House Thurlborn is a noble house from the Vale of Arryn, sworn to House Arryn, the Lords of the Eyrie and Lords Paramount of the Vale. Their seat is called Malgrave and is located on the Three Sisters, in the bay known as the Bite, south of the port city of White Harbor.  Theit stronghold is a castlenknown as Malgrave and the head of the house is the Lord of Malgrave. The current lord is Edric Thrulborn and the heir is his son, Jarl Thurlborn. 

Their sigil shows a feather and inkpot on a burgundy ground and their words are "Unity gives Strength".


  • Lors Edric Thurlborn, Lord of Malgrave and current head of the family.
  • His wife Lady Ada of House Ormston.
    • His eldest son and heir, Jarl Thurlborn, noted for his valor and his skill with a sword.
      • Jarl's wife, Lady Emilia Shepstone.
    • His second, Ser Helias Thurlborn, a hihgly educated man with a sharp wit and current captain of guards at the Eyrie.
    • His daughter, Roisis Thurlborn, young and beautiful. She is known for her poetry and calm nature.
    • His thrid son, Ser Albin Thurlborn.
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