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"Tywin Lannister: What does the crown have to pay for the Harrigons' services?
Varys: Coin as always my lord hand. However with our debt to the Iron Bank, we can hardly spare any for Harrigon steel
―Tywin Lannister and Varys

House Harrigon of Smithestone is a noble house of the Stormlands, holding fealty to House Baratheon of Storm's End. Known for its revolutionary craftsmanship, invention and knowledge of ancient weaponry and metals, House Harrigon is one of the most important houses in Westeros in terms of warfare. Their lands belong in what was known as the Smithlands, an honorary former kingdom that is now part of the Stormlands ever since the rise of House Durrandon. They control the large fortress known as Smithestone, which sits on top of the largest forge in Westeros, if not the entire world. Protecting this great forge is the Smithe Gate, ironically named after House Smithe. Beyond these forges are many untold creations and inventions. No one outside of Smithestone knows what these creations are, and the ones who do are known to take it to their graves.

The Harrigon's were once the stewards of House Smithe, a long forgotten dynasty who called themselves the Kings of Steel and Silver. Over the course of one civil war, the Smithe's were exiled and almost destroyed by the actions of Orroman Harrigon, who took their lands, titles and their sigil, turning House Harrigon into the reigning Kings of the Forges. For almost a thousand years the Harrigon's held this title, until an unknown event caused them to bend the knee to House Durrandon. Following Aegon's Conquest and the death of King Argilac, the Harrigon's were forced to bend the knee Lord Orys Baratheon, the newly titled Lord Paramount of the Stormlands.

The Lords and Knights of House Harrigon are notorious for fathering countless bastards over the centuries, many of whom have founded noble or lesser houses around the Stormlands, including House Highstorm and House Farrington. It is said that almost everyone in their lands is related to them in someway, both highborn and lowborn. Although of Andal heritage and descend, House Harrigon is also of Orosian and Valyrian descent through the female line. The Harrigons are commonly looked down upon by other Lords in Westeros for being a Smithing house, as being a blacksmith is widely seen as 'peasant work'. However many houses, such as House Blackgard, recognise that underestimating a house is an unwise thing to do, and indeed, House Harrigon is capable of forging weaponry not seen since the days of Valyria.

House Harrigon hold the titles; Lord of Smithestone, and two honorary titles, Warden of the Smithlands and Lord Defender of Steel and Silver.

The sigil of House Harrigon is a large black hammer faced down on a white field surrounded with a black border. Their words are "Forging Strength" and their official family motto is "The Work Never Dies". They possess a Valyrian Steel sword named Honor's Call, forged by Lord Haegon Harrigon after Aegon's Conquest, although they claim to have possessed the sword for over a thousand years.


The first ancestor of House Harrigon to arrive in Westeros was Vaehamar Harrig, a Blacksmith who came from the city of Oros to the Stormlands almost 2,000 years before Aegon's Landing. Through successful work with the kings of Steel and Silver, the Kings of the Mountains and Vale and the Kings of the Reach, he amassed enough wealth to attract the attention of King Dannyl Smithe, who gave him lands in return for loyal service. One of his last acts was building a new castle for House Smithe, which they named Bronzebridge. His son, Hostorren, founded House Harrigon, which quickly became one of House Smithe's most loyal vassals. They gained titles and lands of their own, ruling over a minor castle for many years.

Over the next few centuries, the Harrigons were a respected house, known as a house of Blacksmiths with a knowledge of weaponry and metalworking far beyond any other house in Westeros. Conflict eventually arose between the two houses when the Smithes forced the Harrigons to give over their lands and service them at Hornworth as their personal Blacksmiths, but they refused. King Marthew VII Smithe had Lord Orroman Harrigon's brother executed, and burned their castle down.

This resulted in the Massacre at Bronzebridge, where in the night, Orroman and his most loyal servants sneaked in to Hornworth, killed Marthew and capturing the entire Smithe family. He killed half the Smithe's, including the Kings son and heir Myrron, forcing the survivors into exile. Orroman took the Smithe lands, and as the new king of the Smithlands, he married King Marthew's two surviving daughters, Aryana and Allsa, securing his claim once and for alll. He had Hornworth torn down, building another castle in its place, which he Smithestone as a last insult to House Smithe. The forces of House Blackgard arrived months later, and Lord Arwynd Blackgard thanked the Harrigon's greatly for dealing with the Smithes, who had been threatening House Blackgard for years. Though they became "allies", House Blackgard chose not to trust the Harrigon's as they had just betrayed their King and taken over his kingdom.

