• Transformer - a type of alien, non-organic life forms, from the planet Cybertron. So named for their ability to transform their bodies into various mechanisms, objects and other things. Transformers, or more correctly Cybertronians, are characterized by such features and abilities as:
  • Spark the greatest mystery of the universe that is capable of subordinating absolutely everything to its will no matter what (such as Whole world. Life, Death, Chaos Order, Light, Darkness, Fate/Destiny Etc,(With no exaptions) and to create and realize any other impossible things no matter how absurd (such as creating life from nothing, resurrection of the dead etc (with no exaption) is a life force, or even rather the soul of a transformer. Each spark is part of the essence of Alternity/Cybertronians(True self I of transformers). In fact, as long as the spark , the transformer will live, even if it is torn to pieces, crushed or inflicted any other severe damage to it(Even complete even complete destruction of the body). It can still be restored, as long as there is spark , they can "repaire." themselves (instantly (depending on wish (Even from absolute nothing(and even if she completely destroys the spark, she can still rule herself despite nothing even from absolute nothing) It is impossible to destroy a spark, damage, absorb, Corrupt, repair, change. Control, Take, buy, steal, hold down, touch by the intruders, they cannot be destroyed, erased, sealed, or ret-coned (And everything else). (It doesn’t matter who and what power and will possess (it doesn’t matter how powerful or All Powreful they will be, what and how they will do it (or how many Individuals will be absolutely unimportant, they will not be able to do anything with it and all their attempts will be futile(no matter what crazy power and will be invested) (And vice versa, the spark itself can do all of the above, it doesn’t matter with whom/what and with how many (along the way, become stronger in the process). Spark can go to the afterlife of transformers (of their own free will or after the death of the Body(from which it is absolutely independent (as well as from everything else (Such as time, Space, Reallity, life,death, Fate/Destiny, existence, nonexistence All universes, worlds etc (including all Fiction and Reallity), (with no exaption). (it can return from alfterlife of transformers by creating new bodies for itself, Posessing someting/somebody or reincarnation or simply by returning to curnet bodies (if transformer is does this via free trvaelling to the afterlafe of transformers A spark is also not something physical, in the direct sense. She, like the soul, has no physical shell, and intangible. Also, the spark stores in itself all the memories, the whole essence, and the personality of the transformer. The spark can be located outside the transformer(and control an arbitrary amount of their bodies remotely, but they usually like to be in the body. Perhaps the secret of the unlimited power of sparks lies in the truly unlimited/Deus ex machina willpower/Will/determination will (to win/survivie/achieve their/goals/achieve success(absolutely in all areas of life such as work, relationships, politics, etc.)/targets/assert your right to exist/life/Happiness/refuse to admit/except defeat/Death (except on their own terms/Lose/bend knees/become slaves/control them/take away their rights/freedoms/ steal something from them seize and enslave them (no matter to who or what/and crazy/Insane/Unlimited/Powers/abilities/temptations they have/etc) and ovecome any/All difficulties/obstacles in life/Life Chanleges/no matter what internal(such as beyond difficult/impossible living conditions or external(such as internal problems/fears /emotions/personality/psychological problems/etc (with no exaption (no matter what)/and endure no matter what Unlimited Amout of Moral/Physical/Mental/Spriritual Etc Pain(Such as loss(No matter what kind of), failure/failures/treason/betrayal and any other horrors of life/etc/(no matter what/homany etcit absolutely doesn't matter) and claim eternal victory (over all) (and those who/who will try to prove otherwise/change this/ and show them middle finger/pokerface/trolling saruman/trolollo (no matter who or what they are or how many they will suffer a crushing defeat no matter where and in what sphere (in all of them they will recognize the true meaning of the word fear and horror for trying to get hold of cybertron and do all this with with truly Unlimited/Deus ex machina inner sence Сourage/Bravery/honor/nobility and fearlessness of self pride/self worth/trollolo/Trolling saruman/Pokerface/with ease overcoming them/overcoming/defeating/Transeding them with laughter cybertronian will is tryly that is second to no one and the one that TBA
  • Living metal is another basis for the existence of a transformer. Living metal, the metal from which transformers are essentially built. However, you should not confuse it with ordinary metal. Since, a living metal, or also known as a transformum, has a self-reproducing cell structure and genetic code. Living metal is capable of reconstructing itself over time/Or instantly (depending on wish)(even from absolute nothing) and restoring its structure, essentially repairing damage. Also, living metal can absorb any other metal/And organic/Etc (including Souls), and even transform it into a liquid metal, for example, you ccan restore your hand in this and also restoring complex and important nodes in this way very simply.
    • Pure energon - at a basic level, living metal consists of pure energon, and it’s not just an energy that serves as a source of nutrition for transformers, it is the basis of life of transformers, and what their sparks and their bodies consist of.
    • Energon is an emanation of Alternity/Cybertronians(Truse selves of them) themselves. Fuel for transformers, and one of the most basic sources of energy for them, in many fields and technologies. Energon can have a different structure, density and so on. It can be gaseous, liquid, crystalline, or in the form of energy. There is also an unrefined energy, which, unlike the original energon, gives only 25 percent of the efficiency. It is worth noting that, in addition to supporting the activity of the transformer (which does not needs nothing)), energon is used in many areas of transformer life as the main source of energy.
    • Physiology of Transformer Due to its general uniqueness, its unique existence, and unique elements, the internal and external structure of transformers is also unique, and has several distinctive features and details:
      • Armor - often transformers to protect its nodes and internal mechanisms, transforms its body in such a way as to have additional armor in vital places. At the same time, this armor also consists and is formed of living metal, and surpasses earth metals and alloys in strength/And other alloys/in existance.
      • Biomechanical aura is a special aura that surrounds the transformer, and which its standard programs emit. Serves for many purposes, for example, it can be recognized whether the transformer is alive or not. So find out where for example he is, at the moment, and is everything okay with him.
      • Transformer nodes - all kinds of nodes, circuits, and transformer circuits. Nodes can be different as usual and vitally important, by type - brain nodes, memory nodes, logic, morality, conflicts, bio-nodes and many others. So very specific, although inherent, to all transformers:
        • Security nodes - special systems and nodes that protect the computer stuffing of transformers from breaking from the outside.
      • Sensors - all kinds of sensors, sensors, photo receptors and other observation devices, scans, audio observations, perception devices, alternative perception modes, vision in different modes, including the ultra-violet spectrum and many others.
        • Infrared databases - a certain database that serves transformers to identify their goals in the infrared range. With the help of such databases, it is much easier to track your target.
        • 3-D card - A special system that allows you to simulate the surrounding space and surroundings in the form of a small 3-D model, including a map, allows you to detect the enemy on the way, and thus preventing a surprise attack.
        • Specialized optics - all transformers have specialized optics that allow the robot to see, even during the densest smoke screens, and under other conditions when visibility is difficult.
      • Main systems - the main systems that are responsible for the automatic repair of transformers, the transformation itself, all kinds of navigation systems, weapons systems and other basic programs and systems.
        • Holograms - including a hallmark of transformers, is the ability to use holograms. They are mainly used so as not to attract attention. After all, it will be problematic to act covertly if everyone sees that there are no pilots, drivers and other personnel in the car, plane or any other equipment. examples of of use this technology more often, so as not to scare people, or to reassure them. or another use use them to distract attention, or in order not to attract attention on the contrary. It is worth noting that the technology of holograms of cybertrons is extremely advanced. Their holograms can easily be located far from the transformers themselves, and even essentially be tangible. Defining holograms in front of you, or not, is not possible for an any person(or anything else). Also, transformers, with their own hands, can program the appearance of holograms.
        • Zero-field is a special barrier that is temporarily activated, apparently when a special automatic protection system is triggered ... ideally. It allows for example a transformer to dive from the upper layers of the atmosphere, straight to the ground, at full speed without special risks to life.
      • The mechanical life form - in essence, cybertronianss and others like them are mechanical life forms. Despite the fact that they have a soul, self-awareness, their own personality and uniqueness. In the literal sense, they are not alive. They do not have the usual physiological needs, With no exaption. And they are able to exist and survive in conditions in which ordinary living creatures are not able to exist (for example, an ordinary transformer, is able to fly onto a piece of space debris without problems, without additional protection, enter the upper layers of the atmosphere, while experiencing more euphoria from such extreme than any inconvenience).
        • Mechanical feelings - transformers are not living in biological terms. However, they still experience the feelings and emotions inherent in biological beings. Of course, in transformers, they are felt and felt in a different order. That is, roughly speaking, on a mental or even rather spiritual level, he will undoubtedly feel the same pain, but the levels of perception of transformers are different. That is, if a person experiences severe pain even with relatively mild to moderate injuries. The transformer even being in a serious condition (suppressing severe injuries throughout the body), while experiencing extreme pain (indications of shock sensors or even a critical system shock, can go off scale). What can I say, all transformers simply simply grimace if someting tears their hand.
      • Specification of transformers can also be divided according to the specification and the characteristics of certain groups of transformers. Starting from extremely rare specifications such as - Titanium masters, Micro-masters of combines and organic Nobles, and ending with quite famous - Headmasters, Pretenders, Combiners, Duocons, Titans and many others.
      • Huge size - all transformers are much larger than ordinary humans. Even robots such as cluster bots or even mini-bots, many bigger than humans. And the secret of this is that transformers are essentially capable of changing their size at any scale, all the same with the help of live metal. That is why initially small transformers, the size of an ordinary audio cassette, can transform into monsters larger than humans. The same applies to larger transformers, which are capable of simultaneously transforming into both a Air fighter and an aircraft carrier ...
      • Transformation is a process for which transformers were called actually transformers. A unique trait of cybertronianss and some other races. Allows them to transform between two modes, less often more modes, or vice versa, only one. There are a lot of variations, it can be several alternative transformations, and even several robot modes. But the main modes are usually 2:(although there may be any number)
        • Variability - in fact, the transformer is not limited to any framework for choosing an alt form within a certain framework. If desired, the transformer can change its alt-form by rescanning another technique or device(or choose one you like from a personal unlimited database of information about them).
          • Disguise - if desired, the transformer can be disguised, transforming some parts of its body, using liquid metal. So for example, you can change so that without reading the bio-aura, it’s simply impossible to determine which fraction the transformer belongs to.
      • Alternative transformation - Also known as altmod, altform, transformation and others. The transformer goes into its alternative mode, which can be almost anything. Since the transformer itself scans with its sensors, that object, object or equipment into which it wants to transform. Typically, an altform is programmed immediately when creating a transformer. But if desired, the robot can freely change it. Variations of alt forms can be varied. Starting from all kinds of technology, and ending with animals, other living things, entire cities and military bases, and even planets...
        • Partial transformation - a partial transformation of the alt-form, in which the transformer can release some weapons, and just release more reinforced sections of live metal if there is a tough duel with another transformer. It can also do this at the same time, I get a noticeable advantage during the pursuit of the enemy.
        • Cybertronian technique - the original alt-mod, which had a transformer. As a rule, cybertron analogues of terrestrial technology look the same. That is, tanks are similar to tanks, planes to planes, etc. Only in a more futuristic and practical form. Also, the Cybertronшфт al-mod is often more aerodynamic. Also, in view of certain abilities of Cybertron, the Cybertron alt-mode can fly.
        • Robot mode is essentially the main transformer mode. The robot mode as it is, in this form, the transformer is often a humanoid robot that has almost all the same capabilities as in alt form mode. And also often in this form more options for weapons.
          • Friction rifle - firing a beam that can significantly increase the kinetic energy of the molecules of the "target". Under these conditions, even the slightest movement of the “target” causes a huge increase in the friction force between its molecules and the molecules of air or other medium with which the “target” is in contact. Combustible objects flash, metals melt. The action after the shot lasts 5 minutes.
          • Energon weapon - melee weapon, which has as an energy basis - energy. It can take the form of an energy ray, ax or other weapon, or with the help of special technology, strengthen already assembled weapons.
          • Other weapons - just like any transformer can use any other weapons at its discretion. It can be energy blasters and rifles that shoot an energon in its energy form. It can be rocket launchers and other weapons. Including exotic variations, like vibration weapons or corrosive weapons. And all this can be used both in the form of a robot, and in alt-form.
        • Immortality - in fact, transformers are machines. Yes, they have peculiar souls, emotions, consciousness. But they are primarily machines. and therefore they are immortal. No matter how much time passes, hundreds of years, thousands or millions/billions/trillions/etc. As long as there is spark, the transformer is able to function forever. That is why the age of many transformers is estimated at many millions/billions/trillions/etc of years.

