House Bolton of Strathmore is a vassal house located in the North, formerly holding fealty to House Bolton of the Dreadfort, of which they are a cadet branch. They are based out of Strathmore.

House Bolton of Strathmore is one of the youngest noble houses in the North, being formed after Robert's Rebellion after Randar Bolton, Roose Bolton's older brother, was given the castle of Strathmore by King Robert Baratheon as a reward for his role in helping Robert achieve victory during the Battle of the Trident, which Randar accepted after he had been disinherited as heir to the Dreadfort.

Members of House Bolton of Strathmore are often called "Black Boltons" to differentiate them from House Bolton.


House Bolton of Strathmore was apart of Robb Stark's army during the War of the Five Kings, and Randar commanded his brother Roose's auxillary forces, and when Roose rejoined Robb and his forces at the Twins for the wedding of Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey, Randar briefly ruled the castle of Harrenhal in his name.

When Randar got word of the Red Wedding, he rejoined Roose at the Twins to discuss their plans for rising to power in the North. Roose informs Randar of his plans to give him the Dreadfort once Roose captures Winterfell. However, when Randar heard about Roose's bastard son Ramsay torturing Theon Greyjoy into insanity, he abandoned Roose in disgust and eventually himself and his house to Grayburn's Legion.

House Bolton of Strathmore at the end of the third century

  • Lord Randar Bolton, lord of Strathmore. Older brother of Lord Roose Bolton. Became the new Lord of the Dreadfort after the death of Ramsay Bolton.


  • Ser Lerris Ryswell, captain of the guards at Strathmore
  • Crodell, nicknamed "Dark Crodell"
  • Ser Alvar Pemford, a knight from the Riverlands, sword shield of Mereya and Tytos
  • Roose Ashwood, nicknamed "Wise Roose". Castellan of Strathmore.
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