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"You want to return to Westeros, but yet you stay. Afraid of Saloman Blackgard taking you and your ship into the deep?"
―Hizdahr zo Loraq, to Daenerys

Saloman Blackgard, commonly referred to as Saloman the Reaper or Saloman the Harvester is an unseen character in Game of Thrones. He is long dead when the events of the series begin and is not expected to appear in the series. Saloman Blackgard was the secondborn son of Asterion Blackgard, Lord of Ebonheart. Saloman died at sea during a storm. He has become the subject of legends and myths in the Seven Kingdoms.

According to these legends, Saloman died during a heavy storm which took him, his ship and his crewmates down to the bottom of the Narrow Sea. Saloman was arrogant and sailed across to the Narrow Sea knowing that it would mean the death of him and his men. He gambled with the lives of his close friends and allies all for fame and fortune.

The gods cursed Saloman by not granting him passage into the afterlife and forcing him to feast on souls to survive. He was condemned to roam the Narrow Sea for eternity, never able to make port. The gods were not offended by his lust for gold and fame, but for his treachery against his crewmates. Saloman was reportedly spotted by pirates, who claim to have seen him and his ship in a thick, dark fog shadowing over the seas taking unsuspecting sailors with him into the deep.

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