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Aenar Starfyre

Why did I support Daemon? Why, because he was my King! When a King dies, his eldest son becomes King, does he not? And from all the years I've known you, you've not once shown to me that you are the blood of King Aegon. You have no fire, no strength, no pride. You are not Blood of the Dragon! The Iron Throne belongs to the Dragons, and that is Daemon Blackfyre! He bore the sword, the face and the blood of the Conqueror, and I know that he was my brother. He was a dragon, and bent to none. This, is not a dragon's court. You have let Dornish snakes slither into my father's halls. You gave them Daenerys, and worst of all, you sullied your line with this Dornish whore's blood! YOU WILL NOT HAVE THE SATISFACTION OF TAKING HOUSE TARGARYEN'S THRONE! AND YOU WILL NOT SUPPRESS THE BLUE DRAGON'S FIRE! I DEMAND A TRIAL BY COMBAT!

Aenar Starfyre, at his trial following Daemon's defeat.

Aenar Starfyre, previously known as Aenar Storm, is a bastard son of King Aegon IV Targaryen and Lady Gwenys Tarth. He is the half brother of Daemon Blackfyre, and was one of his biggest supporters during the First Blackfyre Rebellion, best known for leading House Tarth's soldiers in a counterattack again his other half brother, Brynden Bloodraven after he killed Daemon and his sons Aegon and Aemon.

He was the former Master of Ships for King Daeron II Targaryen in the earlier years of his reign, and was an accomplished sailor, being Captain of the Sea Dancer until it was sunken in the Battle of Shipbreaker Bay. After his initial ship sank, he was gifted another ship by Daemon, which he named the Sapphire Dragon.

He was also the wielder of Dark Sister, being granted it by a royal decree of Aegon IV, made on his deathbed. He supposedly killed Brynden Bloodraven at the Battle of the Redgrass Field, but turned out, merely maimed him.

He is currently conquering the Stepstones with the Golden Company.