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"Our legacy traces back to the First Men, To King Evan and his 250 clansmen"
―Lord Garth

King Evan Dragen, also known as Evan the Cannibal, is an unseen character in Game of Thrones. He lived roughly eight thousand years ago, and thus died long before the timeframe of the series. He is mentioned in the first and fifth seasons.

Evan was the founder of House Dragen, a powerful house in the North. He was the first Blooded King and one of the most influential people in Westeros.



Evan the Cannibal was a legendary member of the First Men from the Age of Heroes, the founder of House Dragen, and the first Blooded King. He built a small keep which was soon to become the fortress of Snake Mount. He was known to eat his enemies alive as he thought it would strengthen his powers, hence the nickname of "the Cannibal". Also according to legend, it is said he aided Bran the Builder with the construction of the Wall.

Season 1

During Domeric Dragen's tutoring by Maester Vahaelor, Evan is mentioned as the founder of House Dragen and the first Blooded King. Also that it is rumored that he helped with the construction of the Wall.

Season 5

Duncan Catell shows Larinna Dragen a quick tour of Snake Mount including the crypts where King Evan is buried.

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire books, Evan the Cannibal is also considered the founder of House Dragen. According to legend, he advised Bran during the building of the Wall when he was just a boy. He's also traditionally attributed to having incredible fighting skills, though Maesters argue that it must have been a different Blooded King also named Evan.

Evan the Cannibal did not, of course, construct all of Snake Mount. Even the original Snake Mount was a massive fortress, but eight thousand years worth of incremental additions greatly expanded upon his original work. Nonetheless, there are still many parts of Snake Mount which are said to date back to the time of Evan the Cannibal, and stand just as strong as the sections that were added later.

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