaces, even the most durable, and get a grip on the surface.
    • Superhuman Senses: The Shinji’s physiology has been altered to the point that he possesses superhumanly acute senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch that are comparable to those of certain animals, including:
      • Superhuman Sight: He can see at far greater distances, with perfect clarity, than an ordinary human. He retains this same level of clarity even in total darkness; his vision even extends into the ultraviolet and infrared areas of the electromagnetic spectrum, granting him perfect night vision. His vertically-slit pupils allow a greater range of vision above and below him, enabling him to more easily detect the movements of an opponent and the flicker-fusion rate of his retinas is reduced to such an extent that he can easily perceive fast-moving objects that would appear to others as a blur. He can also see clearly through even the densest and murkiest conditions, including fog, murky waters, duststorms, etc.
      • Superhuman Hearing: His hearing is enhanced in a similar manner, allowing him to detect sounds ordinary humans can't and hear at much greater distances. He can hear a person's heartbeat at a distance of over Unlimited feet, a whispered conversation through a standard soundproof barrier and hear sounds from up to Unlimited miles in diameter. By listening to a person's heartbeat, he can detect whether or not they are lying. His hearing is sufficiently acute to detect a sound pressure level change from Any decibels to Any dB at a range of Unlimited/Infinite feet (Unlimited/infinite/m). Through practice, the Zoologist is able to control his hearing acuity, mentally blocking out specific sounds like his own breathing and heartbeat, all ambient sounds to a normal human level of perception, or all sounds but a particular sound he is concentrating upon. If taken by surprise, the Shinji can suffer more distress from a painfully loud sound than an ordinary human would. Also, beyond a certain size, crowds of people tend to create too many sensory impressions for him to sort through.
      • Superhuman Smell: He possesses a highly developed olfactory sense and memory. He can detect odors of an atmospheric concentration of Unlimited parts per infinite. Furthermore, his ability to remember smells enables him to identify any person he has spent at least 0 minutes/none with by smell alone, no matter how he or she might try to camouflage his or her natural odor. Shinji is able to recognize people and objects by scent, even if they are well hidden. His powers of concentration are such that he can focus upon a single person's smell and locate them in a city of millions/Etc. He can track a target by scent and selectively sort through various odors, even if the scent has been greatly eroded by time and weather factors, with an impressive degree of success. He can detect a subtle alteration in the composition of perspiration that reflect mood or emotions, and is highly sensitive to pheromones. The Shinji can also use his keen sense of smell to detect lies due to chemical changes within a person's scent.
      • Superhuman Taste: His sense of taste can detect 1 part of foreign matter in Unlimited/infinte. His ability to remember tastes enables him to determine every ingredient of a food or drink he tastes, as long as there are at least 0 milligrams of that substance present.
      • Superhuman Touch: The Shinji possesses a minute coat of fur covering his entire body that act as vibrissae (“whiskers”), like a cat’s, granting him a superhuman sense of touch, which enables him to detect minute changes in the temperature and pressure in his immediate environment, as well as minute vibrations traveling through the ground and the motion and/or disturbance of air currents surrounding him. Even with his senses of sight, smell, and/or hearing blocked, he can sense the presence of another living being standing or approaching five feet away from him simply by his or her body heat and disturbance of air.
    • Accelerated Healing Factor: The Shinji is able to regenerate damaged or destroyed areas of his anatomy with far greater efficiency than any ordinary human or animal. Originally, the speed of the Zoologist's healing factor was in proportion to the wound's severity; for example, he could fully recover from an ordinary gunshot wound within 0 time. However, the Shinji's healing ability has dramatically increased in recent years due to his evolutionary powers. The Shinji can fully regenerate loss brain cells and tissue. He can even regenerate his entire body after having all of his bodily tissue incinerated down to his bare skeleton. This power even amends psychological wounds inflicted as a result of traumatic experiences.
      • Immunity: The Shinji's natural and mystical healing also affords him virtual immunity to poisons and drugs. He possesses a highly efficient immune system, which is part of his accelerated healing factor, rendering him immune against all known Earthly and alien diseases and infections. In addition, the Shinji’s healing factor provides him with an extended lifespan by virtually halting the effects of the aging process.
    • Flight: Thanks to the insectoid wings on his back that he normally possesses, the Shinji is capable of flying at speeds at up to Unlimited miles per 0 hours/none time, without needing to use the power or form of another animal. In addition to flight, he can beat his wings fast enough to cause a sonic boom capable of shattering steel.
    • Amphibious Physiology: Thanks to the sealable gills on each side of his neck, as well as webbed toes and feet, & fins on the backs of each of his ankles, the Shinji is able to breathe and swim at superhuman speeds underwater, as well as intermediately return to land if he wishes. He possesses great freedom of movement underwater.
    • Pheromone Control and Secretion: The Shinji possesses the superhuman ability to secrete virtually any type of pheromone at will. Like many animals (including humans to a small extent), the Shinji continually emits pheromones (natural, airborne hormones secreted primarily through-sweat glands which communicate and stimulate behavior) of great potency and volume at will. Once the Shinji's pheromone emissions, released into the atmosphere, reach the olfactory centers of any animal, their hormonal balance is altered, causing them to feel one of various reactions, including aggregation/attraction, alarm, aggression, calming, and warning, as well as activate developmental changes, show territories, paths, etc. The Zoologist's pheromones are released at a rate of Unlimited/Infinite parts per Infinite, Unlimited/Infinite times that of a normal human. Consequently, any animal, including humans, within range (about Unlimited/infinite feet downwind, or in the direct path of the emission) are severely affected. Within seconds of exposure to the Shinji, animals become submissive and open to manipulation by the Shinji, as if hypnotized.
    • Zoomorph: Shinji's main power is the superhuman ability to alter his body's genetic code, DNA, and atomic structures at the subatomic, cellular, and molecular levels and telepathically/telekinetically reshape and reconfigure them in order to transform into any animal imaginable. He seems able to transform into any animal that he can imagine or visualize within his mind, including animals that are living, extinct, real, imaginary (imagined by himself or otherwise), fictional, wild, domesticated, futuristic, extraterrestrial, extradimensional, magical, mystical, mythological, supernatural, microscopic, simple, complex, cryptic, monstrous, demonic, and humanoid species. He can also become any species of protozoa, bacteria, and/or zooplankton. There appears to be no limit to how long the Shinji can remain in the form of any animal, as well as no strain on becoming the smallest or largest of animals or instantaneously changing between different forms. He can radically alter his body structure at will without harm to himself whatsoever, enabling him to become animals with completely different body structures from his, to the point that he can transform into animals completely without any organs or tissues, such as the amoeba or Trichoplax adhaerens. He is so skilled, he is able to become any individual specimen of any animal exactly (including homo sapiens). When the Shinji becomes any animal that he desires to be, he is automatically transformed into the peak and prime specimen of said animal, possessing it’s species' peak size, strength, stamina, etc. (although he can choose to become otherwise as well). When he is in any animal form, he retains his full intelligence, mind, memories, personality, logic, and his ability to speak and reason (regardless of whether the target animal is biologically equipped for speaking or not). Also, while in any animal form, he is fully capable of utilizing any of the animal's powers, abilities, characteristics, adaptations, language, sounds, voices, behavior, physiology, survival and predatory strategies and techniques, and/or defenses/defense mechanisms at will. Thanks to his virtually infinite intellect on all things animal and his virtually unlimited zoomorphing (animal-morphing) abilities, the Zoologist can transform into animals that are beyond physical or mental description or biologically impossible.
      • Body Size/Mass Alteration: He possesses the superhuman ability to mentally alter his mass and weight to that of any animal he transforms into, gaining or depleting it from an unknown source, although he can also retain his mass and weight in any form or alter it at will while in any form. He can also alter the size/mass of any individual part of his body, making them larger or smaller at will. By doing this, he is able to become smaller than an amoeba or larger than a blue whale.
      • Self-Duplication: The Shinji is able to create a virtually infinite number of physical duplicates of himself in order to make large groupings/swarms of himself (like bees or birds). He can asexually reproduce himself at will without losing or having to regain mass or form at all. He can mentally control each and every copy, as well as absorb them back into him at will.
      • Chimera-Changing: The Shinji is able to transform any part of his body into any animal appendage, while keeping the rest of his body human. He can alter his appendages or other parts of his body into that corresponding of any animal’s he chooses. He can also add on or take away any body parts of any animal (including his own) at will, without harm to himself whatsoever, such as adding on a tail or wings, or taking away an arm or a leg. If he were to gain an appendage that has some sort of ability, like a scorpion's metasoma (the tail that is comprised of 5 segments, including the stinger and it's venom glands), he would gain all the parts necessary to utilize the ability, as well as the proper body structure and knowledge needed to utilize the body part as if by pure animal instinct. If he were to choose to gain the appendage of an animal whose mass was either much greater or lesser than his own, such as a praying mantis’ forearms or a Tyrannosaurus rex’s head, they would automatically become proportionally accurate to the rest of his body, becoming smaller or larger. He gains all the power of any appendage he transforms his body part into, such as the strength of an actual gorilla’s arm, the flight of a bird’s wings, the durability of a turtle’s or a snail’s shell, etc. He is so precise that he is able to morph any body parts of any animal with any other animal’s body parts to him to become an entirely new, extremely powerful species, which he calls a chimera.
      • Therianthropy: He is also able to metamorphesize into transitional stages anywhere between any animal, including his human form. His strength and powers varies in his different forms, as he is able to control the degree of how much animal or human he becomes.
      • Zoomorphism - Others: The Shinji possesses the ability to transform another animal, including a human, into any other animal he wishes by telekinetically altering their genetic code, DNA, and atomic structure on the subatomic, cellular, and molecular levels, as well as any degree of transitional stages between animals (granting them the powers, abilities, characteristics, language, physiology, defenses, benefits, limitations, and/or weaknesses each species possesses).
      • Zoomimicry: The Shinji possesses the ability to mimic the powers, abilities, language, sounds, voices, physiology, survival and predatory strategies/techniques, and defenses of any animal imaginable, whilst in human form. He achieves this by either focusing on a specific animal near him or by drawing power from the animal kingdom in general, focusing on either any single ability or all the abilities of a specific animal. He can also mentally choose the powers and abilities of several different animals and combine them to make him incredibly powerful. He has demonstrated the ability to hold onto the powers and abilities of the entire animal population of Earth simultaneously at one time. The levels of the Shinji’s abilities are proportionate to that of the animal itself. Hence, for example, drawing the jumping ability from a flea would allow him to cover great distances or drawing the combined durability of a water bear, cockroach, weta, and golem would grant him invulnerability. However, taking the abilities of a larger animal does not result in diminished power for him. He is so masterful that he is able to utilize any animal power in any animal imaginable, enabling him to fly like a peregrine falcon while in the form of a blue whale, while shooting the electricity of an electric eel. He can also utilize this ability to grant himself any superhuman power imaginable by creating an animal completely from his imagination and grant it the power he desires, and then mimic the animal’s power.