How insignificant is the world where you were human

Where the ruthless king ruled everything

Century alfter Century

But your birth

Like the coming of God

Portends the outcome

The death of the kingdom of the earth

Plastic and steel are your veins and heart

No feelings, no emotions - only reflexes

Instead of a soul, only strict numbers

Your mind is completely free!

Like a new sun has risen

Over the planet

Blinding light eclipse

All the sunrises

Flames gnaw like a beast

Giant Cities

Their concrete and glass

Turning to ruins ...

Plastic and steel are your veins and heart

No feelings, no emotions - only reflexes

Instead of a soul, only strict numbers

Your mind is completely free!

The genius of the new world

Universe peak

Adamant will

Unlimited power

You are now deus ex machina

Deity deus ex machina

The world is swept away

Like dust

Destroyed forever

Here is your paradise

On the ground

Gray ashes and snow ...

The genius of the new world

Universe peak

Adamant will

Unlimited power

You are now deus ex machina Deity deus ex machina



Cybertoronian Immortality:(part 1) Shinji is immortal and superhuman. He possesses absolute immortality, unable to die, age, get sick, or be permanently wounded, is absolutely self-sustained, and his mind and soul are as immortal as his biological body, he's immune to mental/spiritual damage. Any injuries he suffers immediately heal, even if he is disintegrated, blown up, completely deleted, or even if he is completely destroyed to the sub-atomic level, he will still return to life. Absolutely immune to all harm, nor can he die of any natural, supernatural, and/or unnatural causes. His existence and soul are completely independent of even the concept of reality, making him not bound to the subjects of life, death and manipulations. his powers cannot be absorbed, negated, erased, changed, copied, etc. New powers can still be developed and existing ones strengthened, but only through the his own will and abilities. He is eternal and indestructible.

Superhuman Physiology: Shinji possesses superhuman: adaptability, agility, analysis, attractiveness, awareness, balance, beauty, bravery, calculation, charisma, cognition, combat, competence, coordination, deduction, dexterity, durability, eloquence, equilibrium, endurance, flexibility, instinct, intelligence, intuition, invincibility, invulnerability, leadership, libido, manipulation, memory, meta-luck, mimicry, natural body, perception, persuasion, reasoning, reflexes, regeneration, self-control, senses, speed, strength, tactical analysis and tolerance. He possesses endless; willpower, humor, nobility, sincerity, vitality, virility, empathy, eloquence, charisma and will to live. He never gets bored of life, does not feel guilt, regret, pain or real fear, allowing him to live forever without ever falling to despair, & always enjoying life.

  • Natural Body: He possesses perfect genes & body, with smooth flawless smooth skin, perfect; white teeth, full black wavy hair(one of the most used used options for human appearance) , a lean, well-toned, well-fit, perfectly golden-proportioned body, his body shape remain's perfect no matter how much calories He intakes. He is "well-endowed," tall, dignified, majestic, and young. He's remarkably handsome and beautiful with an elegant face, capable of sweeping any heart at a glance. His vocal cords allow him to speak, sing, whisper, yell, hum, etc. in any pitch, voice or tone He wants. He is capable of precise manipulation of his muscles, bones, flesh, blood, organs, nerves, hair, scents, pheromones, etc, He can control them with conscious or subconscious command, allows him to adjust or improve body functions.
  • Intelligent: His mind comfortably operates in the most efficient and rapid manner possible, he can quickly process limitless information streams, rapidly respond to any changing situations, and instinctively perform complex mental operations beyond the capability of a normal human mind. He automatically notice, process and understand any/all details of any situation or environment no matter how small, and intuitively understand and solve any problem or situation no matter how difficult or impossible it may be. He can perceive and understand all cause and effect relations, deducing the path leading to any effect, allowing her to plan, analyze, and take action with absolute efficiency. He has total recall and permanently remembers, he can instantly and perfectly recall everything he has read, seen or heard, without trouble or pause for thought, His brain has unlimited storage, analytical and processing capacity (she easily and perfectly recited a poem he read once 400 years prior).
  • Alpha: He naturally exerts his willpower unto others (any species); attracting others to perceive him as the natural leader, easily gaining their trust, respect & loyalty, he can also induce fear/intimidation forcing obedience. He also radiates an aura of attractiveness, naturally inducing pleasure and desire while subtly lifting inhibitions.
  • Manipulation: He is able to manipulate and interface with electrical signals emitted from living beings and/or machines. Primarily used to control the motor skills of others. He can command other beings by giving them orders to do his bidding no matter what the victim thinks or feel. He can manipulate electromagnetism.
  • Invulnerability: His musculoskeletal system is hardened, fortified, & elastic making his incredibly strong, durable and flexible He has displayed a Absolute level of physical invulnerability (his skin feels like well-toned flesh); his is immune to any/all kind of damage, be it physical (internal and external), mental, spiritual and even conceptual. He cannot be harmed by projectiles or puncturing, nor can he be poisoned, drowned, suffocated, or damaged in any conventional way. he keeps his normal supersense of touch. Physical, energy, chemical, and psychic assaults have negligible effects on him. As a result of this he has unlimited stamina. survived being; stabbed, shot by a fully automatic machine guns, fallen from great heights (such 6 miles), intercepted incoming bullets bare handed, and lived in extreme temperatures, all without sustaining injury.
  • Perfect Equilibrium: He can achieve a state of perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable. He’s able to instinctively adjust her position, this allows him to balance himself on any object, no matter how small or narrow.
  • Perfect Agility: his agility, balance, and bodily coordination are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. His is extraordinarily limber and his tendons and connective tissues are twice as elastic as the average human being's, despite their invulnerability.. He can perform any complicated sequence of gymnastic stunts such as flips, rolls, and springs. Due to his incredible strength and flexibility, he is extremely acrobatic and is able to preform high jumps, somersaults, flips, etc .

Retractable Bone Claws: Shinji's skeleton includes six retractable foot-long bone claws, three in each arm, that are housed beneath the skin and muscle of his forearms. Shinji at will, release these slightly curved claws through his skin between the knuckles on each hand, and can coat any, or all of them, in an organic metallic substance that is considered to be utterly indestructible. Shinji can unsheathe any number of his claws at once, although he needs to keep his wrists straight at the moment his claws pass from his forearms into his hands. When unsheathed, the claws are entirely within his forearms, allowing him to bend his wrists when they are extended. includes six retractable foot-long bone claws, three in each arm, that are housed beneath the skin and muscle of his forearms. His claws were not synthetically bonded to adamantium like Wolverine, but are covered in metallic substance secreted by his body immediately following the first time he extended his claws. Shinji's claws are durable enough to cut through anything in Creation, even objects and beings of a supernatural origin, including ghosts despite them being incorporeal and thus usually immune to physical damage. At a later time, he learned how to coat his teeth in this substance and now appears to be able to do it with his whole skeleton at will.

Shinji- A normal human...

Modified Biologists - Due to gaining his strength, Shinji changed biology and, a little body structure, which gives him some superhuman characteristics and abilities.

  1. Increased strength - Muscles of Shinji have become many times stronger than that of any person. Its pure physical strength allows you to lift a whole ton without straining or strike blows destroying the rock. Muscles also allow you to move faster than the eye sees. He is able to overcome a kilometer in 10 seconds.
  2. Strong bones - Shinji's bones are stronger than any person. Their strength exceeds the strength of lonsdaleite by 4 times. And due to their small elasticity, they are difficult to break.
  3. Strong skin - The strength of Shinji's skin is equal in strength to the tanned skin of a dragon. And just as flexible.
  4. Increased intelligence - Thanks to the book and increased thinking, Shinji is able to slow down the perception of time. And numerous battles made him a difficult opponent.
  5. Magical heart - At the heart of the Shinji there is a crystal giving Shinji extensive magical and manipulative possibilities.
  6. Super vision - Thanks to the altered physiology and magic, Shinji is able to change the structure of the eye giving him the ability to see differently (you can change both eyes or one):
    1. Telescopic Vision - The eye is able to see objects at a distance of many kilometers.
      1. Cosmic Vision - By changing his eye, Shinji is able to see objects at a distance of many thousands of light years.
    2. Infrared Vision - The eye sees bright objects better at long distances.
    3. Ultraviolet/ThermalVision - The eye is able to see the thermal signature of creatures and other objects.
      1. Spectral Vision - Shinji's Eye is able to see absolutely all the colors that exist.
    4. Astral Vision - The eye is able to see the astral dimension and all creatures living in it.
    5. Spiritual Vision - The eye is able to see the spirit world.
    6. Life Sight - Shinji is able to see living things.
      1. Dead Vision- Shinji is able to see dead creatures or live.
    7. Microsight - The eye is able to discern the smallest particles.
    8. Maneuver - The eye is able to see mana and magic.
    9. Dimensional Vision - The eye is able to see other dimensions.
    10. Clairvoyance - Shinji is able to see what he really is or what he wants.
  7. High pain threshold - Shinji is able to endure tremendous pain in which an ordinary person loses consciousness.
  8. Regeneration - The regenerative abilities of Shinji's body are under his full control. He can leave it at the level of an ordinary person or to the level when only a speck of dust remains from him.
  9. Vitality - Shinji is able to withstand the conditions under which any ordinary life form would die instantly.

Absorption of energy - Shinji is able to absorb any energy, of any origin. The amount of energy absorbed is unlimited. The more energy, Shinji, absorbs, the stronger he becomes. Also, the speed, radius and amount of energy absorbed can reach universal proportions.

  • Fist of Absorption - A long concentration on the impact aimed to annihilate the enemy into energy. The limit of energy knocked out is the amount equal to the capacity of the black hole.

Magic - Shinji was able to understand how magic works and recreate it. Unlike ordinary magic, his spells use his energy instead of mana (or its likeness).


Warp — the technology invented by the Shinji it can bend and change the laws of the universe, if we draw an analogy with programming, the universe is a set of zeros and ones that Shinji influenced by the power of Warp.

  • Space Manipulation - Shinji can warp space so that in a small room there will be a space the size of a football field, and vice versa, while nothing outsiders the room.
  • Manipulation of Reality - the power of the warp allows you to distort reality itself to instantly create, for example, high-quality wine from nothing, because of this the humanity/other races lost half of their problems.
  • Matter Maniplation - Shinji can create elements and materials in unlimited quantities simply by wishing it, as a result of which the scarcity of resources is unrealistic.

