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"Lord Morden, also called Morden Goldentongue, who was most likely the greatest politician in the history of House Blackgard....aside from my father, of course. It is thanks to him that our family had such a good relationship with the Targaryens; his sister Meralith was, in fact, Queen to Aegon the Third."
Eddin Blackgard to Elen Tarth.[src]

Lord Morden Blackgard, also known as Morden Goldentongue, is a character mentioned in the fifth season episode "The House of Black and White". He is long dead by the time of the series. He was a historical Lord of Ebonheart who was regarded as, arguably, the greatest politician and diplomat that House Blackgard ever produced, other than Trevyr Blackgard.

He was likely named after Morden II Durrandon, a historical Storm King.



Morden is looked back upon by modern-day members of House Blackgard as one of the greatest politicians in the history of the House. He is often cited as being responsible for House Blackgard's close relationship with House Targaryen. During the early years of the reign of Aegon III Targaryen, he served on the Council of Regents and also had very brief tenure as Aegon's Hand of the King following the death of Ser Marston Waters. He would be replaced as Hand by Grand Maester Munkun.

Due to his skilled negotiating and diplomacy abilities, he was also known as Morden Goldentongue.

Season 5

While walking with Elen Tarth through the Hall of Lords in Ebonheart, Eddin Blackgard stops by a statue of Lord Morden and briefly talks to her about him and how he was regarded as the best politician in the history of House Blackgard, and how he was responsible for their relationship with the Targaryens.