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Lady Lorra Harrigon, née Wendwater, is a recurring character in the fourth, fifth and sixth, seventh and eighth seasons. She is the wife of Lord Rickard Harrigon and Lady of Smithestone. She is the mother of Marton, Jenelyn, Harren and Braella.


Early Life

Lorra is the only daughter of Ser Willam Wendwater, a respected knight in Westeros. She was 18 when she was married to Rickard Harrigon, the future lord of Smithestone.

Season 4

In 303 AL her father-in-law Lord Jothos Harrigon was murdered, and Rickard spent the next few days tracking down and executing his fathers killers. She entrusted Ser Lannord Storm to watch over Martom while she, Harren and Braella were kept under constant guard in her bed chamber. A few weeks after Rickard's return, their daughter Jenelyn was married to Lucan Blackgard.

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8