"A Bartalor keeps his head high even after defeat. "
―Lord Aevar Bartalor to Ned Stark
House Bartalor of Goldcoast is a chief noble house of the Crownlands, and one of the few Westeros noble houses besides the Targaryens that originated in Essos. Their seat is Goldcoast, an island in Blackwater Bay located southeast of Dragonstone. Their house words are "Eternal Prime".



Originally a noble family from the Valyrian Freehold, an empire spanning most of the eastern continent, the Bartalors were given control of the island of Goldcoast in the Narrow Sea some centuries ago. After the obliteration of Valyria in the Doom, the Bartalors joined the Targaryens in conquering Westeros. Lord Baelor Bartalor headed the Bartalor armies during the campaign.

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