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"He quickly lost his innocence during the War, I pray to the gods every night that they don't take him away from me..."
Alise Dragen

Erikar Dragen, commonly called Erik or Cobra by his fellow members of The Young, is a recurring character in the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth seasons. Erik Dragen is a noble teenage boy living with his family in Snake Mount. He is one of the leading members of The Young. A group of young, anarchic children and adolescents who are against the war in Westeros .



Erik is the third child and second son of Lord Garth Dragen and Lady Alise Dragen. Garth was the head of House Dragen until his death at the hands of House Bolton. Erik grew up in Snake Mount alongside his older brother, Lord Lucius Dragen and older sister, Mira Dragen. Erik was just 10 when his father left Snake Mount to fight for Lord Eddard Stark in Robert's Rebellion. Erik usually spend his time alone in Snake Mount, while his older brother was being groomed as the House's new lord.

Season 6

Following the death of Ser Ethan Snow, Erik, alongside his mother, sister and close friends decided that they had no choice but to murder Lucius and to overthrow him. They devised the Coup against Lucius Dragen. He is later burned alive by Vurus in order to resurrect Ethan Snow.

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