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Political Information:
Rank: Sellword
Social Class: Mercenary
Allegiance: The highest bidder
Biological Information:
Born: 271 AC, at Lannisport
Gender: Male
Culture: Westerlands
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 225.2 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond

Harwick is a traveling sellsword in Essos. Originally born in Westeros, Harwick had been a member of Gerion Lannister's crew during the lord's search for his family's ancestral Valyrian steel sword. He, along with about half of the rest of the crew, abandoned Gerion Lannister in Volantis when he learned that Gerion had planned to sail his crew through the demon-haunted Smoking Sea in search of Brightroar. Harwick is a major point of view character in the story, The Shadow of Valyria.

Appearance and Character

Harwick is a broad-shouldered man with blue eyes and blond hair. His face is scarred and he has a light beard. He has rather large muscles and is amongst the strongest characters encountered in the story. Harwick is mostly a quiet man, but he can get quite rowdy while drunk. He loves fighting and betting and swearing.


Harwick was originally a member of Gerion Lannister's crew on the Laughing Lion. Like most of the other crew members, Harwick abandoned Gerion's quest when they approached the Smoking Sea, fearing for his own life and safety. Thereafter, he became a sellsword and spent much of the remainder of his life traveling amongst the various Free Cities of Essos looking for work. At the start of The Shadow of Valyria, Harwick was in Tyrosh, spending his time in the local brothels and taverns as he looked for work.


Harwick was lowborn. He never knew his father or his mother and grew up as an orphan.

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