"House Bergen, who still gives the Borderlands the best soldiers it has. If Aegon had named them as his lords, the Borderlands would've become the greatest military camp in the world...until it starved to death. The price for conscripting all the farmers."
Trevyr Blackgard
House Bergen of the Iredale Fort is a former noble house sworn to House Blackgard. Their lands are in the southwest of the Borderlands. Their stronghold is a castle known as the Iredale Fort and the head of the house is the Lord of the Iredale Fort. Since their failed uprising, House Bergen lost their lordship and have become a knightly house instead.

The Bergen sigil is a red ruby on blue. Their motto is "By Sword and Shield".

After his spectacular defeat during the Assault of Blackgard, Edgarth was captured and later executed for treason. After the battle, Eddin Blackgard allowed Edgarth's son, Jacke Bergen to keep the Iredale Fort, but the Bergens lost their lordship and nine-tenths of their lands was distributed among neighbours who were more fervent in their support of Eddin. House Bergen's status thus fell from from being a full noble house to a knightly one.

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