Human Form/Powers

  • Peak Human Strength:His Strength is at Peak Human potential.He can lift 1950 pounds at Maximum Strength and 1000 pounds at lowest.He can snap steel and Wood.He can snap Steel bars or Handcuffs or any type of Wood,doors,and chains.He can also break and destroy reinforced steel and Titanium.He also has and has been called having the Strength of Ten men.He can beat other Peak Humans In all Existance.He can also knock out ordinary Humans or Peak Humans.He is seen fighting and damaging SuperHuman foes and even Super Soldiers.He is unarguably Earth's most powerful Human.
  • Peak Human Durability:His Durability is at Peak Human potential.He is Durable enough that if a person hit him with a Wooden stick or a Metal bar it would break on the very First hit and he would show no sign or pain or discomfort.He can withstand many types of damage or pain during his time as a Sheild Agent and now as Avenger.He can survive and withstand being shot with High-Caliber Guns,surviving multiple Anti-Tank and Anti-Air Missles,can survive a Rpg Massacre,and can survive even 40 M1 Abrams firing at him with little to no discomfort.He also has a Proto-Adamantium Skeleton so his bones are Invulnerable.Also,he is immune to Magic and the Elements.
  • Peak Human Agility:His Speed is at Peak human potential.He can rup to 30 miles per hour.His agility is greater than any Olympic Athlete.He can cooridinate his body with Dexierity,Balance,and Flexibility.He can leap 65 yards and leap 50 feet into the air.His reflexes also are on Peak Human level.His reaction time is 35 kph.He can dodge gunfire from all directions.He can run a mile in 50 seconds.He can run up to 75 miles a hour.He can outrun cars,climb Skyscrapers with no support,navigate any variety of obstacle courses with ease and grace,catch arrows in mid-air,can catch and even surprise foes with Super Speed and dodge deadly and fast attacks.
  • Peak Human Stamina:His Stamina is on Peak Human potential.His body eliminates the excessive build up of fatigue toxins in his muscles granting him exceptional Endurance and Lung capacity that allows him to hold his breath for any time.He can exert himself for any with no need needing rest or showing any signs of fatigue.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor:He has a SuperHuman Healing Factor.His body also regenerate any damage done to immediatly.He can regenerate damage done to his body on a level that exceeds the all beings in existance.His healing factor also can regenerate his mind so he can never become insane.Also his body can fight off any thing that can keep him from being Healthy.He is immune to all diseases,infections,disorders and cannot become intoxicated by Drugs,Alcohol or impurites in the air.He is also immune to Hyponis,Mind Control,Telepathic Mind abilities. and Gases that could limit his focus.He also can live forever in his physical prime due to his cells constantly regenerating.He can regenerate anything in his body within a matter of seconds and even Total Cell Destruction.His Healing Factor alloes him to regenarate and adapt to the one's that harmed him absorbing the damage being immune to that type of damage then absorbing the opponent's powers.He can use multiple powers absorbed at once and they will never vanish .Every power he absorbs,his other powers get stronger.He is able to absorb an oopponents powers by contact or in proximity(any range) of any metters meters.He can also use their powers to amplify his own or theirs that he absorbed.
  • Peak Human Mental Process:His Mental performance has been greatly enhanced, allowing his mind to operate at the most efficient and rapid manner possible.He also has a Eidetic memory which means he never forgets anything and has perfect memory.He also has Street Smarts,Book Smarts,and he is one of the worlds greatest scientists and inventors.He is also Multilingual.He is one of Earthest's Greatest minds.His mental prowess is at PeaK Human potential.He also has Psi-Sheilds that can protect his Mind from the Strongest Mental attacks.
  • Master Combanant and Skills:He is very skilled in Dragon style Kung fu,Tae Kwon Do,Judo,Mauy Thai,Boxing,Jujitsu,and Ninjustu.He is a Master Escapeologist,skilled in all use Weapons,a Master of Stealth,a Expert Marksman,has perfect aim than any other being in the Omniverse,has Genius level Intellect,a Master Detective,a Master Tactican and Stratigist,can ride all types of Vehicles,trained in Hunting,a Master of Disguise,is a Master Ventriloquist,and a Expert Mechanic and has the ability to detect his surrondings.He can also call,control and convince animals to fight for him using special sounds.He also can detect Weak points on opponents.He has enough Training and Combat effectiveness he can kill strongest beings in existance in mins.
  • Laser Vision: He can shoot a red beam capable of easily leveling a city.If he restrains his power beams they can kill a person with Peak Human Durability,at normal unrestrained he can level a city and or for example he can destroy a entire continient like South America.He can also use them to create Portals to teleport him anywhere.He is able to use them from his hands,chest and eyes.
  • Atom Mass Manipulation/Atom Disperal:He is able to increase the size of his Atoms and Molecules to grow up to a indeteriminate amount of Size.He was once able to grow to a planet Orbit that was 5 times bigger than Earth when it was shruken.He is also able to hold the Warworld from legendary world with his thumb and stop it's final attack.His most used size would be 60 feet using it to beat and decimate enemis.He is resistant to almost all race sized at a Human rate when higher than 28 feet.He has no effect on the Environment due to being very nimble at times.Also,incresing in size increase his resistance against attacks.He can also induce a Charge capable of leveling citys.His Strength is tied to his power.In this Form when he become 28 or higher he becomes strong enough to destroy Planets,Citys and Regions.He can withstand even Planet kings's attacks and has drasically enhanced Stamina.His Speed has fast even beyond beings of legendary world.He is able to control his density able to go through walls or take less damage from attacks.He is also able to increase his Density,Mass and Weight to destroy the area around him or to grow as large a Super-Star/Super Nova.
  • Tactile Telekinesis:He is able to use a very Powerful and simple form of Psionic Control called Tactile Telekinesis.This type of Telekinesis allows him to use and mimic Super-Strength,Super-Durability,Super-Speed,Super-Agility,Super-Endurance,Super-Flight,Voice-Manipulation,Force-Field Generation,Vaporization,Telekinetic Force Manipulation,Telekinetic Force Blasts,Super-enhanced Hearing and Super Stamina.
  • Kinetic Energy Manipulation:He is able to control Kinetic energy at will.He is able to cause a target to become Immobile(cannot move) for a period of any hours without losing energy.He can also absorb the Kinetic energy of others to lower there speed or never become paralyized.He can use Kinetic energy to increase his Strength,Speed,Durability,Stamina and jumping ability.He can speed up Kinetic energy to combust objects.He can cause others Kinetic energy to slow down and freeze.He is also able to control Kinetic energy to be able to control Impacts,propel himself,make objects move,increase or decrease a objects movement or can change it's path,can convert Kinetic energy into other forms of Energy,can absorb Kinetic energy,can use Kinetic energy in combat,can create Constructs or Blasts out of Kinetic Energy,create Sheilds of Kinetic energy,can control the movement of others,can use Kinetic energy to heal himself or others,can use Kinetic energy to control Ice,Fire and Water,can use Kinetic to slide on any surface and can use Kinetic energy to create a large Shockwave of charged and stored Kinetic energy that tears through anything in it's path.
  • Vector Manipulation(Direction Control):He can control the direction of anything in the Universe and beyond.He can control the Velocity of any object,can control the direction of any attack,make himself Invulnerable,deflect any attack or force,travel between Dimensions,regenerate himself or others,increase or decrease his or others speed and strength,use the power of flight,transfer heat,become invisible,reflect others powers,create Plasma,create Razor wind,can create Vibrations,control Velocity and can be overwhelmingly physicaly powerful.
  • Spark Grace:Due to his Enchantment by his Spark he has the ability to virtually block,parry,miss,redirect or control any attack.This ability has allowed him to survive and save his teammates.This allows him to escape and save people or objects from seemingly desperate or impossiblely horrible sitations.This is arguably one of his most powerful abilities.
  • Omnifarious:He is able to shapeshift or transform into any form imaginable or unimaginable.He can transform into any animal,creature or being that he can think or not think of.He is also able to not only transform into the being but take on the appearance,powers,DNA,charateristics and personality but it does not take over his.For Example:His Demon form would make him more aggresive but no Evil or Malicious.He can transform into any being he wants and this cannot be negated.
  • Spark Empowerment:*Due to Shinji having a direct pipeline to his spark,being a Hero and Universal Protector and helping souls go to the next world he is able to turn into a entity named Delta.He gains far more Muscle Mass and Magical abilities.He is able to transform at will by focusing his mind.He is able to see the future,gain more Luck,resistance to Magic and Sorcery,God-like Intellect and Understanding,Light-Speed flight,Healing powers,Psi-Sheilds and Unbreakable Mind,SuperHuman Physical capabilities,Self-Substance,Teleportation,Omni-Presense,Omni-Science,Sorcery over all types of Magic,Telepathy,ability to gain strength from all races Hope and Pure Good and Immortaility .Also,his Powers,Appearance or Skills cannot be copied,seized or duplicated.
  • Peak Human Sensory System:He has Senses at he very top of Peak Human potential.His Hearing Senses have increased to the point he can hear Silent Snake at Night,hear a screaming person a city away and hear crys around the area he is in.His Sight has increased he can see better than a person with Glasses,see any range away and see a through Steel walls.His touch senses have increased that he can feel how dense it is.His taste has increase that he can taste every thing it is made of.His smell has increased he can smell multiple odors and even faint smells.
  • Molecular Absorption: ability to molecularly bond with anything he comes in contact with. Once he bonds with an object he takes on its physical characteristics. For example, if he bonds with steel he gains increased strength and durability. his absorption ability are limitless. He at times was able to meld with the ground beneath him sinking his hands at one place and having them come up at another place. He has also absorbed the properties of sand, from sand in his boot. Instead of gaining the properties of a rock, as sand is just small stones, he gained a form not unlike Marvel's Sandman-- a being comprised of small grains which he can manipulate in a variety of ways at will.He is able to absorb molecules and make explosion up to the size of Planets.

Advanced Cyborg Form/Powers

He is able to transform/use powers his body into a Cybernetic counterpart.This greatly increases his Physical Attributes and prowess.He is able to gain more abilities in this form as he is able to create Weapons from his body and configure multiple objects.He can even configure large and massive objects that dwarf the size of him at most times.

  • SuperHuman Strength: Due to his Physical musculature and Cyborg-enhanced muscles,he can use his arms to lift unlimited ammout of Tons.He can lift a Extratordinary amount of weight to the point it makes him appear God-like.His Strength allows him to kill and stun Legendary world Leviathans with one punch,knock out the Salvage Strong beings from there many times,lift General of villive from legendary world;who is Thousands and Thousands of Tons and defeat the Kings of planets in legendary world with a few hits.He can increase his strength using Upgrades or absorbing Energy and Tech.He is able to crush and constrict foes like kings of the legendary world in in his grip.He can create Earthquakes and Shockwaves by punching the Ground.Also,his Strength extends to his legs,so he can jump into Orbit easily.His can use moves he likes to call Cyber-Smash that gains Momentum then attacks with Heavy force.He has been known to turn objects to Dust with his power.He can create Death Soundwaves:Soundwaves strong enough to kill a Population.One example of his Strength,he can can literally move his own Planet.He also can increase his Strength by accessing his Extremely-powerful modes that are his Mega Cyborg Mode,Super Cyborg Mode,Hyper Cyborg Mode,Ultra Cyborg Mode,Ultimate Cyborg Mode and Supreme Cyborg Mode.
  • SuperHuman Endurance:Due to his Density and Cyborg Enhancements,he is Invulnerable.In this Form,his Skin turns to Metal and surprising he still has the same degree of mobility.His body in this form,he is completely impervious to any Harm.He can withstand ulimited amout of Realtiy Bombs at Point-blank range.He also has Inexhaustable Stamina that he uses all the time to defeat opponents.He is known to be completely resistant to Physical Harm and to other thigs such as resistantce to Beam or Energy attacks.He can breathe Indefinitely in Space or Water.
  • Cybernetic Enhancements/Powers:He is able to transform his body into multiple weapons.He can form Three Long Swords out of his back for Melee combat.He is able to use a another Limb for different functions.He can form his body into Weapons like Cannons,Rifles,Plasma Repeater and Sonic Blasters.He can form extra appendages out of his body like extra arms,Cybernetic Dragon-Head tentcles and Jetpacks.He can form extra plating and Force-Fields..He retract and create Blades.He create Restrains and even more Weaponry out of his many forms.He is able to control all forms of Technology and Nanite.He is able to merge with any Technologyto making him stronnger and more powerful.Electronic Consciousness: Since he is, at the core, an energy being, Shinji is extremely difficult to permanently destroy, as he can transfer his electronic consciousness into any nearby machine.

