Markus Baratheon
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Lord of Storms End

Heir to the Iron Throne


House Baratheon of King's Landing (Formally)

House Baratheon of Dragonstone



Markus Baratheon is the youngest brother of Robert, Stannis, and Renly Baratheon


Markus Baratheon was born shortly before Robert's Rebellion. During the rebellion he was raised in Riverrun with the help of Catelyn Stark, who was also raising her son Robb, because of Markus' mothers old age. Robb and Markus remained good friends over the years and Markus cares for Catelyn as a second mother. After the war had ended, Markus was taken back to Kings Landing. At the age of 5, He began to learn skills in both swordsmanship and archery and was later named the squire to one, Jaimie Lannister. On his 17th name day, Markus was named a member of King Robert's Kingsguard but he did not have to take the vows meaning that when the time came he could be married and he could accept titles. This made most of the other knights in the kingsguard resent Markus. Markus was also stated to marry Maergery Tyrell from a young age.

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He is both a skilled warrior and a compassionate person to the ones he cares about. He looks most similarly to his older brother Stannis, both tall and strong men with short brown colored hair. His attitude and traits are more like Robert and Stannis then Renly. Markus is a soldier and a skilled one at that and isn't really into the political side of things. He has a good relationship with all of his brothers, who as a family don't really seem like a loving family. Ironically enough, Markus had the best relationship with Stannis, who is not a kind and compassionate man and even said he did not love his eldest brother, Robert. While Stannis was away from the rest of the Baratheon's in Dragonstone, Markus wrote to is brother abroad in order to keep in touch with. Markus' older brother Robert tends to joke that Markus was a mistake.