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"The blood of House Downwood descends from House Bolton itself, and through them, the First Men. Instead of keeping the flayed man as our sigil, a mountain turned red was more, appropriate. Countless Downwoods have suffered and perished on the mountain top we call our home. But the blood of simple servants or foolish sons pales in comparison to the Kings who perished here; Mad Tarran Downwood, who killed his most loyal servants in their sleep before deciding to throw himself off a cliff. Marlon Downwood, the last Red Ice King, who bent the knee to the Starks, in those times known as the Kings of the North. "The North Remembers", powerful words for any northern house. But the North should also remember our words, "Our Blood runs Cold"."
Ronard Downwood
House Downwood of Frostcliff is a noble house in the North that holds fealty to House Stark of Winterfell, previously holding fealty to House Bolton of the Dreadfort before the Battle of the Bastards. Other than House Karstark and House Umber, House Downwood is the closest House located to the Wall, and located right next to Greenguard. Their stronghold is a castle named Frostcliff and the head of the house is the Lord of Frostcliff. The current lord of Frostcliff is Menford Downwood. For three strong generations the Downwood's reigned as the White Ice Kings, ruling over a significant region of the North between Winterfell and the Wall. However, King Marlon Downwood ended his reign by bending the knee to King Walton Stark, marrying his youngest daughter to him.

Following the destruction of Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, Frostcliff was the next castle to be destroyed by the Night King on his march south, killing Lord Menford's brother Maynard and his most loyal allies. The burning ruins of Frostcliff caused the statue of Marlon, burying the rubble under an avalanche.

Their sigil is three red mountains on a white field. Their words are "Our Blood is Cold".



House Downwood descends from House Bolton, effectively making them a cadet branch of House Bolton. It's ancestor Tobin Bolton, grandson of Rogar Bolton, the last Red Ice King, and through him, the Downwood's are descendants of the First Men.

Tobin founded House Downwood after completing the construction of Frostcliff, suffering through a series of great storms to finish it before it's foundations became unstable. A thousand men were said to have perished during it's construction. The castle of Frostcliff has suffered and survived through many Storm's and avalanches, with Many Downwood's perishing from it. House Downwood's most infamous act was their punishment known as The Fright, where condemned criminals were lowered into the Fright River, causing an excruciation dead. Like House Bolton's act of flaying, The Fright was outlawed.

Reign of the White Ice Kings

Though vassals of the Bolton's, the Downwood's claimed themselves as the "Red Ice Kings" for three generations of open rebellion, starting with Terran Downwood, known for having slaughtered his most loyal subjects in their sleep for throwing himself to his death off of Frostcliff. His was preceded by his only son Vickard, who led a strong and stable rule, and after him his son Marlon, who bent the knee to King Walton Stark, marrying his youngest daughter to him.

Many Downwoods have served as brothers of the Night's Watch over the centuries, with "Red Eldon" Downwood serving as Lord Commander Sammith Stark's steward, and Brandon Downwood having served as the 608th Lord Commander over a hundred years later. The Downwood's have served the Bolton's and the Stark's through many wars, and married their families many times.

Targaryen Era

When Torrhen Stark bent the knee to Aegon the Conqueror, Lord Errard Downwood followed the other Bolton bannermen and bent the knee.

Robert's Rebellion

Sometime before the events of Robert's Rebellion, Lord Waldron's eldest son Menford was married to Talana Bolton, the only daughter of Lord Ramsond Bolton, and sister to Lord Roose Bolton.

Like the other Bolton vassals, House Downwood fought for House Stark. Lord Waldron's third born son Ser Arnolf was killed during the Battle of the Trident.

Season 1

After the arrest of Lord Eddard Stark, Warden of the North, Lord Waldron Downwood responds to Robb Stark's calling of the banners to Winterfell, travelling alongside his son Menford and grandsons Ronard and Brynnan. Lord Waldron follows the command of his liege lord Roose Bolton, fighting alongside him against Lord Tywin Lannister. House Downwood fights in the Battle on the Green Fork, losing a small force of men. Lord Waldron believes that Lord Bolton is disappointed with his skill as a tactician and a commander, so much so that he decides to return to Frostcliff, giving his command over to his son Menford. Roose Bolton surprisingly agrees to this, threatening both his son and grandsons should they decide to retreat. Ronnel Stout assists in taking Waldron back to Frostcliff.

The Downwoods are branded as cowards by House Bolton's other vassals.

Season 2

Season 3

Another of Lord Waldron's grandsons, Jarson, fights in the Battle of Oxcross alongside his cousins Ronard and Brynnan.

Ser Ashter Stark, King Robb Stark's brother, is betrothed to Relina Downwood, Lord Downwood's granddaughter. Ser Dorren Overton assures Ashter that Relina is beautiful and would be a suitable wife for him, though Ashter is still unsure about the betrothal.

During the Red Wedding, Jarson is killed while fighting Harrin Stout, and his body is thrown into Trident River.

