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"The great Castle of Ebonheart was first laid out by Asterion the Black, but wasn't completed until his son, Orroman Blackgard, finished laying the final stones made out of blackened rock. "
Trevyr Blackgard[src]

Ebonheart is a massive castle and the residence of the Black King of Ebonheart, his family and court, located within Blackgard, the capital of the Borderlands. It dominates the skyline of the city, and serves as the city's primary fortress, redoubt, and the seat of House Blackgard.

Located on the northeastern corner of Blackgard, Ebonheart overlooks the Bay of Asterion. It is currently the seat of King Althurin I, and was formerly the seat of Lord Eddin Blackgard, and before him the seat of generations of Blackgard lords.

Specific locations

The Hall of Lords

The Hall of Lords is the massive throne room of Ebonheart and where the Ebony Throne stands. The Black King (his heir, or regent in the event of the king's absence), holds court and receives petitioners within the Hall of Lords. It is also employed for official ceremonies.

Sanah's Vault

Sanah's Vault is a large, enclosed, and reinforced cell built for Sanah Blackgard, a homicidally insane ruler who was accused of practising witchcraft. The Vault was built to keep her in captivity.

The dungeons

The dungeons of Ebonheart are divided in four levels:

  • On the upper level are cells with high narrow windows where common criminals are confined together.
  • The second level has smaller, personal cells without windows for highborn captives and valuable hostages.
  • The first level of the Pit is located on the third level. Prisoners accused of treason and other high crimes are kept within this level, as was the case of Edgarth Bergen
  • The second level of the Pit and fourth level of the dungeons overall is spoken of only in rumours. Once a man is taken here, he never sees the light of day again and is subjected to the most painful torments.

Tower of Twilight

The Tower of Twilight houses the chambers of the Blackgard Sentinels.

Ebony Caves

The Ebony Caves are massive and seemingly endless caverns that were once full of ebony. After its discovery, the Caves have run dry and has since recently become the areas where civilians are taken for protection in the event of a foreign attack.

Secret passages

Ebonheart, according to rumours, is full of miles of secret passages running behind the walls and below the floors. Orroman Blackgard had the builders of Ebonheart executed after the castle was completed to keep the secret of the passageways.