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Fishmarket Wharves, King's Landing

It was one o'clock in the morning at the Wharves when Black Goat docked. Normally, such an event would have created much excitement, as the ship was from across the Narrow Sea. The vessel itself was large: not quite large enough to be a dromond, but not small and fast like the longships of the Iron Isles. Only a few Qohorik were above deck, all weary-eyed and loathe to dock the vessel. The watchman wearily opened up a bottle of spiced rum and drank from it until he felt the ship hit the side of the wharf. He cursed for a moment before entering the ship, while the others began moving to the bow to start to tie it down.

While the crew was at work, a hatch near the stern of the ship opened slowly. Emerging from the opening was a lithe female. She was clad in a light chain mail armor that, along with her dark hair, concealed her well under the cloak of darkness. Her feet made no sound as she crept across the ship, keeping her eyes on the crew at all times. She made her way to the port side of the ship and hopped off, landing gracefully on the stone quay.

The Fishmarket Wharves were an odd mixture of stone and wood buildings on one side and Blackwater Rush on the other. She glanced towards the buildings. There was King's Landing, dominating the horizon. She felt an indescribable emotion ripple throughout her. To see the city again, after all these years... It had been so long. Perhaps, even he was still here.

She quickly shook her head. This was no time to be lost in memories. She looked around her surroundings warily. No one could truly take the entire Fishmarket in completely. There were all sorts of villainy slinking in the corners and the alleyways that could be hard to detect. It was not as though their opposite made her anymore relieved, either. There were usually at least a couple of Gold Cloaks stationed here, always looking for criminals like herself. With that in mind, she worked her way towards Flea Bottom.