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House Arsey of Wishborne is a vassal house that holds fealty to House Greyjoy from the Iron Islands. Their seat is located on Sirenpass. Theit stronghold is a castle known as Wishborne and the head of the house is the Lord of Sirenpass. The current lord is Vardan Arsey. They are said to be distant kin to the extinct House Hoare

House Arsey's sigil are two crossing torches on a red and grey field. Their motto is, "Follow us."



The Arsey of Wishborne claim descent from House Hoare of Orkmont.


  • Lord Vardan Arsey, Lord of Sirenpass. The current head of the family and son of {Galk Arsey.}
    • His wife Lady Luciela of House Percifer. Died from a fall.
    • His eldest son and heir, Ser Wimark Arsey. A highly educated man. He is also the heir of Wishborn.
    • His seconde son, Ser {Hamon Arsey}, noted for his valor and his skill with a sword. Slain at Seagard in the Greyjoy Rebellion.
    • His thired son, Ser {Kettil Arsey}. Created his own House; House Arsey of Riverdale, in the Riverlands. He was executed for his betrayl.
      • His wife first, Lady {Galatea Rebly} of House Rebly. Died in childbirth.
        • His eldest grandson Islay Arsey, knighted after Robert's death and joined the King's Guard.
        • His eldest granddaughter, {Raftela Arsey}. Died from a pox.
        • His second grandson, Ofrah Arsey, he was send to the nightswatch.
        • His third grandson, {Fedor Arsey}. Died as infant.
        • His second granddaughter, {Lutecia Arsey}. Died stillborn.
      • His seconde wife, Lady Emilia Shepstone, a girl of 17 years and now widowed. Currently with child.
    • His daughter Lady Eunisia Arsey, known for her extrem pallor and glorious silken brown hair.
  • Lady {Elda Arsey}, Vardan's younger sister and closest advisor and friend. Died at the age of 51, under unknown circumstances.
    • Her bastard daughter, Valena Pyke, a servant girl at the Pyke.


  • Septa Carressa, tutor and confessor to the children of House Arsey.
  • Maester Adara, healer, counselor and tutor. At Wishborne.
  • Arjun and Tariq, servingmen at Wishborne.
  • Alysanne, Fern and Danique servingwomen at Wishborne.

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