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House Nolliner of Flockpeak is a noble house in the Vale. They are called the 'Freys of the Vale', being an overpopulated house. Their words are "See us fly".


House Nolliner was founded a few centuries following the Andal Invasion, and pledged fealty to House Arryn.

During Robert's Rebellion, the house lost many members, even though according to the Arryn's, it was a small loss to their numbers. Like House Royce, knights from House Nolliner can be found all across the Seven Kingdoms

House Nolliner embraces war and battle above all else, and with this, all male members of House Nolliner are expected to be knights, either true-born and base-born, and it is seen as a stigma not to be so, with many joining the Night's Watch otherwise.

House Nolliner at the end of the third century

Members of House Nolliner with an unknown relation to Royce Nolliner

Baseborn Members

Historical members

  • Lord Dalton Nolliner, Lord of Flockpeak during the Dance of the Dragons.
  • Ser Sefton Nolliner, killed by Ser Barristan Selmy
  • Lady Falena Nolliner, married to a member of House Arryn
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