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"I am the Queen of Blackgard, daughter of the wolves!"
―Sanah Blackgard[src]

Queen Sanah Blackgard (born Sanah Stark), also known as the Wolf Queen, is a mentioned character in Game of Thrones. She is long dead by the time of the series. She was an ancestor of House Blackgard.

Sanah played a significant role in the Wastelandic civil War of Succession, a major war in the Borderlands where two rival factions of House Blackgard fought each other for the control of the Borderlands.



Sanah was the only child of Lord Harald Stark and an unnamed Blackgard lady. After all of her brothers died, including her father and mother, leaving House Blackgard without a male heir, Sanah became the Lady of Blackgard, respectively. However, in the years of her reign, Sanah claimed independence from the Iron Throne and proclaimed herself as "Queen of Blackgard", ultimately planning to overthrow the Targaryen dynasty and become Queen of the Andals herself.

Sanah was inspired and intrigued by her mother's family, and after her parents' death, she travelled to Blackgard to claim her rightful place as Lady of Blackgard, since she was the only living Blackgard relative at that time. She was formally renamed "Sanah Blackgard" and eventually married Grenn, a lowborn hedge knight, with whom she had one son, Rickard Blackgard. When Rickard reached maturity, it became unclear who would officially be the ruler of House Blackgard. Since Sanah claimed independence from the Iron Throne, the common rules of succession did not apply. This all ended with the War of Succession, which resulted in the imprisonment of Sanah and ascension of Rickard as Lord of Ebonheart.