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Lady Ryella Harrigon, nee Wensington is a minor character in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth seasons. She was the wife of Lord Jothos Harrigon and the mother of Larinna, Rickard, Trevyr and Janyce, as well as the grandmother of Marton, Jenelyn, Harren, Braella, Warron, Melina and Bryan.


Early Life

Ryella was married to Lord Jothos Harrigon. She soon bore Jothos four children, Larinna, Rickard, Janyce and Trevyr. She and Jothos had a pleasing friendship, but no true romance or love was made between them, as Jothos was siring bastards even when she was pregnant with his true-born children, but understood why he did it, despite being against the custom of his ancestors.

Season 4

Lucius Dragen receives word that Lady Ryella has died, and uses this to further torture Larinna mentally.