House Percifer of Otterberg Keep is one of the most powerful vassal houses who swear fealty to House Tyrell of Highgarden. Their lands are in the northwest of the Reach. Their stronghold is a castle known as  Otterberg Keep and the head of the house is the Lord of Otterberg Keep.

Their sigil is a striding hunting horn, red on green ground. Their motto is "One King, One Faith, One Law".



  • Lord {Askild Percifer}, Lord of Otterberg. Died of old age, in 298AL.
    • {Matilda Shepstone}, his wife. Died during Robert's Rebellion.
      • His son, Lord Gareth Percifer, and Lord of Otterberg Keep.
        • Emilia Shepstone, Garteh's wife, currently with child.
      • His daughter, Lady Luciela Percifer. She is married to Lord Vardan Arsey, and has four children with him; Wimark, Hamon, Kettil and Eunisia.
    • His second wife, Victaria of Tyrosh.
      • His seconde daughter, Lady Alys Percifer.
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