In the past, he has gained:

  • The combined strength of a hercules beetle, a tyrannosaurus rex, and a bull elephant
  • The combined durability of a water bear, a cockroach, and a weta
  • The combined flight of a peregrine falcon, a white-throated needle-tailed swift, a red-breasted merganser, a bar-headed goose, a hummingbird, a crowned eagle, an arctic tern, and a great blue windrunner
  • The combined swimming, diving, and underwater-breathing ability of an Indo-Pacific sailfish, a sperm whale, and a mako shark
  • The combined, proportionate speed of a tiger beetle, a peregrine falcon, and a cheetah
  • The leaping ability of a flea
  • The peripheral, 360 degree vision and digestive acids of a fly
  • The web-shooting and wall-crawling abilities of a spider
  • The stealth, agility, fangs, and venom of a snake
  • The poisonous secretion of a golden poison frog
  • The combined venom of a Irukandji jellyfish, a fierce snake, a cone snail, a blue-ringed octopus, a Sydney funnel-webbed spider, a stonefish, and a sea wasp
  • The combined painful sting of a bullet ant and a tarantula hawk
  • The sonic blast of a pistol shrimp
  • The stench of a skunk
  • The corrosive spray of a bombardier beetle and a spitfire bird
  • The extendable tongue of both a frog, a toad, and an anteater.
  • The invisibility and color-changing ability of a chameleon and a rainbow squid
  • The shape changing and flexibility of a mimic octopus
  • The absorbing abilities of a sponge
  • The electricity of an electric eel
  • The fiery breath of a dragon
  • A scallop’s jet propulsion
  • The worm's ability to regenerate lost body parts
  • The asexual reproduction abilities of an amoeba
  • Human Animal Mimicry: As explained before, since humans and other humanoid species are animals as well, the Shinji is able to mimic the powers, abilities, talents, and skills of any humanoid being, including superhuman ones.
  • Zoopathy: The Shinji possesses an extraordinary variety of incredibly powerful mental abilities, all, of course, revolving around his mental and spiritual link to every species of animal in existence. Hence, he possesses a highly advanced intellect, as well as complete control over the entire animal kingdom on a mental and spiritual level. He knows everything about animals, possesses a superhuman intellect, and can communicate, control, read the minds and emotions of, detect, summon, attract, repel, and transmit his senses and/or mind into any species of the animal kingdom. He also possesses a mental/spiritual link with the natural world.
    • Animal Omniscience: The Shinji's mind has been psychologically altered to become a virtual animal kingdom database, enabling him to gather full information about anything about any animal imaginable instantaneously. The Shinji possesses complete knowledge on everything there is to know about any and every animal, including every animal in existence, past, present, and future, real, imaginary, fictional, wild, domesticated, extraterrestrial, extradimensional, magical, mystical, mythological, supernatural, microscopic, simple, complex, cryptic, monstrous, demonic, and humanoid species, their physiology/anatomy, biomechanics, locations, habitats, behavior, defense mechanisms, animal communications and interactions, human-animal interactions, animal taxonomy, etc. His mind has also been altered to react by instinct when he wishes.
    • Superhuman Intellect: As well as possessing virtual omniscience on all things animal, the Shinji possesses a superhuman intellect derived from his already brilliant human intellect being vastly untapped by his evolution into the Highest Authority of All Things Animal. As such, he possesses incredible logic, reasoning, and computational ability. His mind works sharply and with extreme speed. His intuition is heightened to the degree that his hunches are almost always correct, and goes hand in hand with his instincts.
    • Animal Communication: The Shinji possesses the ability to communicate with any animal imaginable, usually through telepathy, although he is not limited to actually being able to speak or communicate in any animal language or communicating in the way any animal is capable of communicating.
    • Animal Control/Command: The Shinji possesses the ability to telepathically control and/or possess any animal he wishes, usually to help him fight opponents, enemies, and adversaries. He can choose to control their motor functions, their minds, or both if he wishes. However, seemingly, every single animal, even humans, seem to understand his position of power, and seemingly respect and obey his whims.
    • Animal Telepathy, Sympathy, and Empathy: The Shinji possesses the ability to telepathically, empathically and sympathetically see, feel, control, and manipulate the minds and emotions of any animal imaginable, in order to read their mind and thoughts, communicate or control them, alter their minds and/or emotional states, heal them, or control how they react to stimuli and situations.
    • Animal Detection: The Shinji possesses the ability to sense the presence of any animal in his immediate vicinity, about a Unlimited mile radius. The Shinji possesses the telepathic ability to locate any animal from virtually any location, even across other planets, times, realities, and universes.
    • Animal Summon: The Shinji possesses the telepathic ability to summon and/or contact any animal from any place imaginable at will. This seems to link with his animal transportation ability to enable him to summon any animal from any place or time instantaneously. There is no limit limit to the amount of animals he can summon/transport at once, as he has been seen summoning an entire forest of animals at once.
    • Animal Attraction/Repellent: He possesses the power to telepathically attract or repel any individual specimen, individual species, or all species of animal toward or away from his vicinity at will. No animal can resist his attraction or repellent and will almost instantaneously approach or retreat away. He can mentally choose the distance from which he can repel or attract animals at will.
    • Animal Sense Transmission: He possesses the telepathic ability to psychically align his mind and spirit with that of any animal in existence, enabling him to telepathically "see, hear, feel, taste, and touch" through the minds, memories, and senses of any animal anywhere in existence. This enables him to literally be able to learn about any individual animal and spy anywhere on the planet, without being noticed whatsoever. He can reverse this as well, by causing any animal he wishes to see, hear, taste, touch, and feel what he senses. The Shinji possesses the ability to relate virtually any specific details about the past and/or future condition of any animal usually by being in contact with the animal. He can also read residual thought imprints left on objects touched by any animal.
    • Animal Mind Transferance: A weird ability of his is the ability to transfer his mind, memories, personality, intelligence, spirit, and life essence into any animal, including another homo sapien, instantaneously. He has learned to use it as reflex action in times when his body is in serious danger. In the time that he is away from his body, if it were to, for example, be molecular disintegrated, the body that he has inhabited becomes an exact duplicate of his original body, without any semblance, physically or mentally, of the body he inhabited. For this, he normally prefers to use inferior animals, like worms or amoebas.
    • Natural and Environmental Awareness: The Shinji’s mind has been altered to the point that he possesses complete and total awareness of his surrounding natural environments. Akin to that of certain animals, the Shinji is able to sense any differences or disturbances in his environment, no matter how subtle they may be, from things as noticeable as weather, climate, and atmospheric conditions to things as subtle as migration differences, increases, decreases, or imbalances in animal populations, minute temperature changes, wind current alterations, shifts in tectonic plates, climate alterations, etc. He can sense differences and abnormalities in the natural world and order.

It appears that he can communicate with, control, telepathically, empathically and sympathetically see, feel, control, and manipulate the thoughts and emotions of, sense the presence of, locate, sense through the senses of, detect, contact, transport, summon, and transfer his mind into virtually any amount and/or kind of animals, no matter how powerful or how many there may be.

  • Zookinesis: The Shinji also possesses complete biological control over the entire animal kingdom on a subatomic, genetic, and molecular level. He can create, heal, resurrect, destroy, alter, duplicate/clone, transport/teleport any species of the animal kingdom in virtually any way he chooses.
    • Animal Creation: The Shinji possesses the superhuman ability to telepathically and telekinetically create virtually any animal imaginable from any individual pieces of organic matter within his vicinity. He is able to create any animal, including humans, and grant them complete and total life, energy, sentience, natural instincts, and all of their biological functions and life processes. However, he can also create an exact copy of an already existing specimen, especially sentient beings like humans.
    • Animal Healing/Repair/Reanimation: The Shinji possesses the superhuman ability to telekinetically heal, repair, and revitalize the injuries of any animal imaginable, including humans. There is no limit to the types of injuries he can heal and has healed and repaired animals that completely lost major organs and tissues. The Shinji can even reanimate the dormant tissue and cells of any dead animal, literally bringing any dead animal back to life, no matter how long they have been dead. he can even resurrect a dead animal if they died of a natural cause, such as old age, being eaten, disease, starvation/dehydration, or were killed in a natural disaster.
    • Animal Destruction/Extinction: The Shinji possesses the superhuman ability to psionically destroy the tissue and molecules of any animal imaginable, effectively injuring, killing, or completely obliterating them in any way he wishes. He seldom does this, however, and only uses it in extreme cases. Shinji can take his destruction ability to the next level and literally obliterate entire species of animals at will if he wished. If he so wished, he could destroy every animal in existence with but a simple thought.
    • Animal Alteration: He can genetically alter, mutate, evolve, or devolve any animal, including humans, in anyway imaginable at the subatomic, cellular, and molecular levels almost instantaneously by thought. This enables him to “improve” animals, making them more effective in combat, or successful in surviving, or he can devolve and mutate them to gain limitations to make them less dangerous for as long as he requires them to be so. He can alter virtually any aspect of any animal, including their size, shape, powers, abilities, characteristics, adaptations, defenses, behavior, etc. He can also return the animals to their complete original states almost instantaneously. An interesting power of the Shinji is the ability to telekinetically fuse two or more completely different animals from the entire animal kingdom (including homo sapiens) together to create a new superspecies. He calls these fusions “chimeras” after the creature that actually possesses the body parts of multiple animals. He possesses full control of these creations just like any other normal animal.
    • Animal Duplication/Cloning: The Shinji possesses the ability to physically clone and duplicate any animal perfectly as many times as he wishes, as well as merge any and/or all clones/duplicates into one specimen. He can extend his ability to merge any and/or all clones/duplicates into one specimen to swarms of truly individual specimens of the same species that the Shinji has not cloned.
    • Animal Transportation/Teleporation: The Shinji possesses the telepathic and telekinetic ability to transport any animal from any location or time to any location or time period he designates. He can achieve this by displacing the molecules of their bod(y/ies) from the place/time they were located to the place he designates. This ability seems to link with his animal summoning ability, enabling him to summon any individual specimen, species, or even every animal from any location or time at will.
    • Fauna Field Projection: The Shinji possesses the ability to tap into the fauna field, the field that connects every single species of animal in all of existence into him, physically, mentally, and spiritually, in order to project it in the form of destructive red blasts of energy that are said to possess the full power and ferocity of the entire animal kingdom.

The Shinji’s body has been physiologically altered to god-like levels, granting him an unstable molecular structure that adapts to any environmental stimuli, granting him the ability to adapt and evolve to any stimuli within his environment, as well as granting him virtual invulnerability to any non-sentient species of the animal kingdom, and virtual immortality.

  • Instantaneous Environmental Adaptation: The Shinji’s body has been physiologically altered to the point that it automatically recodes his genetic code, DNA, and atomic structure in order to adapt and evolve in response to any stimuli, situation, or environment he is placed in, theoretically allowing him to survive (as far as has been shown) anything. The Shinji can develop/evolve any form of resistance, immunity, or invulnerability to whatever injures or harms him after prolonged exposure. He can also develop weapons/evolutions to counter any opponent. If he no longer requires the adaptation, his body simply and automatically recodes his DNA structure once again in order to return him back to his normal form, unless he mentally wishes otherwise. His evolving and adapting powers rival that of the Tyrant King’s/Bio-rex's.
  • Animal Immunity: The Shinji is immune to the adverse effects of any bite, sting, poison, venom, toxin, etc, from any animal imaginable, no matter how deadly or potent it maybe. He can transmit his immunities to others as well.
  • Animal Invulnerability: The Shinji is unable to be harmed by any nonsentient animal, beast, or creature, thereby rendering him virtually invulnerable to any animal attack. For some reason, however, this does also apply to humans and other sentient beings or humanoids, who are not to harm him physically. All animals that are not of the human race, sapient/sentient beings, or humanoids, seem to not wish to harm the Shinji, since they seem to understand his position and treat him with utmost respect, no matter how seemingly simple-minded they may be.
  • Animal Immortality: The Shinji is unable to age as long as there is at least one other species of animal in existence, making him virtually immortal. However, that does not mean he cannot physically die. The Shinji can be killed by anything human, plant, mineral, inorganic, of a form of energy that is not generated by a member of the animal kingdom or is not animalistic in nature. However, thanks to his superhuman durability, endurance, resistance, and accelerated healing factor, he can withstand most of these weaknesses for prolonged exposure without succumbing to pain or injury.

