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Rhaena Targaryen
Political Information:
Title: Princess of Westeros
Rank: Princess
Social Class: Royalty
Allegiance: House Targaryen
House Lannister
Biological Information:
Born: 115 AC, at King's Landing
Gender: Female
Culture: Valyrian
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 119.7 lbs
Eye Color: Dark purple with flecks of green and gold
Hair Color: Silver-blonde

Princess Rhaena Targaryen is a member of House Targaryen and is the firstborn daughter of Aegon Targaryen (a grandson of King Jaehaerys I) and Jyanna Lannister. She is the older sister of Jaehaerys Targaryen and Daeron Targaryen. Rhaena's sworn sword/shield is Ser Edric Thorne. She is featured in the short story, The Lost Dragon.

Appearance and Character



Rhaena's paternal side is of the Targaryen bloodline, while her maternal side is from the Lannister bloodline. Rhaena and her siblings are considered to be minor princes/princesses by the time of their introduction in The Lost Dragon, though unbeknownst to them, due to much of their family dying off in the Dance of the Dragons, Jaehaerys, Rhaena's younger brother, was actually the rightful King of Westeros by succession laws during the timeframe of the story. However, due to him (as well as his siblings) being lost in the torrid forests of Sothoryos, this claim was never acted upon.

Viserys I
Jyanna Lannister

The Lost Dragon
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