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Marton Harrigon is a minor character in the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh seasons of Game of Thrones. He is a member of House Harrigon and the first-born child and son of Lord Rickard Harrigon and Lady Lorra Wendwater, and the elder brother of Jenelyn, Harren and Braella. He also has several bastard half-siblings, including Marwyn Storm.

With the assassination of his grandfather Lord Jothos Harrigon, Marton Is now the heir to Smithestone.


Marton was the first born son of Ser Rickard Harrigon and Lorra Wendwater, making him the heir to Smithestone after his father. He is the older brother of Jenelyn, Harren, Braella, and has one known bastard half-brother, Marwyn Storm. Like his father, his training and teaching would be far more testing than that of his siblings, being the eldest son, with many things being expected of him once he came of age. Marton has somewhat taken his fathers ward, Orran Luxford, under his own tutelage. Doing this, alongside his success as a blacksmith, made Marton Lord Jothos' favourite grandson.

Season 5

With the death of his grandfather Jothos Harrigon, he became the heir to Smithestone. Fearing the mortality of his family, a wedding proposal was arranged by his father.

Season 6

Marton is currently squiring for his uncle Ser Trevyr Harrigon.