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House Berrow of Holthall is a noble house that holds fealty to House Dragen.


House Berrow was founded at the end of the the Dragen Rebellion. The Dragens had been stripped of Holthall, a castle that aided them during the rebellion, and was given to Berr, a Wildling Thenn who sided with the Starks against the Dragens. His family later chose the name Berrow to honor his memory and service to the Kings of the North. Claiming to have tamed and later killed a mammoth with his bare hands, Berr chose the dead animal for his sigil, and their house words reference how they came from wildlings beyond the Wall to citizens of the Realm.

Centuries later, Lord Brenyn Berrow joined his house with the Dragens, strengthening their house as well as theirs.

House Berrow aided House Dragen in defeating and destroying House Mollen.


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