Season 4

Following the Red Wedding, House Downwood begins a new alliance with the Boltons, and pledge fealty to them as the new Lords of Winterfell and Wardens of the North. Both Menford and Maynard are quick to point out that Jarson was killed by Harrin Stout, another Bolton bannerman, and were angered even further that Jarson's body had not been returned for them to bury. Though angered, the Downwood's would also assist the Bolton's in the retaking of Moat Cailin from the Ironborn.

Season 5

House Downwood remains loyal to the Bolton's and pays their taxes to the Lord's of Winterfell, though they do secretly send their condolences to Lord Cley Cerwyn about his mother and father.

Lord Downwood receives a raven from House Bolton. It has been decreed that Minella will marry Olyvar Frey, one of Walder Frey's younger sons. Both Menford and Talana disagree about this greatly, wedding their daughter to the son of a traitor. They also fear that Ramsay Bolton, Lord Bolton's legitimised bastard son, will march on Frostcliff and take Minella to the Twins by force.

Season 6

Talana receives word that her brother Roose has been killed, but is not fooled when the letter says he was poisoned by his enemies. It comes as a surprise when her other brother Randar arrives at Frostcliff, wanting to bring Talana to Strathmore in order to keep her safe from Ramsay, but she assures him that Frostcliff is ready for a siege if it comes to that. She then pleads with Randar to forsake Ramsay and join the Stark's. Desmor Cerwyn, alongside a few Wildlings, travel to Frostcliff to ask for their help. Overwhelmed by fear, Lord Waldron denies this request.

A week later, Lord Waldron is left inconsolable when another raven arrives, bringing the news that his sister Miana had been killed, believing Ramsay to be the culprit. Menford and Maynard leave Frostcliff and travel to Winterfell, and arrive alongside the Knights of the Vale. While not a part of the Battle of the Bastards, they, alongside a group of their men, are involved in clean up fighting. They discover that it was Orwan Hallaw, a Bannerman of House Karstark, who killed Miana.

Menford and Maynard remain in Winterfell, and alongside the Lord of the North and the Vale, declare Jon Snow King in the North.

Season 7

After the gathering of Lords at Winterfell, Jon Snow speaks with Menford and Maynard, thanking them for aiding them in the battle. Confused by this, Jon mentions that Kollen Snow, their bastard brother and a clutch of his men, had fought and died in the battle, and gives them Kollen's body to bury. This brings Menford and Maynard to pledge themselves fully to House Stark, as the Bolton's had refused them the bodies of both their cousin Jarson, and their great-aunt Wylla. Jon furthermore thanked them for staying neutral during his campaign, knowing that their mother was a Bolton by birth.

Waldron Downwood mysteriously dies overnight. Menford quickly sends a raven back to Frostcliff, assuming an assassin had committed the deed, but his efforts are short-lived. Menford sends his brother Maynard back to Frostcliff as the acting lord, and instructs him to aid Tormund and the other Wildlings man both Eastwatch-by-the-Sea and Greenguard. A marriage is also proposed between Lord the young Lord Edric Dyser and Menford's youngest daughter Merina.

In a private meeting, Lord Menford assures Jon Snow that since Lord Ramsay gave his aunt Lady Wylla to Lord Karstark to torture, they have decided to split from House Bolton entirely, pledging themselves fully to House Stark, knowing that at some point, it will lead them into some kind of conflict with Lord Randar Bolton, brother of Roose Bolton.

On the night that the Night King destroys Eastwatch with the aid of the undead Viserion, two of House Downwood's most loyal friends, Armand Dyser and Arren Catell, are killed in the attack, and raised as Wights.

Season 8

Frostcliff is one of the first castles to be attacked by the Night King and his army. Though Menford asks to leave to find his brother, Sansa Stark forbids it, telling them they are most likely dead, and have been raised as Wights. Maynard, Vickon Cray, Dorren Overton and Maester Allort can later be seen, raised as Wights, marching towards Last Hearth. With no seat left to defend, The remaining Downwood's now reside at Winterfell, with the younger members of the house being sent to the Vale.

House Downwood at the end of the third century


White Ice Kings


  • Maester {Allort}, teacher and healer at Frostcliff. Killed during the Night King's attack on Frostcliff.
  • Ser {Dorren Overton}, master-at-arms at Frostcliff. Killed during the Night King's attack on Frostcliff.
  • {Vickon Cray}, killed during the Night King's attack on Frostcliff.
  • Several men under Kollen Snow's command during the Battle of the Bastards. All killed in the battle.

The Fright

House Downwood is infamous in the North for its ancient execution known as the Fright. This method of execution included lowering the condemned into the Fright River, with stones, each larger than the last, continuously being piled on top of them. They would die an excruciating death,

In the Books

In the book series, House Downwood is a fiercely loyal house of the Boltons, rivalling that of Houses Umber and Glover to the Starks. The Boltons and Downwood have made many marriage alliances. In the show the Downwoods appear incredible disgusted with House Bolton's betrayal of the Starks, however in the books, the Downwoods anticipated this act, and felt only slightly angered as Robb Stark executed Lord Rickard Karstark; the Downwood's and Karstark's having been close allies for centuries.

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