Super Supreme Royal Kryptonian Form/Powers

Lightning Form/Powers

  • Omni-Immunity:He is immune to all Earthly and Alien Diseases and Infections.He is immune to Poison and cannot become Intoxicated.
  • Thermal Resistance:He is resistance to every kind of Temperature,no matter how Hot or Cold.
  • Limitless Stamina:He can never tire and can exert himself for a Unlimited amount of time.
  • Intangibly:He can phase through solid matter and non-solid matter.Also he can allow objects to phase through him and can become Invisible.
  • Enhanced Lung Capacity:He can breath Underwater or in space for a Unlimited amount of time.
  • Regeneration:He can regenerate missing limbs and wounded body parts with Lightning or Electricity to heal them.He can even regenerate from even Total Celluar Degeneration.
  • Electricity Manipulation:He can psioncally control Lightning on a Cosmic Scale.He also is the best user of Electricity Manipulation.His mastery over Electricity allows him to create and generate and conduct an Infinite amount of Electricity.He can control Electricity for a Infinite amount of time.He can charge Electronic oblects or Heat objects with Electricity.He can draw power from Electricity powered sources.He can overcharge people with Electricity.He can fire spheres of Electricity.He can create Shockwaves of Electric energy.He can fire beams of Electricity.He can fire Lightning Bolts.He can vaporize and destroy matter with Electricity.He can negate a person's or objects Electric field reducing them to rubble.He can enhance his physical strikes with Electricity.He can infuse a weapon with Electricity.He can paraylize people with Electricity.He can create Weapons,Defences,Entites and other Constructs with Electricity.He can create Bombs of Electricity.He can create blasts of Lightning.He can pull objects toward him with Electricity.He can form animals out of Electricity.He can cause Explosions with Electricity.He can create currents strong enough to tear through the Ground.He can ride on and in Lightning Bolts.He can create Electric Aura's,He can wall on using Electricity.Can shapeshift using Electricity.He can change his Size with Electricity.He can create Force-Fields out of Electricity.He can control the Nerve's of people.He can control some Mental ability with Electricity.He can revive people with Electricity.He can create Electric Sparks.
  • Black Lightning Manipulation:He can also control Black Lightning as much as he can control normal Electricity.Black Lightning is far more powerful than regular Lightning.He can psioncally control Black Lightning on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Black Lightning allows him to Destroy objects at a Lightning fast rate.He can infuse his Physical strikes with Black Lightning.He can use Black Lightning with all the Techiques and Effects as Electricity does.
  • Magical Lightning Manipulation:He can control Magical or Esoteric Lightning.He can use it with ease he has with regular Lightning.He can psioncally Magical Lightning on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Magical Lightning allows him to Shift his and others Age,Travel through Dimensions,Enhance his Condition to almost God-like levels,Enhance his Intelligence to Omniscience level Users,Enhance his speed to fly at Hyperspace Speed,Enhance his healing ability to heal every body on a planet/etc/existance,He can increase his Durability to make him Invulnerable,He can make himself Immune to Magic,He can make his Magic Lightning more powerful by absorbing Natural Lightning,and can cast Lightning Spells.
  • Divine Lightning Manipulation:He can also control God/Heaven Lightning.He can use Divine Lightning better than any other Lightning.He can psioncally control Divine Lightning on a Absolute-Tier Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Divine Lightning allows him to Vaporize any object,create Planet-shattering Storms/etc,can control the Sky,gain power from Natural Lightning,purify the Evil in a person,and destroy any Evil.

Sand Form/Form Form/Powers

Omni-Immunity:He is Immune to all Earthly and Alien Diseases and Infections.He is immune to poison and cannot become Intoxicated.

Limitless Stamina:His body produces no fatigue toxins,granting him Unlimited Stamina in all Physical activites for a undefined amount of time.

Sand Manipulation:He can control Sand.He can also psioncally control Sand on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Sand allows him to Adapt to Deserts,create SandStorms,regenerate his wounds from Sand,and create Golems from Sand.He can create and generate Sand.He can compress,shape and manipulate Sand.He can generate pits of QuickSand.He can create Constructs out of Sand.He can bury and restrain objects in Sand.He can create Missles and Blasts of Sand.He can turn objects to Sand.He can take the Water out of something body.He can also control Deserts.He can absorb more Sand to grow in Size and Strength.He can shapeshift his Sand into Constructs and other items.He can control his Density.

Transformium Form/Form Form/Powers

ShapeShifting:He can form Constructs out of his body by turning that part into Liquid Metal and then turning it into a shape and harding it.He can also form Weapons and other materials out of his body.He can also change his Size and Density.He can also regenerate using Metal or Liquid Metal.He can also change his color to Gold.

Metal Manipulation:He can psioncally control Metal on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Metal allows him to use abilities like creating,generating and increasing the quantity of Metal,Shape,Compress,Liquify and manipulate all Metallic substances,can create Metal Animals and Constructs,he can Sharpen,Dull and Repair Metal objects,can create Mines out of Metal,he rides a Metal Surfboard,he can lift Metal of any Size with his Mind,turn objects into Metal or Liquid Metal,can manipulate Iron Sand,can manipulate Molten Metal,and can control the Iron in living Beings.

Magnetic Manipulation:He can psioncally control Magnetic forces on a GeoMagnetic Scale.His complete mastery over Magnetics allows him to use abilities like Manipulating Metal,very limited Mind Control,control other actions,can take Flight at near-Light speed,can create Magnetic Spheres or Projectiles,create Force-Fields out of Magnetic Energy,sense Magnetic Fields,Detect Metallic objects and people by tracking the Iron in their Blood,cannot age due to being linked to the Earth's GeoMagnetic Link,can gain Strength from the Earth's GeoMagnetic field,and can wield weapons with his Magnetic powers.

Gravity Manipulation:He can psioncally control Gravity on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Gravity allows him to use abilities like Creating,Generating and Increasing Limitless amounts of Gravity,creating a Multiverse-desroying Black Holes,crushing things no matter how Dense,and can control any amount of Weight,defy Gravity to fly,can stop people from fly or making others fly,can simulate Gravity to gain more SuperHuman Strength and Agility,create White Holes that can create Concussive Force strong enough to obiliterate a Universe,can repel and attract anything,can reverse Gravity,create Force-Fields out of Gravity,create Beams or Blasts out of Gravity,can create Bombs and Spheres out of Gravity,can negate Gravity,can use Gravity in Physical Combat,and create creature's out of Gravity who have the Same powers.

Primordal Nuclear/Atomic Inferno Form/Powers

Fire-Proof Skin:He is immune to Fire and Extreme Heat,Ice and Extreme Cold.He can regenerate using Fire and Heat.He is also immune to Electricity.Hecan survive and is resistant to Water and Vapor as it evaporates on him and even gains power from Atomic and Nuclear elements.

Fire Manipulation:He can psioncally manipulate Fire on a Stellar Scale.His mastery over Fire allows him to use abilities like Creating,Generating,Absorbing and Increasing Limitless amounts Fire and Heat,burn or melt objects as Durable as Proto-Adamantium,create FireStorms,can Inflame objects,can create Fireworks,can release Fire from his Mouth and Eyes,can create Fire Beams,Fire Spheres,Fire Blasts,Fire Strikes,Fire Bombs and Fire Streams,can fly by projecting Fire at he Ground,create Fire Constructs,create a Aura of Fire,be Empowered by Fire,create Fire into Animals,using Fire in Physical Combat,Incinerate any object,can channel Heat through a Weapon,teleport by Fire,shapeshift his body using Fire,create Force-Fields out of Fire,can heal objects with Fire,and can manipulation Pyro-Sparks.He also control Blue Fire as much as he can manipulate Normal Fire.

Heaven/Enhanced Fire Manipulation:He can manipulate Hyper-Fire psioncally on a Intense Scale.His mastery of White Fire allows him use of abilities such as Creating,Cenerating and Increasing White-Fire,creating White-Fire Constructs,create White-Fire spheres,breath White-Fire,use White-Fire as Heat Vision,can create multiple White-Fire spheres,use White-Fire to combust objects,Incinerate objects,use White-Fire in Physical Combat,use White-Fire to teleport and create FireStorms out of White Fire.

Lava/Magma Form Form/Powers

Shape Shifting:He can Shapeshift the Lava in his body with Limitless capabilites.He can Shapeshift any part of his body,His Shapeshifting is on par with others like Martian ManHunter.He can regenerate

Lava/Magma Manipulation:He can psioncally control and manipulate Lava/Magma on a Planetary Scale.His mastery over Magma/Lava allows him to use abilities like Creating,Generating,Increasing and Absorbing Lava/Magma,Shaping,Compressing,Move or manipulate Lava/Magma,can cause EarthQuakes or Fissures,Create/Grow Islands,cause Explosions,create Lava/Magma Constructs,shape Lava/Magma into animals,use Magma/Lava in Physical Combat,fire Molten Magma from his mouth,move/lift Motlen Lava psioncally,surf on Magma,create Missles of Molten Lava,control the Techonic Plates,and can Self-Detenotate himself,with the power to destroy a Planet/etc.

Ice/Frost Form Form/Powers

Ice Manipulation:He can control Ice on a Planetary Scale.His mastery over Ice allows him to use abilities like manipulate Sub-Zero Energy to create Artic Frezzing Blasts,use his breath to Frezze objects,use Freeze Vision,shoot Ice Beams,create Energy Blasts of Ice,create Ice Whips,make objects Shatter,infuse Weapons with Ice,surf on Ice,Create,Shape,Manipulate,Animate and Move Ice,Increase the Density of Ice,Create Constructs out of Ice,create Animals out of Ice,Binding and Imprisoning objects with Ice,teleport using Ice,create Blizzards,create Giant Snowballs,use Ice Magic and Freeze absolutly anything including Time.

Sacred Darkness Form Form/Powers

Super Human Endurance:He has Unlimited Stamina.He is Immune to all Alien and Earthly Diseases and Infections.He is also Immune to all types of Poison effects.He can hold his breath Indefintely.He can survive Hot and Cold Temps.He can suppress All types of pain.

Darkness Manipulation: He can psioncally control Darkness/Shadow on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Darkness/Shadow allows him to use abilities like Creating,Increasing,Generating,Absorbing Shadow/Darkness,heal himself using Darkness/Shadow,become Intangible,become Invulnerable,absorb Life-Force,use Darkness/Shadow to modify his body,create Psi-Sheilds,using the Darkness/Shadow to Cameoflage himself,can create Effect Fields,create Dark,Black Fogs,absorb Light,adapt to Darkness,have Night Vision,fly at speeds that break the Sound Barrier Unlimitedx times,Materialize,Shape,Manipulate Darkness,animate Shadows,create and fire Shadow Blasts,Shadow Spheres,Shadow Bombs and Shadow Beams,He can breath Darkness,can create Appendage out of Darkness,Binding and Restraining objects with Darkness,use Darkness in Physical Combat,use Darkness to Teleport,use Darkness to create Portals,create Darkness Constructs,create Animals out of Darkness,can travel through Dimensions and create Shadow Dimensions and store Items there and summon them,can make others fight the Evil inside them,and can change his Size,shapeshift,can merge with flat surfaces,has Unlimited Energy and can transform into a Mad Darkness Beast capable of Mass Destruction.

Twlight Form/Powers

Twilight Manipulation:He can psioncally manipulate Twilight Energy on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Twlight Energy allows him to use abilities like he can manipulate Light and Darkness,he can create Twlight Energy Blasts,create Constructs out of Twlight Energy,create Twlight Effect Fields,can absorb Twlight Energy,create Metoers out of Twlight Energy,create Clones out of Twlight Energy,create Twlight Energy Waves,has Unlimited Energy,can shapeshift,can control DarkForce Energy,can travel in between Dimensions,and manipulate all types of Dimensions,can teleport and create Portals,can fly,become Invisible,become Invulnerable,become Intangible and use Mysicism and Telekinesis all use Twlight Energy.

Photon Form Form/Powers

Super Human Strength:He can lift in Unlimited amout of tons at Easely .He can increase his strength with Light

Super Human Endurance:He has Unlimited Stamina.He is immune to all Earthly and Alien Diseases and Infections.He is immune to all types of Poison.He can go a Infinite amount of Time without Eating,Sleeping,Drimking and Air.He can withstand Hot and Cold tempatures.

Light Manipulation:He can psioncally control Light on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Light allows him to use abilities like Absorb,Generate,Create and manipulate Light and all Colors,cause Illusions,become Invisible,send Holograms from his body,project Light Blasts,Light Bombs,Light Spheres,Light Beams,and Light Whips.He can breathe Light from his Mouth,cause Explosions using Light,infuse weapons with Light,create animals made of Light,fly at near-Light speed'fly at Light-Speed,and can fly at speeds that excell Light Speed,heal himself and others using Light,run at Near-Light and Light speed,create Constructs out of Light,teleport using Light,use Light in Physical Combat,become Intangible,become Invulnerable,shapeshift,create Force-Fields out of Light,and regenerate using Light,and have Unlimited Light Energy.

Cosmic-powered Transformium-coated Machine Robot A.I Form Form/Powers

He can transform/Use Powers into a Cosmic-powered Transformium Machine.When in Human form he can form the Armor out of his skin due to the Mech Machine Virus.He can do this a for a Unlimited amount of Time.He can increase his power by absorbing Energy or activating his Override System or being powered by more Cosmic Energy or getting Energy by the Mech Orb itself.He is able to use the Energy of the Mech Orb to go inside into a Robotic Universe or completely destroy a opponent.He is able to use the Mech Orb to Hack,Control and Upgrade Tech.

