"And your sigil - House Clement, am I correct?....My father often spoke of Lord Tyran's heroics at the Battle of the Bells. He said seeing him in combat was one of the finest things he'd ever seen."
Catelyn Stark to a knight of House Clement.[src]

House Clement of Bannhurst is a noble house located in the Riverlands, holding fealty to House Tully of Riverrun. Their lands are located between the Gods Eye and Blackwater Rush. The head of House Clement serves as Lord Defender of the Riverlands.

Following the Red Wedding and House Frey's elevation to Great House of the Riverlands, House Clement sided with Brynden Tully in the defense of Riverrun, but later allied themselves with Jon Snow and the reformed House Stark.

House Clement at the end of the third century

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