"House Dyser have been warriors all our lives. But we've also been loyal. Our words, 'Bound in Blood', aren't just a fancy motto. It means we never leave a good man behind."
Anthor Dyser to Carmine Grayburn.[src]

House Dyser of Falkirk are a minor noble house located in the North. They are currently sworn to House Grayburn of Brightbank. They have a reputation for not only being fierce warriors, but also for being fiercely loyal.

When Ser Holden Frey (who had been appointed as the castellan and master-at-arms of Brightbank by Roose Bolton himself) learned that the Grayburns were plotting against the Boltons, he ordered House Dyser's castle, Falkirk, to be sacked and had Lord Anthor Dyser, his wife, and two of his sons executed by hanging, simply to send a message to the Grayburns. Since then, the lordship of Falkirk has fallen to the youngest member of the house, 15-year old Edric Dyser, who, besides his older sister Cynthea and uncle Godric, are the only known surviving members of the house.

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