Houses Highstorm, Farrington and Luxford are among some of the houses that are descended from Hostorren's own bastard sons, and most help to recruit workers, as well as members of their own houses to work for the lords of Smithestone.

Even centuries after the Smithes were exiled, many Houses in the Stormlands held resentment for the Harrigon's. Eventually however, they came to know them as respectful, honorable and cautious, and not arrogant like the Smithes had been.

Two hundred years before Aegon's Landing, House Harrigon decided on a wedding pact with House Blackgard, another powerful House in Westeros. The Harrigon's and Blackgard's had been allies for centuries, always supplying the Lords of Blackgard with weapons but never fighting for them and never seeing them as close friends. They had hoped for a wedding between Lord Dallon Blackgard, or one of his sons, and Lord Barrion Harrigon's daughter Roanne. Roanne was wed to Lord Dallon's eldest son Myrion. Myrion and Roanne's fourth son Boremund founded House Droft.

Many Houses in the Seven Kingdoms seek to have a strong relationship with House Harrigon, especially during times of war. The lords of Smithestone claim House Harrigon doesn't choose sides during times of war. This has been a case during the War of the Usurper and the War of the Five Kings. However, House Harrigon currently has enemies from many different houses around the seven kingdoms. One of their greatest rivalries is with House Spyre from the Iron Islands. The reason they have so many rivalries remains a mystery, although many people claim that House Harrigon has taken money from wealthy lords and nobles many times and not delivered weapons. House Harrigon had a former alliance with House Frey before the lordship of Walder Frey.

Unlike many houses in the seven kingdom's, House Harrigon doesn't despise bastards, raising them to be blacksmiths and knights, and giving positions of power to many of them.

House Harrigon practices adoption in the Seven Kingdoms, taking the orphaned children of kings landing and other places across Westeros, giving them the last name "Newstorm" unless they already possessed a house name. Most currently train under Lyonel Storm. This is another way House Harrigon is able to acquire workers. Unlike other houses in the Seven Kingdom's, House Harrigon holds no negative views towards bastards, admiring them as workers and true family.

Targaryen Era

House Harrigon was going through years of unknown debt during Aegon Targaryen's conquest of Westeros, and was one of the first houses the Targaryens and their armies went for.

They bent the knee to Aegon, Visenya and Rhaenys after the Smithe Gate had been burned and torn down by their dragons. Instead of plundering the forges beneath Smithestone, Aegon Targaryen spared the Harrigon's on the condition that they would supply weaponry to Orys Baratheon and his armies for the remainder of their conquest. Aegon also found a home for all of the spare Valyrian Steel he had brought with him. The Harrigon's were given an incredible amount of this metal. Years later, Lord Haegon Harrigon became the first in Westeros to learn to forge and reshape this metal, getting his house out of debt for good. According to many rumors, Smithestone still houses an abundance of Valyrian Steel weapons, deep within Smithestone's forges. To this day, House Harrigon dismisses this rumor.

In his youth, Lord Jothos Harrigon, along with with his close friend and ally, Lord Trevyr Blackgard, led a short campaign to rid themselves of any lesser houses who posed a threat to them, the Baratheon's, or the Iron Throne. After Lord Trevyr rid himself of the Keller's, both Houses extinguished House Carrant, another rebellious house.

Their campaign left several castles barren and in need of repair. The most prominent was Kell, which belonged to the Kellers. Lord Jothos suggested giving the castle to House Droft, a house that the Harrigon's and Blackgard's founded together centuries ago. Farcoast, the castle and seat of House Carrant, was given to Jothos' brother Ser Borros, founding House Harrigon of Farcoast.

Season 2

House Harrigon is asked by Renly Baratheon to aid him in taking King's Landing and defeating the Lannisters. This causes conflict between the Harrigons and Baratheons as it would cause them to take sides, something the Harrigon's do not do. Instead of being directly involved in the War of the Five Kings, Lord Jothos asks House Luxford and House Highstorm to fight for Renly, and surprisingly both houses agree. House Woodberry is also asked to fight for Renly, but is left neutral as Woodberry is located near Dragonstone and have pledged fealty to Stannis Baratheon.

