Legendär Toll Krieger is a former knight of the Krieger crest, sellsword, and warrior of light as well as a pyromancer. Legendär is an incredibly large man (a head taller than the Mountain), and a ferocious warrior. Unlike his cousins of House Clegane, he is not pointlessly violent but he does have a tendency to kill. He is also much more intelligent than the Hound or the Mountain, and has proven himself a better combatant as well. Toll, as he likes to be called, wields two great swords, and sometimes a massive shield alongside his mace, Lord's Bane.

His brother is the slightly smaller yet equally intimidating Elijah Boone Krieger.


Early Life

Legendär, alongside his brother Elijah, were sent to the north eastern land of Yol as children by their father, Lord Samuel Hart Krieger. They were sent as squires to prevent a war, in which Krieger would stand alone against the martial power of Yol. This strange deal was at the insistence of the masters of the North East, who wished to have "trophies" from a family with a lineage of large and powerful men. Krieger was left in peace, and the masters promised the boys would be back, unharmed and stronger than any other man.