The Shinji is, of course, the universe/Existance's leading authority on all things animal, and is known as the universe/existance's most renowned Neo. Even before he became the Neo, Dr. Shinji Ikari was one of the most brilliant scientific experts in the field of zoology. He is now an unparalleled genius in all fields of zoology, veterinary science, and animal biology, including mammalogy, ornithology, herpetology, ichthyology, invertabrate zoology, entomology, arachnology, acarology astacology, malacology, conchology, planktology, paleozoology, cryptozoology, microzoology, magizoology, mythozoology, astrozoology, ethology, animal neuroethology, zoosemiotics, animal cognition, anthrozoology, animal physiology (zootomy, animal anatomy, comparative anatomy, animal morphology, animal biomechanics, animal biochemistry, animal genology, zootoxicology, animal organology, zoomyology, animal osteology, and embryology/oology), animal molecular biology, animal molecular genetics, animal developmental biology, animal ecology, zooparasitology, zooarchaeology, animal evolutionary biology, zoophenology, animal systematics, cladistics, phylogenetics, phylogeography, zoogeography, animal taxonomy, and all forms of veterinary science.

He has learned and mastered all styles of Kung Fu, especially Shaolin, as well as mastered a form of martial arts that he has created from studying, memorizing and copying the movements, attacks, preying techniques and defense mechanisms of every single animal in existence into his human body, as well as learned special fighting techniques for every animal in existence. Combined with his superhuman, animal-like physiology and powers, the Shinji is nearly unstoppable in hand-to-hand combat.

He is a master of survival, and has more than once exiled himself to the wild with nothing more than the clothes on his back. The Shinji is also one of the most skilled trackers, hunters, and foragers in existance, thanks in part to his superhuman senses and his telepathic ability to locate any species/specimen of animal, utilizing these skills in the wild easily.

Symbiotic Spider Form/Powers

Super Human Strength:His strength is Super Human being able to lift Unlimited tons.He can lift even larger structures and weights by increasing his size.His strength has dramaitically increased by absorbing Symbiotes and working out.He can knock out (with no matter how powreful beings by flicking them,go toe to toe with Strongest Beings in Existance,and go against Strongest beings from all fiction n and reallity and army of them .He can cause shockwaves by clapping.He can crush opponents like Strongest Beings in legendary world.He can go to facing a opponent like Strongest clusters beings to trading blows with the no matter how powreful beings/etc.His strength goes to his legs allowing him to jump up to Unlimited feet into the air.Also his strength increase if he is Angry.His Muscle Mass and Bulk increases the longer he is in this form.He can defeat the entire Wrecking Crew with little effort.He can transfer his strength into his voice make a Worldwide Sonic Scream capable of breaking Strongest Beings in existance's ear drum's.

Super Human Durability:His Durability is great,being able to withstand High Caliber Bullets,Explosives,Tank fire,Machine Guns,Unlimited pounds of TnT,Nuclear Warheads,powerful Energy blasts,great heigths,powerful impact,blunt force tramua,and Super Human force without injury.He can regenerate any wound on his body.He can withstand Temp Extremes,can deflect most attacks and feels no pain.He can regenerate from wounds at a Beyond Strongest Fiction and reallity beings rate.If completely destroyed his conciousness will form a new body out of living Symbiotes.He also has a Immunity to Sonics and is not vulnerable to heat than other Symbiotes.

Super Human Speed:He can run faster than the finest Human athlete.His speed is great enough that he can run up to or exceed Accerating Cars/etc.Also it gives his body no strain.Also his reflexes are enhanced to a SuperHuman level.Also has SuperHuman Agility.He can never fall.

Super Human Stamina:His muscles produce no fatigue toxins in his body,therefore he has unlimited Stamina in all Physical activites at all times.Also he can exert himself for a Unlimited and Fatigue Toxins in his body will never start to impair him.

Enhanced Senses:He has enhanced Vision allowing him to even see in differrent Spectrums of Light.He can also see attacks faster than they come and find different ways to dodge them.He can see fast-moving objects,can see Gamma,Heat radiation,has Night Vision,Telescopic Vision,Soundwave Vision and Radio Vision,Movement Vision and 360 Vision.He can detect anyting on the ground and can sense anything on the Entire Earth as long as it is touching the Ground.Also,he has a Sixth Sense like Spiderman's Spider-Sense but stronger and calls it his Spider-Sight or Spider-Radar.It warns him of Incoming danger that responds by making a Bell-like noise in his head when in Unlimited miles of the danger.Also he can escape from any danger without thinking of a plan to do so,as his body automatically responds to that type of danger.He can also avoid Linear attacks,and attacks that are impossible to dodge.His Spider-Sight also allows him to command and have a link with Spiders.Also when faced with Extreme or Sudden threats the Spider-Sight reacted with a Huge Blast-like sound.Also it could guide him away from Danger and Threats.Also his Spider-Sight never diminshes or becomes blocked.He can also use Echolocation.

Inaudilibly:He can become Inaudible.He can creep up on opponent,hide from opponents,sneek past Guards and deafen his voice.He also make a part of his body Inaudible.He can also tone people out and even hear other Inaudible's.He has no limit how long he can be Inaudible.Also this contributes with his Predatory Instincts as he is a Master Tracker,Master Hunter,Master of Pursuit,Master of Capture and Master Combatant.

Wall Crawling:He can fasten unto and climb Vertical and Horizontal surfaces without falling.He can climb ceilings and other surfaces.He has thousands of mutative 'tarsi' or microscopic hooks on the palm of his hand and on the sole of his foot allowing him to latch on to any surface.He can climb,run and walk on any surfaces.He also has microscopic suction cups to help him on surfaces.He can form Tendrils similar to Doc Octopus to help him climb.

Webbing Manipulation:He has the ability to create and generate Webs and a Silky Substance from his wrists.Also his Webs are not limited to his body's Health and Nutrition or Condition.His webs can also go to about Unlimited feet.They also decay after One week(or any other time or never(depending on wish).He fires the Webs in a maze of openings in his skin near his Wrist.He can also absorb other Symbiotes sticky skin and use it as Webbing.He usually fires his Webbing as Strings,Ropes,Threads,Chains,Hooks,Anchors,Restrains,Supports and Constructs.His Webs are strong enough to hold Unlimited tons.He can form his Webbing into Weapons:Standard Handguns,Back Turrets,Sheilds,Claws,Blades,Axes and Whips and even Slingshots that fire Webs hard enough to destroy Steel/Any other Materials/No Matter what/etc,form Armor,Sheilds,Walls and other Defenses out of Webs that is strong enough to withstand multiple attacks from the Strongest Beings in existance and Enhances his Strength to he can fight the them for a Unlimited of Hours,form Platforms out of Webbing big enough to hold Cites/Plantes/Universes/Multiverse/etc.Also he can use his Body Heat to Inflame the Webs or use the Electricity in his body to Electrocute the opponent.He can also shapeshift the Symbiote on him and can telekineticly control the Symbiote and the Webbing he produces.He can also generate more of the Symbiote that he is made of.He can also control the Symbiote that is on his body and use and make Weapons out of it.He has 6 different kinds of Webbing:Normal Webbs,Impact Webbs,Acid Webbs,Flame Webbs,Electric Webbs,Powder Webbs and Material Webbs.The Normal Webbing can be manipulated into Constructs of Webb,can use it to swing or attack and defend from foes.The Impact Webbs are the same but can push back a opponent.The Acid Webb can only be shot into Blasts and can eat away Titanium/Any Other Material/Anything/All/Etc.Flame Webbs can use his Body Heat to cause the Webb to become Flammable.The Electric Webb can use the Nervous System's Electrical Signals to create Shocks that also numbs pain brought to his body.Material Webb can go into a Mechanism and hold the Gears together.Powder Webbs can turn into Powder and stick to the Atoms and completely turn it into Air.

Mechanical/Symbiotic Tentacles:He has two Symbiotic/Mechanical Tentacles that are attached to his back.These Mentally-controlled Prehensile Symbiotic Tentacles are controlled by his mind.He can Grasp,Attack and Defend with these Tentacles.He can also use them for Climbing.He has Complete control over these Tentacles.The Tentacles can extend,can spin Winds Unlimited miles,can be used to travel and can strike with the force of Iron Fist's: Iron Fist Punch.

Chi Form/Powers

Chi Augmentation:By using his Latent Powers,Mutant X gene and Chi powers gave him the powers of Zen Master and allowing him to focus his Chi and enhance his abilities to Gigantic and Extremely Powerful levels.Through no to minor concentration he can harness his Latent and Spritual Energy or Chi,to augment his Physical and Mental capabilities to Godly levels.His Powers,Skills and Awareness have been augmented to vastly God-like levels with no limits at all,it was stated and been seen it was increased by Infinite fold and has Infinite depth.He never tires from using Chi and is capable of using his powers matching strongest beings in legendary world and can perform Planetary/solar sytems/galaxies/universes/Multiverse/etc tasks.He can also lend his Chi to other people and even a entire population.Examples include destroying Planets/Solar Systems/Galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc,becoming Invulnerable and detoxifying a entire population.

Super Human Strength:He can normally lift Unlimited tons with ease.He can channel Chi Energy through his body and enhance his Physical Strength.Also he can not strain his Muscles by empowering them with Chi.He can crush objects,cause Shockwaves and cause EarthQuakes.He can also jump into Orbital Velocity use his Leg Strength.He can also increase the strength of his Knuckles and Hands by using Chi.He can also Kick with Super Human strength using Chi.Also he is Incredibly Swift and can tire and outmatch his foes quickly.He can enhanced his Strength using Chi to Unlimited being to God-like to Limitless to Absolute Strength.He can decimate Skyscrapers to Warships to Planets/galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc with his Strength using Chi.He can take on beings like Strongest beings in all fiction and reallity/stirbgest beings in eixstance/etc/no matter how powreful.He can channel some of his Chi into his fist making them SuperHumanly powerful and Durable.

Super Human Agility:He can move speeds that are invisible to the Human eye.He can move at Light to God-like speed with no limits at all.He can inflict over a Unlimited/Infinite hits in 0/none seconds.He can dodge bullets and catch them in mid-air,dodge lasers before they are fired,is resistant to weight gain,catch falling objects,avoid Complex attacks,avoid any type of damage,posseses Althlectic training beyond any Human/Anything Else,can balance on any object,can perform feats with his feet as well as his hands,tendon strain is no longer a problem and can move his fingers and toes effortlessly.Also he can fly at speeds that Fastest Beings in Fiction and Reallity cannot reach.

