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"Lucius: You're my sister, and I'm your brother. But I'm the Lord of this house. And you will do as I say.
Mira:'re scaring me...
Lucius: Good. Because if you don't understand the rules here, you will be punished. Severely.
―Lucius to his sister, Mira

Lady Mira Dragen is a recurring character in the first, second, third and fourth season, although she returned as a major character in the fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons. She will not return in Season 6. Mira is the daughter of Garth Dragen, as well as Lucius Dragen's twin sister.

Things soon turn sour for Mira in Snake Mount after her father, Garth, is murdered and his place is taken by Lucius. Lucius brutally torments his sister of months until Mira decides to leave Snake Mount. She takes her brother, Domeric with her and flees to Deepwood Motte, House Glover's stronghold. She stays there for a brief time until the Greyjoy overrun Motte is liberated by Robett Glover, who tells her about the events that have occurred back in Snake Mount. Eventually, she decides to return to her home to face her past, after meeting and eventually marrying Lord Gylbert Garrigon.



Mira Dragen is the eldest and only daughter of Lady Alise and Lord Garth Dragen. Garth was the head of House Dragen, the Lord of Snake Mount and the Lord Defender of the North.

Mira was born and raised in Snake Mount. She has a twin brother, Lucius, and two younger brothers, Erik and Domeric. Mira enjoys life outside of Snake Mount and often leaves to explore the other surrounding towns. She was often at odds with her brother, Lucius, and considered him to be a evil person.

Season 5

After Lucius is made Lord of Snake Mount, Mira flees from Snake Mount alongside her little brother, Domeric, to Deepwood Motte. At the Motte, Yara Greyjoy takes Mira and Domeric under her wing. After Mira heard the news of Ethan's possible death she wanted to return to Snake Mount but Yara stops her from going because it is still too dangerous to return. Yara then teaches Mira how to defend herself from her deranged brother and molds her into a capable fighter.

Season 6

After Lucius has been exiled, Mira eagerly tries to return to Snake Mount. While returning to Snake Mount, she is betrothed and married to Lord Gylbert Garrigon.

Season 7

Mira is said to be pregnant.

Season 8

Mira has given birth to a daughter, whom she and Gilbert name Renella.



Mira is strong-willed, kind-hearted and beautiful. Multiple wedding requests were made on her, and the only one she accepted was Gylbert Garrigon's.

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