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Merei Dragen (formerly Whitesnow) is the infant daughter of Lord Ethan Dragen and Lady Arrena Harrigon.


When Merei was born, her father and mother gave her the name Whitesnow to remove the trace of bastardry from her.

Her uncle Lucius Dragen repeatedly calls her a bastard despite her mother and father having been married when she was born.

Season 6

Merei is still being raised at Snake Mount alongside her cousins Warron and Melina. She is present at her father's funeral and begins spending more time playing with Warron. Things turn for worst when Arrena Storm is taken prisoner; Merei is taken out of Snake Mount by a few of Ethan's last remaning loyal friend and taken to Deepwood Motte. Her cousin Mira Dragen agrees to look after Merei, and raise her there should Arrena die. This is cut short however when Ethan Snow, now brought back to life by a red priest, duels and kills Lord Lucius. Following the legitimization of her mother and father, Merei has since been referred to as a Dragen, a status greatly supported by her legitimate birth.

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