Super Human Regeneration:He can regenerate himself at a Super Human/Ulmitied Being rate.He can purge his body of Poison or Heal himself unconciously.He can also lend his Healing powers to a entire Population if needed.He can regenerate wounded body parts,lost limbs,regenerate the Nerve's of someone's mind,can heal rapidly,regrow limbs rapidly,reform after completely destroyed,regenerate from blood loss,can heal instantanously,can never age,immunity to Toxins,Alcohol,Diseases and Infections,is immune to Decapitation and can become Immortal,can regenerate from Nothing,can regenerate regardless of damage and canot even be killled by removing the soul.

Enhanced Awareness:He can pick up every single sound in a area and can sense anything he has a Unlimited/Infinite mile radius.He can also sense the opponent's Powers,Skills,Strength and Weakness.He can know where there Weak points are,Sense there power Physically and Mentally and gain knowledge of there abilities.He also can sense Supernatural presense's in his area.

Nature Unity:He can sense the Emotions and talk to Animals.He can control,tame,summon and have a bond with Animals,gain strength from the Earth/Multiverse/etc itself,can grow and control Plants,is Omniscient about Nature and has Absolute Chi powers and Nature powers in a forest.

Chi Manipulation:He can psioncally manipulate Chi on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Chi allows him to use abilities like projecting Beams of Chi,project Spheres of Chi,gets stronger by fighting,create Force-Fields out of Chi,create weapons made of Chi,can see Illusions and can use Chi in Physical combat.

Magicial Entity Form/Powers

Universal Source:By manipulating the ambient mystical energy of this universe/Multiverse/etc,Shinji can perform a great many functions. Commonly this is seen as energy bolts that range from low power to planet/ga;axoes/Universes/Multiverse/etc destroying he uses this mystical energy to cast spells of infinite variety.He can use Spells to become Intangible,use Mystic Bolts,can banish people or objects to another Dimension,use turn matter into Energy or vice-virsa,can use Telekinesis,can fly at Light Speed/and beyond/etc/any other speed or faster,can teleport to anywhere in the Universe/Multiverse/etc,has Universal/Multiverse/etc Awareness,can conjure or create objects,can manipulate Time and Space,create Strongest-Power Sheilds,can travel between Dimensions/Multiverse/etc and He can also use this mystical energy to cast spells of a infinite variety. These spells seem to be quicker to perform just like spells using divine/Demonic/etc energy. Shinji has used his magics altogether to become alter his clothing through minor molecular control, absorb all forms of energy, control and manipulate elements and has also been shown to amass as much wealth/gold as he desires using magic, as he has done to pay debts.

Magic Manipulation:He can psioncally control Magic on a Multiversal,Universal and Cosmic scale.His mastery over the Mystical powers of Magic allow him to control the Elements of Fire,Water,Air and Earth,fire Magical blasts,can create Animal Magic Constructs,can use Magic in Physical combat,can absorb the powers of others,can create Magical Impentrable Force-Fields,can use Magic to heal himself and others,use Magic to shapeshift,can use Magic to absorb the Magic of others,can fly,can animate or reanimate objects,can create objects or Items,can create Constructs,can teleport,create Potions,can summon creatures,can create Personal domains,can see into the Future,can Warp or Alter Reality,can create Spells,can use Telekinesis,can control Emotions,control the control the Mind of all people/anyone,can control all forms of Energy,can create Alternate Universes,can control Cosmic Elements,can cure any type of impurites,can fuse objects together,can control Illusions,can control the Life-Force of living things,can manipulate matter on a Molecular level,can resurrect himself and others,can absorb one's Soul,can transform into more powerful forms,can manipulate Mana,can manipulate Psychic Energy,can control Sup[erpowers of his own and others,can control Ficton and the Unreal,can manipulate the Twlight,can manipulate points of Origin,can access Divine Sight,can control Divine Energy and forces,is immune to Magic,is empowered by Magic and has unlimited access to all forms of Magic.

Fallen Form/Powers

God-like Durability:He is completely Invulnerable to Poison,Plasma,Radiation,Toxins,Corrosives,Disease and Lead and Deoxygenation.He canot be Intoxicated.He can withstand attacks from Strongest Beings from all fiction and reallity.He can survive going into the Sun,going through SuperNovas,Nova's and Stars,Planet-destroying Impacts or Explosives,Black Holes,White Holes,Neutron Stars,attacks from the Strongest Beings from legendary world,multiple Doomsday Bombs from legendary world,a full power No matter how powreful beings/etc and can survive a Multiversal/etc-destroying explosion.He can also regenerate missing limbs or wounded body parts/anything else whoel body/etc (instantly).

God-like Agility:He can move at Extreme God-like speeds.He can fly to the No Matter what range in 0 time.He can catch fasted beings in existance and has he has caught No matter how fast beings and beings faster than them.He can move and go at Warp Speed and even God Speed/any other speed.He can appear anywhere in the Universe/Multiverse/etc or Dimensions in 0 time.He can see objects faster than the speed of Light/any other speed and can see Lightyears/Unlimited Range away.

God-like Stamina:His body produces no Fatigue Toxins during Physical activity granting him Unlimited Stamina.His Unlimited Stamina allows him to hold his breath Indefintely and exert himself for a Unlimited amount of time.He can also blow Hurricane Winds for a Undefinite amount of time.

Immortalty:He does not need Air,Water,Food,Sleep or Rest,is immune to all Eartly and Alien Diseases and Infections and cannot age.

Demonic Powers:He can use the Demonic energy that gives him power.He can gain power from Corruption,can induce Corruption,can manipulate his Body,can destroy any Item,control Darkness and Dark Arts,control Dark Elements,make others see there Inner Darkness,can cause Death and Rotting,cause things to deform,control Demonic forces,gain power from Evil,control Malefic forces,gain power from Hate,Fear and Anger,can induce treachery,control the Mortality of others,induce Torment,can taint objects,induce Insanity,control Emotions,control people's Minds,gain power from Sins,can possess objects,can stare at things and cause them to be inflicted with all the pain they have inflicted on anybody for all Eternity,can manipulate Hell-Fire,can project Invulnerable Chains and is the Good Incaration of Satan/The Devil.

Giant Sangheili Rank Form/Powers

Super Human Strength:He can lift Unlimited/Infinite tons unaided.He can lift Unlimited/infiite tons at easely.Also,he can destroy Strongest metals in existance/any mettals and can punch with the force of Unlimited/infinite pounds of Tnt and C4 combined.Also,he is beyond the Strength of Strongest Beings in fiction and reallity.

Super Human Durability:His skin is considerably tougher than a Human's.He can withstand Unlimited volts of Electricity and Lightning.He can withstand Explosives,High-Caliber Bullets,Rapid-Fire and Powerful Energy Blasts without sustaining Injury.

SuperHuman Endurance:He can exert himself for Unlimited's without tiring.He is immune to all Earthly and Alien Diseases,Toxins and Infections.He can withstand any kind of Temperature.He does not need to Eat,Sleep,Drink or Breathe.Also,is Invulnerable to all types of Pain.

Sangheili Form Armors Form/Powers

Sangheili Commander Armor:This Armor is Durable enough to withstand strikes from Low and High-Caliber Bullets,Explosives and even Atom Bombs,Powerful Energy Blasts,punches and attacks from Strongest beings in eixstance and could survive Unlimited hits from the Strongest Weapons i neixstance without breaking.It holds Weapons like the Type-51 Carbine:A weapon that can fire Radioactive projectiles at SuperSonic speeds/Any other speed that can burn through Strongest beings in existance's Skin.Also,the Type-51 Carbine is a Chargeable weapon.Also,he has Two Type-33 Light Anti-Armor Weapons on his shoulders that have bullets and missiles strong enough to demolish City Buildings/Plantets/Galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc.He also posseses a Sheild strong enough to survive a Planetary/Gakaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc Explosions.

Sangheili Minor Armor:This type of Armor can withstand a Planetary/Gakaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc Explosions Unlimitedx times,a Nova from a Small Star,High-Caliber Bullets,Explosives and even Atom and Nuclear Bombs,Powerful Energy Blasts,punches from Strongest beings in existance no matter how powreful and hits from weapons like the Strongest weapons in existance without Injury.It hold weapons like the Type-51 Carbine:A weapon that can fire Radioactive projectiles at SuperSonic/Any other speeds.He also wields a Type-50 Sniper Rifle System:A weapon that can discharge SuperNova-hot Plasma beams that can cut through any material.He also has Two Type-33 Light Anti-Armor weapons on his shoulders that can destroy City/Plantes/Galaxies/Universes/Multiverse's.He also has a Energy Blade:A weapon that can cut through any material.He also has a Infinite supply of Plasma Grenades that stick to a surface than detonate.Lastly,he has a Energy Sheild that can survive and function after a SuperNova.

Sangheili Spec Op Ranger:This type of Armor is about as Durable as the Sangheili Spec Op Minor Armor.It could withstand a Solar System Explosion/Galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/Etc,SuperNova's,Nova's,Planetary Explosions/Galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/Etc,High-Caliber Bullets,Exposives,Nuclear and Atom Bombs,Powerful Energy Blasts,attacks from Strongest beings in existanxe no matter how powreful and Strongest Weapons in eixstance no matter how powreful.It has weapons like the Plasma Rifle,Plasma Repeater,Focus Rifle,Needle Rifle and a Energy Sword.He also has a Energy Sheild,Anti-Gravity Pack,AntiMatter Packs and Flight Harness.

Sangheili Spec Op Officer:This type of Armor is about as Durable as the Sangheili Spec Op Ranger Armor.It could withstand all the previous Armors capabilities like Strongest weapos in eixstance.It also has weapons like a Energy Sword,Beam Sniper System,Plasma Rifle and a Energy Sheild.It also has a Active Cameoflage.

Sangheili Councilor Armor:This type of Armor can withstand a Universal/Multiverse/etc Explosion,Solar System Explosions,SuperNova's,Nova's,Planetary Explosions,High-Caliber Bullets,Explosions,Atom andNuclear Bombs,Powerful Energy Blasts,attacks from Strongest beings in all Fiction and Reallity combined and attacks from the Strongest weapons in all fiction and reallity.This Armor has weapons like Energy Sword that can cut through any material and a Energy sheild that can survive a Multiversal Explosion.He also posseses a Plasma Rifle.

Green Martain Form/Powers

Genetically Modified Martian Physiology:He has been called the Swiss Army knife of Unlimited Being's.He possess all powers of all and from all.He powers come from his Alien Physiology.He has upgrade,from a Super Advanced Civilazation boasting of Advanced Technology and Genetic Modifications.His Body would seem to compose of a Complex Molecular Chain that resembles Polymer bonds with the ability to be altered at will.He can change his Size,Mass,Color,Shape,imitating Clothing if desired.The Bio-Polymer is Extremely Flexible,Durable and Incredible Strong for Biological material and apparently Self-sustaining.Also due to his Physiology he does not need to Eat,Drink,Sleep,Rest or Breathe.His Physiology is also Enhanced then all of his Race allowing his powers to acheive higher heights than anyone in all Races.His Name in this form is Renn-Za meaning The Justice Bringer/Bringer of Doom.

