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"Garth Dragen: Seven Hells...what did you do to him?
Lucius Dragen: Rylen has told us everything about Rolan. And he has spoken the truth, I know a liar when I see one. Now that he is no longer of use to us, I instructed Grond to make some...modifications.
―Lucius, hinting on Rylen's current state.

Rylen Mollen is a recurring character in the fourth and fifth seasons. He initially appeared as a minor character in the third season. Rylen is the rightful Lord of Riften but no longer holds that title ever since he was taken prisoner by the Dragens during their attack on Riften. As a prisoner of Lucius Dragen, Lord Garth Dragen's heir, he has been lobotomised and mockingly renamed as "Stink Rat".

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Lord: Lord Ethan Dragen Heir: Warron Dragen
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Seat: Snake Mount Lands: The North
Title(s): Lord of Snake Mount · Lord Defender of the North · Blooded King (pre-War of Conquest)
Ancestors: Evan Dragen · Darron Dragen · Melina I Dragen · Jon Dragen · Veron Dragen · Tregar Dragen · Anthor Dragen
Current members: Alise Dragen · Mira Dragen · Domeric Dragen · Larinna Dragen · Anaya Dragen · Jaran Dragen · Kenden Dragen · Arrena Storm · Merei Whitesnow · Melina Dragen ·
Deceased members: Garth Dragen · Harkon Dragen · Erik Dragen · Lucius Dragen
Household: Duncan Catell · Maester Vahaelor · Coren Brewlan · {Joriff Snow} · Rylen Mollen (hostage) · Grond · Noro · Drayro Tollo · Maut · Ontley
Overlord: House Stark

named as "Stink Rat".