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"I no longer have a family. The Order of Maesters are my true brothers."
―Lorgan, regarding the Harrigons

Archmaester Lorgan is a recurring character in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth seasons. Lorgan is the Maester of Blackgard, a loyal servant to House Blackgard and a member of the Conclave, the ruling council of the Order of Maesters. Lorgan was one of Lord Guncon Harrigon's many bastard sons, and raised with them at Smithestone alongside Lord Guncon's true-born sons Jothos, Borros and Tommard.

Lorgan was groomed to become a blacksmith like all Harrigon children, but was kicked out of Smithestone for falling in love with a girl from a rival family. Lorgan is seen as one of the best healers in the Seven Kingdoms.

Lorgan was executed by Black King Althurin I alongside Asten Wylde and Archsepton Harrion because of his refusal to bend the knee to Althurin, almost unheard of for a maester as maesters are oathbound to serve whomever their lord is, but Lorgan refused to serve a kinslayer. Althurin would create a fatal cocktail of several poisons from Lorgan's stores that would subject him to various painful effects before killing him, forcing him to drink said cocktail before throwing him in the Pit to die.


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