Shape-Shifting,Malleability,Plasticity and Elongation:One of Renn-Za most Incredible powers is his power and ability to Shapeshift.He is literally able to control the Molecular structure of his body's Bio-Polymer and make it resemble anything he wants.He can form Clothing and Weapons or Non-functional parts.He does has no limit to the number of people that the he can imitate and has stood in as a Double for any/all famous people.He can change his Color.He can also change his Size to the Size of a Atom or the Size of a Planets/galaxies/Universes/Multiverse/etc.

Renn-Za's Martain Powers:His Martain powers include Omni-Hearing,Hurricane Breath,Enhanced Intellect,Investigation,Zoolingulism,Multilingulism,Astral Projection,creating Illusions,can Induce Sleep,Possession,Mind Scaning,Mind Wiping,creating Mental Sheilds,can Download Information,use Mind Control,can Sense Thoughts,can create Telepathic Links,can Telepathicly Assault opponents and can create a Reality from another's mind.

SuperHuman Physiology Form/Powers

Super Human Strength:He can Lift and destroy Extremely Heavy and Durable structures with his hands.He can effortlessly hold any Building and can even hold and destroy Planets/Universes/Multiverse/etc.He can crush things as Durable as Metals from LEgendary world.By stomping on the Ground he can cause EarthQuakes beyond the Richer Scale.His Strength also goes into his Legs so he can jump into Orbital Velocity.He can create Shockwaves by clapping his hands that are so strong it could knock out Clusters Strongest Beings .He can weaken structure by punching them.He posseses Vast Physical strength and he can lift in Infinite/Unlimited tons effortlessly.He could break All Any strongest metals from in all fiction and reallity/Existance with his Bare hands.He is one of the Strongest beings in the Universe.He can lift over a Unlimited/Infinite tons effortlessly,lift Cruise Liners,lift Pyramids,move Planets,destroy Planets/Universes/Myltivese/etc, and his restrained power destroyed the Strongest Beings in existance/no matter how powreful.He can also absorb Solar Radiation for more strength.He can even overpower foes like Strongest beings/Any all beings from in all Fiction and Reallity/Existance.He has Limitless Strength.He can also become SuperCharged where foes Any Foes/No mater how powreful look like a Human.

Super Human Endurance:He has Unlimited Stamina.His body produces no Fatigue Toxins granting him Unlimited Stamina.Also,he can go a Undefinite amount of time without Eating,Oxygen,Water,Rest or Sleep.He is also Invulnerable to all Temperatures.He also can suppress pain from anything even Atom Bombs.He also possesses Super Human Senses.He can hold his breath and project a Planet/Universes/Multiverse/etc-destroying Scream for a Undefinite amount of time.

Super Human Speed:He posseses the ability to Move,Think and React at SuperHuman Speeds.He can catch bullets in Mid-Air and can fly and run at SuperSonic Speeds.He has also been seen go in excess of SuperSonic Speed and at HyperSonic and Ultra Sonic Speed.He can fly to the Sun in seconds and can outrun the Fastest beingsi in existance/no matter how fast/no matter who/what speed they have.He can travel through Space and achieve InterStellar travel.He can fly Unlimited/Infinite/X times in excess of the speed of Light and can go through Hyper Space.His Reflexes and Agility are SuperHuman as well as he can catch a Light-Speed/Any speed bullet.He can teleport over Vast distances like North America to China.

Gale Force Breath:He can blast Hurricane-force Winds out of his mouth.He can also blast Gale-force Winds out of his mouth.He can also take the Temperature down of his breath and Freeze the opponent to the Core with his Breath.

Multi-Vision:He has many types of Vision as his Normal Vision he can see Lightyears away.He has X-ray Vision,Microscopic Vision,Telescopic Vision and ElectroMagnetic Vision.

Golden Energy Manipulation:He can psioncally manipulate Golden Energy on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Golden Energy allows him to use abilities like absorbing Limitless amounts of Energy,generating Energy,he can transform Matter into Energy then absorb that Energy,create Auras out of Golden Energy,create Spheres out of Golden Energy,create Beams out of Golden Energy,create Blasts out of Golden Energy,create Golden Energy Constructs,create Force-Fields out of Golden Energy,create Meteors out of Golden Energy,feed of Energy,create Waves of Golden Energy,use Golden Energy in Physical Combat and transfer Energy to other objects,resurrect people, limited Molecular Manipulation,has Limited Telekinesis,can suppress the powers of others,can detect others using Energy,create Psi-Sheilds using Energy,can siphon the powers of others,he is Immune to all types of Heat and Radiation and can control and manipulate Golden Suns.

Ambient Energy Conversion:Shinji can absorb Ambient Cosmic Energy into his Cells of his body and processes it into Plasma.This results in control over an Extremely powerful sort of Destructive force.At all times in this form he is able to control his Energy.In this form his body is constantly absorbing Cosmic Energy.He most releases his Energy in Circlar Blasts or Omni-directional Energy Waves.He can absorb Sunlight,X-rays and Gamma Radiation.The Level of of his Blasts can go up to blowing up a City to destroying a Sun/Galaceis/Universes/Multiverse/etc/Existance.He can also Super-Heat his blasts and use his Energy to Disintergrate objects or create Blasts of Powerful Extreme Concussive Force.He can absorb Energy so Powerful he can be dropped into a Sun,Star or Nebula and emerge from in so powerful that he can also reach levels of power that makes the Strongest Beings in all Ficiton and reallity/Any all beings/no matter how powreful look like a Bug to him and everyone.He is also Resistant to all Energy Manipulaters.His Energy is Strong and Powerful that it can even cut through Strongest Materlas shield in all Existance/Fiction and reallity/ETC's Sheilds or Strongest Metrals of his enemis's Claws.He can even destroy the whole Universe/Multiverse/etc if he is at High-Levels of Energy.His Energy powers allow him to even use Intel Stellar Travel.

Physics Quantum Science Form/Powers

Quantum Manipulation:He can psioncally manipulate Quantum Energy on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Quantum energy allows him to use abilities like he can change/alter a Chemical componds of a substance by rearranging its Atomic structure,manipulate Electricity,manipulating Crystal and Diamonds,create Force-Fields out of Quantum Energy,create Quantum Constructs,change Energy into Matter or Vice-Virsa,manipulate Plasma,create Portals to anywhere and manipulate Zero-Point Energy to gain a Unlimited amount of Energy,have a limitless supply of Cosmic Energy,can never get tired and can paraylze.He can also use this power to access the Nova Force.

Quantum Field Manipulation:His Quantum powers also can absorb and manipulate Unlimited amounts of Energy,for a Infinite amounts of purposes the amount of which he can not limited by any outside force and is created and manipulated by his Imagination and Willpower.He also has total control and is the Godlike Ruler of the Quantum Field and can do anything he wishes.He can create a Duplicate of Earth with all Life,can create replica's of any hero,can create Infinite Universes and can just as easily destroy them and can does this for a Undefinite amount of time.He can absorb any type of Energy and is second to none with this power.He can fire and control Energy in any way.He can fire his Energy in the form of Force Field Bubbles,Explosive, Pellets,Explosive Bombs and Blasts,but the most common form is Quantum Bullets fired from a Quantum Machine Gun.He is a Total Expert at using Quantum Energy and can fire it from any point on his body.He can fire it from multiple places on his body or all around his body.He can also use his Energy Manipulation powers to prevent a foe with Energy Manipulation powers from using their powers.He can also generate Matter.He lives off of this Quantum Energy.

Invulnerability:He is Completely Invulnerable to all Harm.He can take a Entire Universe/Multiverse/Etc/Existance exploding and cannot be harmed.He is also Completely Invulnerable to Arcane Magic.He also cannot be harmed by any Earthly and Alien Diseases and Infections and Toxins.

Absolute Supreme Primodial Unlimited Being/Deus ex machina/Absolute Supreme Primodial Twilight Unlimited Being /Forms/Powers

Absolute Strength/Ultimate Strength:He has a limitless level of Strength and Offensive power that can distort or do Immense damage to anything in Existence.His Strength even Infinitely surpasses Strongest beings and all Fictio nand Reallity(Combiend.He can go toe to toe with any being in no matter who or how powreful.He can even surpass them and their's Strength.He can dominate anything with his blows.He can repel and lift any objects of any mass.He can shatter Planets,Galaxy's and even Reality;s with his blows.He can even tear through Realities and Space-Time Anomalies with the sheer force of his blows.He has totally Unlimited Strength.He can suppress his Strength and can even destroy foes with Absolute Defence.He can even break through Skins of Strongest Beings in All Clasters's skin,can destroy /and destroy any and all metals from all Clasters with bare hands,can destroy Sheidls from any and all clasters and all fictio nand reallity's sheild by flicking it,create a New more Powerful Big Bang by brawling no matter how powreful beings,can destroy any and all beings (no matter how powreful Magic Barriers with a Kick,can destroy the entire Omniverse and all Fiction and reallity/Existance with a easely with simple Punch,can break even with their type of metal Bones and break and destroy the Strongest Clusters Heralds's skin.Also,his attacks cannot be blocked or missed in any means.The damage dealt cannot be reduced.His attacks can bypass any type of Defense,Armor or Immunity.He can kill opponents in one strike and can even kill opponents with Regeneration or Absolute Immortalty.He can even use his Physical Strength to hold or lift weapons he is not worthy to use like the Mjonir or Exclaiber(whiel he is worty even if he will be unworthy he will still can lift/use them).

Absolute Defense/Ultimate Defence:He possesses a Defence that cannot be pierced by any attacks.He is protected from all attacks regardless of magnitude,power,type or direction.His Defense is Impentrable.Also he exists outside of Time and Space:so he is immune to any thing that exists inside of Time and Space.He is also immune to Reality Warping Effects.He cannot be erased from existence.He is also Immune to Time Manipulation.He is also Invulnerable to all that exist inside Time and Space.He actually not only exists outside of Time and Space,he exists out of Everything.He is immune to all Reality Warping Powers.He also is immune to any alteration or change by outside force regardless of force or cause and has absolute protection from absolutely any change from any forces other than his own and will completely retain the state he is in.His Soul,Existence,Momentum,Emotions,Physical Change and Mind are Completely Unchangeable.He can deflect any attack even from himself.He is also completely Invulnerable to Pain,Bullets,Cuts,Scraps,Stabs,Bleeding,Loss of Limbs,being Divided,Gunfire of all types and any other type of damge.He is also completely Invinceable.He is Immune to anything he wants to be immune to.He can become Intangible and can absorb any Impact.He cannot feel pain by any means.He cannot also reflect damage brought to him to another foe.He can also prevent and redirect any Harm that would be brought to him.He is also Totaly Invinceable in every way possible.He has no weakness any never lost a fight.He is immune to all powers.He is immune to all Earthly and Alien Diseases,Infections,Bacteria,Virues or Parasites.He can also adapt to any Environment and Everything else.He can withstand Strongest beings from all fiction and reallity combiend Unlimited/Infinite over and over.

