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Political Information:
Alias: Rolequo the Romantic
Title: King of the Sunset Sea
Rank: Pirate Captain, King
Social Class: Free man
Biological Information:
Born: 263 AC, at Tyrosh
Gender: Male
Culture: Tyroshi
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210.8 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown

Rolequo is a pirate captain, and the self-proclaimed King of the Sunset Sea. He is the leader of Rolequo's crew. He is a major character in the story, The Shadow of Valyria.

Appearance and Character

Rolequo is a tall bearded Tyroshi with brown hair and brown eyes. He sometimes dyes his hair green. Rolequo has a very dominant personality and likes keeping young girls and boys as his bed slaves. He has a warped sense of morality, but he is not amoral. He sees himself as a good person and a romantic, though by most other peoples' standards, he would not be. Rolequo has a huge ego and styles himself as a king despite being not that wealthy a pirate.


Rolequo grew up as the son of a Tyroshi merchant. His father wanted him to follow in his trade, but at the age of 15, Rolequo ran away and joined a pirate crew. As he grew older, he rose through the ranks and eventually amassed enough plunder and reputation to buy a ship for himself. Then, Rolequo began to maraud through the seas, plundering coastal towns and taking slaves as prisoners to be sold in Essos. He mostly pirated along the Summer Isles and the western coast of Westeros, which is why he began styling himself the King of the Sunset Sea.

At the start of The Shadow of Valyria, Rolequo was the captain of the Sunfyre, a mighty pirate vessel. He promised to give the boy Fyn passage to Tyrosh.


Rolequo is the only child of a Tyroshi merchant and a Lysene noblewoman. Little else is known about his family.

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