""Blood magic" they called it. The Skinners were thought to possess hundreds of undead servants that have been corrupted by the Skinners over the years. My forebears did away with that twisted custom nicely. "
Trevyr Blackgard[src]
House Skinner is a noble house that holds fealty to House Blackgard of Ebonheart. Their seat is the Cragmire, a menacing fortress located in the Borderlands. Their words are "Taste the Blood"



The Skinners can trace their ancestry back to the time of Asterion's five hundred Men of the Black. Asterion united the many splinter clans of the Borderlands under his rule and allowed them to form their own Noble houses. After the Andal Invasion, many houses quickly adopted the Andal lifestyle and took the Faith of the Seven as their primary religion. The Skinners, however, clung to their "old ways" of worshiping the Old Gods of the Forest. House Skinner has been seen as outcasts and barbarians by the other "modern" noble houses.

One of the most infamous traits of the Skinners, was their ancient practice of blood magic. According to rumors, the Skinners kept hordes of undead thralls that did their bidding and instead of fighting their enemies with swords and armor, they used magic to defeat them.

Season 5

Trevyr Blackgard's nightmare has come true. A vassal of House Blackgard is secretly rebelling against them and is trying to overthrow House Blackgard's hold on the Borderlands. All houses have become paranoid and distrustful of others. Long time allies have become bitter enemies. The situation took a turn for the worse after Dyron Blackgard, the heir to the Ebony Throne, was murdered by assassins of an unknown faction. Many houses blame the isolated and sinister House Skinner. Even though they claim to be extremely loyal to the Blackgards, many lords are afraid of the Skinners and they accuse them of practicing blood magic, a practice which the Skinners have abandoned for centuries, according to them.


Historical members

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House Skinner
Lord: Master Keren Skinner Heir: Skinner banner icon
Seat: The Cragmire Lands: The Borderlands
Title(s): Master of the Cragmire
Ancestors:Zyre Skinner
Current members:Alkwin Skinner
Overlord:House Blackgard
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