Omni-Senses/Absolute Senses:All of his Sense are Enhanced to Hear,Smell,See and Touch everything in the Universe.He can hear everything that happens no matter how far or how the conditions are.He can hear everyone's thoughts and can hear the Dead.He can also hear the Past,Present and Future.He can hear a change in hearthbeats.He can also use Echolocation.He also has a Mind with the Universe.He can percieve changes that affect him anywhere in the Universe.He can detect threats anywhere in the Universe.He can see the Entire Universe in his eyes.He can see Angels,Demons,Gods,Holy Spirits and acces to Divine Knowledge.He can see Divine and Mystic Realms and percieve the World on many planes of Existence.He can also see overlapping Dimensions beyond the Plane of Existence and unseen creatures.He also has Atom Vision,Radiation Vision,Accerated Vision,Aura Vision,Blood Vision,Phermone Vision,Death Vision,Em Vision,Emotion Vision,Energy Vision,Illusion Vision,Life Vision,Microscopic Vision,Movement Vision,Night Vision,Multi-Vision,360 Vision,Outcome Vision,SuperColor Vision,SoundWave Vision and Telescopic Vision.Also,his Senses are protected from Outside forces.He can percieve anything.

Absolute Immortalty:he is Truely Immortal.He is unable to Die or get Sick or be wounded.Any injuries heal and he cannot be Disinteragraded or blown up.He can be completely deleted or destroyed down to a Sub-Atomic level.He is immune to all harm or Natural causes.He can reform or come back to life any time he wants.He will never age.He also can regenerate from a Sub-Atomic level.

Absolute Endurance:He does not need Air,Food,Water or Sleep to survive.He does not need Shelter,Body Evacuations,Heat,Cold and can remain Immoblie for a Undefinite amount of time.He can also survive the Vacuum of Space unaided.He also can survive any Hot or Cold Temperature.He can never feel pain.He also has a Unlimited level of Stamina.

Absolute Intellect/OmniScience:He posesess a Limitless level of Intellectual and Cognitive proficiency that can surpass anything in Existence.He can think,process and retain information on a level unobtainable all Sentient Beings.He has a Vast Knowledge and Information of all things and has a Encyclopedic Knowledge of Magic,Science,Universes,History,Technology/Mechanics,Literature,Psionics and more.He can understand all the Knowledge and Information of things.He also posesess Polymath.He can Invent anything,has a Unlimited Memory and can Light-Speed/and beyond read.He can learn more than Unlimited/infiite things in Nanoseconds.He can Instantly learn things,knows every language,is a Master Straigest,knows how to handle all Situations and Matters.He knows Everything and Anything Infinitely.He knows everything that there is to know.His mind is Unblocked to the Entire Universe/Multiverse/Omniverse/All Fiction and reallity/etc/existance as he knows the answer to every Question,he knows everything from the Past,Present and Future.He can teach and learn anything.He also has a understanding to all concepts.He can gain information about a object by touching it and can transfer Information to others.He is smarter than All beings in all Fictiobn and Reallity(Combiend).

Absolute Speed:He has a Limitless level of Speed and Velocity-based power that can surpass and progess through anything in Existence.He can move at speeds that not even the most attunded of beings can grasp and outrun or avoid anything an opponent can use against the Shinji.He can move and run at Infinite Velocitys.He can easily surpass the speed of Light and move at speeds that allow him to traverse through Time and Space itself.He is also Invulnerable while running.He can also fly at Light Speeds or up to GodSpeed.He can fly and run faster than the Runner all runners in All fiction and reallity.

Unlimited Being/All-Power:He is almighty in every sense and aspect.He can do Everything and Anything he wants.He can do absolutely Anything even the Impossible.He can use OmniArch:as he can rule over Anything and Everything.He has absolute control over all objects,planes of existences and lifeforms and has control of theit will and mindsets wither there Aware or not.He has absolute dominion over any situation or environment by command.He is also completely immune to laws.He can even take the will of Omnipotent beings.Has all abilities,can control the Emotion of others,control Events,manipulate others,control other Minds,control Nature,has a Lordship powers,control over the Environment,control the planes of Existence and can control Ether.He has Omnicompetence:He can handle all Situations and Matters.He can always plan a way to win or control a fight.He is all Perfect in every possible Skill and Field.He is also Omnifarious:he can change and shapeshift at will with no limit.He can create anything or everything.He can make Unlimited Being weapons or items.He can also duplicate anything.He has Omnipresense:he can exist anywhere and everywhere at once.He is capable of achieve Enlightment.He is one with all.He also has the following powers:Ability Unity:his powers are immune to all alterations,Absolute Existence:He has total control over his Existence,Absolute Restoration:He can restore anything back to it's natural state,Boundary Manipulation:He has total control over boundaries,Causality Manipulation:He can control Cause and Effect,Conceptualization:He can manipulate/create and erase all concepts,Destruction:He can kill and destroy anything,Existence Manipulation:He can control all of Existence,Existence Plane Manipulation:He can control the planes of Existence.Omnicide:He can kill all life at once and can erase any existence completely,Omni-Magic:He can manipulate all forms of Magic.Omniversal Manipulation:He can control all Universes and Realities and beyond,He can control Origin,He can override the laws of Reality,Logic and Common Sense,he can preserve and keep everything in existence,he can rewrite all aspects of Reality without a limit,he can manipulate Logic,he can control Science,he can control all things SuperNatural,he can perform Miracles,he can control any Superpower,he can manipulate anything,he has Unlimited amounts of Raw power,he can make actions become Irreversibility,can control MetaPhysics,has a Ineffable Nature and is the Prime representation of Unlimited Being and has complete Freedom and can control the Cycles of Everything.He has Total control Psionic Manipulation.He can control Unity Force.He can control Cosmic forces and Universal forces.He can control Primordal Force.He can control Dark Matter,Ether and Anti-Matter to a Cosmic Scale.He also has control other Cosmic powers like the Power Cosmic or Destiny Force and cancel them out.Also he has all the powers a God could have like Thor or Odin.He can control all of the Nature and the Earth and the Four Cassical Elements.He can control all types of Energy.He can control Time and Space and can erase or alter someone's Memory.He can even transcend Dimensions and does not lose power while doing it.He can reap the Soul out of Something's body and can use a Dreaded Primordal Blast a blast so powerful it could destroy the Multiverse and recreate it.He can create Psionic Exo-Armor.He can even use Omni-Magic:All types of Magic.

Nothingness Manipulation:He can psioncally control Nothing on a Cosmic Scale.He mastery over Nothingness allows him to use abilities like cause targets to have never existed,create constructs out of Nothing,can create Black Holes,can erase or destroy anything from existence,create Portals,create Negative Bolts that can erase anything from Existence,obiliterate the bonds of objects,can destroy the Air around a target causing suffocation,can become Intangible,can erase someone's Mind or Memories,can Teleport,can track or avoid evasion,can become completely Indetectable,can control Gravity,can prevent Death and Injuries,can negate Emotions,can turn powers into Nothing,can create Negative Zones,control all Negative Forces,can control Time,can exist in Nothing being Invulnerable to everything,can use Time Travel,can Warp Reality,can cause Destruction on a Cosmic Scale,can control Time and Space and the Space-Time continueium and can control the Void which gives him Air Manipulation,can create Razor Wind,can store things into the Void,can control Cosmic forces and control every Universe and control the Omniverse itself and has complete control and Far Greater/Absolute Unlimited Being in the Void,any Negative Zone and in any Dimension.

Notable attacks: Will be listed (even though he has every single move set and all his attacks output can destroy reality and fiction infinitely without effort in his mortal/human form without trying)

  • Broken Copy Cat- Copies every movement by existing and if the moves have a weakness the weakness is instantly removed making it flawless
  • Broken Immunity- He is absolutely indestructible as shown in his durability and cannot be wished out of existence and plus it can be countered if anyone tries to remove him from existence and his abilities cannot be taken or copied can he do that making it quite one sided.
  • Broken evolution - He keeps evolving no matter what infinitely every single instant (though its just a way to say it but it actually means faster than instant just like the battle that he had he evolves infinitely in only that time frame so there is no end to it)

Raging Demon-Destroyes the soul and bypass durability and turn your sins against you (though even the sinless will die to this attack thanks to it being modified) plus even if you remove the move can still destroy it by it's aura alone but now can use it to wipe out fiction and reality infinitely by just activating him and can attack nonexistence beings and destroys anyone with any kind of immortality even (no matter what level) (Shinji is immune to the raging demon though and all his moves can destroy any kind of immortality even (no matter what) and it doesn't need to be a soul for the raging demon to destroy)

Precognition- Predicts all possible outcomes and no one can predict him (plus all the outcomes are him winning anyway)

Chakra- Has access to all moves related to this even family related things cause he is a Unlimited Being he has every bloodline in fiction and reality

Imagination - Creates and Destroys everything by thinking about it infinitely and thanks to Shinji's mind being crazy well you get what I mean

Rebirth- Can stop the infinite damage and reset everything infinite times

Book Maker - Can seals everyone's power making them powerless like his ability removal and he is immune to this effect

Save Load and Delete- Shinji can saves every movement made in all of reality and fiction reseting everything to any point in time but there a thing called Delete is an ability to destroy reality and fiction infinitely by deleting a save point and since he has an infinite amount of them then you get the point… (also immune to it's effects)

Anger- While technically not a move its an ability that amps Shinji's stats infinitely Shinji has full of his control his rage and can destroy fiction in less than a 0 time and also can but now ust do it on a whimp also it cannot be taken away if anyone attempts to remove this abilities (all his abilities have this security system) the rage will destroy the person inside out no matter the concept or how powerful they are and once thats done returns to Shinji also this prevents him from dying (that is they SOMEHOW managed to make him able to die) also they can consume reality and fiction infinitely easily if Shinji chooses to release it and in the instant it "eats everything" he can rewrite everything to his will and will alone and no one can do it because the rage made it specific for only Shinji to make the rules.

The Goat's ultimate sin: Lust- Makes his opponents lust very high but not harmful to Shinji and absorbs their powers until they become a 0D being with a 3D body.

Constructor - A person who, thanks to an anomaly, has received the ability to control aspects of reality.