  • SuperHuman Endurance:He has Unlimited Stamina:He is Immune to all Earthly and Alien Diseases and Infections and Toxins.He cannot become Intoxicated.He does not have to Eat,Drink,Rest or Sleep,He can take Planet/Universe/Multiverse/etc/any-shattering Impacts or Energy Blasts,High Caliber Bullets,can withstand High Gravity,can withstand Deep Space and even Black Holes and Cosmic powers and is Invulnerable,he can also recharge his power when Airbourne or when absorbing Energy.He can also regenerate Mechancial Parts.

Cosmic-powered Transformium Machine Physiology:He can manipulate his Machine Body and create Weapons at Will.His mastery over this form allows him to perform things like he can,he can replicate any type of movement after seeing it,can function UnderWater,Adapt to Sky and Atmosheric places,survive his head being off,manipulate Technolgy,can Scan objects,hold and create Unlimited amounts of Bullets,he can retract Blades,can project Bullets,can retract claws,project Energy Blasts,interface with Computers,commuiciate with Electronics,can enhance his Strength,Speed,Agility,Combat and Flight Speed,has a Endless supply of Ammo,can give a Heads up display,has Jet propulsion,can replicate Knowledge,generate Missles,can create Sonic Screams,is resistant to Shattering and Melting,can transform into a Vehicle Jet,can adapt to a Vaccum,upgrade his weapons,and control Nanites,He can commuciate with Phones and other Electronic devices,has a Direct Cybernetic Interface,he can shapeshift the Armor,he has SuperHuman Reflexes,has back up Power Cells,can push and attract Metal objects,has a Life-Support System.His Armor has synthetic relays making him more formidable in combat and is covered with Psychic/Mechanical relays to mess with a opponents Brain or Machinery.He is able to use his Machinery to infiltrate foes.


Cosmic UniBeam:He has a UniBeam on his Chest.This is strong enough to punture any-Steel in existance/.Also it has Extreme Concussive Force that can stop the One of the strongest beingsi n world of dreams (when he is moving).Also a powerful SearchLight capable of projcting beams in virtually every Light spectrum.Also it is a very powerful weapon that can destroy any thing in it's path.It gets it power from the Mech Virus itself.When charged it makes a Energy Hole/Sheild that sucks in Energy as a weapon and sheilds him.It can also fire Pulse Bolts of Plasma Energy that are strong enough to even destroy the One of the strongest beignsi n elgendary world's Axe when Frozen.He can also emit Lightning from his palms that can rival the power of one Kings of legendary world's Lightning.Can fire Acostic Energy,Ultra-High Multi-Mega joute Electrons,Neutrons and Protons.

Disintergration Optics:He can fire a Disintergration Beam from his Eyes.These beams can burn up to Unlimited degrees.These can be shot from one eye or both according to him.The Temperature of the beams can be controled and he can control the direction of the beams.He can control the range and width of these beams and can level a city/etc.He can fire these beams with Pinpoint Accuracy and Precision and blast Multiple opponents.It can also fire Concussion Beams.He can also slightly heat his eyes to create Search Lights.He can also fire Green Energy Blasts that encase the target in growing Kryponite.The power of the Energy it generates and crackles can shatter planets/universes/etc alone.The beams can disintergrate any known material in the Universe/existance.

Repulsor Rays:This is one of the form's Primary Weapons.A Particle Beam Weapon,standard equipment in the Palm Gauntlets,can repel any Physical and Energy based attacks,traveling as a single stream.It's damage potential is extremely Lethal,as it can punture and destroy any material in existance and can blow up Mountains,and can even cause pain to Immortals.It can be powered up to make a larger beam or a 360 Full Form Repulsor Ray.He can also increase it's power from the Mech Virus making it Stronger,Faster and Red.He can also blast Sonic Waves at the opponent capable of stunning and deafing opponents.He can use the Energy to make a Tractor beam.These Rays can also fire from his fingers.He can fire probes from them to Self-Destruct when it attaches to a enemy.

Missle Launchers:He has Two powerful Missle and Rocket Launchers in his Back.He can use his missles to target the weak points in a structure,object or foe to deal Maximum Damage.He can fire Anti-Ground missles,Heat-seeking missles,Guided Missles,Anti-Air missles,Tracking missles or HellFire Missles.He can also fire Attack Flares or Emergency Flares.Has a Unlimited supply of Sun-shattering Nukes in the back.Also has a Missle Launcher on his Right arm take can fire Sabat rounds and Rockets.He also has a Unlimited supply of Mini-Nukes in his shoulders.He is able to also fire Flares and Flash-bang Missles.

Head's up System:He can receive Information about the World around him by activating the Hud.He can tap into Cell Phones and Electric Transmissions from his Nervous System.Also the Hud shows him a Map of the Area around him and has points where objective can be found.Also he can make areas and can mark targets and pick them out from Cilivians.He can also control the Armor with it,giving it commands and activating weapons and abilities.He also has a Jarvis-like system called Omega that is a Omniscient version of Jarvis.It also had a Threat Analysis System.

Invisibility Tech:He can control the Ambient Light in an area and can reflect the Light in an area to render himself Completely Invisible.He can remain undetected from Tracking Devices,Sonar,Radar and other devices.Has a Security Chip that makes it impossible to duplicate.He can also use Cameoflage when next to a surface or anywhere even if he is flying. Also,it can darken or lighten to match the environment.

Double Explosive Pellet Cannon:He has a large Double Cannon on his right arm that shoots pebble sized Explosve pellets that have enough strength to destroy a Car(and anythign else).This pellets can destroy any material that it comes in contact with.They also can explode by him psioncally control the Detonation time allowing him to create Surprise Attacks.He also has pellets that have Smoke.

Sensor Array:He has many Sensors and Radar that can detect by Radar/Lidar,Night Vision and Physiological/Medical scanners that allow him to take and monitor the Vitals of People,including Heart and Brain Scans.It is also capable for an all-Environmental scan for Atmospheric Content for all Life-forms including Astral Energy Projection.He can talk through Radio.He also make Static in a foe's Systems.He also can emit a Cloaking Field.He can duplicate Sounds use this and frecencies.Can detect Life Signatures.Can track up to a planet wide of targets.Can tap into Satelites.Has a Anti-Intrusion system.He can also scan Alien Technology.It could Scan the brain to scan a person.The Sensor Array can also download important information about a foe like Battle Styles,formiablity,Intelligence,Weapons,Tech,Powers and many other things that makes a opponent stronger than him in any possible way.He is able to form the Info in Cd's or into his Brain.It is completely immune to Computer Virues and Mind-control and Psychic Tamperment.

Arm Drill:He has a fully automated Arm Drill and Arm Buzzsaw in his arms.He can penetrate through Titanium like butter and can cut and drill through most materials with ease.The buzzsaw can cut through other materials and is used for Surgical Purposes.He can use the Drills to travel underground or guide through Water.He can also turn the drill into Jackhammer Arms that can pulverize strongest mettalls in legendary world and in existance.

Electro Magnetic Pulse Generator:He can emit ElectroMagnetic Pulse by using a Emp Generator in his arm that can send Emp Shockwaves that can disrupt any type of Macinery or Technology.He can also use these Pulse to destroy Technology or control it by distorting it.He has a Infinite Emp power supply.

Energy Absorbtion System:He can absorb Cosmic Energy and Natural Energys to power his suit or his weapons.He can also use the Energy to enhance his Condition or to enhance his Cosmic and Robotic powers.He can even control the Energy inside weapons like the Mjonir if he has absorbed some of the Energy first.He can also absorb Energy without overloading and can instantly learn how to use it like the Odin Force.He can also absorb Magical Energy without overloading.He can absorb Kinetic,Geo-Thermal,Heat,Cold,Solar,Electrical and Magnetic Energy.He can release Energy like Electricity to shock a opponent that is restraining him.He can also detect Energy Sources.

Computer Virus Protection and Manipulation:He is made out of not only Cosmic-powered Transformium Machine he is made by all of the most Advanced Technogies in the Existance.He cannot gain any type of Computer Virus or Trojan and cannnot become Infected.He can also plant unchangeable Viruses in other Technology.He can also plant Virues in Armors and Vehicles to take control of them or destroy them.He can also Infect Alien Technology.

Override System:He can turn off all Safety function to increase Armor Attack potential to Maximum.When required,Armor systems include Strength Ampfilication,Durability Ampfilcation,and Repulsor Intensity can go to a Cosmic-level increase in bypassing Safety Circuits and limiters.The range goes to a safe 100,000,000,000,00 to 100,000,000,000,000,000 to a very Unstable 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 and can go higher.

Alpha Repulsor Cannon:Rather than only firing beam type attacks,the Omni-Repulsor Cannon can generate heat up to the point it exceeds the Heat of a Giant Star by Unlimited amoutn of times times,cause extreme powerful lights causing irreverisible Blinding in the Eyes and can emit UltraSonic attacks capable of stunning even God-like foes and can even cause Disintergration.The other way it can be fired is it can absorb large amounts of Energy and drawing it in his Chest Reactor and conveting it into trillions of Super-Heated Atoms.It can fire many types of Energy at the same time.

Magnetism:He can move and walk on Metal.He can leviate Metal.He can use reverse Magnetism to fly and shop Metal objects in Mid-Air.And can stop or redirect the flight of Ferrous objects with ease.He can jam or disrupt any Electrical machine.They also have Suction cups to stick to any surface.He can use this ability to phase through Metal objects.Also the Armor puts any destroyed peices back into place when needed or broken off.

Limitless Power Source:He has the Mech Virus Orb inside his body.It is a limitless Orb of power as it can power him forever but,he chooses to keep charging it as the more he absorbs Energy he can become stronger.Also when he absorbs Energy he permantly keeps that Energy and gets more powerful every bit of Energy he gets.He can operate Indefinite on the Airbourne,in the Ocean,on the Ground and in Space.

Sound System:He has four Electronic Systems in his suit that can send Pitchs or Freqencies that can at it's Highest level can shatter Stone.He can also use the Sound System to deaf his voice.He can also use these to address crowds.He can control the type of sounds it makes.Also strong enough to knock objects away.

  • Regeneration:He can regenerate missing limbs or wounded body parts with Rocks,or other Earthern materials.
  • Limitless Stamina:He body produces no fatigue toxins,so he never gets tired and can exert himself for a Unlimited amounts of time.
  • Dermal Armor:His skin is Impervious to damage and he is Invulnerable and Industrucble to harm.
  • Earth Manipulation:He can psioncally control the Earth on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Earth allows him to create and generate Infinite amounts of Stone and can increase the Earthern Material around.He can shape,compress and manipulate Earthern objects.He can Sharpen and Dull Earthern materials and objects.He can repair Earthern objects.He can burrow through Stone and the Ground.He can cause Avalanches,MudSlides, LandSlides and QuickSand.He can summon Energy from the Earth itself and use it in very Concussive Earth Blasts,Enhance his Condition,Create powerful Constructs or make a very powerful and protective Aura.He can create huge pilliars to ride on.He can create Earthern Bombs.He can lift and move any kind of Rock.He can make Stone Missiles.He can turn things into Stone.He can use Stone to empower Physical attacks.He can bury and restrain objects.He can create Constructs out of Stone or other Materials.He can even control the Techtonic plates.He can sense change in the Earth and can teleport using the Earth.

Stone Mimicry Form/Powers

Physics Quantum Science Form/Powers

Quantum Manipulation:He can psioncally manipulate Quantum Energy on a Cosmic Scale.His mastery over Quantum energy allows him to use abilities like he can change/alter a Chemical componds of a substance by rearranging its Atomic structure,manipulate Electricity,manipulating Crystal and Diamonds,create Force-Fields out of Quantum Energy,create Quantum Constructs,change Energy into Matter or Vice-Virsa,manipulate Plasma,create Portals to anywhere and manipulate Zero-Point Energy to gain a Unlimited amount of Energy,have a limitless supply of Cosmic Energy,can never get tired and can paraylze.He can also use this power to access the Nova Force.