After the death of Renly Baratheon, Houses Luxford and Highstorm pledge fealty to Stannis, and later fight for him at the Blackwater, ending in them losing hundreds of their men.

Season 3

After the Battle of the Blackwater, Many lords of the Stormlands arrive in Smithestone, Lord Arrold Luxford and Ser Jerren Highstorm among them, demanding their liege lord Jothos Harrigon to pledge fealty to Stannis, believing that had he done earlier, they may have had a bigger chance of taking King's Landing. Lord Jothos reminds them of his houses customs, and reminds them that he is their liege lord, and orders them to leave.

Season 4

After seizing House Stark's ancestral sword Ice from Lord Walder Frey, Tommoth Storm, an exiled member of House Harrigon is invited by Lord Tywin Lannister from Volantis to King's Landing. He reforges Ice into two new Valyrian Steel swords, Widow's Wail, given to King Joffrey I Baratheon on his wedding day, and Oathkeeper, given to Ser Jaime Lannister but after granted to Brienne of Tarth.

Lord Jothos Harrigon recently joined into an alliance with House Dragen, marrying his true-born daughter Larinna to Lord Lucius Dragen, the new lord of Snake Mount. Arrena Storm, Lord Jorthos' bastard daughter was married to Ser Ethan Snow, a bastard of House Dragen. Around this time, Rickard married his daughter Jenelyn to Lucan Blackgard, the thirdborn son of Lord Trevyr Blackgard, a great friend of his fathers.

Lord Jothos becomes ill, leaving Rickard Harrigon as acting Lord of Smithestone. He oversees Smithestone's forges until he receives a letter from Stannis Baratheon, asking for weapons in return for even more workers following.

Season 5

House Harrigon is given an urgent message from Queen regent Cersei Lannister demanding thousands of weapons to be sent to King's Landing following a threat sent to her by House Martell. At the same time, Sparrows arrive at Smithestone, claiming Jothos should stand trial for siring bastards, having sired too many. Lord Harrigon's son Rickard, along with some of his bastard sons, kill the Sparrows. House Harrigon joins into a minor alliance with House Tyrell, after Loras Tyrell had been taken prisoner by the High Sparrow. Lord Jothos sends an envoy to Snake Mount to meet with Lord Lucius, who had begun threatening Lord Jothos with harming his daughters Larinna and Arrena if they did not deliver weapons to him. Things were made worse when the envoy was tortured and killed by Lucius.

Season 6

After the murder of Lord Tywin Lannister, his daughter Queen regent Cersei Lannister begins by having the men still loyal to her dispatch mercenaries to deal with her enemies, and the people who refused to obey her commands. One mercenary is dispatched to Smithestone. Paying the criminals there a king's wager, they are successful with assassinating Lord Jothos and a number of his guard. His son, Rickard, becomes the new lord of Smithestone. They manage to track down the men, beheading them and sending their heads to King's Landing, where they are disposed of by Qyburn before Cersei can see them.

Over the next few weeks, Rickard receives frequent news that Lord Lucius has been tormenting Larinna and has imprisoned Arrena, intending to hand her over to Ramsay Bolton to use as he likes. This angers Rickard to the point where he calls his banners, and begins renewing shipments of weapons, making them for only him and his army. But before the head out for war against the Harrigons, they receive word that Ethan Snow had been revived by a mysterious Red Priest, and succeeded in killing Lord Lucius. House Harrigon continues their shipments of weaponry with the Houses of Westeros.

Soon after the Destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor, House Harrigon receives news of the murders of both Jenelyn and Lucan by the Blackwatch and the crowning of Cersei Lannister as Queen of the Iron Throne. House Harrigon declares open rebellion against the Iron Throne, calling it's banners. A new Stormmoot is called to announce which house will rule over the Stormlands now that House Baratheon has been extinguished. The Harrigon's win the Stormmoot, receiving the title of Lord Protector of the Stormlands and gaining Storm's End, which Lord Rickard plans on giving to his son Harren when he comes of age. The Harrigon's enter once again into an alliance with House Blackgard. Sometime later, Ser Rolland Hollard comes to Smithestone, with the infant Mercyl Blackgard in his arms.