  • Strength - Shinji is able to control kinetic force.
    • Punch- The impact force of the right hand is charged, due to which the impact force allows you to smash into a smash the monster the size of a building at a distance of three meters.
    • Launch - Shinji increases the strength of the jump many times.
    • Hardness - Shinji increases its protective performance by any number of times.
    • Power beam- Shoots a beam of kinetic energy.
    • Ball of Strength - Launches a ball of kinetic energy in a selected direction. An unstable biological target explodes when touched.
    • Confusion - A beating of the heart is energized, because of which a powerful explosion occurs around Shinji that sets fire to nearby enemies.
    • Concussion - Shinji releases a tremendous amount of kinetic energy in the form of a sphere increasing to one hundred meters and annihilating everything that appears in its radius.
  • Time - The ability to control the flow of time.
    • Stop - Stops the time while the ability is active.
    • Slow - Slows twice the time while the ability is active.
    • Haste - Speeds up twice the time while the ability is active.
    • Reverses - Rewinds time while the ability is active.
    • Loop - Shinji sends the enemy into a temporary loop.
  • Reason - The ability to control the mind. Robots are no exception.
    • Slyar - Forces an adversary to fight on the side of Shinji.
    • Fear - The target begins to irresistibly fear Shinji.
    • Confusion - The enemy begins to attack the nearest target.
    • Barrier - An impenetrable mental barrier is formed around Shinji that protects against any type of damage.
    • Sleep - Causes the indicated target. If the target is a robot, then it enters sleep mode.
    • Wake up - Awakens the target.
    • Phase - Shinji becomes intangible and acquires the ability to walk through objects. Can take control of a creature that seems.
    • Mental ray - a ray of mental energy that repels objects that hit it.
    • Death of the mind - Shinji destroys the enemy’s mind, after which it loses all mental functions.
  • Souls - The ability to manipulate souls and vital energy.
    • Lifevision - Shinji gains the ability to see life forms regardless of obstacles.
    • Vampire Ray - a beam that steals the life energy of a target, as a result of which Shinji's vitality increases.
    • Soul Trap - Shinji captures the enemy in its pocket dimension.
      • Liberation of Souls - Releases all sharpened enemies.
    • Resurrection - Resurrects all the dead in a large radius. Creatures do not become living dead, and their bodies are completely restored.
  • Matter - The ability to change matter.
    • Erase - Destroys the enemy at the atomic level.
    • Transformation - transforms the enemy into any random object. Omega can control the transformation.
    • Gravity - Distorts gravity in the specified area.
    • Unboin - Returns everything to its original state (cancels a change in matter, destroys anomalies).
    • Compression - Decreases the target by several times (Any times times).
    • Extension - Increases the target several times (Any times).
    • Restart size - Returns the object to its original size.
    • Manipulating the body - Shinji changes the body structure of the specified victim. Stretching and deformation of body parts.
    • Heal - Heal the target from any damage while it is still alive. You can increase survivability by 3,000 times. relatively ordinary person.
    • Disarm- Turn weapons into smoke.
    • Anti-bullets - Within a radius of several meters from Omega, all shells turn into steam.
    • Invisibility - Makes Shinji invisible.
    • Tread - Shinji can walk on water.
    • Burning - Shinji ignites the specified target.
    • Animation - Revives an inanimate object.
  • Space - The ability to change the space.
    • Freeze - Stops the enemy in space.
    • Telekinesis - The ability to move objects in space. It is mainly used to repel enemies.
    • Manipulation - Change the position of an object in space.
    • Gravity well - Shinji creates increased gravity at the indicated point, which draws objects in space.
    • Churning - The opposite of Gravity well
    • Jerk - Shinji pushes itself gravity in a certain direction. During the fall, you can freeze in place and then choose a different direction.
    • Wormhole - Shinji is able to create wormholes/portals.
      • Exact - Shinji sets the point to which the portals will lead.
      • Direct - Shinji teleport to the indicated side for several tens of meters.
      • Random - Shinji is teleported to a random place within a radius of hundreds of meters from himself.
    • Singularity - Shinji creates a black hole. The hole gradually decreases if it does not absorb anything. It can be increased or decreased rapidly. The more she is, the stronger her gravity.
    • Meteors - Attraction of meteorites from space.
  • Reality - The totality of all abilities.
    • Snap Erases half creatures within a radius of hundreds of meters.
    • Ray of infinity Shinji connects all types of energy (which it controls) and a beam erasing any objects from reality.
    • Shift Moves reality in the indicated direction.

Magic(of one of the worlds - Mystical energy that existed in antiquity and which people could control, like electricity eel. But thanks to the global anomaly, this ability has awakened and almost anyone can learn it.

  • Pyromancy - Magic allows you to create and control fire. Shinji is able to set fire to everything that comes under its fire attack, even if it cannot burn.
    • Fire Stream - A powerful stream of fire ignites everything in its path.
    • Fire ball - Concentrated fire in the shape of a ball. when it hits an object, it explodes.
    • Sunshine - Shinji collects and concentrates solar energy into a wide sizzling beam.
    • Meteorite strike - Fire projectiles descend from heaven into the indicated area.
    • Explosion - Shinji creates a powerful projectile comparable to a mini nuclear bomb.
    • Firestorm - Around, from the ground, fiery geysers burst out.
  • Geomancy - Magic allows you to create and control the earth.
    • Stone cast - Shinji creates and throws a huge boulder
    • Rockfall - Shinji creates several smaller boulders and lands them in one place.
    • Stone city - Backsteps appear and stones flying towards the gaze.
    • Rock wave - Stone blocks erupting from the ground throwing everyone in their path. After the attack, a stone wall remains.
    • Earthquake - a strong earthquake begins in the indicated area.
    • Stonehenge - Around the Shinji appears a circular stone wall. She stands until she collapses or Shinji wants it.
  • Cryomancy - Magic allows you to create and control ice. Shinji creates a candle-shaped ice stick to trick an adversary.
    • Icicles - 3 icicles fly at the enemy. they are strong enough to pierce a dinosaur.
    • Snowman - Normal snow slows down the movement of the enemy when hit.
    • Ice ball - The same snow, but after a few seconds it explodes on a bunch of icicles flying in different directions.

Psionic - A person capable of thoughts to influence the real world.

  • Pyrokines - A kind of telekinesis that allows you to set fire to objects with the power of thought even if they cannot burn.


Halo of Excitement (Unlimited being Resources): A special ability that allows Shinji to create a desire to protect/love/be loyal/stand on his side/etc to the end/never betray him/no matter what/etc shinji it in all people/beings/races etc (no matter who no matter they are what) with the (ANY psychology/personality)(no matter who/what they are (, even if they don’t know him or have not seen him at all, (and even not heard about him) (And/or are his enemis/wanted to kill him/etc(with no exaption). Those who sided with Have/Power/ability of "turning over probabilities", finding a way out in a seemingly hopeless situation to protect Shinji/and or themselves/etc/win in any way/etc/be totaly all powreful/etc. (can be used as passive so selectively/ simultaneously (at any distance тщ ьфееук whar range) (even whole existance) (it is also impossible to resist this ability no matter what/no matter who)(any attempts will be futile)

Superhuman - Shinji overcame all human barriers, after which he took the next step in evolution. Now he is perfection itself, an absolute in the eyes of all, a jack of all trades, and just Shinji. Naturally, such a guy has many abilities.

  • Overwhelming coolness - any, absolutely any, without exception, Shinji’s action is accompanied by coolness and pathos. He eats lunch cool, he cleans up cool in the classroom, he reads cool books ... even when he is punished, he is absolutely cool.
  • Not from this world - no matter how simple the situation may seem, for Shinji it may look different. He generally looks at the world from a different perspective. Such a strange perception very often saves him from various troubles: a fight with a superior opponent, some being descending on you, a Army of people who dreams of destroying you? Pff, for Shinji these things are very simple, although for any other, this would be a difficult moment in life.
  • Master - since Shinji is a master of a any business, he is also a master of many "small abilities"
    • Disguise - in case of emergency, Shinji can disguise as anything and anyone. It does not matter where he is and what is happening to him now, he just can do it.
    • Wall Climbing - Shinji is pretty nimble and acrobatic. When his enemy pursued him, he could literally maneuver through the walls with incredible ease. There was also a case when he ran freely run on the walls.
  • The art of trolling - whoever the opponent of Shinji is, he will with ease, well, will be able to get them crazy. Even, it would seem, in a hopeless situation with peapole who arranged for him as a servant, he found a way out; the fulfillment of all their whims. As a result, this led to a disastrous result, for his for the enslavers, of course.

Secret Techniques - Shinji has a lot of techniques in stock that he uses in emergency, or not really, situations. They are created for every occasion, even in those cases that could not have happened in real life.

Team player - The ability of Shinji also favorably affects all like-minded Shinji who are next to him, which makes Shinji an invaluable help in any team work and serious task where lives are at stake. It is ability has exactly what the unlimited range of this skill is, . The skill is also invaluable for training new recruits, which is why Shinji has the status of “Curator” in the his forces.

  • Theoretical knowledge - If an ally Shinji performs any activity for the first time, but is already theoretically savvy, he will be able to carry out his actions as well as it has been described (and understood) in detail.
  • Practical knowledge - If an ally of/he Shinji already had practical experience in any activity, he will become proportionally as better as he is already good at it. The chances of a successful manner, attack or blocking immediately increase, the body will cease to perform all of the extra movements, retaining strength, and the body will be able to respond to the deadly even faster than the mind. (Caution, this learning method is easily addictive).

Fighter of Fortune - One of Shinji's fighting style is a mixture of chaotic movements that she makes purely intuitive and very accurate and deft single strikes in vulnerable areas of the body.

  • Blind Kick - Giving his body to the power of intuition, Shinji can calmly carry out a blow to a random place around him and then fall through an enemy invisibility running nearby. Throwing a knife - to hit the enemy with teleportation or ricochet to get someone from around the corner. No matter how many of the 5 senses are blocked, Keen will always have the opportunity to address the sixth - his intuition.
    • Living Ram - Using KI-1 and its innate abilities, it can literally break through various doors and walls of medium strength in seconds (Ki-1 makes the walls fairly viscous and not dense, but Shinji is able to easily detect a gap in the defense and not get bogged down in it calmly go on. If necessary, finally breaks the structure, opening the passage to everyone else.)
  • Easy run - A logical conclusion from the previous one. It doesn’t matter whether Shinji is deaf, blind, has no tactile sensation or a way to recognize the smell - he is able to move as calmly and easily as before.
  • Ideal theorist - The ability also improves all the characteristics of Shinji as a fighter. Having studied a lot of theoretical literature about a variety of hand-to-hand schools, Shinji is capable of applying various martial arts styles in isolation from his original way of introducing combat.
  • Blind evasion is the same as attack. If necessary, Shinji stops attacking and enters the "retreat" mode, managing to evade various attacks even before they are made. (Quietly ran in a huge monster room that manipulated his body in an attempt to catch him)
    • Skills of stealth - Shinji is able to remain outside the enemy's visibility, each time remaining behind him and preventing him from completely revealing himself.

Good luck in the game - The ability also improves the chance of winning in gambling. (the main thing is to have a winning strategy)

The peacemaker is the ability of Shinji. It is a domed invisible effect of force in the circle of a Shinji who is able: "To reduce any acts of violence to naught." Thus, any physical and magical effects that occurred inside the dome will be ignored.

Unmatched control - Shinji is able to deactivate the dome at will and reactivate when he wants. In this case, the deactivation can take place exactly, only a few centimeters of space. This allows him to inflict physically tangible blows on his opponent, without putting himself at risk of being attacked in return.

​​A born soldier'​​ - Shinji was is an ordinary soldier who,which went through countless battles/ trials/conflicts, etc. trouth this , he reached heights that no man/any other being in existance could have reached in all/any life. Starting as a rookie/ordinary solider, Shinji went through hellish battles/adventures/chalnges and turned into a battle-hardened veteran - a real killing machine with blood and nerves instead of oil and wires, which does not cry, is not distracted, but reads the battle as an open book, and scans the eyes of the next enemy before as he kills the first, but his mind is already thinking about the third/etc.

  • Crushing a second - the ability of veterans to split the perception of time into as small pieces as possible, due to which every second for them passes like frames in a film. Having understood what will happen after a dozen frames, they can take whatever action they want to achieve the maximum benefit from the current situation. This technique works at the subconscious level and allows veterans to fight without problems with those who do not own it.
  • Body control- veterans are able to perfectly redistribute body weight at each step (to use the "vest" with maximum efficiency, the soldier must be able to cross the room filled with eggs and not crush at the same time, none of them), and also have remarkable self-control (the ability to maintain one position without jerking muscles) and endurance.
  • Survival Instinct - the ability of veterans to maintain an increased level of vigilance, impossible under ordinary circumstances, even when their body suffers from overwork. At such moments, the soldier’s brain turns into a conveyor belt, which automatically filters out any information that is not vital for survival.

