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"Dyron, come here. What's the matter with you? I think your brain is going soft with all that comedy you are playing with that young girl. Never tell anyone outside our House what you are thinking again. Go on."
―Trevyr Blackgard

Dyron Blackgard is a recurring character in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth seasons. Dyron is the second son of Lord Trevyr Blackgard of Blackgard and his wife Lady Laenah, brother of Trovan Blackgard, Lucan Blackgard, Eddin Blackgard and Elyse Blackgard, and the "half-brother" of Ardrew Ashes. He is married to Talya Blackgard.


Season 5

"Elyse is crying upstairs. I hear horses coming to the castle. Ser Brant, I think it's time you told your lord what everyone seems to know."
―Trevyr Blackgard, interrogating Brant Tymber about Dyron's death.

Dyron receives a letter from one of his scouts in Rosby he sent to look after his sister, Elyse. In the letter, the scout describes that Elyse was once again tormented by Marlen. Enraged, Dyron quickly leaves Blackgard and heads for Rosby, before Brant can stop him.

Once en route to Rosby, Dyron finds two carriage drivers in an argument blocking the road. Dyron dismounts from his horse and yells at the carriage drivers to clear the road. One of the drivers turns to Dyron and sticks a blade in his stomach. Intestines fall out from Dyron's abdomen and he falls dead to the ground. The carriage drivers leave and three Blackgard horsemen find Dyron's corpse in the middle of the road.

Dyron's body is taken back to Blackgard where the Silent Sisters prepare him for the funeral. Trevyr arises from his wheelchair for the first time and demands a meeting with the heads of his vassals.

As is tradition, Dyron has been mummified and buried inside the Blackgard Ancestral Tomb.


Spoken about Dyron

"Trevyr: Pruzah fahdon, nuk hi los wah dren ahmik? (Well, my friend, are you ready to do me this service?)
Vumir: Geh, fos zu'u kent dreh? (Yes, what do you want me to do?)
Trevyr: Zu'u laan hi wah brah pah suleyk do hi. Zu'u ni laan briinah koraav mok daar ven. (I want you to use all your powers and skills. I don't want his sister to see him this way.) [he draws back a sheet to reveal, to a horrified Vumir, the disemboweled body of Dyron Blackgard]
Trevyr: [breaking down for a moment] Frolok vir kriivah nust dii kul... (Look how they massacred my boy...)
Trevyr Blackgard and Lok-Sonaak Vumir

Family tree

Tragen tree.jpg
Tragen Blackgard
Anya tree.jpg
Anya Blackgard
née Stark House-Stark-Main-Shield.PNG
Tregar tree.jpg
Tregar Blackgard
Trovar tree.jpg
Trovar Blackgard
Laina tree.jpg
Aurola Blackgard
Dagon tree.jpg
Dagon Blackgard
Oberon tree.jpg
Oberon Blackgard
Laenah tree.jpg
Laenah Blackgard
née Dayne House-Dayne-Main-Shield.PNG
Trevyr tree.jpg
Trevyr Blackgard
Argon tree.jpg
Trevas Blackgard
Sofina tree.png
Sofina Blackgard
Elen tree.png
Elen Blackgard
née Tarth House-Tarth-Main-Shield.PNG
Eddin tree.jpg
Eddin Blackgard
Talya tree.png
Talya Blackgard
née Smyte Smyte mini shield.png
Dyron tree.jpg
Dyron Blackgard
Luciya tree.jpg
Luciya Allyrion House Allyrion.png
Elyse tree.jpg
Elyse Blackgard
Marlen tree.png
Marlen Rosby
Trovan tree.jpg
Trovan Blackgard
Jenelyn Blackgard
née Harrigon House harrigonnewsigi.png
Lucan tree.jpg
Lucan Blackgard
Eddard Blackgard
Edwyn Blackgard
Aeron tree.jpg
Aeron Blackgard
Meryanne tree.jpg
Meryanne Heartley House-Heartley-Main-Shield.PNG
Steffon tree.jpg
King Althurin I
Lyessa tree.jpg
Lyessa Blackgard
née Garrigon House-Garrigon-Banner.png
Anera tree.jpg
Anera Blackgard
Ethon tree.jpg
Ethon Blackgard
Aelia tree.jpg
Mercyl Blackgard
Emeric tree.jpg
Emperor Norokin I
Mertha Blackgard
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