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"Either I freed Aerys and gained his favor while slamming my brother for the fool he was or lose my life and those of my entire family. Probably along with Duskendale which was likely to be sacked. I did what I had to do. The choice was not too difficult."
―Meryn explaining his actions at Duskendale

Lord Meryn Darklyn is the Lord of Duskendale. He succeeded his brother Denys, following the aftermath of the Defiance of Duskendale.

Meryn was born the second son of Lord Samwell Darklyn of Duskendale and his second wife, Elenna Howard. In 277 AC, his brother Lord Denys captured King Aerys II Targaryen due to a tax dispute and Duskendale was put under a siege. Meryn came to prominence, when, barely 10 years old, helped King Aerys escape the Dun Fort, which forced his brother's surrender. Grateful to the boy, the king knighted Meryn, making him the youngest knight in history, and heeded his advise to execute Selara of Myr, Denys' wife who advised him to capture Aerys, and send the latter to the Wall.

Meryn ascended to the lordship of Duskendale afterwards, his actions saving his house from full disgrace and possible extinction.

During his lordship, Meryn greatly expanded the town and had the favor of King Aerys who showered him with gifts for his loyalty and ultimately restored House Darklyn to power. During Robert's Rebellion, he briefly became Hand of the King to Aerys and led his troops to battle Robert. After being defeated at the Battle of Darry, he was captured by the latter, but Robert spared him and even befriended the Lord of Duskendale. Meryn bent the knee from his sickbed and survived the conflict.

During Robert's reign, Meryn visited the royal court on occasion but spent his time mostly in his own lands and looked after his own lordship. He kept faith with House Baratheon of King's Landing during the War of the Five Kings, but was among the first to bend the knee for Daenerys I Targaryen during her invasion of Westeros.

Upon becoming Queen, she appointed him to the Small Council as the representative of the Crownlands as part of a wider scheme to give equal representation to each region of Westeros.