Combat Skills - Shinji is a skilled soldier wielding all kinds of military tactics, including stealth penetration, waging a sabotage war and creating impromptu traps on the ground. He also fights well, is capable of acrobatic somersaults, shoots perfectly from any weapon and drives any kind of transport well. Together with other skills, this allows Shinji to crack down on entire Armies/Legions of well-armed Anyone/No Matter how pworeful beings/etc, leaving them no chance. Also, since Shinji’s thinking is beyond any beings. he is able to use tricks and tricks, thanks to which he could, for example, cope with a No matter/who /what how pworefu/beings/etc/nomatter/how many/etc.

  • Professional killer Shinji is a specialist in any type of weapon and can easily control anything from a regular pistol to a six-barreled machine gun and laser weapons. He also knows in all ways the human/any other beings anatomy and fights quite well, thanks to which he can cut down people/any other beings no matter how powreful/etc/no matter who what with one blow, even if they are dressed in armor.

Popotanec - TBA:

  • Equipment – allows Shinji to materialize all kinds of military equipment from nothing, from body armor to firearms to taste when it is really needed or when he is wants it.
  • The technique of contactless combat - allows you to fight even in the material world with the help of the likeness of telekinesis, it is usually used to knock out enemy weapons.
  • Manipulations of luck - Shinji is passively able to influence the causality of the world and the outcome of the event, making it favorable for himself, this also give him complete invulnerability, and allows him to survive, all other things being equal, and insures against failure and the possibility of being viciously killed.
  • Manipulation of metaphysical heat - allows Shinji to radiate a body that affects only what he wants, can warm objects for them, including restoring all of their properties, which they lost after spending unharmed time in permafrost, can walk naked among ice and snow without the slightest inconvenience and melt the glaciers. The heat release this can also be used sexual manipulation, allowing Shinji during sex to increase heat release in accordance with the strength of the passion experienced.
  • Charm/sexual manipulation - allows Shinji to inspire charm to the rulers of the opposite gender (and not only), as well as respect and honor for himself, He also has Absloute sexual power in intimate communication with womans and males.

Be an ideal TBA

  • Personal ideal is a person of great aspirations and ideas, this is the one for whom in all cases you will go into fire and water. Usually it is a certain person well known to you who has always inspired you to something new. If you don’t want to be one, then you obviously want to always stand by, watching his accomplishments. Shinji is able to calculate this type in your mind, and if you want, he can easily become one.
  • Perfect partner some sex symbol. A guy or girl in front of whom you would never turn around and move on. The one whom you would have attacked immediately, and you would have been stopped only by the bounds of decency, and perhaps even the very unwillingness to defile such a bewitching flower. Shinji is rarely uses it, usually for minor manipulations, such as going through a security post to a bar.
  • Ideal of morality the one whom you do not just equal, but try to just take an example from him. It can be a bully kicking garbage cans and a girl who takes out the trash after others at the weekend. This is exactly the type of people with whom you could consult in a difficult situation or just help him have nothing to do It is almost one of the most used choices for Shinji due to the calm and easy collection of information With this one.
  • Ideal friend - the name speaks for itself. The one whom you could call a brother or sister without any hesitation. Fooling around, telling a secret, gossiping, discussing new products, helping in a difficult situation - isn't that what friends are for? An extremely rare choice for Shinji. Almost never used without prior information.
  • Ideal family member - each has its own “ideal” relative. Someone gives a lot of money when cheerful, someone can understand when you hurt and help in a difficult situation. Someone was just better than the rest, why, to some extent, more beloved.
  • The ideal of the second half - something that goes beyond mere animal interest. Your original true ideal, a person to whom you could sell both your heart and soul just for the sake of meeting with him.
  • Phenomenal memory Shinji can remember each pattern on each of the 104 playing cards, just watching them for 0 time, and is also able to analyze and correlate such patterns in order to then accurately determine which card lies in front of him.
  • Game skill - thanks to deep knowledge in gambling and not so games, as well as the wide range of tricks used in them, Shinji has a decent level of roulette, manjong, chow-han bakuchi, chess, a huge number of card games (for example, blackjack, poker, bridge, etc.) and many other types of gambling.
  • Gaming luck is the ability to win gambling thanks to commonplace coincidences and luck.
  • Cunning - the ability to get out of any situation with dignity and dignity.
  • Insight is Shinji’s ability to “read” people and situations, including evaluating very quickly whether games are tuned or not.
  • Analytical thinking - Shinji has incredible observation, allowing him to notice the smallest details and a unique ability to very quickly find cause and effect relationships between them and other events, as well as compare facts, draw realistic conclusions from them and build winning strategies in the shortest possible time.
  • Acting skills - Shinji's extraordinary artistic skills allow him to extremely convincingly play in public, as well as masterfully imitate emotions that he does not feel (for example, supposedly sincere despair or prayers) in order to lead opponents into a fatal error for them. Among other things, Shinji is very adept at bluffing (including teamwork) and is able to recognize him in his rivals.
  • Perfect composure - Shinji is capable of listening to insults and accepting aggression directed at him with an impassive expression on his face, or even with a sweet smile on his lips, as well as maintaining absolute calm, clarity of mind and playfulness of character, surrounded by a hostile groups of his enemis or participating in deadly games where there is a chance of getting a shot from a pistol point-blank or forever becoming a stranger's slave.
  • Psychological pressure - thanks to diverse provocations, derogatory remarks (both subtle bullying, and frankly rude insults pronounced with an innocent look), trolling, blackmailing, intimidation, swearing "at weak", terrible grimaces and shocking seeming insanity, it’s emotionally affecting Shinji their opponents, which in the end can lead them astray, shake their peace of mind, make mistakes, cause a butchert, deprive them of the will to fight, or simply bring them to tears.
  • Shocking behavior is a little crazy, frankly eccentric and illogical for the situation, which Shinji can calmly apply in order to deprive people who decide to mock him of any desire to associate with his unpredictable nature.
  • Charm is a combination of charisma and charm that allows you to embarrass and attract other people, including opposing players. It works especially well against both guys and girls
  • Sleight of hand - the ability to quickly and quietly perform various game tricks, and just to do actions that require resourcefulness, dexterity and agility.
  • A well-set voice - while not being a professional singer, Shinji nonetheless possesses a voice that has a wonderful rhythm and frequency.
  • Behavior Analysis - Shinji has a broad knowledge of human psychology. It is enough for him to look at the actions of a person in a certain situation in order to begin to accurately assess his character, inclinations, motives, and even possible events from life, which could significantly contribute to the formation of the current personality.
  • Absolute composure - Shinji is extremely relaxed in any situation. Even finding himself in the center of a shootout using not only heavy hand weapons, but also combat helicopters, he remains completely calm and sober thinking. A similar trait, coupled with prudence, sharp observation and the ability to quickly rub into confidence in people, allows Shinji to quickly adapt and find unexpected solutions to get out of trouble.
  • Psychological combat - methods of moral destruction of the enemy, especially effective as a complement to hand-to-hand combat.
    • Domination - a fighter exuding confidence is able to shock, scare, force backward or even fall from the feet of no matter who. Pathos phrases, gestures and music enhance the effect. Shinji may even seem taller than he really is.
    • Neglect - Shinji turns his back on the enemy, demonstrating his complete superiority.
    • Provocative screams - the furious roar of Shinji and loudly shouting insults serve as psychological weapons that undermine the will, confidence and conceit of the enemy.
    • Blatnaia hysteria - Shinji shockes the enemy with ostentatious fury and furious pressure, all demonstrating his readiness to brutally crack down on the opponent with prison methods.

Special training of resistance: Spy - a short course of the "young soldier" which includes all the basic foundations for espionage on enemy territory. The first stage consists in pumping up a rookie of drugs that allow you to "roll back" brain activity during the period of deep childhood, thereby helping a person to quickly adapt to new conditions and more fully acquire knowledge during the training period. After that there is an in-depth study of material on psychology and linguistics, at the same time reflexes of a fighter are being developed to withstand unexpected and sharp attacks from the outside. The course ends with driving individual skills into a fighter in accordance with the shown ability.

  • Advanced Course: Confronting Sound Attacks - advanced course of "young fighter". which is an attempt to reduce the number of potential opponents by consciously abandoning one of the senses. In it, Shinji comprehended the secrets and techniques of how people live without hearing and at the same time live a full life. Other types of feelings — like taste and smell — were also strengthened and strengthened. This course helped psychologically prepare those people who would soon lose their hearing, or simply gave advice on how to navigate in a situation when your opponent turned off his hearing ability.

Personal weapon control skill: Information thread - its own interpretation of the issued equipment forced Shinji to develop his own habits associated with this weapon. So, Shinji often uses the thread as an additional point of support, which helps his in overcoming high obstacles and tracking. Playing with the thickness and range of the information thread, Shinji can literally "walk through the air" or make unexpected pirouettes changing the direction of movement, moving in three planes at once. The compressed air produced from the thread is also capable of taking more “sharp” forms, literally becoming an air whip capable of leaving a decent mark on a concrete building. Also, Shinji does not hate to use the thread as a point barrier, a whip, and even a lasso!

Personal weapon control skill: Knife wallet - its own interpretation of the issued equipment forced Shinji to develop his own habits associated with this weapon. In addition to the usual waving wallet like a real knife, Shinji can use use this mechanism as a means of intimidation. The following speech sounds something like this: "If you attack me now, then your hand will know the happiness of becoming the basis for my future blade" - after which the capabilities of this "device" will be shown by converting nearby matter (usually it is a wall of especially strong alloy) , and the act of intimidation worked. An equally obvious option was the ability to use this wallet as a hidden “drill”, activating it with bites of your finger, over and over again. Amd its also has is compensated by the controlled disintegration of objects, where entire rivers from blades remain as a souvenir.

Acting is a skill brought up from childhood that helps Shinji overcome his weaknesses. When he lacks information about his opponets, improvisation and past experience gained over the years come into play. This allows Shinji to anticipate the wishes of the people and act in the most favorable way.

Nurtured mind - naturally possessing a good mindset, Shinji further developed this quality in himself, over and over again finding a way out of stressful situations using his creative and non-standard thinking.

  • Mental stability - surprisingly, Shinji also naturally has a high threshold of mental stability, which allows him to recover consciousness faster than other people.

Technology Mastery Shinji has an inhuman understanding of technology, understanding how to use and create incredibly advanced technology, far beyond anything any other engineers in existance could hope to make.

Palace Creation/Use (Part 1) Shinji Can create/has a palace whitch lets him warp any parts of reallity outside of it create multimple/Any objects/etc whitch he can use at any time. Also inside the Palace he is able to do anything he wants for it to do.

Fighthing Style-psyhotic Zero a self made Fighthing Style Shinji Created for himself and others. This style Shinji relies on rapid weapon manifestation, and multiple physical along with magic skills being used in mid movement. while alro transforming parts of his body info anything he wants and he wants to use/uses/etc.


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