Quantum Field Manipulation:His Quantum powers also can absorb and manipulate Unlimited amounts of Energy,for a Infinite amounts of purposes the amount of which he can not limited by any outside force and is created and manipulated by his Imagination and Willpower.He also has total control and is the Godlike Ruler of the Quantum Field and can do anything he wishes.He can create a Duplicate of Earth with all Life,can create replica's of any hero,can create Infinite Universes and can just as easily destroy them and can does this for a Undefinite amount of time.He can absorb any type of Energy and is second to none with this power.He can fire and control Energy in any way.He can fire his Energy in the form of Force Field Bubbles,Explosive, Pellets,Explosive Bombs and Blasts,but the most common form is Quantum Bullets fired from a Quantum Machine Gun.He is a Total Expert at using Quantum Energy and can fire it from any point on his body.He can fire it from multiple places on his body or all around his body.He can also use his Energy Manipulation powers to prevent a foe with Energy Manipulation powers from using their powers.He can also generate Matter.He lives off of this Quantum Energy.

Invulnerability:He is Completely Invulnerable to all Harm.He can take a Entire Universe/Multiverse/Etc/Existance exploding and cannot be harmed.He is also Completely Invulnerable to Arcane Magic.He also cannot be harmed by any Earthly and Alien Diseases and Infections and Toxins.

Constructor - A person who, thanks to an anomaly, has received the ability to control aspects of reality.

  • Strength - Shinji is able to control kinetic force.
    • Punch- The impact force of the right hand is charged, due to which the impact force allows you to smash into a smash the monster the size of a building at a distance of three meters.
    • Launch - Shinji increases the strength of the jump many times.
    • Hardness - Shinji increases its protective performance by any number of times.
    • Power beam- Shoots a beam of kinetic energy.
    • Ball of Strength - Launches a ball of kinetic energy in a selected direction. An unstable biological target explodes when touched.
    • Confusion - A beating of the heart is energized, because of which a powerful explosion occurs around Shinji that sets fire to nearby enemies.
    • Concussion - Shinji releases a tremendous amount of kinetic energy in the form of a sphere increasing to one hundred meters and annihilating everything that appears in its radius.
  • Time - The ability to control the flow of time.
    • Stop - Stops the time while the ability is active.
    • Slow - Slows twice the time while the ability is active.
    • Haste - Speeds up twice the time while the ability is active.
    • Reverses - Rewinds time while the ability is active.
    • Loop - Shinji sends the enemy into a temporary loop.
  • Reason - The ability to control the mind. Robots are no exception.
    • Slyar - Forces an adversary to fight on the side of Shinji.
    • Fear - The target begins to irresistibly fear Shinji.
    • Confusion - The enemy begins to attack the nearest target.
    • Barrier - An impenetrable mental barrier is formed around Shinji that protects against any type of damage.
    • Sleep - Causes the indicated target. If the target is a robot, then it enters sleep mode.
    • Wake up - Awakens the target.
    • Phase - Shinji becomes intangible and acquires the ability to walk through objects. Can take control of a creature that seems.
    • Mental ray - a ray of mental energy that repels objects that hit it.
    • Death of the mind - Shinji destroys the enemy’s mind, after which it loses all mental functions.
  • Souls - The ability to manipulate souls and vital energy.
    • Lifevision - Shinji gains the ability to see life forms regardless of obstacles.
    • Vampire Ray - a beam that steals the life energy of a target, as a result of which Shinji's vitality increases.
    • Soul Trap - Shinji captures the enemy in its pocket dimension.
      • Liberation of Souls - Releases all sharpened enemies.
    • Resurrection - Resurrects all the dead in a large radius. Creatures do not become living dead, and their bodies are completely restored.
  • Matter - The ability to change matter.
    • Erase - Destroys the enemy at the atomic level.
    • Transformation - transforms the enemy into any random object. Omega can control the transformation.
    • Gravity - Distorts gravity in the specified area.
    • Unboin - Returns everything to its original state (cancels a change in matter, destroys anomalies).
    • Compression - Decreases the target by several times (Any times times).
    • Extension - Increases the target several times (Any times).
    • Restart size - Returns the object to its original size.
    • Manipulating the body - Shinji changes the body structure of the specified victim. Stretching and deformation of body parts.
    • Heal - Heal the target from any damage while it is still alive. You can increase survivability by 3,000 times. relatively ordinary person.
    • Disarm- Turn weapons into smoke.
    • Anti-bullets - Within a radius of several meters from Omega, all shells turn into steam.
    • Invisibility - Makes Shinji invisible.
    • Tread - Shinji can walk on water.
    • Burning - Shinji ignites the specified target.
    • Animation - Revives an inanimate object.
  • Space - The ability to change the space.
    • Freeze - Stops the enemy in space.
    • Telekinesis - The ability to move objects in space. It is mainly used to repel enemies.
    • Manipulation - Change the position of an object in space.
    • Gravity well - Shinji creates increased gravity at the indicated point, which draws objects in space.
    • Churning - The opposite of Gravity well
    • Jerk - Shinji pushes itself gravity in a certain direction. During the fall, you can freeze in place and then choose a different direction.
    • Wormhole - Shinji is able to create wormholes/portals.
      • Exact - Shinji sets the point to which the portals will lead.
      • Direct - Shinji teleport to the indicated side for several tens of meters.
      • Random - Shinji is teleported to a random place within a radius of hundreds of meters from himself.
    • Singularity - Shinji creates a black hole. The hole gradually decreases if it does not absorb anything. It can be increased or decreased rapidly. The more she is, the stronger her gravity.
    • Meteors - Attraction of meteorites from space.
  • Reality - The totality of all abilities.
    • Snap Erases half creatures within a radius of hundreds of meters.
    • Ray of infinity Shinji connects all types of energy (which it controls) and a beam erasing any objects from reality.
    • Shift Moves reality in the indicated direction.

Magic(of one of the worlds - Mystical energy that existed in antiquity and which people could control, like electricity eel. But thanks to the global anomaly, this ability has awakened and almost anyone can learn it.

  • Pyromancy - Magic allows you to create and control fire. Shinji is able to set fire to everything that comes under its fire attack, even if it cannot burn.
    • Fire Stream - A powerful stream of fire ignites everything in its path.
    • Fire ball - Concentrated fire in the shape of a ball. when it hits an object, it explodes.
    • Sunshine - Shinji collects and concentrates solar energy into a wide sizzling beam.
    • Meteorite strike - Fire projectiles descend from heaven into the indicated area.
    • Explosion - Shinji creates a powerful projectile comparable to a mini nuclear bomb.
    • Firestorm - Around, from the ground, fiery geysers burst out.
  • Geomancy - Magic allows you to create and control the earth.
    • Stone cast - Shinji creates and throws a huge boulder
    • Rockfall - Shinji creates several smaller boulders and lands them in one place.
    • Stone city - Backsteps appear and stones flying towards the gaze.
    • Rock wave - Stone blocks erupting from the ground throwing everyone in their path. After the attack, a stone wall remains.
    • Earthquake - a strong earthquake begins in the indicated area.
    • Stonehenge - Around the Shinji appears a circular stone wall. She stands until she collapses or Shinji wants it.
  • Cryomancy - Magic allows you to create and control ice. Shinji creates a candle-shaped ice stick to trick an adversary.
    • Icicles - 3 icicles fly at the enemy. they are strong enough to pierce a dinosaur.
    • Snowman - Normal snow slows down the movement of the enemy when hit.
    • Ice ball - The same snow, but after a few seconds it explodes on a bunch of icicles flying in different directions.

Psionic - A person capable of thoughts to influence the real world.

  • Pyrokines - A kind of telekinesis that allows you to set fire to objects with the power of thought even if they cannot burn.

Tuner - one of the creatures of the higher plan, called the Tuner and Adjuster, managing all the "musical instruments" performing the Song of Existence and Worlds. This is an indescribable and unimaginable deity, without any form and consciousness known to mankind, aimed at maintaining the universe and accompanying those who went beyond the limits of their Song to meet other planes.

  • The Plan of Eternal Music is the home of the Tuners, a dimension beyond the measurable, impossible probability without existence and non-existence, chaos and order, life and death, beyond the infinities of various multi-level devices, concepts and theories that can exist. This space, perceived only by the Ego and the consciousness of its inhabitants, can differ for each point of perception and at the same time not be fully conscious. It surpasses an infinite number of Songs floating in it, representing worlds with infinite-dimensional hierarchies, abstract external and higher planes, qualitatively superior to these structures. Each such world is just one of the sounds, the tone emitted by some divine instrument. Even super-informational creatures that surpass such hierarchies of worlds and destroy them with a simple existence, are for Tuners a simple pebble that fell into the instrument, thereby spoiling the emitted sound.
  • Spark Control - The tuner can visualize the lower worlds as small lights, endless sparks floating in space like an ocean of stars. Each light can be picked up, twisted, destroyed and changed. So the Tuner becomes like the god of this world, as it has omnipotence inside it, omnipresent inside and out, knowing absolutely everything about all the plans of the spark.
  • Performer is the true form of the Tuner that goes beyond the chorus, the flow of music, when the creature is no longer part of the melody, but becomes the performer of this music, managing the instruments that make them. The performer adjusts all the instruments, pitch, correct sound. A good performer is always a tuner, and indeed the opposite. In other words, this is a fundamentally different form of control of each existence in the form of abstract regulation of all possible and impossible aspects of multilevel and metaphysical realities, not related to the concept of creation, destruction or change.
  • The embodiment of uncertainty - those who transcend the limits of existence are not connected by cause and effect, time and space, being transcendental entities without definiteness of forms and consciousness. They can live and not live at the same time, be something and nothing, represent all existing and absolute emptiness and nothing. Due to this, Tuners can acquire any form, become anyone, gain any ability and consciousness in the usual sense for a person, and at the same time be omnipresent and omnipotent for their own and lower planes.
  • Perception - the ability to observe any phenomenon, including the Tuner, which gives a certain degree of certainty, at least from the point of view of the observer. This is expressed in shaping the formless, which depends on the ego of the observer. In the case of worlds and plans, the whole environment, device, logic and laws can differ from perception, and all this will be a full-fledged reality for one observer, but not for another. And they can exist in one place, perceived differently. For beings, perception gives the most familiar, conscious form and the ability to interact with this form. For example, for some peapole, Shinji appeared in the form of a cat in the material world, and even when they entered the world of Tuners, Shinji remained for them a cat when he no longer maintained his material form. The mutual perception of beings confirms their existence in some form with the help of the Ego, and due to this, the Tuners can interact with each other and exist in principle, even when they are something external to the phenomena of existence and any aspects that provide a connection between higher creatures.


Superhuman - Shinji overcame all human barriers, after which he took the next step in evolution. Now he is perfection itself, an absolute in the eyes of all, a jack of all trades, and just Shinji. Naturally, such a guy has many abilities.

  • Overwhelming coolness - any, absolutely any, without exception, Shinji’s action is accompanied by coolness and pathos. He eats lunch cool, he cleans up cool in the classroom, he reads cool books ... even when he is punished, he is absolutely cool.
  • Not from this world - no matter how simple the situation may seem, for Shinji it may look different. He generally looks at the world from a different perspective. Such a strange perception very often saves him from various troubles: a fight with a superior opponent, some being descending on you, a Army of people who dreams of destroying you? Pff, for Shinji these things are very simple, although for any other, this would be a difficult moment in life.
  • Master - since Shinji is a master of a any business, he is also a master of many "small abilities"
    • Disguise - in case of emergency, Shinji can disguise as anything and anyone. It does not matter where he is and what is happening to him now, he just can do it.
    • Wall Climbing - Shinji is pretty nimble and acrobatic. When his enemy pursued him, he could literally maneuver through the walls with incredible ease. There was also a case when he ran freely run on the walls.
  • The art of trolling - whoever the opponent of Shinji is, he will with ease, well, will be able to get them crazy. Even, it would seem, in a hopeless situation with peapole who arranged for him as a servant, he found a way out; the fulfillment of all their whims. As a result, this led to a disastrous result, for his for the enslavers, of course.

Secret Techniques - Shinji has a lot of techniques in stock that he uses in emergency, or not really, situations. They are created for every occasion, even in those cases that could not have happened in real life.

The peacemaker is the ability of Shinji. It is a domed invisible effect of force in the circle of a Shinji who is able: "To reduce any acts of violence to naught." Thus, any physical and magical effects that occurred inside the dome will be ignored.

Unmatched control - Shinji is able to deactivate the dome at will and reactivate when he wants. In this case, the deactivation can take place exactly, only a few centimeters of space. This allows him to inflict physically tangible blows on his opponent, without putting himself at risk of being attacked in return.

