.House Taller of Karthmere is a young noble house in the borderlands that holds fealty to House Blackgard. It was founded during Aegon's Landing.


Alongside House Skinner they worship the old gods of the forest But Mainly Barran the exalted. They are looked at by other Borderlords as primitive for worshiping a God that is usually worshiped by clan based borderman and not Noblemen. The Tallers were originally a weak house but during the fall of House Whitegard the Tallers were granted the ruined castle of Karthmere and its surrounding lands and were elevated to a Noble house. eventually the Tallers rebuilt karthmere and now rule as Lords of karthmere. The tallers have a long history of proud lords the tallers hope one they their house will be a great one. But the tallers have always served their liege lords faithfully and say they always will. The Tallers attended lord trevyr blackgard funeral they also Are in the cold war in the borderlands but yet to be in a battle. The house has of recent been betrayed by a household member loyal to the crown. The tallers side with king steffon during the seventh border wars unknowingly following the dark god Meddahtet will. the tallers are destined to fall during the siege of karthmere which has yet to take place.

House Taller at the end of the third century


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