Gamel Belch


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Lord of Bowers Hall


House Belch


In After 259AL


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Gamel Belch is lord of Bowers Hall and head of House Belch.

Character and Appearance

Gamel is Age has made him bald and fat, he cuts his beard into a triangular shape that has white spots within it. In his youth, Gamel was a handsome and once fierce looking man. 

He is is an old fashioned traditionalist who thinks highly of his strength. While his first appearance depicts him as an easily angered coward, he becomes friendlier and affable to others in his following incarnations. He believes he befriends people easily once he helps them, although his one track mind either ignores or is unresponsive to the other parties' feelings on the manner. Gamel's negligence to respond to their confused or angered reactions may have him be considered dense or foolish


Gamel once offered his daughter, Mina, as a match for either Renly Baratheon, Jarl Thurlborn or Wimark Arsey, but was rejected.