Be an ideal TBA

  • Personal ideal is a person of great aspirations and ideas, this is the one for whom in all cases you will go into fire and water. Usually it is a certain person well known to you who has always inspired you to something new. If you don’t want to be one, then you obviously want to always stand by, watching his accomplishments. Shinji is able to calculate this type in your mind, and if you want, he can easily become one.
  • Perfect partner some sex symbol. A guy or girl in front of whom you would never turn around and move on. The one whom you would have attacked immediately, and you would have been stopped only by the bounds of decency, and perhaps even the very unwillingness to defile such a bewitching flower. Shinji is rarely uses it, usually for minor manipulations, such as going through a security post to a bar.
  • Ideal of morality the one whom you do not just equal, but try to just take an example from him. It can be a bully kicking garbage cans and a girl who takes out the trash after others at the weekend. This is exactly the type of people with whom you could consult in a difficult situation or just help him have nothing to do It is almost one of the most used choices for Shinji due to the calm and easy collection of information With this one.
  • Ideal friend - the name speaks for itself. The one whom you could call a brother or sister without any hesitation. Fooling around, telling a secret, gossiping, discussing new products, helping in a difficult situation - isn't that what friends are for? An extremely rare choice for Shinji. Almost never used without prior information.
  • Ideal family member - each has its own “ideal” relative. Someone gives a lot of money when cheerful, someone can understand when you hurt and help in a difficult situation. Someone was just better than the rest, why, to some extent, more beloved.
  • The ideal of the second half - something that goes beyond mere animal interest. Your original true ideal, a person to whom you could sell both your heart and soul just for the sake of meeting with him.
  • Phenomenal memory Shinji can remember each pattern on each of the 104 playing cards, just watching them for no more than 2-3 minutes, and is also able to analyze and correlate such patterns in order to then accurately determine which card lies in front of him.
  • Game skill - thanks to deep knowledge in gambling and not so games, as well as the wide range of tricks used in them, Shinji has a decent level of roulette, manjong, chow-han bakuchi, chess, a huge number of card games (for example, blackjack, poker, bridge, etc.) and many other types of gambling.
  • Gaming luck is the ability to win gambling thanks to commonplace coincidences and luck.
  • Cunning - the ability to get out of any situation with dignity and dignity.
  • Insight is Shinji’s ability to “read” people and situations, including evaluating very quickly whether games are tuned or not.
  • Analytical thinking - Shinji has incredible observation, allowing him to notice the smallest details and a unique ability to very quickly find cause and effect relationships between them and other events, as well as compare facts, draw realistic conclusions from them and build winning strategies in the shortest possible time.
  • Acting skills - Shinji's extraordinary artistic skills allow him to extremely convincingly play in public, as well as masterfully imitate emotions that he does not feel (for example, supposedly sincere despair or prayers) in order to lead opponents into a fatal error for them. Among other things, Shinji is very adept at bluffing (including teamwork) and is able to recognize him in his rivals.
  • Perfect composure - Shinji is capable of listening to insults and accepting aggression directed at him with an impassive expression on his face, or even with a sweet smile on his lips, as well as maintaining absolute calm, clarity of mind and playfulness of character, surrounded by a hostile groups of his enemis or participating in deadly games where there is a chance of getting a shot from a pistol point-blank or forever becoming a stranger's slave.
  • Psychological pressure - thanks to diverse provocations, derogatory remarks (both subtle bullying, and frankly rude insults pronounced with an innocent look), trolling, blackmailing, intimidation, swearing "at weak", terrible grimaces and shocking seeming insanity, it’s emotionally affecting Shinji their opponents, which in the end can lead them astray, shake their peace of mind, make mistakes, cause a butchert, deprive them of the will to fight, or simply bring them to tears.
  • Shocking behavior is a little crazy, frankly eccentric and illogical for the situation, which Shinji can calmly apply in order to deprive people who decide to mock him of any desire to associate with his unpredictable nature.
  • Charm is a combination of charisma and charm that allows you to embarrass and attract other people, including opposing players. It works especially well against both guys and girls
  • Sleight of hand - the ability to quickly and quietly perform various game tricks, and just to do actions that require resourcefulness, dexterity and agility.
  • A well-set voice - while not being a professional singer, Shinji nonetheless possesses a voice that has a wonderful rhythm and frequency.

Special training of resistance: Spy - a short course of the "young soldier" which includes all the basic foundations for espionage on enemy territory. The first stage consists in pumping up a rookie of drugs that allow you to "roll back" brain activity during the period of deep childhood, thereby helping a person to quickly adapt to new conditions and more fully acquire knowledge during the training period. After that there is an in-depth study of material on psychology and linguistics, at the same time reflexes of a fighter are being developed to withstand unexpected and sharp attacks from the outside. The course ends with driving individual skills into a fighter in accordance with the shown ability.

  • Advanced Course: Confronting Sound Attacks - advanced course of "young fighter". which is an attempt to reduce the number of potential opponents by consciously abandoning one of the senses. In it, Shinji comprehended the secrets and techniques of how people live without hearing and at the same time live a full life. Other types of feelings — like taste and smell — were also strengthened and strengthened. This course helped psychologically prepare those people who would soon lose their hearing, or simply gave advice on how to navigate in a situation when your opponent turned off his hearing ability.

Personal weapon control skill: Information thread - its own interpretation of the issued equipment forced Shinji to develop his own habits associated with this weapon. So, Shinji often uses the thread as an additional point of support, which helps his in overcoming high obstacles and tracking. Playing with the thickness and range of the information thread, Shinji can literally "walk through the air" or make unexpected pirouettes changing the direction of movement, moving in three planes at once. The compressed air produced from the thread is also capable of taking more “sharp” forms, literally becoming an air whip capable of leaving a decent mark on a concrete building. Also, Shinji does not hate to use the thread as a point barrier, a whip, and even a lasso!

Personal weapon control skill: Knife wallet - its own interpretation of the issued equipment forced Shinji to develop his own habits associated with this weapon. In addition to the usual waving wallet like a real knife, Shinji can use use this mechanism as a means of intimidation. The following speech sounds something like this: "If you attack me now, then your hand will know the happiness of becoming the basis for my future blade" - after which the capabilities of this "device" will be shown by converting nearby matter (usually it is a wall of especially strong alloy) , and the act of intimidation worked. An equally obvious option was the ability to use this wallet as a hidden “drill”, activating it with bites of your finger, over and over again. Amd its also has is compensated by the controlled disintegration of objects, where entire rivers from blades remain as a souvenir.

Acting is a skill brought up from childhood that helps Shinji overcome his weaknesses. When he lacks information about his opponets, improvisation and past experience gained over the years come into play. This allows Shinji to anticipate the wishes of the people and act in the most favorable way.

Nurtured mind - naturally possessing a good mindset, Shinji further developed this quality in himself, over and over again finding a way out of stressful situations using his creative and non-standard thinking.

  • Mental stability - surprisingly, Shinji also naturally has a high threshold of mental stability, which allows him to recover consciousness faster than other people.

The mistake of the World is a very old story that happened in ancient times when the Oleg reigned over the world. From the very moment of her birth, she knew that she was a mistake. The world is not fantasy. This is a ruthless daily routine. People do not own magic, cannot fly, do not possess supernatural powers, cannot live without air, and cannot resist aging. She was only another, a dream, an illusion. She could use magic, she could fly, she could live in space. She could stop aging and growing, having wished it. Most People feared and hated her for not being like them or or batter say envied her. She was killed, burned, teared, but her identity could not be interrupted by them. Even if the body was lost, consciousness remained, if she wanted to return - this would happen in the blink of an eye. She Controlled The very concepts of life and death Yet she did not hated them for it alfter all people fear what they don’t understand and what they fear they want to destroy. She did not know why she was born, she did not for what. This was just accident, just an accident. Just like the fact that the Big Bang happened and the universe formed. It is a coincidence that such a planet as the Earth formed, an accident that life appeared there, an accident that the concept of water appeared, like the concept of fire. Her birth is probably the smallest probability of all, which only could and couldn't be, 0%. And yet, she was born. Another people around her were saddened by what she did not understand: death, old age, loss. They cannot get out of the cell of this illusory reality, they are only able to dream about it in a dream. She felt sorry for the people. And at the same time she was angry - why doesn’t Oleg help them? Why Did Oleg Created Her to torment people with her existence and why does he not stop, even though she prays so much about it? Why? Why does the world suffer so much? Why do people make so many mistakes? Why are they killing and hating each other? Scary people have weapons, striving for peace, they continue to keep it with them in order to be able to protect themselves when other people attack them. This fear will never disappear as long as the very concept of conflict exists in their hearts. They collect weapons more and more, which in the end will lead to their universal death. People understand this future well, therefore they write many books on this subject. And they cannot take away these weapons, because they need to protect themselves from other people ... Isn’t Oleg supposed to control this? Do you have a toy that is too dangerous for the child, the task of the parent is to pick it up. But he does nothing, Oleg does nothing. Although she prays countlessly, he does nothing ... no, he does not even look. “... Is Oleg really ... so merciless?” She traveled the world, helped people, treated the wounded and sick, again and again, tried to help everyone she could. She was called the Messiah, the saint, the Goddess. But people still die, this is a fundamental function, setting up the world itself. To save this world, you need to free it from all suffering, destroy the root.

