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"When House Martell is fighting you, the Morark's are the first to charge. That is our loyalty to the princes and princess of Dorne."
Hosel Morark

House Morark of Yorth is a vassal house associated with House Martell. It's sigil is 5 swords arranged in a fan pattern on top of a pool of liquid metal. The current Lord is Hasaryn Morark.


House Morark has existed for over 700 years. It was a lesser house in Dorne but it's reputation arose when Doran Martell's ancestor was saved by Acartyn Morark from an unnamed assassin, who almost finished the job. Finding out that the assassin was sent by House Wyl, they had Dorsanin Wyl, the head of the house executed, taking his sword as well as four other swords from his allied houses who had decided to fight along with him. Acartyn had all five swords melted down and left the pool of liquid metal outside the walls of his castle, as a reminder to wrong doers of their expected loyalty to the Martell's. They eventually took this warning as their sigil, becoming a reputable house in Dorne, becoming more well known thanks to their alliance with the Martell's.

Like the Tully's in the Riverlands, the Morark's have been marrying off sons and daughters for centuries, even going so far as legitimizing any bastards they sire. Having only 2 true-born children at the time, Hasaryn Morark decided to legitimize his three bastard children. Helia and Tyna are currently married off while his true-born daughter and son stays at his castle. His other son Hosel currently resides in King's Landing as House Morark's representative.


Historical members

  • Acartyn Morark, ancestor of the house who brought the Morark's into prominence.
    • Obella Morark, his daughter.
  • Allania Morark, head of House Morark. Mother of Andarin.
  • Andarin Morark, father of Hasaryn.