House Grayburn of Brightbank are a prominent noble house of the North. They are one of House Stark's oldest vassals and have long served as the lords of the town of Brightbank and its surrounding lands.


Though House Grayburn was officially founded by Gared the Gray during Aegon's Conquest, they can actually trace their lineage back to the Age of Heroes, descending from the Gray Warden, a legendary hero who fought in the War for the Dawn. Afterwards, it is believed he helped Bran the Builder and Evan the Cannibal, and was the High Protector of the North, a position created for him by Bran the Builder charging him with protecting the Northern borders from foreign invaders. He was also the founder of House Grayburn's ancient ancestors, House Gray, and was the founder and first ruler of the Graylands.



  • Ser William Blackfell, Castellan and Master-at-Arms of Brightbank.
  • Maester Aderic, Maester of Brightbank.
  • {Darrin Hastor}, Lord Hendrick's ward. Captain of House Grayburn's Guard. Later revealed to be a Bolton spy and executed.
  • Jorgen, Brightbank's chief blacksmith and personal blacksmith for House Grayburn.

Historical Members

Sworn Houses

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