Once news of the Harrigon's rebellion had reached enough ears within the Stormlands, Lord Rickard ordered his men to ready many of the hidden weapons deep within House Harrigon's Forges, among them being pure Valyrian Steel armor for Lord Rickard and a number of his own guard.

Season 7

House Harrigon hears word that House Dragen has allied with House Stark, with Jon Snow being declared King in the North. Many Harrigon vassals move to declare Rickard Harrigon the King of the Forges, but Rickard refuses, citing that the Harrigon's are Smithe's, and that Orromus made the mistake of declaring himself king centuries ago. The Stormlands and Borderlands gather their forces, forming an combined army even greater than Renly Baratheon's. A final defeat of the Lannister seems imminent, until Lord Eddin Blackgard is assassinated.

Season 8

After Bran Stark is chosen as the new King of Westeros, one of his first decrees is that all known bastards of high lords, lesser lords or appointed knights are to be legitimised, and that the issue of bastardry will be more effectively handled. This effectively ended House Harrigon's decision to carry on its ancient practice of fathering numerous bastards, as even before Lord Rickard died, one of his own bastards, now Marwyn Harrigon, laid claimant to Smithestone despite him already having two true born sons, Marton and Harren


One known Harrigon tradition is that, should a Harrigon (whether true born or baseborn) gain a knighthood, they will return to Smithestone to forge a sword of their own.

Military strength

With its strong reputation and it's position as a great house of the Stormlands with many vassals, House Harrigon is able to raise a force of near 80,000 men. House Harrigon considers most of their army descendants of their house, as most, if not all the people in their lands are descended from the bastards fathered from Smithestone's previous lords.

Being the Shield of Steel and Silver, the Harrigon's possess weaponry and equipment that not even the Targaryen's have seen. In the Great War, the Harrigon's open the Smithe Gate, exposing Westeros to some of its most hidden inventions and weapons, among them Storm Armor,

House Harrigon at the end of the third century


Historical Members

Kings of the Forges/Kings of Steel and Silver

  • Lord Devron Harrigon
  • Lord Serrond Harrigon
  • Lord Durran Harrigon. Known for finishing the construction of Hornworth.
  • Lord Sammard Harrigon, father of Orroman and Cerrond

Kings of the Forges/Kings of Steel and Silver

  • King Orroman Harrigon, first lord of Smithstone who exiled House Smithe following the Massacre at Hornworth.
  • Cerrond Harrigon, brother of King Orromus. Killed by House Smithe.
  • King Nestor Harrigon, King of Steel and Silver.
  • King Hermon Harrigon, King of Steel and Silver. Father of Kennos.
  • King Kennon Harrigon, King of Steel and Silver during Aegon's conquest, who bent the knee to Aegon. Known as the "King who Forged".
    • Ser Tellan Storm, bastard son of King Kennos.

Lords of Smithestone

  • Lord Hollis Harrigon, lord of Smithestone
  • Lord Ammett Harrigon, lord of Smithestone
  • Lord Arrian Harrigon, lord of Smithestone during the Dance of the Dragons.
    • Lady Jenna Oatwright, wife of Lord Arrian
      • Lady Melissa Harrigon, daughter of Lord Arrian. Wife of Lord Jonos Highstorm.
      • Ser Dennett Harrigon, second son of Lord Arrian and kingsguard of Aegon III Targaryen.
  • Lord Steffon Harrigon, lord of Smithestone. First son of Lord Arrian.
  • Lord Armond Harrigon, lord of Smithestone. Eldest son of Lord Steffon
  • Lord Lorrand Harrigon, lord of Smithestone, father of Guncon
  • Lord Guncon Harrigon, lord of Smithestone and father of Jothos
  • Lord Jothos Harrigon, lord of Smithestone. Assassinated on the orders of Cersei Lannister

Cadet branches


"Trevyr: "I hope the very best for my son at Smithestone Ser Lannord".
Lannord: "As do I my lord. My house will no doubt acknowledge his efforts, unlike you and yours. We will give him a true family".
Trevyr Blackgard to Lannord Storm about Ardrew Ashes.