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"Let me make something abundantly clear, my lord. I do not give two shits about you. You are my inferior, only fit to obey your betters. Keep that in mind and you will perhaps live long enough to breed."
―Rhaenyra to a terrified Joffrey Arryn, after she bests him in a duel.

Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen is the daughter and only child of Prince Aegon Targaryen and his paramour Melisandre of Asshai. Born Rhaenyra Waters, she is legitimized within the first few days of her life and given the title Princess of Dragonstone and made Daenerys' heir, until the young queen had children of her own, at which time she was bestowed with the title of Princess of Summerhall. Raised together, Rhaenyra and her cousin form a close bond and form a romantic relationship, which continues for the rest of their lives, even as they get married and have children of her own.

Rhaenyra married Lord Monterys Velaryon in a sham marriage, done only to conceal the fact that both are homosexual. Monterys is in a relationship with Ser Loras Tyrell, whom he met during their fostering at the Red Keep. Despite that, they become close friends over time and have a child together, a boy named Aegon Velaryon.

Despite the initial doubts raised by the lords due to her gender and vicious temper, she proved herself an effective Hand just like her father before her. Together with Daenerys they create many laws to protect the rights of women to inherit and their ability to act independently of their husbands, especially if they are heads of their houses.

After the three dragon eggs, brought over from Pentos by her father, hatch, Rhaenyra bonded with the red dragon Aegonax, dubbed "The Crimson Horror".

Appearance and Personality

Rhaenyra is a slender and beautiful woman, with the classical Valyrian features shared by her cousin. She however has eyes of darker purple, which some observers claim to be more reddish in color. Her hair is platinum blonde. Due to training from her father, her body is toned and muscled, but not overly so.

She is skilled at sword fighting, which she does by using the Valyrian steel sword Red Queen, gifted to her by her father, who acquired it during the Sack of Pentos.

Melisandre taught her the magics of R'hllor and thus Rhaenyra is a skilled pyromancer and shadowbinder, with skill surpassing her mother's due to Rhaenyra's strong Valyrian blood.

Rhaenyra can be kind, but saves it mostly for her family and Daenerys in particular. She has inherited her father's ruthlessness and ingenuity. However she also has a cruel streak, which she does not hesitate to use by lashing out at those she considers her enemies. Due to Daenerys' kind nature, she has become extremely overprotective of her and her reputation.

She is also very proud, as she refused to be cloaked during her wedding to Monterys and uses her maiden name during the marriage, which is not uncommon for women, who marry in less prominent families than their own. Due to her dislike of her husband's castle, she marries him in the Great Sept of Baelor and never once visits Driftmark.

She enjoys riding Aegonax, especially with Daenerys, but also for battle, which earned her a fearsome reputation.


Quotes by Rhaenyra

"Lady Cersei, has anyone ever told you how pathetic you are? I think I may be the first."
―Rhaenyra to Cersei Lannister, after the latter's attempt at seducing Rhaenyra's father is brushed off.
"I love you Nyra."
"I love you too, Dany.
―Rhaenyra and Daenerys confessing their feelings to one another.
"What a lovely song! Marrilion was it? Unfortunately for you, you will not sing it or its like ever again. Mhm. Otherwise, I will have to nail your tongue to the floor. Or we could perhaps feed you to our dragons. You know, options."
―Rhaenyra threatening the bard Marrilion after the latter sings a vulgar song about her and Daenerys.
"And so he spoke, and so he spoke, the proud lord of Casterly. Yet now he dies and rots away, with no one there to mourn him."
―Rhaenyra mocking Tywin and the "Rains of Castamere" song, after the Lannister patriarch is tried and executed for high treason, with the support of the man's own sons.
"So let me see if I understand this right. You and Lord Velaryion are married. Lord Velaryon is Ser Loras Tyrell's paramour, while the Queen, who is married to Loras, is in love with you?"
"Yes, you understand this right, Lord Tyrion.
"I see. A court after my own heart.
―Tyrion and Rhaenyra talking about the relationships in the royal court.
"But Dany..."
"No, Nyra. If word of this comes out, people will think it ridiculous. We've seen the bastard at the tourney 5 years ago. He looked more like Ned Stark than the man's own children. They can never prove their claim and if we treat it as preposterous as it sounds, that is exactly how the rest of the country will accept it, too.
"Alright, my queen. Let's close the bloody debate. Get back to bed.
―Rhaenyra and Daenerys discuss the news of Jon Snow's alleged parentage.

Quotes about Rhaenyra

"The Queen rules Westeros and Rhaenyra rules the Queen."
―A common saying about Rhaenyra's influence on Daenerys.
"Father wishes for you to befriend the Queen, Myrcella."
"That's right uncle. He said I should gain the Queen's ear."
"Tread carefully on that road, Cella. Rhaenyra does not like other women around the queen anyways."
"What matters the opinion of Lady Velaryon?"
"Everything, my dear. And you will do well not to call her that.
―Tyrion and Myrcella, after Tywin commands her to get closer to the queen.
"Rhaenyra is her father with teats, my dear. Except she is far more merciless."
"Prince Aegon is merciless."
―Olenna and Maegaery comparing Rhaenyra to her father.
"The Targaryens have dragons again. Before long they shall impose their tyranny on the North."
"Enough Robb. I will not lose more of my family to the wretched dragons. The North is theirs anyways. You've heard what happened to Tywin Lannister, when he tried to murder their dragons. What do you think they will do if we try to take their throne?"
"My father...
"Your father is dead, Robb. And he wouldn't want the queen to burn Winterfell or her hand - the Godswood. Will all this fire and blood be worth it? Truly? For that bastard?
―Robb and Catelyn Stark discussing trying to usurp the queen and place Jon Snow on the throne.