House Grayburn heraldry
House Grayburn heraldry

"You think you can intimidate me? I've fought in two separate wars fighting for - and against - men that have more backbone that either you or your stinking father have combined. It takes a lot to intimidate me, boy."
―Lord Hendrick threatening Holden Frey.

Lord Hendrick Grayburn is a major character in Seasons 4, 5, and 6. Initially a recurring character during Seasons 1 and 2, Hendrick is the ruling lord of the town of Brightbank and the current head of House Grayburn, a powerful vassal house of House Stark.


Hendrick fought for Ned Stark during Robert's Rebellion, where he and his best friends William Blackfell and Lysander Crowley became known as the "Warriors Three".

Season 1

When Robb Stark calls in his banners, Hendrick, along with his squire Sammith, is one of the first to answer the call, due to his friendship with Robb's father. However, his son Carmine, having recently fled from King's Landing, talks Hendrick into remaining in Brightbank with the rest of the family while he fights in his place. Hendrick entrusts Sammith into Carmine's service and also entrusts him with House Grayburn's family heirloom, the Valyrian steel greatsword known as the Darksaber.

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