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"What is it with Dragens always committing some form of patricide? "
―Tyrion Lannister

Harkon Dragen is an unseen character in Game of Thrones. He is deceased when the events of the series begin. He is not expected to appear in the series. Harkon Dragen was the Lord of Snake Mount and head of House Dragen.



Harkon was once the Lord of Snake Mount and head of House Dragen, one of the North's noble houses. The Dragens are one of the most powerful and most influential families in the North. He is the father of Jaran Dragen, Garth Dragen and Ethan Snow, and grandfather of Lucius, Erik, Domeric, Mira and Merei.

Harkon and Eddard Stark during the Greyjoy Rebellion at a Tymber encampment.

Harkon suddenly died from unknown causes. The maester announced that Harkon died from an old age. However, his son, Garth, later revealed that he had poisoned his father with the Tears of Lys, a deadly and costly poison that can simulate fever and almost never leaves a trace of a murder. Garth's motives of killing his father were unknown, as he was killed himself before he could explain anything properly.


Jaran Dragen: "You give him no credit and yet he tries to do your will. He loves you, Father. "
Harkon Dragen: "Do not trouble me with Garth. I know his uses and they are few. "
— Harkon and Jaran Dragen


Preceded by:
Torrhen Dragen
Lord of Snake Mount
229 AL - 267 AL
Succeeded by:
Garth Dragen
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Lord: Lord Ethan Dragen Heir: Warron Dragen
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Seat: Snake Mount Lands: The North
Title(s): Lord of Snake Mount · Lord Defender of the North · Blooded King (pre-War of Conquest)
Ancestors: Evan Dragen · Darron Dragen · Melina I Dragen · Jon Dragen · Veron Dragen · Tregar Dragen · Anthor Dragen
Current members: Alise Dragen · Mira Dragen · Domeric Dragen · Larinna Dragen · Anaya Dragen · Jaran Dragen · Kenden Dragen · Arrena Storm · Merei Whitesnow · Melina Dragen ·
Deceased members: Garth Dragen · Harkon Dragen · Erik Dragen · Lucius Dragen
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Overlord: House Stark