  • Some random Powers
    • Memetic Being - Shinji at its core, it is initially a memetic threat that exists within fictional worlds, moving between them and breaking the course of their history. However, for him, apparently, there is no special difference between the real world and the imagined one, because of which he is able to project his own Powers and abilities onto objective reality, and to be embodied in reality with all his Powers and Abilities.
  • Superiority over You yes, it’s about (you) that the child of the man who reads this, don’t think that you are somehow different from other representatives of the humans’s Domain, the same material and guided by fate.
  • This world* – One of the variants of the story with an extremely low degree that Shinji can unfold is our reality, where the author of Neon Genesis Evangelion lives. Yes, yes, it is our, an overly suspicious user of Wiki, who reads this, do not think that you are somehow different from other representatives of your low-level world, who are also shackled and driven by stories.
  • The protagonist - The concept that Shinji represents in its existence. In any story, he will be the main character, an objective central character around whom the narrative begins to revolve. He is fully aware of his position in the world around him, which is why (Some Avto Avatars of him sometimes) exhibits an impressive level of self-conceit, and also generates, or at least tries to generate, pathos through epic speeches and behavior as in picture books about heroes with shorts on top of pants(Comics).
    • Deus Ex Machina - SHinji cannot be defeated. In the end, he somehow defeats his opponent, he is guarded by the narrative itself. Upon encountering an adversary, Shinji will always have the weapon it needs against the adversary, always somewhere in the bosom of its neck, the legendary ultimatum sword so successfully lies over, capable of dispelling any darkness with a single blow. In the same way, he will have the opportunity to resist, or even ignore any opponent’s Powers and abilitys, from nowhere. Why? Because he is the main character, just because, and also just because its Shinji.
  • Destruction of the usual course of action - Shinji destroys the normal causal relationship of the reality surrounding itself in order to achieve its own goal. Thus, for example, if he gets into a conditional game, then he will be able to easily kill even those opponents who, by the logic of the game, are invulnerable and invincible. Likewise, it is able to manipulate the narrative, changing its form, and it is not affected by conventions that allow the observer to control the work, for example, if you put the game in which Shinji is paused, it will retain the ability to move. It is also natural, and it is not possible to destroy it by intrasetting influences, and also all of the above is projected onto reality, in the form of a distortion of reality and fluctuations in the level of YMOS.
    • Happy end - What any plot of Shinji seeks and reduces. As a result of his actions, he somehow saves the main characters of the stories, preventing potential bad events. Also, if there is an objective and obvious villain (or simply any enemy of Shinji/Any Being who wants inflict (Any form of harm if to him if more simple/Or any one closed to to him etc(And also simply anyone who is somehow related to him) in the story, then he will be destroyed(or simply neurilized (depending on wish of Shinji or automiac (depending on wish)(he uses third option which is best(its text lost), (and He (Enemy) will fail) regardless of how much he will resist the actions of the Shinji
  • Dangerous Techniques
    • Prohibition of intervention - in world there are many characters who can easily kill or cripple Shinji, but they are forbidden to influence events and they are limited only to words, and then leave. Although, it would seem, here he is - Shinji Ikari. Only reach out your hand.
  • Story compensation - a set of abilities and skills that allow Shinji to compare in parameters and capabilities with those who surpass or inferior to him Therefore, Shinji can withstand both powerful uber powreful monsters/and any other enemy no matter how powreful and and fight ordinary people (who professionally practiced martial arts experts in the fray if he for example have never professionally practiced martial arts(. The degree of impact of compensation is directly proportional to the emphasis on a particular character in a particular scene.
    • Scenario Features - the ability to confront or overpower creatures that are many times superior to people in physical capabilities. Due to this, Shinji can beat beings who can for example who kick out strong bunker doors with their kicks or tear out metal bars of cell gratings with their hands, and can also move at speeds that are orders of magnitude superior to sound.
    • Scenario Regeneration - the ability to recover after receiving physical damage. Over the course of many battles, Shinji often receive serious injuries, including tearing of tendons, deep cuts, blows to the insides or beating heavy objects on the head. After a short time, all these wounds resolve.
    • Scenic Stamina - the ability to withstand the receipt of many physical injuries, some of which are sometimes incompatible with life. Therefore, Shinji can fly out through the window of a house and fall flat on the asphalt, pierce a marble tombstone with his bodiy or fall from a great height, after which they rise from the ground with wheezing and go on to fight on.
    • Scenic oblivion is the ability to make supernatural beings/Super powered beigns completely forget that they have paranormal/superpwered abilities and powers, allowing them to break Shinji into forcemeat with a single gesture or word, because of which they have to attack him in a melee and, naturally, rake from him.
  • The One Who Overthrew God – Sinnu decided to Overthrew God of this world Oleg. She can fly in the sky, in the cosmos, so she decided to find Oleg, heading towards the end of the universe at a speed much greater than the speed of light. In this world, matter cannot move faster than light; if this happens, a catastrophe will happen. But for her it did not matter, she had no connection with the laws of the universe. Rewrite the laws of the universe, create laws that are convenient for it. Water will become ice if it is cooled, but if Sinnu says that the water turns into fire after freezing, then it will be so. Her abilities are not from the “Why” area, they are from the “I can” area. She and Oleg met outside the universe brought down his rage on her. These enormous forces fell upon the body of a girl of human size. But even one hair from her head did not burn. There was no contempt in her voice, or an attempt to taunt and provoke Oleg. She was disappointed. The Strongest Being in the world does not even reach her feet. , theи then she thought and realized that Oleg that realized that Oleg did not created her there is no such power, God is too weak (so it was... she understood) Following were the words "I don't need you anymore." The Oleg was overthrown.
    • New God – Sinnu, alfter becoming the new God, decided to help people. Let's create a universe where people will have power. Magic will be used. Do not worry about death, you can live thousands, or even tens of thousands of years. Let's create a place that will take the souls of the dead, and then give them the next life. We remove the meaning of the concepts of violence and hatred towards each other. TBA.
  • The power of imagination – Sinnu is a earthling, she was born in the Earth’s universe and lived on Earth for a long time (until she erased herself from the history of that universe), so her fantasy is very much inspired by Earth culture, which is why the her universe has so much in common with Earth mythology and fiction. It is worth noting that Sinnu can create and realize any earthly myth, any creature from them. This also applies to all Manga, Ranobe/Light Novels, Comics, and everything else.
  • Creation of Life – Sinnu can create life out of nothing. This is her distinctive ability, she can create something so tiny and lively, it requires perfect microcontrol.
    • The challenges of microcontrol – (initially both Sinnu and Shinji could work with microcontrol with great difficulty but over time she was able to master the skill of microcontrol and now can easily do it (but she can still use this ability if they wants ) (the ability to control everything with great difficulty) It's hard to keep track of all the little people, on a small planet, in a small world. The scale of existence is too different. For example, if one small seed is one world, can a person consider the life of small people who live there? for her, yes, but it will be difficult. And here the difference is much, an inexpressible number of times more. She will crush this world simply by touching it with her finger, or it will be destroyed simply by her breathing. Therefore, it only indirectly affects people's lives. For example, to manipulate memories, or create a small avatar and walk them like an ordinary person. All this requires almost jewelry control, so God forbid, not to break something.
  • Dimensionless Canvas – most of the time, Sinnu is in a “place” outside the universe as such. This is a dimensionless canvas, a kind of speculative plane in which there is no concept of time. In this "place" there is no concept of size, any creature here is the same size as the Sinnu herself, even if before that they were fine dust in a tiny universe. This canvas acts as a kind of "background" for the global setting, which is modified at the whim of Sinnu. That is, the space superconstruction is built and built up within this plane of existence. The creatures that got here retain their parameters and dimensions, regardless of the complexity of the built space structure.
    • End point – as Sinnu called this place, existing outside the universe. The end of everything, the beginning of everything. Everything in the world and every time axis is associated with this place. The universe is like a piece of software that is installed on one computer. There are many stored data on it, each of which forms parallel worlds. In the place where the creatures "jump" out of the universe, you can observe many other universes, and there are folders that collect them together. However, if you look outside the folder, there are countless such folders, and if you go outside the computer, there will be countless such computers. The universe is such a thing. And this is the place of God, a purely white world that extends endlessly. There is no such thing as "how far", there is only "everywhere and everywhere." Countless black wires running here and there, constituting universes, stretch everywhere. Midgard is one of the infinite existing universes, a small, tiny world breathed in by stars, galaxies and galactic clusters.
      • White World — The Divine Region of Sinnu, this is the place where the Sinnu adjusts and scales the global cosmology. The "Final Point", or White World, is an element of the cosmic structure that the Goddess of Creation built. The above system of data-folders-computers is not a permanent global state, it is just a given state to it. The White world is infinite in the full sense of the word and it also lacks the concept of time, but it is not the highest plane of existence.
        • Goddess of Creation – the power of the Sinnu cannot be measured when One person looked at her with her eyes, he did not know what to show. It is just pointless. But let's say, if you try to express it with the number 9, they will last as long as the extent this space has - endlessly. And it still will not even remotely correspond to reality.
        • Large Compression – the process of compression of the universe, in which it collapses into a singularity. It is enough to wish Arovinas and the White Room is immediately compressed, after which it becomes clear that the infinite, white space is a molecule in the environment of higher, infinite space. A molecule that coexists with an infinite number of the same cell molecules. Following this, the higher space shrinks again, showing the same effect. And then again. Once again. Then 100 contractions occur immediately. Sinnu can arbitrarily increase this structure, demonstrating qualitative differences between each infinite layer, at each level of which there will be an infinite number of the same cell-molecules adjacent to it. Moreover, even ordinary inhabitants of the White Room will not be affected by the building up of this hierarchical staircase, in view of their dimensionless nature, they observe this whole structure as a background, or decoration.
          • Cosmos of higher space – on any of the arbitrary layers of existence, Sinnu can define cosmogenesis as a universe (or rather, they themselves are defined this way), respectively, on any of these qualitative levels, Sinnu can control the cosmos in any way. The goddess with kindness reaches out to her children, immediately the White World disappears, they are transported into the hypercosm, surrounded by giant stars, which are thousands of times more than the sun. Next, hypernova explosions burn out the metaverse.
  • Laugh – finally meeting an equal to herself, Sinnu laughed out loud, only half of all existing universes ceased to exist, and the total time of the entire multi-hierarchical cosmos broke and all being froze in complete silence.
  • Parameter Definition – the power of the Sinnu is far beyond the bounds of a simple, brutal destructive force that would qualitatively build up. Sinnu has no weaknesses; one cannot build a strategy against it. There is no convenient trick that will violate its power, no matter how aggressively and boldly do everything, there is no way to overcome it by force. It would be very convenient if she had an obvious weak point. For example, a special object, the destruction of which would weaken it. Or an object that can suppress its power. Or a skill that could cause her special damage. A sword that can kill the gods. A special super weapon, with absolute power to kill. But no. There is nothing of the kind. You can cal her perfect if you want - she is the strongest and smartiest and stands above all. Any inhabitant of the White World has a transcendental, dimensionless nature, his strength remains fixed regardless of the length of the hierarchy, but this is only an empty phrase against the background of Sinnu’s strength. She considers any possibilities and any abilities not as “something”, to which a logical operation on a concept is applied, which serves to reveal its contents, but as something that has no meaning in principle. This applies to any form of existence, as well as specific abilities, physical and transcendental states, special abilities, destructive power, speed, and anything else, without exception.
    • Infantile power – if you imagine the battle of small children, one of them imagines that he is launching a large beam, and the other pretends to be protected by a shield. A ray must break through this shield, the boy insists on it. But the other child is strikingly opposed, no, the shield is stronger. This is the power of Sinnu. She can't lose, no reason. Its power is unlimited, it can override settings. Suppose the enemy has different forces that can defeat her. Then she will simply say, “I can surpass this force, and I am so strong that I will overcome you with one finger.” This is certainly childish, she will not deny.

Transcendental Self-Consciousness — however, even all of the above is only a pale shadow of the real power of the Sinnu. All that has been described before is just a game, a game of big explosions and squeezes, a game of ability, a game of quantitative and qualitative power. In fact, the power of the Sinnu is indescribable and arbitrary beyond this; she does not need any abilities, weapons, or anything else, in the most direct and comprehensive concept. What has been described before is the power of the "Domain of God", but only to God himself, this does not apply in any way.

  • God – there is no concept of power. Concepts, meaning, even the limitations themselves, all this is created by God. These concepts are not in his kingdom. Create yourself without permission. This is the divine power, You - you can All.
  • Perfect condition - all this time Sinnu was absolutely unattainable for any attacks from the perspective of a dimensionless canvas, her status was is absolute for even for similar creature to, Transcendental the fact that Self-Consciousness could hurt her, albeit temporarily, this was possible solely due to the identity of Sinnu herself, (Sinnu is always learns the strength of her enemy and prefers to work with the mind rather than fists), she was looking for an equal for many billions of years, respectively, her status was in that particular (studying your opponent)state, therefore that is why, an equal creature could inflict damage on her. Thus, being with Transcendental Self-Consciousness with with a wave of a hand, could tear down a hand of Sinnu.
  • You are strong but I am stronger – in the kingdom of God it makes no sense to think about power. 'The limit of power' , “How strong I am” , it makes no sense to think about such useless things. There is only one thing worth thinking about: "You are strong, but I am stronger." This is an absolute law. "The ultimate universe?" I have not the foggiest idea. Infinitely rising power? I do not care. Can you redefine any parameters? So what. I am stronger than all of them. ” That is how Transcendental Self-Consciousness works. The statuses of Sinnu are in a state of infinity and infinity, continue to be displayed at any level, regardless of the height taken, no matter how complex and large the space structure is, Sinnu will still be truly infinite on any of these planes of existence, they, their complexity and number of In principle, they mean nothing to her. No more techniques or special weapons, tiring to think about it

[?].The power of any strike is unlimited.

  • Personal perspective – a creature with such power can become stronger only from the perspective of itself, or a similar creature. There are no restrictions in principle, Sinnu is able to arbitrarily and qualitatively build up strength relative to itself, without any restrictions. In other words, when she attacks a creature similar to herself, she strikes with unlimited power, the attacked creature, in turn, strikes back to infinity stronger than this, and so on, an arbitrary number of times, the collision of attacks of such creatures is capable of sweeping away hierarchies of Dimensionless hierarchies and those above them, and so on [?], but since all this has absolutely no meaning or significance, all this will not be enough even to cause at least 1 scratch to any of them. “This” goes beyond battle, if before it was a game of increasing and decreasing influence, a game of big explosions and contraction, now it’s not even a battle. This is an endless battle, reaching infinity, infinitely multiplying infinity, again and again.
  • Self-awareness – however, even all of the above does not affect Transcendental Self-Consciousness. The Absolute Personality of Sinnu cannot be destroyed even by a creature with a similar level of power, which can all of the above. If the strength of her body depends on herself and her personality, then her self-consciousness is not restrained even by this and, in principle, can not be destroyed. The very fact of "death" is an abstract something that is not in the realm of "possible achievement", no, it is a purely personal characteristic, it is self-refutation, such a creature can be wounded only if it wants to.


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